Knee pillow is undoubted of great benefit and especially for individuals who fight with back pain, knee pain, hip pain, arthritis, and even pregnant women. People who are without these conditions are also likely to enjoy all the benefits that are attached to a knee pillow.

This Buying guide will reveal how a knee pillow can adequately add comfort and improve your quality of life and make sleep enjoyable.

Here we will also be exploring the best knee pillows for Back, Stomach and side sleepers’ for pain relief, preventing pressure sores and better night sleep.

Let’s start exploring by understanding what a knee pillow is.

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What is a Knee Pillow?

A knee pillow is the type of pillow which is placed underneath or in between the knees while sleeping for adequate comfort and perfect body alignment while sleeping. This pillow stops the knee from rubbing on each other.

Generally, sleeping on the stomach is not quite encouraged, and therefore in a bid to help the spine, it is better to sleep while lying on the back. That means back sleepers’ should tuck a knee pillow beneath their knees because the knees are meant to be bent so as to free the lower back from pressure.

Saying so, knee pillows are made of all type of sleepers’, from side sleepers’, back sleepers’ and to stomach sleepers’. We will look into the best knee pillows for each type of sleep in the latter part of this review.

Now, let’s explore more about knee pillow types and how they work.

How Does Knee Pillow work?

When a knee pillow is placed between the lower half of the body (or legs’), it helps the knee to stay aligned on top of each other. That also means it keeps both the pelvic and hip aligned and reduces stress.

Types of Knee Pillows

There are different dimensions of knee pillows according to their brand and model.

Many measures about 4-6 inches thick and 10inches wide.

They are usually lighter than the common sleeping pillows.

However, there are some variations, and accordingly, the pillows can classify to a few types. The general knee pillow design variations are below.

  • Hourglass design

This design seems to be the most common design for knee pillows and most cases the cheapest option too.

The hourglass contouring matches with the knee’s natural curvature for more comfort, which keeps the two legs’ in place all through the night.

  • Wedge design

Wedge designs have a half-moon or triangular shape, and they are more appropriate for the back sleepers’ when stocked under the knees.

  • Body design

The body designs are exclusively wide and are built to match an adult’s length.

Many people use this pillow in between their legs’ to reduce friction between the legs’ and knees and back pressure.

You can argue that this pillow design is not necessarily made for the knee, but several individuals make use of it for that same purpose (experiencing greater results).

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From What The Knee Pillows Made Of?

Knee pillows are designed with poly foam or memory foam, with a cover made from synthetic fibres or cotton such as rayon or polyester.

Some pads are designed with removable straps for the knees. They wrap around the knees in order to keep the legs’ in place all through the night.

Types of People That Need a Knee Pillow – Sleeper Types

Knee pillows help to alleviate pressure on the hips and back and also assist in reducing tension in the calves and hamstrings.

It helps the following types of sleepers’ and people to feel more comfortable during the night rest.

  • Side sleepers’ (Log, Yearner and Fetal Position)

Most side sleepers’ seem to be very uncomfortable with having one leg on top of the other while sleeping. This position also rubs and irritates your knees when the knees touch each other.

A knee pillow use is very popular among this group of people as a device helping to keep the knees apart.

  • Back sleepers’ (Soldier, Starfish Positions)

It might not be appropriate for back sleepers’ to sleep with a pillow in between their knees, but having a pillow below the knees helps to alleviate pressure
and relieve tension.

Also, it raises the lower body to keep them in more proper alignment and boost the circulation of the blood in the legs’. So, the knee pillow is very profitable for back sleepers’ who suffer poor circulation.

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  • Stomach Sleepers (Freefall position)

YouTube video

  • Pregnant women

Sleeping with a pillow in between the knees for most pregnant helps to lessen the pressure in the pelvic and hips region, which happens as their stomach widens.

Also, knee pillows assist pregnant women with spinal alignment issues as a result of back problems.

  • People with knee or back pain

Maintaining the alignment of the knees and legs’ helps to reduce discomfort for individuals with back pain and those with knee pain as a result of body stress or injuries.

  • People who suffer restless legs’ syndrome

Restless legs’ syndrome (RLS) is a medical condition that is characterized by its painful feelings in the legs’, especially while lying down. This condition can make people to constantly move their legs’ during the night.

Knee pillows promote stability that assists in preventing the legs’ from constant moving around. People with RLS can particularly benefit from knee pillows with straps.

Reasons to Use a Knee Pillow

Here are the reasons why people experiencing any type of pain (for example, back pain, hip pain, leg pain, sciatica, knee pain), recovering after surgery, wanting to prevent and cure pressure sores and ulcer, and also the pregnant women should consider using a knee pillow.

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  • Knee pillow for back pain.

Dr Elizabeth Yu from Ohio State University suggests that people who are suffering from back pain should endeavor to sleep on their back with a knee pillow placed underneath their knees and small roll under their head.

Research suggests that sleeping on the side and stomach is not be a good option for back pain.

  • Knee pillow for hip, knee, leg, and recovery after surgery.

Harvard Medical School gave counsel in one of their published research that knee pillow should practically be used for all medical conditions mentioned in their research. That includes for tendinitis treatment, to support after surgery recovery, and also for nonsurgical knee and hip pain treatments.

  • Knee pillow for sciatica.

The University of Washington scientists have given so many recommendations for people with sciatica about using a knee pillow.

They recommended to correctly sit with a pillow rolled up for the lower back support.

While lying on the back, users are been encouraged to place a cervical pillow (neck pillow) under the neck and avoid placing a pillow under the knees.

While also lying on the side, they are also instructed to use many pillows with a knee pillow to support the legs’.

  • Knee pillow for pregnant women

Dr Michael Cackovie from Ohio State University cautioned that pregnant women should devise a means of sleeping on their sides as soon as their pregnancy is up to 20 weeks. Michael went further to advise that placing a pillow under the belly and in between the knees is ideal as it will ensure maximum support and comfort for the developing body.

  • Knee pillow for pressure sores and ulcer

The pressure that comes as a result of prolonged sitting (e.g. wheelchair users) or lying on the bed could lead to pressure sores and ulcers, and they are usually found on areas with bones that are closer to the skin, like elbows, heels, hips and spine base.

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In this category of people, knee pillow helps to correct the body position while lying or sitting for a longer time. As such, optimize the distribution of pressure on the body parts.

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Let’s look into the benefits of using a knee pillow now.

The Benefits of Using a Knee Pillow

Knee pillow has a lot of benefits considering that the user gets a minimum of 8 hours of sleep each night. During these hours, the body desires to be relaxed, and you are comfortable.

Knee pillows are affordable and simple, but the benefits to health and well being are numerous. From trying to ease back pains to maintaining the user’s comfort while sleeping.

Below are the important benefits you likely to experience by sleeping with a knee pillow.

  • Reduces pressure.

Using the appropriate knee pillow assists in eliminating pressure on the knee by providing the desired comfort to the user while sleeping.

Generally, while sleeping, the muscle tension on the lower back and hips is high, but a knee pillow helps to lessen them.

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  • Relieves pain.

The body needs to get a relaxed and a good night’s rest after working the whole day.

A knee pillow helps to ease off pains and muscle cramps and at the same time, helps the body to sleep comfortably.

  • Very helpful to pregnant women.

Pregnant women must maintain the right posture so that the unborn can be safe. They are advised to sleep relaxed so that the baby in the womb will grow healthy. A knee pillow helps pregnant women to achieve this as it helps to support and align their pelvis and hips.

  • It provides users with an appropriate sleeping posture.

Using a knee pillow offers the body with the appropriate sleeping posture.

The body tends to refresh the tissue cells during the night sleep, but this might be difficult to accomplish when one is not sleeping conveniently and relaxed.

Using a knee pillow makes one sleep well and also refreshes the cells of the tissues.

  • It eliminates knee pains.

Generally, when sleeping on the side, the knee rubs against one another. This may cause some kind of friction and most times might irritate the knee structures (including the skin).

When a knee pillow is tucked in between the knees, it will prevent the knees from touching on each other.

Here are the things you should consider when buying a Knee Pillow for Back Pain, Hip Pain, Leg Pain, Sciatica, Knee Pain, Recovery after Surgery, Pressure Sores and Ulcers and for Pregnant Women.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Knee Pillow

When purchasing a knee pillow, it is necessary to consider the following aspects of the product.

  • Durability.

Since the knee pillow will always be in contact with the legs’, it is essential to buy a durable knee pillow that can be able to withstand the user’s body weight and the tear and wear that is associated with friction and movement all through the night.

  • Material.

Several knee pillows were designed with high-density foam, which means that they can generate heat.

Therefore, it is important to consider buying a knee pillow designed with cooling properties such as breathable cover and cooling gel.

  • Firmness.

Some users may desire to choose their knee pillow based on its firmness.

A firmer knee pillow provides extra support and handles more weight while softer knee pillows provide extra comfort.

  • Cleaning and care.

While considering buying a knees pillow, it is important to look for one that can be easily cleaned and cared for, since it will be used every night.

Therefore, it is important to also consider a knee pillow with a washable cover to maintain hygiene.

  • Price.

The price of a knee pillow varies from as low as $11 to as high as $150.

Some effective, high-quality and long-lasting knee pillows can be found around $30. However, a particular pillow may not be effective for everyone, and certain health conditions and sleep habits may demand a higher price pillow.

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  • Size and weight.

There are several sizes and weights of a knee pillow.

The type of pillow that is placed in between the knee like Hourglass knee pillows do not weigh more than 2 pounds and are generally small in size. But other pillow types particularly the one that is placed under the knees may be heavier and considerably larger.

It is necessary to buy a pillow that would not be cumbersome or too small.

  • Shape.

Knee pillows are designed into four various shapes;



half-moon, and

body pillows.

These shapes deliver various benefits for a diverse range of people. Therefore, it is important to check them to know which suits you best.

  • Warranty and return.

It is necessary to consider a knee pillow that comes with a warranty or return offer. Thereby, if the ordered pillow did not worth it, it can then be easily swapped with another.

Now, let’s look into best knee pillows for each type of sleeper positions.

7 Best Knee Pillows for Side Sleepers

  1. Contour Legacy Legs and Knee Foam Support Review

This contour legacy leg & knee foam support comes in heart shape and can alleviate back pain, knee pain, leg pain and discomfort of the sciatica nerve.

Contour Legacy Legs and Knee Foam Support

It supplies adequate sleeping positioning and alignment to the side sleepers’ and eliminates pains.

This pillow is exclusively the only leg pillow that can support both the legs’ and knees. It was designed to help alleviate the pressure that comes from the wrong sleeping positions, which cause pain.

It is also made with ventilated memory foam which allows circulation of air for a cool night rest. Contour legacy and knee foam support are ergonomically designed with its crescent shapes and soft curves to comfortably fit men and women.

YouTube video

Pillows precise tether contours to fit the original shape of the user’s legs’ without demanding grievous circulation limiting straps. This allows the pillow to shape the user’s legs’ without restricting his movement or demanding you to sleep in a particular position.

Of these pillows can be used for better comfort and support, the ideal shape of this pillow allows it to fit in as a leg pillow, but it can also be reversed and placed between the calves for support and comfort of the lower leg.

2. Elviros Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers Review

This multi-position use orthopedic memory form wedge contour leg pillow for pregnancy, sciatica relief, leg pain, back joint, and hip pain is ergonomically made to fit the legs’ comfortable. It also provides perfect support for the spine and helps to lessen sciatica, back, joint and hip pain.

Elviros Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers

The pillow strap holds the pillow in place for soft support (either at the lower or the upper leg) in all positions of side sleeping.

This knee pillow for side sleepers’ comes with 3 layers,

  • – the 2 bottom layers are the height of common leg pillow,
  • – at the top, there is an additional detachable layer, which provides the user with more options and allows users to choose the most ideal fit for his body.

Designed with high-quality memory foam, thus this orthopedic knee pillow delivers firm support with incredible relief and softness.

Elviros Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers_1

This pillow is also designed with a removable, washable pillowcase to maintain hygiene.

It is hypoallergenic to help the users keep a clean and healthy sleep each night.

Also, the pillow from Elviros is equipped with an adjustable and removable strap and hook, which help to keep the pillow in an ideal alignment between the legs’ when the user rolls over during sleep.

3. Flippin Happy Wearable Knee Pillow Review

This leg and knee pillow for side sleepers’ control nagging knee and ankle, bone on bone pain that comes from side sleeping.

Flippin Happy Wearable Knee Pillow_1

It is designed in such a way that it stays in position even if the user turns rolls over from one side to another or stands up.

The pillow addresses varieties of pains such as the back, shoulder, hip, neck, arms pain and provides maximum comfort to the user.

When treating leg pain, this pillow cushions the leg, alleviating the stress on the back, knees, and hips and restores the alignment of the lower back while the user sleeps.

This pillow is made with breathable materials and has a removable and washable cover.

Flippin Happy Wearable Knee Pillow_2

With high-quality memory foam, Flipper Happy wearable knee pillow does not go flat but always maintain its original shape and quality.

This pillow is very effective when trying to reduce both neck and shoulder pain that may occur as a result of a wrong sleeping position.

4. Natumax Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers Review

This pillow from Natumax is ergonomically designed with a high-quality memory pillow that fits comfortably between the legs’ and provides perfect alignment for the hip, back, and knees.

Natumax Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers

When the pillow is placed between the legs’, either below or above the knees, the user enjoys instant general pain relief.

This pillow can be placed in several positions near the knee to boost the blood circulation
and to prevent pains and aches.

It is a good choice for the side sleepers’, and also can be used during pregnancy.

Natumax Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers_1

This knee pillow is designed with a washable, breathable cover with a zipper for cleaning. It also comes with a leg strap to keep the pillow in an ideal alignment between the user’s legs’ when you roll over during sleep.

This pillow is best for back pain, joint pain, hip pain, leg pain, pregnancy, and sciatica relief.

5. Back Supports Systems Knee-T Leg Pillow Review

Back Support System Inc. ergonomically designed this pillow to comfortably fit between the user’s knee and to maximally provide comfort and support at night.

Knee-T Leg Pillow

It helps to handle or curb lower back pressure and sciatica pain.

This knee pillow features high density and memory foam for real comfort, support, and durability.

Its unusual peculiar design assists in lessening back pain by giving massive support to the legs’ in a perfect position.

YouTube video

It keeps the hip, legs’, and spine in good alignment and also improves blood circulation.

The knee-T leg pillow is made with a combination of memory foam and Medical Grade High-Density foam to deliver and support.

It is equally a good option for people weighing 175lbs and more, also people with large hips and those who have had hip surgery.

It comes with a removable and washable cover of hypoallergenic cotton with a zipper for cleaning.

It is also great for back, ankle, knee and foot injuries, sciatica, surgery recovery, and poor circulation.

The pillow is endorsed and recommended by more than 1000 physicians and has satisfied more than 100,000 customers for over 10 years.

6. Calming Comfort® Cooling Knee Pillow Review

Calming Comfort® Cooling Knee Pillow

Refer to our complete review of Calming Comfort® Cooling Knee Pillow.

7. Comfilife Orthopedic Knee Pillow Review

Comfilife Orthopedic Knee Pillow

Refer to our complete review of Comfilife Orthopedic Knee Pillow.

3 Best Knee pillows for Back Sleepers

1. Nova Knee Elevation Pillow Review

Nova knee elevation pillow designed by Nova Medicals helps to maintain pelvic alignment and to reduce pressure on the back, legs’, and hips.

Nova Knee Elevation Pillow

It comfortably fits under the knee back, and it is made to enable the knee to bend 30 degrees.

This pillow is perfect in recovery, and for those with knee pain, back pain, phlebitis, varicose veins, and restless legs’. It is also recommended for daily use because it helps to relax in an ideal alignment posture.

There is a removable, washable blue cotton and polyester blend cover attached to it.

2. Toparchery Orthopedic Elevated Memory Foam Leg and Knee Pillow Review

This pillow is made with high-density memory foam and slow rebound foam to deliver both lasting comforts and correct wrong sitting position problems.

Toparchery Orthopedic Knee Pillow

It improves lymphatic flow and blood circulation, thereby reducing swellings.

This pillow is designed to fit all sizes, shapes, and height.

It is designed with easy to clean removable and washable, breathable softback cover.

The circulation of blood, and relief knee, back and hip pains are made easy with Toparchery Orthopedic Pillow as it retains its original shape and also large enough to accommodate both legs’ to comfortably rest for sleeping, relaxation, and healing.

3. The Angle by the Back-Support System Review

This pillow has been proven clinically to be so efficient in handling the uneasiness that comes with the back pain as a result of the bulging disc, disc protrusion or herniated disc, arthritis, phlebitis, sciatica, edema and muscles spasm, tension, strain, and fatigue.

The Angle by the Back-Support System

The Angle by Back Support System reduces pain and at the same time supports the spine structural integrity thereby mitigating the pressure on disc and muscles, and also relaxing the back.

YouTube video

This pillow provides instant relief while sleeping or when relaxing and has assisted millions of people with back problems.

It can either be used as a knee or leg pillow to elevate the legs’ while supporting the lower back or as a back pillow to elevate for GERD and acid reflux.

2 Best Knee Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

1. Tularis Memory Foam Pillow for Side and Back Sleepers Review

This orthopedic knee pillow from Tularis is recommended by the physicians as one of the flawless knee pillows for side sleepers’ which helps to support the hips, reduce knee pain, back pain and also helps during pregnancy.

Tularis Memory Foam Pillow

It is designed with the leg strap to secure the pillow between the user’s leg during sleep and assist in aligning the legs’, spine, and hips.

Also, designed ergonomically to comfortably fit between the knees to reduce the lower back pressure and delivers pleasure and support.

Tularis Memory Foam Pillow_1

It is made with a breathable material that allows airflow and keeps the pillow cool all night.

2. Beautiful Life Back Pain Relief Memory Foam Pillow Review

This orthopedic pillow is recommended to the physical therapist, chiropractors, doctors, and sports trainers because it gives an excellent result when it comes to providing support and comfort to several parts of the body like the lower back, hips, knees, ankles or legs’.

Beautiful Life Back Pain Relief Memory Foam Pillow

It is suitable for the stomach, side or back sleepers’, during pregnancy or after surgery recovery.

This foam pillow ensures some quality sleep and relaxation, also helps to improve hip and spine alignment and revitalize the body.

The half-moon Bolster is multi-positional body support as it can be used as a leg spacer, support for under knee, lumbar support, leg bolster, or even as a car seat lumbar support for the back.

It is made with a 100% visco-elastic hypo-allergic memory foam to provide great back, hip and knee support without going flat all night and last longer.

Its cover is designed with washable, breathable organic cotton for easy cleaning.


Sleeping with the right knee pillow keeps the body re-energized and refreshed. It boasts the mood and prepares the body for the coming day’s activities. Therefore, if you mostly feel weak and restless after each night’s sleep, it is then advisable to consider getting the right knee pillow sticking with the above guidance.

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