In this review of Sharper Image Massagers, we will guide you through the range of the Sharper Image Massagers to help you find the best massager for your health condition.

Sharper Image is one of the main health devices brands; however, some overwhelmed with how the massagers are different between functionality and accordingly, the health benefits. This article should clear that out, so you can look no further.

Massage therapy once considered as an alternative treatment for muscle pain, soreness and stiff joints, but it in recent years its demand has increased and become more popular. It is now considered as a major drug-free pain management option. When used along with standard medical treatment, the effectiveness of massage therapy can go a long way for a wide range of health conditions.

Massage can help one in many ways. For example, it helps to

With all the benefit we can derive from adding massage to our daily routine; however, not everyone can afford a steady appointment with a massage therapist or to always going to a spa or massage parlour. Even when we can afford it after a long time, it becomes more expensive, and you will soon realize it is cheaper to get your own personal massager.

To get a good personal massager, you need to go for a reputable brand that offers you a functional, sturdy and durable product at an affordable price. Sharper image offers all these and more, with excellent customer service and a wide range of massagers that you can choose from.

However, as said earlier, selecting the correct Sharper Image massager is not always an easy task. To explain things better, let’s cover a bit more about massaging and types of massage.

Let’s roll on…

What is massage?

Massage is the process of kneading, rubbing, pressing, and manipulating your skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Massage may vary from stroking lightly to applying deep pressure.

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There are different types of massage, the common types are:

  • Deep pressure massage

It uses slower strokes with more pressure to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, usually often on sore and painful muscle. For example, the Thumper massager.

  • Swedish massage

It is a gentle form of massage that involves the use of long strokes, tapping, kneading, vibration and massaging in a deep, circular pattern to help you relax the body and boost your energy.

  • Sports massage

It is similar to Swedish massage, but particularly used by individuals involved in sport. It is aimed at preventing or treating sports injuries.

  • Trigger point massage

It focuses on the part of the body with tense muscle or muscles.

But, what are the benefits of getting a massage?

Let’s find out.

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Benefits of Massage

Here are the benefits of receiving a massage.

  • It Is reduce stress and is relaxing.

It can help to reduce the level of cortisol which is the stress hormone in the body. This helps to reduce stress level, improve your mood, promotes the feeling of relaxation and helps the body to enter a recovery mode.

  • It can increase energy levels, alleviate pain, and help improve your physical and emotional well being.
  • Relieve muscle pain, swelling, soreness, also prevents and relieves muscle cramps and spasms.
  • It can lower blood pressure which in turn, can minimize the risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and many other health problems.
  • Massage therapy can help to manage pain.

It releases endorphins a pain-killing hormone, which blocks pain, promote healing and
calm the nerves. Massage therapy is effective in managing pain associated with conditions like sciatica and arthritis.

  • It helps to boost blood circulation.

This helps to supply oxygen and nutrients to damaged, sore, stiff, and tense muscles to promote healing.

  • Massage also improves the circulation of lymph fluid which eliminates lactic acid from the muscle tissues and metabolic waste products from internal organs and muscles.
  • It can improve your posture.

Massage helps the body to relax, loosen tense muscles and relieve sore muscle, it also allows the joints to have more freedom, be more flexible and relieve the pressure points. This, in turn, help your body to realign back to its proper and healthy position.

With the above understanding of massage therapy, types of massage and their benefits, now let’s turn on to the Sharper Image Massagers.

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What are the Sharper Image Massagers?

With the growing demand for massage therapy, sharper image a brand known for its innovative technology, bring to the healthcare market a wide range of well-designed massagers. The intention is for you to ease stress, feel more relax and enjoy all the benefits of getting a regular massage at an affordable price without going to a massage therapist. So, you can also enjoy a good regular massage at the comfort of their home or while working in their offices.

Generally, Sharper Image offers you a year warranty on any product they offers to consumers. Personal care product like massagers can be returned for a refund only if they are still in the original unopen package, though.

The following are leading Sharper Image massagers available. Here we will also review them, so you know their strengths and weaknesses.

1. Sharper Image Heated Physiotherapy Massager Review

Sharper Image Heated Physiotherapy MassagerWhat is Sharper Image Heated Physiotherapy Massager?

The Heated Physiotherapy Massager combines vibration massage, infrared heat and powerful magnets to ease and heal knee, elbow or shoulder pain and stiffness.

This heat massager is a perfect solution for people suffering from joint conditions like aches, swelling, stiffness, muscle atrophy, movement disorders, knee arthritis and permanent joint dysfunction.

With an adjustable temperature that is up to 1490F and the vibration massage, it can help to boost blood circulation.

It comes with three adjustable straps, AC adapter and a protective pad.

Unisex, and it fits all knee sizes up to 20” circumference.

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  • Helps to soothe and relieve pain, soreness, swelling, stiffness, movement disorders, permanent joint dysfunction and muscle atrophy
  • Vibration massage of about 7,000 rpm
  • With 2 powerful magnets, each with 1100 gauze for magnetic therapy.
  • Temperature range between 104°F to 149°F.
  • 30 minutes automatic shutoff timer.
  • 3 adjustable straps for securing the device on the knee, elbow or shoulder.
  • It comes with a protective pad in case if you need extra material to cover the skin before placing the device.
  • Fits knees up to 20” circumference.
  • Cozy padded body design.
  • Includes an AC adapter.
  • 6 tungsten warming lights with a wavelength between 700-50,000nm.
  • 4 Infrared light with a wavelength between 700 – 50,000nm for the optional heat therapy.


  • The control panel is easy to operate
  • It is portable


  • It is expensive.

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2. Sharper Image T.E.N.S. Foot Massager with Infrared Heat Review

Sharper Image TENS Foot Massager

What is Sharper Image TENS Foot Massager?

The T.E.N.S. Foot Massager with Infrared Heat produced by Sharper Image uses a technology called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS.) to relieve and promote the healing of the muscles, your soles and the feet from pain, soreness and stiffness.

To use this massager, just plug it into an outlet, place your clean bare feet on the foot place and press the button on the massager. Instead, you can also use the wireless remote controller to adjust the intensity starting from the lowest to till you get the desired intensity.

This unit comes with lead cables and electro pads that can be used on other parts of the body. For example, like the arms, legs or back.

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  • The Sharper Image, TENS Foot Massager with Infrared Heat, sends miniature electrical impulses to your feet, which stimulates the muscles, boost blood circulation and release endorphins. This then results in a temporary relief from pain by blocking pain signals from its source reaching the brain.
  • This solution is a drug-free and is a non-invasive pain killer.
  • The massager comes with 25 electrical intensity levels and pulse modes with an optional Far Infrared Ray (FIR) heat.
  • TENS and FIR heat functionalities can be used jointly or separately.
  • For safety, it comes with a 10-90 minutes auto-shutoff timer.
  • In addition to the feet massaging, this TENS therapy device can heal the arms, legs and back with the help of the lead cables and electro pads that are included in the package.
  • Includes an elastic belt that is adjustable for applying T.E.N.S. therapy to the back. It fits up to waist size 44” inches.
  • The unit comes with wireless remote control and AC adapter.
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Not advisable for those with a pacemaker to use this device.


  • Simple to operate control panel
  • It is portable


  • Massages only the soles of the feet.

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3. Sharper Image Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling Foot Massager Review

Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling Foot Massager

What is Sharper Image Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling Foot Massager?

Get rid of tension and stress with the Sharper Image deep-kneading Shiatsu foot massager. It invigorates your feet muscles and stimulates blood flow. This heated foot massage also allows you to relax your feet after a long day.

It is designed to combine the Asian traditional shiatsu and reflexology to stimulate the acupressure points in your feet.

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The massage rollers knead your feet to deliver an effective massage. While the infra-red heat soothes, it relaxes your feet.

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Here are the key features of this Kneading and Rolling Foot Massager.

  • It comes with 4 massage modes.
  • 3 target modes – sole, arch and toe modes.
  • Toe – touch, easy to use control panel.
  • Six kneading Shiatsu rollers for kneading and massaging the foot.
  • Heat option for a soothing effect for your painful foot.
  • The machine automatically turns off after 15-Minutes.
  • Easy carriage with hooks for wrapping the cord at the bottom for storage.
  • 4 adjustable legs to raise or lower the device.
  • Variable direction and speed for effective massage therapy.


  • Handle for easy carriage is handy.
  • It comes with a toe-touch control, so you don’t have to bend to switch the massager On or Off.


  • The heat option is not adjustable.

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4. Sharper Image Cordless Deep Tissue Massage Gun Review

Cordless Deep Tissue Massage Gun

What is Sharper Image Cordless Deep Tissue Massage Gun?

Sharper image cordless deep-tissue massager with switchable massage heads gives your back, legs, hands, glutes and other parts of your body a deep tissue kneading massage. This type of deep massage can help to relieve and restore stiff and sore muscles. It also speeds up recovery.

This massage gun is ideal for athletes and those recovering from injuries.

With 3 variable speeds – low, medium and high to choose from, it comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 90 minutes when fully charge.

You can choose from any of the three interchangeable massages to target specific parts of your body.

Available in 2 attractive colors – Black or Silver.


Here are the features of the Sharper Image Cordless Deep Tissue Massage Gun.

  • This massager provides a deep tissue therapeutic massage to the whole body.
  • Includes 3 interchangeable massage heads – for rigid, flat and ball movements.
  • 3 variable speed intensities

– High: 65 Hz

– Medium: 56 Hz

– Low: 46 Hz

  • Available in Black and Silver colour
  • Includes a holding stand for storing the device and massage heads.
  • It uses a 7.4V rechargeable battery, and the battery lasts up to 90 minutes.
  • At the same time, the battery takes only approx. 120 minutes to get to its full charge.
  • The unit comes with a Charger for plugging the device into an AC outlet.
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  • Simple to use
  • Sturdy


Some argue, that the battery does last that long.

5. Sharper Image 3D Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager Review

3D Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager

What is Sharper Image 3D Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager?

The 3D Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager soothes muscle tension and boost blood circulation using kneading simulation and infrared technology.

It includes 4 kneading intensities, and the massage modes can be adjusted to move forward or in a reverse direction. Comes with detachable handles to reach several parts of the body by looping your arms through it, so you meant to hold it in place while massaging the tense areas of your body.

The massage usually lasts 15 minutes and it comes with an auto timer per massage session.

Now, let’s look at the features of this massager.


  • Infrared technology
  • 2 massage heads
  • Massage modes that are adjustable to a forward and reverse direction
  • Four kneading levels of intensities – Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3 and Mode 4
  • LCD screen
  • 2 detachable handles that are about 16 inches long each.
  • Covered with a cloth material that is removable and washable.
  • The automatic timer that can be set to 5, 10 or 15 minutes.
  • Operates on a rechargeable lithium battery of DC 3.7V/2000mAh
  • Takes approximately 4 hours to charge fully.
  • 7W Rated power.
  • Comes with a USB charger.


  • Easy to use
  • Compact design


  • Straps are not long enough


Do not for use if you are with an implantable device such as a pacemaker.

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6. Sharper Image T.E.N.S. Massager with Remote Control Review

T.E.N.S. Massager with Remote Control

What is Sharper Image T.E.N.S. Massager with Remote Control?

The T.E.N.S. Massager by Sharper Image which comes with remote control is a state-of-the-art electrotherapy device for pain management.

It stimulates muscles to give you fast relief from aches, soreness and stiffness and it also promotes blood circulation and relaxes your body.

This TENS, also known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, is an FDA-approved technology that boosts the production of endorphins, which is famous as the body’s natural pain killers that quickly blocks pain signals and relieves pain.

To use this device, connect the self-adhesive electro pads to the cable and place it on the achy or stiff part of the body.


Here are the key features of this TENS Massager.

  • Drug-free pain killer
  • FDA-approved technology
  • Cordless and a portable device
  • Easy to use
  • Just place the reusable self-adhesive pads on your achy spots and select “Back,” “Neck,” “Shoulder,” “Arm/Leg” “Hand/Foot” or “Joints,” on the remote for pre-programmed treatments.
  • It comes with a remote, which has an LCD display
  • 3 pleasant massage modes
  • Variable intensity

What’s in the box?

The package includes;

  • the device,
  • 2 lead cables,
  • 4 long-lasting and reusable electro pads, and
  • 4 AAA batteries

Here are the user instructions.

  • Depending on the area of the body, use either 1 lead cable with 2 pads or if not 2 cables with all 4 electro pads.
  • Each of the pads can be used multiple times, at least 50 times each. All you need to do is to replace the protective plastic film onto the sticky side of the pads for prolonger usage.

Unused pads can last up to 2 years.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Cordless
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • The battery is not rechargeable.
  • Do not come with more pad. However, if you need more pads, they can be ordered separately.


Again, this item is also not advisable for those with a pacemaker.

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Getting a regular massage is a good way to take charge of your physical health and emotional well-being. It has a lot of benefits. This doesn’t mean you should replace your normal medical care with massage therapy. Before rushing off to get a massager or placing an order, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor if you have any medical condition.

And if you need a good massager, Sharper Image has a wide range of products to satisfy your need.

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