Good mood, relaxed muscles, released tension, self-love, lots of pampering and arousal of feelings – What comes to your mind and heart when you first hear these phrases? ‘Massage’ is the word that should come to your psyche, at least.

The history of massage dates back to 3000 BC, to somewhere in China or Egypt. Today, massage has a part of great therapeutic significance in naturopathy, traditional medicine and in physiotherapy.

The American Medical Association (AMA) says that more than 80% of all sicknesses are thanks to stress, that start in the mind and then reflect on the body. So, a good massage is all the cure you might need as it releases endorphins, relief pain and makes you feel good.

Going to a massage therapist every other day can be a really daunting task in this hustle and bustle of life. That’s an expensive exercise too.

There is a wide variety of massagers and vibrators available in the market nowadays that can give you the above-mentioned benefits in just one go in the comfort of your home.

Here, is the review of Medisil Magic Touch Massager, which is acclaimed as the best multi-purpose massager/ vibrator that is considered a ‘hit’ in the market. So, just give it a read if you believe you surely deserve a relaxing, healing and stress relieving massage!

Part of this Medisil Magic Touch Massager Review will also list all the disadvantages of Medisil Magic Touch MK3 (MKlll) with our verdict if the massage is really delivering what it promises.

Let’s start rolling by identifying what Medisil Magic Touch MK3 multi-purpose purpose Massager is.

What is Medisil Magic Touch MK3 Multi-purpose Purpose Massager? Is it a Magic Wand in Your Hand?

With people living a sedentary and exceedingly ‘rushed’ lifestyle, there have been increased incidences of joint and muscle pain disorders as well as stress and strain issues causing aches and pains in various parts of the body. With this increased incidence, health experts suggest that a handy body massager is a need of every individual.

The best in the demand nowadays is Medisil Magic Touch multipurpose massager/ vibrator. With a magic wand like Medisil Magic Touch, you can just sit back and relax, let its vibrations perform all the magic.

This magic wand helps ameliorate all the pain, soreness and pressure on any part of the body.

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It is a premium quality multi-purpose therapeutic massager/ vibrator. It is lightweight, portable and gentle, manufactured in a way that it guarantees soothing and effective massage and effortlessly reaches each part of the body.

The wand is large, with a thermoplastic resin body and a soft silicone head. It will help you lessen tension and will help you experience a period of felicity.

Powerful enough to offer intense vibrations, it also serves the function of all time hit Hitachi Magic wand, a market leader in the USA for past 30 years.

Be it pain from any sports’ injury, strain due to everyday stress and work or enhancing your sexual health and well-being, all of it has only one solution – Medisil Magic touch wand.

Fitted with a soft and spongy silicone massage cap, it will give you pleasure and steady stimulation like never before through its strong vibrations.

It is made with a safe and high-quality platinum-cured silicone, making it safe and free from any allergens.

Easily detachable and flexible head ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.

The product is also manufactured to stringent consumer safety standards and full Australian regulatory approval.

A massager like Medisil Magic touch is being designed peculiarly for the US, UK and Australia and New Zealand power voltage, which has a better power as well as performance and even surpasses all the expectations of an exceptionally first-class massager in the market.

The Medisil Magic touch is easily customizable and comes with interchange massaging heads, making your massage experience more personalized. It can also be easily accessorized with diffuse dome attachment or Medi-G attachment.

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How Does the Magic Wand Works?

The Medisil magic wand is a popular dual-speed massager with intense vibrations. It can be easily used by putting in the cord to the power sockets.

The low speed can be achieved by pressing the switch once, while a higher speed experience can be attained by pressing the switch twice. For beginners, however, it is advised to use it on low vibrations.

Just plug in, switch on and massage it back and forth or at one place on shoulders, neck, back, buttocks, calf
muscles or any other place you want to get rid of the pain and strain.

For enhancing pleasure, it is advised to use it with lubricants like coconut oil, olive oil or gels and reach the climax in just 30 seconds! So yes, it can give you multiple orgasms in less time too.

Portable and Manageable Option

The handy massager is also easily manageable. It has a dome-shaped super soft silicone head which is the house of all vibrations. A flexible neck makes it easy for you to reach every area of the body.

It is provided with a long cord. So, if you think an electrical massager with a cord can cause hindrance in providing you pleasure, and then this magic wand is the best way to change your opinion about the electric massagers. It comes with a long 1.5 meters cord that makes its usage easy.

Also, it is designed to fit the UK, US, and Australian & New Zealand power voltage sockets and can be directly plugged in. So, it’s time to say goodbye to dead batteries and dangerous transformers with Medisil magic touch.

Key Features and Specifications

The Massager comes with following features and specifications.

  • 240v mains powered with detachable and super soft silicone head
  • Length: 32 cm
  • Weight: 400 gms
  • A thermoplastic body that is properly insulated and doesn’t heat up quickly
  • 1.5 meters long power cord
  • A flexible neck and long wand body
  • Can easily fit power sockets of the UK, US and Australia and New Zealand

You can easily purchase it from Amazon.

Guidelines and Precaution

Stick with the following guidelines when you use the Medisil Magic Touch Massager.

  • Don’t use it for more than 30 minutes as it is an electrical device.
  • Use it on high speed only if you’re comfortable. If you feel anything wrong, switch it off and unplug it immediately.
  • Detach the silicone head every time before cleaning it and use a mild anti-bacterial cleaner. Don’t forget to unplug it before detaching the silicone head.
  • In case of any specific health condition, consult a health specialist before using it. Remember, it is only a way to manipulate the organs to improve blood circulation and get rid of the pain. It can’t cure the cause of the disease you have.
  • Keep it in a cold & dry place, away from sunlight.
  • As it is an electrical item, avoid using it in places of water, like a bathroom. If it is wet, do not use it as it may not function properly and even be dangerous to use under wet conditions.

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Why You Should Choose Medical Magic Touch Over the Hitachi Magic Wand?

Here are the differences between the two.

1. The legendary Hitachi model comes with a small cord, and you’ll have to use a cord extension behind your bed to extend the cord length, which can be quite a disturbance and can be extremely dangerous. On the other hand, Medisil Magic Touch comes with a 1.5 meters long cord, long enough to use it from a distance.

2. The rechargeable massagers and wands like Hitachi’s models come with a rechargeable cord but again the problem of dead batteries. Medisil Magic Touch is the hassle-free non-battery-dependant choice.

3. The head material of Medsil Magic Touch is silicone which is platinum-cured, sterile and hypoallergenic. It is soft and smooth. On the other hand, Hitachi and Oz wands have a slightly rough surface head.

4. Hitachi rechargeable model comes with a distracting blue dim light whereas in Medsil there is no such trouble.

5. Customers suggest Hitachi comes with lots of noise. Our Australian users who used both suggest that the rumbling sound is two times less in Medsil Magic Touch than Hitachi and Oz wands.

Things You Should Know About Massage

Massage is a procedure to transfer body parts by pressure and motion to maintain their equilibrium i.e. balance.

It helps in liquefying putrid matter deposited in the body parts and nourishes the part to which pressure is applied.

It tones flabby and loose muscles.

It is also done on another person’s erogenous zones to achieve or enhance their sexual excitation or arousal and to achieve orgasm.

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What Research Studies Say About Massage

The Massage Therapy Foundation (MTP), which was founded 25 years ago, along with Sameuli institute, and The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) based on a collaborative project for a meta-analysis of massage therapy on pain suggested massage as the best therapy for pain management.

As such, people with anybody massage are encouraged to use a massager to receive massages as part of our daily/weekly routine.

How the Massage Help You to Stick with Fundamentals of Health?

Let’s look at a couple of famous proverbs and sayings.

‘A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book’.

– An Irish proverb

Undoubtedly messaging help in stimulating sleep center in the brain and ensures a good night sleep.

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.”

– The 14th Dalai Lama

A massage is a therapy that actually promotes our positive mood by increasing the level of endorphins in our body and hence that makes us feel good, healthy and happy. So, when you are feeling down or depressed, just get your handy Medsil Magic Touch and start massaging your body and boom you’ll be happy all over again.

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Advantages of the Medisil Magic Touch Massager

Medical Magic Touch MK3 is so good that you are unlikely to think of anything better after purchasing it. Here are some advantages of the Magic Touch over other average products in the market.

  • This product which comes with 1 year of warranty and attachment which makes it so versatile that you won’t regret buying it.
  • The high-grade silicone massage head is replaceable, which is very comfortable for rinsing and sterilizing and for connecting your desirable attachments.
  • It has a 32cm long thermoplastic rod which provides satisfactory grip and weighs 400g, making it very handy and portable.
  • It has 1.5m long power cord customized and certified safe for your local voltage.
  • It has dual speed control – Low speed used for sensitive parts like neck and your personal spots for soothing small muscles and high speed for relaxing large muscle groups like thigh, back and buttocks.
  • It not only relieves soreness and stiffness of muscles by stimulating the release of endorphins – body’s natural pain killers but also tones it and increases muscle flexibility.
  • It aids cramps and swelling by increasing blood flow to that area.
  • By relaxing the body and brain, it assists in alleviating symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, tension and insomnia by giving you the life that you have always wanted.
  • With regular massage, seniors experience high energy levels, feel younger and healthier overall.

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Disadvantages of the Medisil Magic Touch Massager

Here are the Cons of the massager.

  • No doubt that it is the best in the market at present, but the noise it produces can annoy you and also you might not be able to use it without anyone next to your door knowing about it.
  • Since it comes with a power cord, it is instructed to keep it away from a water source and also to unplug it before washing the massage head.
  • To prevent overheating, it is advised to use it for not more than 20 minutes at once and then take a break.
  • As compared to other rechargeable massagers, it limits its use according to time and place, restricting you to have your personal time sometimes.
  • Unlike Love Honey massager, it vibrates in all directions, offering you the mind-blowing experience that you deserve. The aforementioned one vibrates in unknown directions leaving the customer unsatisfied and disappointed.
  • Also, as compared to Doxy Wand massager/ vibrator, it is lightweight. As the previous one comes with aluminium fittings which makes it heavy and less convenient.

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As I have noted in this article review, massage can improve your mood in every aspect, be it your professional life, daily life or your intimate life. We also discussed this magic wand’s amazing features and their mind-blowing effects. The few cons noted something no to be ignored too.

Be it pain or unsatisfied sexual life, this massager/ vibrator completely transforms your life, leaving you awestruck after its use. It touches your soul in a manner that you never want to let this magic go out of your life.

Now moving towards rating this magic wand, this is how we conclude our rating.

1. Silicon head – 4/5

As it is equipped with high-grade medical silicon.

2. Thermoplastic rod – 4.5/5

For providing a nice grip.

3. Dual switch – 5/5

This feature is amazing as it provides vibrations with high intensity.

4. Wire cord – 3/5

As it limits, it’s used around the water sources but specially designed for any international voltage.

Tip: Did you know that TENS and EMS technologies can be used for pain relief as well. They are not massagers, but nerve and muscle stimulators.