Some of us often go for a run, invest our energies at the gym, or even take part in strained triathlon competitions, pushing our bodies to the extreme. These energizing events we take part in could make our bodies to become extensively strained.

Exercises align with high bodily expectations and request for performances to reach your typical sports’ successes or health goals (e.g. exercising for diabetes) are common trends. However, sometimes we need to deal with body strains that appear as a result of exercise.

To reverse these strains, we need to find methods of recovery and protect our bodies from becoming weak.

Many devices and opportunities available during the past allowed people to recover physically but with no real relaxation support. Research and scientists continue to find methods to assist us in finding appropriate ways to take part in different activities and keep our bodies from any injuries.

The science behind this concept stays interesting in keeping in mind the physical and mind-related health concerns. Let’s review a product that allows for full physical and mental recovery during the process.

In other words, this is the MediChannel Review of Air Relax Compression Boots.

Before the review, let’s cover some basics about leg compression.

Why Is Leg Compression Important after Exercise and Sport?

Participation in any exercise or sport requires significant aftercare and upliftment of the body when needed. If you call for a sports’ therapist or sports’ physiotherapist for the ‘aftercare’, you will need a considerable budget to gain access to continuous treatments.

On the other hand, if you a sports’ lover, the recovery stage or body maintenance phase can expect extensive support and help from a specialist. So, the question we ask ourselves relates to the methods available to reach a level of recovery after exercising. Ideally, the methods which keep expensive specialists away.

I know of people who regularly take part in the long-distance running environment and the exceptional strain placed on the individuals showed. After taking part in these activities I noticed their bodies shivered and their legs became weak after the strenuous event. In these circumstances, the use of a system or procedure to recover muscle and joints health plays a key role in retrieving your body’s strength after exercising.

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In fact, this is just not a belief based on my work experience. The science has proven the benefits of leg compression too.

Out of the leg compression methods, Air Relax Compression Method is unique in many ways. Let’s find out how…

What is the Air Relax Compression Method?

The Air Relax® Compression Device offers a method to recuperate your body using a professional approach.

The product basis its design on the availability of different air compressed chambers that fits tightly around the leg and foot. The compressed air allows for the creation of pressure that presents a specialist sports’ massage feel.

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The massage felt allows your body to move into a relaxation mode and calm the experiences of muscle pain after your exercise program. Depending on the setting you prefer, the air moves into the compartments and creates a pressure effect.

Technical Specifications of Air Relax Leg Recovery System

The system comprises the following key specifications and allows for high-performance output during the use of the product:

  • 110 US version pump inclusive of left and right coverings
  • Household outlet and permits easy maintenance to keep the product clean
  • It offers a rated voltage of an estimate of AC 110 to 120V
  • It presents a power consumption of 30W
  • The product pumps an average of 15 liters of air per minute


Safety and precaution stay essential during the use of the product – prevent from using a 220V socket to plug in a 110V US equipment.

What is Special about Air Relax Leg Recovery System?

The Air Relax Leg Recovery system progresses your blood flow in the limbs that ensures speedy recovery, especially after a tight and strenuous competition.

Air Relax group sessions

The product presents key positives the athlete or sportspeople may focus upon and allows for a better understanding of the product.

Here is what unique about the Air Relax Leg Recovery System and its essential aspects.

  • The device presents an easy-to-use method with no complexities or difficult fittings to wear. It aligns with the requirement of an athlete or active person to gain easy access to recovery equipment without becoming frustrated.
  • The Air Relax Compression Boots assist a person with a need for an increased blood circulation before, during, and after training exercises. The increased blood flow allows your body to receive the oxygen you need to recover and regenerate more cells.
  • Individuals who use the professional technique regularly allow their bodies to recover quickly and limit unnecessary injuries during participation in exercises. Injuries are one of the critical challenges during high-performance training, and the product attempts to keep the body healthy over a longer time.
  • One of the critical positives of this product relates to its ability to decrease possible swollen legs or feet after demanding exercise. The build-up of water and poor circulation increases a person’s possibility of injuring themselves during exercises. The product allows for a decrease in water build-up during such activities.
  • Individuals reported a significant increase in their competition success rate because of the product used. Increasingly athletes and high-performance sports’ individuals showed a step up in their energy levels and capabilities to reach improved performances. The product aims to provide you with the method to keep your body relaxed, healthy, and impacts on your ability to keep a clear mind.

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  • The product is friendly with using them during a group therapy session, as well, if you prefer to recover individually. The ease of use allows a couple of sports’ friends to quickly get together after an exercise session and relax their muscles.
  • The device aims to provide you with support on a mental or physical level after exercising. Many athletes indicated the use of the product made them feel relaxed and focused.
  • The massage approach offered by the device builds on an age-old relaxation method. Massaging allows your body to manage pain, discomfort, and limited flexibility.
  • The massaging effect lowers feelings of stiffness and prevents the user from experiencing tightening or aching muscles after a lengthy exercise program.

Tip: Remember, muscle pain is different from nerve pain.

Air Relax Leg Recovery System – The Practicality of the Settings

The Air Relax Compression system consists of a few critical settings that allow the individual to use the product according to a specific need.

Air Relax Modes

The product comprises the following key settings that allow for ease of use:

  • It consists of a 15-minute pre-setting that enables you to warm up the system.
  • Mode A starts to fill the chambers from the bottom up, and it happens one leg at a time.
  • Mode B fills from the bottom to the top but aims to keep the pressure at the lower sections of the leg and feet.
  • Mode C immediately fills all chambers at once and release at the same time.
  • The Auto mode allows your body to feel the combined experiences but allows for changes.
  • The product offers different pressure levels to ensure maximum emotions of relation and treatment. A pressure series includes a maximum of 230 mmHg and a minimum of 0 mmHg.

Advantages of Air Relax Leg Recovery System

The Air Relax Compression Boots offer a sense of relaxation and recovery, but the following key practical concepts highlight the importance of the product to your overall health

  • The boots allow for easy integration into your daily exercise program without the need for additional time to focus on the set-up and use of the product.
  • The Air Relax Air Compression machine increases the athletes’ ability to feel relaxed and re-generate the energy required to enhance performance.
  • Many athletes struggle with fatigue after an event, and the product allows a person to recover from the emotions of tiredness.
  • The product aims to limit sore muscles and prevent regular and continuous cramps experienced after exercising or taking part in sports’ events.
  • Using the device allows your body to get rid of those metabolic acids that develop during increased exercise activities.
  • Besides the health positives, the system allows the user to control the different mode levels manually. Depending on your preferences, an individual adopts the styles to the preferred levels mentioned earlier in the article.
  • The Air Relax Compression Product allows secure storage mostly needed by individuals who already own much other equipment.
  • Nothing frustrates a user more if the relaxation device becomes noisy. The Air Relax Compression Product presents a quiet environment and permits the person to recover peacefully.
  • For practical reasons the product comes in different sizes reflected in a range of short (5′ 3”), normal or regular (5′ 4”–6′ 3”) and tall (6′ 4”). The sleeves aim to adapt to the different length sizes that allow for easy wear and a comfortable feel.
  • The product material offers a soft sensation and allows individuals to feel relaxed during the use of the product.

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Disadvantages of Air Relax Leg Recovery System

After researching and attempting to gather negative comments on Air Relax Leg Recovery System reported by our user base, I struggle to identify any significant disadvantages.

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Some user comments noticed during my work include the following.

  • People continuously explain their uncertainty regarding the science behind the product. Is the product for real? Especially individuals who want to understand the thinking method behind the concept before they use a product. Many individuals believe that the use of the device relies on the so-called placebo effect or “all in mind” theory.
  • Depending on your nature, people may feel uneasy or claustrophobic during the session, especially when the different sections of the boots fill up with air.
  • The product works with a pump inclusive of added pipes, and a few individuals complained they cannot place the equipment right next to them.
  • People also reported that the use of the boots sometimes prevents them from keeping the full leg size warm to the end.

Affordability and Market Comparison

Comparing the Air Relax Compression product presents an affordable price in comparison with other names, for example, Air Press, NormaTec Pulse and Rapid Reboot. The NormaTec Pulse product offers an affordable cost indicative of a $389 price tag while the Rapid Reboot products provide an expensive range of up to $1295.

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The more expensive products seem to present emphasis on the massaging component, while Air Relax Compression focuses on the improved blood circulation component. The more expensive products offer additional clothing and a formalized outlook not presented with the cheaper product.

Besides, the warranties differ, where the more upscale products offer a 2-year certificate instead of 1 year. The more affordable product offers the basics one needs if interested in purchasing an Air Relax Compression Boot system.

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In summary, most individuals who historically used the product initially felt skeptical about using the Air Relax Compression Boot and wondered if the system works. Taking into account the relative cost, the ease of use, and general feedback presented, I give the product a 4 out of 5.

The rating is because some individuals complained about the tangling hoses and the ability to keep your feet warm.

Besides a few difficulties, individuals mostly reported their enjoyment during the use of the product from a health and relaxation stance. Many users expressed emotions of obsession with product use after taking part in high-end athletic performances.

From a safety point of view, I welcome the warnings issued regarding the electricity voltage required for the product to perform. It seems the device offers a lessor complex method to allow for body recovery after high-performance exercises or taking part in different sports’ activities.

I also see the product as something used on an individual or group basis. It also allows the user to transport the boots and gadgets with ease or find storage space for the equipment. The product seems an excellent method to ensure healthy blood flow and to prevent your body from experiencing levels of discomfort.

The invention focuses on key issues experienced during extensive training programs. These challenges relate to poor blood circulation, muscle cramps, and stiffness. The science behind the product focuses on rectifying specific issues experienced by active people and allows one to address the matter within your home environment.

Also, the product presents an easy method to include in your day-to-day activity program without disrupting your lifestyle. Modern life comprises extensive appointments, specialists and visits to health practitioners. This product allows a person to recover their body with ease and excludes any additional health specialist appointments.

Modern times offer many sport and health specialists, but they come with a price. The product presents a highly detailed invention but easily accessible to active individuals. The primary use of massaging equipment allows the user’s body to feel relaxed but also keep the mind focused. The product uses the aspect of pressure points to calm your muscles and prepare a person to recover relatively quickly.

Placebo effect or not, the Air Relax Air Compression Boots offer the user everything they need in terms of relaxation and upkeep of the body’s health after exercising. A healthy body ensures a joyous nature, and the simplistic use of the device allows a person to prepare for their next high-performance session.

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