Many of us have probably experienced sleep and lying down challenges, due to a sickness or injury. Or one of our dear family members could be suffering from severe or illnesses where he/she is bedridden and in need of constant care, when moving in to and out from bed is difficult or limited.

Whether it is only a common cold or a serious illness, moving in bed can be a huge and frustrating task to some. Fortunately, there is a solution to these on-bed movement difficulties, and it is called “Wonder sheet” in short.

Let’s find out more about the Neeki™ Wonder Sheet Mobility Bed Sheets.

What is Neeki™ Wonder Sheet?

It all started back in 2003, when Australian daughter and mother, wanting to help a father who had Parkinson’s disease and had problems turning over him in bed, created a fitted sheet they called “Wonder sheet”.

A unique style of the fitted sheet can help and benefit anyone, including the young, but most of all it was created and designed to help the elderly or people with any kind of disability.

The feedback from the uses and the carers about the Wonder Sheets is amazing.

All those who have tried the wonder sheet have only words of praise for this product. One of the customers who shared his story explained that these sheets helped his 11-year-old son with spinal muscular atrophy to turn in bed on his own.

Let’s dig further into the Wonder Sheet…….

Why Should You Use Neeki Wonder Sheet Mobility Bed Sheets?

Many individuals who are suffering from limited mobility in bed, even with or without a particular disability or medical condition can use Wonder sheets.

It can be used at home, hospitals or nursing homes for conditions like

  • Motor neuron disease,
  • Parkinson’s disease,
  • Chronic arthritis,
  • Any long-term (chronic) disability or illness,
  • Brain injury,
  • Poor blood circulation,
  • Joint pain,
  • Paraplegia,
  • Quadriplegia, and
  • many more.

To shorten the story, anyone who has any problem sleeping, weight or turning in bed can use this remarkable product.

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Tip: If you experience nerve pain, which is very different from muscle pain, the wonder sheet can help ease your pain while you are on the bed.

Usage of these bed sheets can reduce discomfort and pain since the user can move more easily. It reduces the amount of effort because it is much easier to use other bed equipment like a bed stick or hoist.

To move in bed, you need less help from others since unique design replacing the use of a slide sheet.

It can be custom-made to fit you and fits on the mattress like every other fitted sheet with elastic, but most people do not require such customization.

Wonder sheets really make wonder since they are creating a feeling of independence, which is a massive benefit to the users’ mental condition.

How does Neeki Wonder Sheet Work?

The “Neeki” bed linen has been created to offer a comfortable feel for users while providing individuality and practicality.

These phenomenal, unique bed sheets are made of “polyester/cotton” and “charmeuse satin” 50/50. This combination of the materials and especially satin panel, 90 cm long, that sits under the bottom and hips area allowing the user to slide in bed instead of lifting, which makes the process of turning in bed much easier and quicker. Actually, to turn in your bed, you just need to swing your legs in and out of bed.

The wonder sheet is elastic, so it fits all mattresses (up to 40cm high, it won’t come out).

It comes in all required sizes.

Standard sheets are available in “soft gold” and “ecru’ color. Satin color can be chosen between navy, black, white, or red.

The sheet can be washed and requires only washing on a regular cycle.

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History of Neeki Wonder Sheet Mobility Bed Sheets

Neeki Wonder Sheet Mobility Bed Sheets was originated back in 2003 when an Australian daughter and her mother wanting to help a father who was suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Considering that Niki’s dad had difficulty turning over in bed, she came with the idea to create bed sheets that will help him.

Having already a background in design and textiles, she tested different materials to find the best solution for bed sheets. The answer was satin.

Affordable on the market, comfortable and luxurious material as satin, when placed in the middle, under hips and bottom, was the key to the invention of this wonderful sheet.

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Product Benefits

This product has many benefits:

  • The product itself reduces the risk of skin breakage, causing pressure sores and ulcers. Using Wonder sheets, friction between the body and mattress sheet reduces because these sheets increase ease of independent providing a smooth repositioning and movements.
  • This sheet can be used with other bed equipment, like a bed pole.
  • It increases the quality of life and moral of the patient providing individual independence while reducing injury risk.
  • Less effort is needed when moving in bed, so back (and other MSK) injuries of a caregiver are reduced.
  • It helps with fatigue
    management and makes sleeping easier and comfier. Enables a peaceful sleep.
  • It improves overall well being and health, reducing blood circulation problems.

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What Conditions Require the Using Neeki Wonder Sheets?

Neeki Wonder Sheet Mobility Bed Sheets can be used in different conditions, whether it is a simple bedridden condition, like the flu, or it is a serious illness or disease.

People who are suffering from diseases like Parkinson’s disease, chronic arthritis, chronic disability or illness, brain injury, poor circulation, joint pain, paraplegia or quadriplegia are safe to use this incredible product. This is a must-use product for their daily use, which immensely improve their quality of life.

Also, anyone who requires good night rest can use this product, no matter how old an individual is. Simply said, it can be used by young and old people, by anyone need that little support and a push at the bed.

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Product Information

These wonder sheets are made of polyester /cotton and satin (50:50%).

It is available in multiple standard sizes, but also flat sheets, pillowcases, and sheets sets can be custom-made, to fit all your requirements. It is available in ecru poly/cotton and 16 different colors of satin.

Neeki Wonder Sheet Content

The satin sheet starts at the pillow and finishes below the knee.

Wonder is suitable for all bed sizes, long single, single or even King Single beds.

It is easy to maintain since it requires only a gentle washing machine wash. It can be tumble dried, but line drying is more preferable.

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Why People Love Neeki Wonder Sheet?

A vast number of customers who were looking for bed sheets that have therapeutic benefits and unique styles to make you feel deluxe on the bed chose Wonder sheets as the first and only choice.

A tremendous number of testimonies show that wonder sheets are a true miracle.

One grandmother said that ‘her granddaughter, who has Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) with wonder sheets can sit by herself and slide in bed’.

One of the customers using wonder sheets told us that ‘her partner loves the sheets so much that he cannot imagine their lives without them anymore. As a Parkinson disease patient, he had problems to move and turn in bed, but the unique design of the sheets enables him to move without any problem.’

Other customers said that ‘her husband had “best sleep ever” after one-night spending in bed with Wonder bed sheets’.

One of the customers from the nursing home who is quadriplegic stated that ‘Wonder Sheets helped his support workers to make him move in bed’.

Another customer said that ‘she is delighted with the product and that she will recommend it to her friends and family’.

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Cons of Wonder Sheet

With its unique designed and functional, therapeutic benefits Neeki Wonder Sheet Mobility Bed Sheets has many more advantages than advantages.

One of the disadvantages might be pricing since one individual needs more than one set of sheets. However, still, the price is not a big issue to the most as it is similar to the price of ordinary bedding.

Another disadvantage can be an allergy to some of the materials of which the linen is made from.

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This unique and effective therapeutic product is designed to help and ease turning over and move in bed for all who need this kind of help, starting from people who have sleeping problems to those who with disabilities and suffer from long-term medical conditions.

Here is the summary of the pros and cons of Niki’s Wonder Sheet.

***** – It is very easy and pleasant to use. The combination of material provides complete luxurious and pleasurable feeling. Variety in standard sizing and possibility of custom-made of Wonder bed sheets makes this product to fit all mattresses and bed sizes.

***** – Product maintenance – It is easy to wash and requires only gentle washing, as well as tumble drying. Line drying is more preferable.

*****- Customer Satisfaction – Individuals who have experience using this product are very pleased with the effects of Neeki Wonder Sheet Mobility Bed Sheets. Testimonies of users and their family member’s show that these wonder sheets have been designed to meet individual requirements, for those who have problems with moving and turning in bed.

***** – Product benefits – It eases movements and turn over in bed. It helps with fatigue management and makes sleeping easier and provides comfortable and peaceful sleep. Not only that, the wonder sheet also reduces the risk of skin breakage, causing ulcers. It can be used with other bed equipment. Less effort is needed when moving patients in bed for caregivers. It increases life quality for patients. Overall it improves well being and health.

**** – One disadvantage – Neeki Wonder Sheet Mobility Bed Sheets cannot be used in individuals allergic to any of the components of this product.

If you are looking for a bed sliding support sheet, but yet very important that can change your life in a positive direction and helps you sleep faster, turning in bed over a breeze, then the Neeki Wonder Sheet Mobility Bed Sheets could meet all your needs.

Overall score – *****

These bed sheets might be the answer for you or someone you love who suffer from any movement difficulties.

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