You are welcome to contribute to MediChannel.Org!

If you are passionate about writing health promotional articles or reviewing articles for us, we are keen to hear from you. While all the articles published in the MediChannel.Org will be reviewed medically before they go live, this is an excellent opportunity for you if you have the passion for supporting our course, having writing skills and most importantly the time to contribute.

What you get in return and why you should contribute?

Call for Writers

By contributing to MediChannel.Org, you get a number of benefits. These are the ways we say Thank You for your contribution at no cost to you.

  • We create a Contributor Profile page where you can display your biography and a professional picture if you desire.
  • Exposure to the public as a contributor – we recognize your authorship and contribution.
  • You help our readers to make their lives better.
  • You get the opportunity to display your writing on the public domain (internet).
  • Gain valuable international experience and recognition as a Professional Writer.
  • Consider, all the above as ‘free advertising’.
  • We are flexible, you can set your own schedule and at leisure.
  • And, as a medical reviewer (Expert), you help our writers to achieve their goals and us to present quality information for our responsive readers.

The steps to becoming a MediChannel-approved author, including guest author, or reviewer are as follows.

STEP 1 – Initiate communication

You may be approached by our staff with an invitation to contribute, or instead, you could be one of the admirers who would like to apply to contribute. Regardless, it all starts with a quick exchange of some lovely words.

Contribute by invitation

If you are responding to an invitation to support us, that is great. We have already independently verified your credentials, so we do not need to hear any more about your profile. You could cut the queue and jump to STEP 3 below to start contributing.

Contribute by application

Please Contact Us describing your background, interests and the way you would like to contribute to the journey of MediChannel.Org.

Remember, anyone can write for us. While having a health background is beneficiary, it is not compulsory. 

You might be an experienced writer or a blogger interested in a one-off guest writing. There may be health topics interested to you, or you might like sharing your experience about a disease or product as a patient. Regardless of whatever the reason is, we are keen to hear from you, so you are warmly welcome to Contact Us.

STEP 2 – Invitation to write an example article

Our general guidelines for writers are:

  • Your writing must be original. It should not be copied from elsewhere and submitted or published elsewhere. Remember, we check articles for their authenticity using most advanced software and technologies so by submitting the same article to multiple websites you waste only your time and get banned from our platform.
  • You should provide references for the facts and stats mentioned in your article. We anticipate at least 5 references for every 1,000 words you write.
  • You are encouraged to provide pictures relevant to the content. Ideally, 2 pictures of 600 X 350 pixels for every 1,000 words you write.
  • Our minimum article length is 1,000 words. We do not have a maximum word limit.
  • You are allowed to promote your article and author profile page social media and any other platform by sharing its URL.

Once we are satisfied that you are a good fit for our community of writers, we will provide you with our detailed writing guidelines and templates so you can write an example article for us. This is to make sure that your writing style fulfils our minimum quality stands.

(The example article will be a publication in MediChannel.Org if we accept you as an Author so your effort is not wasted)

A few topics are provided for the example article, and we anticipate approx. 1,000 words to check for its originality, authenticity and readability. This review is called “initial review”.

Once the “initial review” is completed, the article content is forwarded to a healthcare practitioner to review for coherence, comprehensiveness and accuracy. This review is called “expert’s review”.

Currently, we take about four working days to complete both initial and expert reviews. Based on reviewers comments we confirm your acceptance to contribute to us as a guest author or a long-term writer.

STEP 3 – You are a part of our Family. Congratulations!

The first article you will usually be providing to us would be your biography which we will publish on MediChannel.Org. This will go online parallel to your first accepted writing for publication (as an Author) or article which you medically-reviewed (as a healthcare practitioner/expert reviewer).

Once you become a contributor we would like you to write or review at least an article per month, so your contribution is continual and beneficial to your audience. However, as noted above this is not a strict rule and we can be flexible and allow you to set your own schedule.

Remember, we are here to answer your questions, and make the process of becoming a MediChannel.Org contributor and your role as a part of our Family is a fulfilling journey for you.

You Just have to Show your interest by Contacting Us.