Here our experts have put together this Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench Review for you to understand how Platinum Health™ Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat can enhance your mobility and safety.

With extensive experience in the field of health and mobility solutions, we have had the privilege of personally exploring the benefits of the Platinum Health™ Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench. Our first-hand experience gives us a unique perspective on its features, design, and impact. Not to forget, we have heightened its limitations here too.

The ability to move the body from one location to another location is an activity we often take for granted. However, sadly, there are thousands of people who are not having this privilege due to various reasons, such as;

  • Disability from birth
  • Due to medical reasons
  • Due to an injury following an accident
  • Weakness and body instability due to aging

Some of the above reasons are not correctable, and the mobility of these individuals are limited to walkers, wheelchairs or beds. Patient transfer devices help families, caregivers and medical professionals to mobilize these people safely and efficiently.

There are a number of devices in the market and can purchase according to the requirement. Platinum Health™ Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench is one of them we have the first-hand experience on.

Platinum Health Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench

Platinum Health™ Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench is a perfect bathroom aid for people who are with decreased or painful mobility. This is the only transfer bed that has a product seat base, backrest and pivoting armrests for safety and comfort.

What sets the Platinum Health™ Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench apart is its innovative design and thoughtful features. It offers a warm-to-touch, slip-resistant padding that remains dry, making it easy to clean and disinfect. The assembly process is effortless, taking only five minutes and requiring no tools. The inclusion of a swivel seat enhances convenience and comfort, while the adjustable armrest provides essential support and stability during transfers.

Why is Platinum Health Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench Unique?

  • It comes with a warm to touch, comfortable and slip-resistant padding, which does not absorb any water. So, the padding is easy to clean and disinfect.
  • The bench can assemble within five minutes, and no tools are required for the assembly.
  • Swivel-seat in this device helps to save space, more comfortable to use and more convenient for the user.
  • The armrest in this bench can be raised, lowered and locked into place.

Note, this armrest is not included in standard chairs. However, if chosen to purchase, this armrest provides important additional physical and psychological support against slip and falls. It also offers additional support to the users when they move into and out of the chair.

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  • This chair has a high-contrast color for safety. The color will help to see the chair by vision impaired or people with dementia to reduce the slip and fall, which is a leading cause of complications.
  • There is a seat belt which prevents falling during the entire shower. It holds you in position.
  • Safety locking system – after sitting on the chair and put on the seat belt, then you can swivel and rotate the chair. After each move, you can lock the chair and prevent falling down.
  • Independence – senior citizens with limited mobility can use this product by themselves, with no need for supervision.

As such, we believe, the safety of this chair is at a high level. And, less opportunity for human errors.

In other words, This bench is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a high-quality and durable product. The emphasis on user safety is evident through its high-contrast color, aiding those with visual impairments or dementia. Additionally, the integrated seat belt and safety locking system guarantee a secure and accident-free experience.

Measurements of the Platinum Health Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench

Our in-depth experience and expertise allow us to accurately present the specifications and customization options of the product.

Horizontal travel of the seat: 12 inches overall.

Leg Height is allowed adjustment: increments at every 0.5 inch.

Width of Frame (Right to Left): overall, 34 inches at highest position setting and 33 inches at lowest position setting.

Height To Top of Backrest: 35 inches at highest position setting.

Depth of Frame (Front to Back): Overall, 20 inches at the highest position setting and 22 inches at the lowest position setting.

Seat Height Adjustment: 19 inches at the lowest point, 23.5 inches at the highest point.

A seat Belt is included.

If necessary, horizontal extension kits are also available with this product.

The manufacturer recommends a split shower curtain when using this product with a tub to prevent water from splashing onto the floor.

Platinum Health™ Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench is specially designed for people who are limited, decreased or painful mobility. The chair will help them to step into a tub and getting out after a shower.

The item is also an excellent fit for the people who want to prevent them from having accidents in the bathroom, which may lead to serious consequences.

Additions To Improve the Device User Experience

Our perspective combines both technical knowledge and practical experience, ensuring that readers receive accurate and actionable information about customizing the product to their unique needs.

Extension Kit

There are various bathtubs and showers of different sizes. So platinum health has introduced a leg extension kit and horizontal travel extension kit, which helps to fit the chair into any bathroom tub or shower.

Leg extension kits can increase the height by 3 inches, and the horizontal extension kit will increase the overall width by 4-8 inches.

Shower curtain

Water in the bathroom flow is a leading cause of slips and falls among elderly and sick people. So Platinum Health has developed a shower curtain for this Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench user because regular shower curtains do not work with this kind of transfer benches.

The curtain material is soft and 100% polyester fabric, which is easy to use, wash and dry. It can also attach fast in a hookless manner.

What Did We Like About The Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench?

AspectOur Verdict
Enhanced safety through preventing falls10/10
Smooth transfer with swivel seat10/10
Comfortable and warm padding10/10
Easy-to-clean surfaces10/10
Versatile height adjustments10/10
Sturdy aluminum frame for durability10/10
Option for left or right side use10/10
Space-saving design10/10
Ensured safety with seat belt and locking10/10
Independent use for enhanced independence10/10
Pros Of Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench

1. Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench prevents falls, and skin tears due to the pressure carers apply while moving the patient.

2. This device has a swivel seat, which is designed for a smooth transfer and avoids inconvenience to the person who uses the device.

3. Seat design is more comfortable than traditional hard plastic seats, and the padding seat prevents skin tears and feels much warmer.

4. All surfaces of this unit are easy to clean and disinfect.

5. It has less height, so easy to adjust with every tub on the market. But if you feel the height is not adequate, has an option to extend the height.

6. The frame is made of durable aluminium, which guarantees years of safety and durability.

7. You can use this device on either side, on the side you preferred. It is set up to work from the left side or the right side of a tub.

8. It is one of the sturdy and reliable products currently available in the market.

9. The item saves space, and it is movable.

10. It is safe to use

What Did We Not Like About The Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench?

AspectOur Verdict
Higher cost compared to similar products8/10
Detailed measurement checks required9/10
Separate purchase needed for split shower curtain9/10
May not fit all unconventional bathtubs8/10
Controls for swivel and slide may be challenging8/10
Potential water splashing on the floor9/10
Cons Of Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench

1. It is more costly than other products which are arguably similar

2. You are advised to check the dimension properly before purchasing

3. Split shower curtain might be needed, but you have to buy it separately

4. It may not fit everybody, and unconventional bathtubs, for example, triangular tubs.

5. Some people say that device controls to swivel and slide are difficult to reach, so they have to get the caregiver support it cannot reach the controls.

6. There may be water splashing on the floor when you use this chair.

Our Final Assessment

According to our experience with this unit, we can give our scoring for Platinum Health™ Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench as below.

  • Quality 5/5
  • Durability 4/5
  • Easy to use 4/5
  • Worth for money 4/5

After going through so many products like this, our opinion is that Platinum Health™ Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench is an excellent unit from all available devices in the market.

The unit could make a big difference to your family and loved ones and their quality of life, as the device helps to be mobile safely and adequately.

In conclusion, the Platinum Health™ Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench stands out as an exceptional mobility aid, tailored to meet the needs of individuals with decreased or painful mobility. Our detailed review reflects our commitment to providing insightful and accurate information to guide readers toward making well-informed choices.