We all love a good massage, and it is not just the upper parts of the body that are left for massaging. The lower extremities too sure do deserve to be pampered as well. With the use of technology, lots of devices have been manufactured to make this service easy. Out of them, LX7 Max Sequential Air Compression (AirPress) Leg Massager is one of those popular among leg massage enthusiastic.

What is Intermittent Pneumatic Compression?

The LX7 Max Sequential Air Compression Leg Massage Machine, operates based on the Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) principle. With vibrations alone, these devices could help promote the healthy blood flow to the lower regions of the body as well as ease Pain.

IPC, in addition to stimulating the muscles, blood circulation and lymphatic system, is also useful for edema relief and improvement of mobility, wellness and general physical condition.

People suffering from certain health conditions such as Joint Pain, severe Leg and Foot Pain, muscle tension and even circulatory issues resulting from neuropathy (nerve pain)
or Diabetes could very much benefit from these foot-massaging machines with IPC.

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The LX7 Max Air Compression (AirPress) Leg Massager

The LX7 Max Air Compression Massager, which also known as LX7 Max AirPress, operates according to the Intermittent Air Compression Principle and is a leading brand in the space of IPC systems as it has proven to be very practical and functional.

The massager goes together with varying sleeves: arms, waist, legs and body trunk. It works in favour of the circulatory system as it helps smoothen the flow of blood and improves lymphatic circulations; thus, not only offering soft massage but also improve the effectiveness of drainage and circulation.

LX7 Max product is one of the most sought for products in the United States as the product quality speaks excellence. It is, in fact, available in over 70 countries.

User reviews have shown that this product is of high quality and given by the positive responses from customers, one can say that its buyers are satisfied with the product output.

How Does the LX7 Max AirPress Leg Massager Work?

The LX7 Max air compressor massager incorporates two different modes; A Mode and B Mode.

Both modes are meant for the same purpose and intended to have the same effect; however, each mode can be selected appropriately depending on the characteristics of each compression method as per your need.

A mode (for massage)- Also known as the ‘wave mode’, this mode is more effective for massaging using a high pressure sequentially from the first chamber to the last. It massages as though it is done by hand.

B mode (for circulation) – Also termed the ‘squeezing mode’, this mode pressurizes sequentially from the first to the last chamber before exhausting it. In this way, it helps circulate stagnant blood and lymph from the lower end of the body to the center of the body.

Its modus operandi is that the air from the controller is made to pass to the cuff with 4 air chambers and the air sequentially pressurizes the chambers from the 1st to the 4th chamber. You would have to set up the pressure intensity, its operating time and the op as well.

For more professional use, the LX7 Max can be used by combining the center body sleeve, the lower body set (2 leg sleeves and one waist sleeve at once) or the infrared heating system.

This device effectively drains stagnant lymph; hence, getting rid of toxins, wastes and fat cells that were dissolves from the professional massaging care.

Who Uses the LX7 Max Leg Massager?

Asides from its helpful use in professional beauty salons, it can also be used on daily occasion at home for a healthy body and a beautiful skin.

Effects of LX7 Max AirPress Massager

There are basically four effects produced by this device:

1. Massaging effect

The LX7 device is quite effective for massaging fatigued and tensed muscles and congested parts repeatedly using soft air pressure. If used before, and or after exercise, it does promote the effect of exercise to the body, more like a soft warming up.

2. Improvement of venous flow

The compression movement of the machine produces a pumping action too, which acts to expand the capillary (tiny vessels of the body), thus aiding the delivery of clear and oxygenated blood to all parts of the body.

In addition to this, the massage aids the removal of toxins and harmful deposits from the body. For example, fat plaques from the arterial and capillary walls.

3. Deep breathing effect

As the massaging goes on, the user is very much likely to be impelled to take deep breaths even though unconsciously, which is suitable for the circulatory system.

4. Stretching effect

Typically, the machine makes use of cuffs, and when the cuffs pressurize any of the part of the body where it is attached; the legs arms or waist, it stretches the joints in that region.

Let’s look at the key features of the massager.

Key Features of The Massager

  • LX7 Max Sequential Air Compression Leg Massager is, in our opinion, the most useful and most effective intermittent pneumatic air compression massage machine.
  • It comes with two innovative functions or treatment options; A mode (massage mode) and B mode (circulation mode).
  • It provides a dynamic circulation, drainage and soft pressure massage.
  • The massager features a pressotherapy system.
  • LX7 Max is simple and easy to operate.
  • It comes in different sizes; M, L, XL, XXL (It can fit an individual with 5 feet to 6.5 feet in height).
  • Its pressure is adjustable (20 – 200 mmHg + 20 mmHg).
  • The operating time of the massager can be adjusted between 1 and 30 minutes.
  • Optional care buttons: calf, foot, knee, thigh.
  • Option for the use of multiple sleeves is available.
  • Digital pressure intensity indicator inclusive.
  • The digital pressure sensor provides precise compression.

Specifications of the Massager

Product dimension: 4.7 inches in diameter, 10 inches in weight and 7.9 inches in height

Machine color: White, Grey & Pink

Cuffs color: Grey


Digital interface, controller and pressure sensors

Pressure setting lock function

Illuminated start, stop and pause button

Chamber control options: On / Focus, Off / skip (foot, calf, knee and thigh)

Power: 110 Volts, 50/60Hz

Product Weight: 5 lb. (2.3kg)

Power Consumption: 40 W

Included in the complete package: 2 leg sleeves, 1 double hose, 2-foot pads, power code, device, English user manual

DME Warranty: 2 years warranty for the pump and 6 months for the sleeves

Manufacturer: DS MAREF (Marketed to the USA by Doctor Life)

Advantages of the LX7 Max Air Compression Leg Massager

  • It limits hand massage, yet effectively massages the whole body and muscles.
  • It helps with facial toning as it helps get rid of toxins easily.
  • It enhances abdominal breathing.
  • It provides a good stretching effect on the limbs.
  • It promotes and accelerates blood circulation by effectively eliminating fat plaques or deposits from the bloodstream.
  • It aids the release of certain hormones like endorphin as well as amino acids that act as natural painkillers.

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Now, let’s look at what we liked and didn’t like about this massager.

Pros and Cons Based On User Experience


  • The use of this massager is not restricted to spas and beauty salons; they can as well be used in hospitals and for in-home care and comfort.
  • The machine is not restricted to one sleeve alone. You can choose to use different sleeves with one machine asides the leg sleeves such as the waist or the arm sleeve.
  • It is quite easy to use; hence, you don’t need to be a professional or expert to operate it.
  • It provides some level of relief and helps patients recuperate fast from their illness by promoting metabolism, and blood and lymph circulation.
  • It is also suitable for professional athletes as a regular massager.
  • Most importantly, it is FDA approved.


  • It might not be the best option for people with serious cases of edema. So, depending on the severity of edema best to seek your doctor’s advice before using a leg massager.

Tips for Using the LX7 Max Air Compression Leg Massager

To fully benefit from this compression massager, here are few tips for you.

  • Use it as often as you can. Using it daily is a good idea.
  • Put your foot in an elevated position while using it (you can place a pillow underneath your leg). This helps improve circulation as well as alleviate pain.
  • It is best to use it after a warm bath. This is because you benefit more from a massage when your muscles must have been relaxed as an after-effect of the heat.
  • Use it even when you are not in pain, experiencing cramps or stiffness as this would help prevent a future occurrence of those symptoms.
  • Always start from low pressure and continue increasing until you get to the pressure where you are comfortable with. If you are too sensitive or easily prone to swelling, then it might not be advisable to use the massager at high-pressure settings.
  • Do not get your device wet.
  • Do not use it over a wound, injury, stitches or broken bones.
  • It shouldn’t serve as a replacement or alternative to a prescribed treatment or medication.
  • Do not use on someone you think unconscious or leave it to be handled alone by a vulnerable individual.
  • It is not advised for people with certain health conditions. Thus, you should consult your doctor first before using this product.
  • Read the instructions on the user manual before using this product, especially for the first time.


The luxury LX7 max air compression leg massager is the ideal choice for you as it offers you a healthier and beautiful life.

Since the nature of our blood and lymphatic circulations affects our health, if you experience health issues relevant to blood or lymph circulation, then this product should not be neglected. The LX7 is well suited for everyone who wants to experience improvements in dynamic circulation and drainage and of course as well as soft massage.

We do not hesitate to recommend you use this product for an optimal massage experience. If you have severe heart, blood or lymphatic disease, you must consult your doctor before purchasing this massager though.

The massager does come in a few variants and gives the option for users to choose according to their own taste (e.g. color options). You can as well choose to use any of the four parts or combine the foot, knee, calf, thigh and leg cuffs depending on areas or area you require massage.


  1. Jessie

    Hey thank you for the awesome post!  I just bought one of these last week, and got it in the mail yesterday!  I can say that this is one of the better massagers for legs.  I have had quite a few too, because I use them after I go for my morning run.  I personally feel this is worth every penny.  Some people might hesitate because of the price, but I highly recommend it to everyone, especially runners.

    • MediChannel

      Hi Jessie,

      Thanks for stopping by, and sharing your experience.

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  2. Jordan Smith

    Awesome post! LX7 Max Sequential Air Compression Leg Massager is really cool. It provides cyclic air compression around my calves and feet, loosening stiff muscles,relieving fatigue and improving circulation. 20-minute automatically shut-off function and also, is very useful for the elderly. The leg compression massager offers a deeper and all-round massage much more than any massager I’ve ever used.


    • MediChannel

      Hi Jordan,

      Thanks for sharing your experience using LX7 Max Sequential Air Compression Leg Massager. We are glad to hear that you also found the unit the right choice.

      Just wondering if you have any experience of using the Thumper Massager?

      Have a good day.


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