Whether you have lost function or feeling in your fingers, arm or even the entire upper extremities the OmniHi5™ Advanced FES Treatment and Neuro Hand Rehab System can help to improve your ability to carry out your normal activities. In some cases, the OmniHi5 Hand Rehab System can even restore those functions.

In this OmniHi5 Hand Rehab System Review, we will look at the science behind this product, who they are for, specs, pros, cons and other details pertaining to it.

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What is the Science Behind OmniHi5?

OmniHi5™ Advanced FES Upper Extremities Treatment system is a type of functional electrical stimulation (FES).

FES means the use of electric current to stimulate or elicit the muscle or body to carry out a functional activity. This is done for people who have neurological disorders or conditions due to stroke etc.

What Really Happens When There is a Neurological Disorder or Damage?

The brain is an organ that coordinates all the activities in the body. It controls the body by sending electrical impulses via the nerves to various parts of the body. Part of such activities includes movement. Therefore, we can move our hands and feet in order to perform simple tasks or walk.

The brain sends impulses via our nerves which stimulate our muscles to contract or relax, hence allowing us to perform.

However, in a neurological disorder, our brain sends those electrical impulses, but unfortunately, due to damaged nerves, these impulses won’t reach our muscle so as to contract or relax them.

When our muscles don’t contract at all or when part of it contracts, it is termed paralysis and partial paralysis or paresis respectively.

Also, when the muscle contracts on its own when you don’t need them, it is termed muscle spasm or spasticity.

How Does FES Work in the Case of Neurological Disorders?

FES devices such as OmniHi5 generates a low-level electrical current, converts it to electrical impulses and transmits it via electrodes to a particular area of the body. These electrical impulses activate the undamaged neurons causing our muscles to contract to perform functional activities when we want. Therefore, people who are paralyzed or partially paralyzed can be able to perform simple tasks like washing, grasping, drinking and other personal care.

This technique is usually painless. Though, you may feel only just a slight tingling sensation when using it.

Tip: OmniHi5 is not the same as Omni Stimulator for depression.

Does FES Actually Work? What is the Evidence?

Yes, FES works, here are some evidence to support this.

● In a training performed every day for 5 weeks, OmniHi5 was used in a task-specific stimulation program done on a patient who is half-paralyzed and who suffered from chronic stroke.

There was improvement seen on selective hand functions and upper limb impairment. The improvements were:

decreased pain,

decreased muscle spasm, and

reduced stimulated feeding time.

● In another study, FES was applied on the upper limb and interscapular muscles of some stroke patients who had motor impairment on their upper limb.

They showed an improvement in their reaching movements.

● Traditional occupational and physical therapy, along with FES treatment, is believed to be the best approach in the rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injuries.

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Tip: FES technology is different from Alpha-Stim and TENS.

What is the OmniHi5 Advanced FES Upper Extremities Treatment System?

OmniHi5 is designed to provide electrical stimulations to patients who have upper limb paralysis or neuro-disorder. It is a product that offers a wide range of interactive treatment options which the patient can easily understand.

The OmniHi5™ is also designed to adapt to patient-specific requirements, providing a blend of engaging exercise with visualizations. It also promotes the treatment practice as beyond the primary rehab function, thereby enhancing the independence, satisfaction and quality of life of the patient.

It integrates a patient management software making it easier for clinicians to supervise patients to keep track of treatment sessions while also documenting the progress of the patients.

Also, the OmniHi5 makes motor functions easier when patients use their hands to perform simple tasks like grasping, drinking etc.

What are the Functions of OmniHi5?

Here are some of the key roles of OmniHi5:

● It prevents tissue degeneration and builds up muscle that has degenerated

● It reduces muscle spasticity or spasm

● Improves function or movement

● It supports or boosts the range of motion (ROM)

● It promotes neuromuscular re-education.

What are the Components of OminiHi5?

It is a wearable device with the following components.

● LED screen for patients to understand easily

● Selection of buttons for easy navigations

● At the back of this product is three stainless steel electrodes

● Strap

The Brand


It is also known as H1 Hand Rehab System and XFT-2003E.

Features of OmniHi5

● It comes with a 2-year warranty

● It is easy and fast to operate

● The stainless electrodes are integrated with the device to remove the need to order disposable electrodes hence reducing cost.

● It has an internal Bluetooth, which can be connected to iOS Apps for easy tracking, gaming, adjusting etc.

● It comes with an optional cable accessory for the treatment of elbow and shoulder dysfunction.

Indications | Who Can Use the OmniHi5?

It is recommended for use by patients with the following medical conditions.

● Are suffering from cerebral paralysis

● Have traumatic brain injury

● Have a stroke

● Are suffering from familial spastic paraparesis

● Have incomplete spinal cord injury

● and many more

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How Does OmniHi5 Work?

It picks up a signal from the muscle and uses it as a guide or benchmark, assisting in delivering the strength of stimulation needed to facilitate the movement of the wrist, hand, fingers.

This information from the activity performed is stored or memorized by the brain, which in return teaches the brain of a new form of movements. The consistent and repetitive practice of the task or activity may help the individual to be able to perform functions independently.

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How to Use OmniHi5?

The OmniHi5 device is commonly worn on the upper arm. In some cases, it can also wear on the forearm. However, be aware that the farther away you locate it from the wrist, the more the wrist can be extended by the device. While the closer you locate it to the wrist, the more your fingers will be extended.

OmniHi5 Locations

To wear the OmniHi5 properly follow these tips.

● Sprinkle some water in the area of the arm you want to wear it.

● Place the device anywhere on the arm that the treatment requires it to be or where your physician/physiotherapist advised as the best location for you.

● Buckle it up

● The device may be linked to the iOS App via Bluetooth, with a preset prescription.

● On the linked screen, press Start.

● Remember, the intensity of the OmniHi5 stimulation can be controlled, can increase or decrease.


In summary, OmniHi5, which is of superior quality, is the ideal device that can be used by patients and physicians alike. It is easy to use, fun and interactive and also have the potential to restore the independent function of a body part.

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