In this article, we will be exploring the importance of maintaining warm feet and the role of heated slippers’ for elderly in helping with heat acclimation. This selection guide will also touch on the characteristics of a good heated slipper with a list of the best heated slippers’ in the market.

Let’s cover some background first.

What is the Importance of Maintaining Warm Feet?

As we age, we tend to lose body heat faster than when we were young. Regulating body temperature also becomes impaired as we age. As we age, the changes that occur in our body makes it difficult to be aware that we are cold, this can make us sick or turn into a medical condition known as hypothermia which can lead to heart attack, liver damage and problems with the kidney.

The temperature in our hands and feet drops as the temperature of our environments drops. This makes our feet and hands to be colder during the cold seasons. It can put more pressure on existing health issues, like previous injuries and illnesses like arthritis. This can worsen the pain or make it intolerable.

Cold weather can also result to rise in blood pressure. This is because a drop in temperature narrows the blood vessels, which means more pressure on vessel walls due to the narrow space. That will require the heart to pump blood through the narrower veins and arteries, resulting in the rise in blood pressure.

Due to the above reasons, it is very important to keep the elderly warm and away from cold. It also makes Warm clothing a necessity for the elderly; which is why the elderly need a heated shoe or slipper. Because one of the best ways to warm your body is to start with your feet given tips of your body, such as toes and fingertips, will catch a cold first.

The foot is one body part we use most often, it bears our body weight which put lots of pressure on foot muscles, tendons and nerves. This could result in pain or discomfort. When our feet are cold, all our body gets cold, and cold feet can deprive one of good night sleep. It could also worsen existing health problems such as arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes and painful feet.

Heat application by using heated slippers’ is one of the best ways to warm and relax your feet. It also helps to balance core body temperature and expand the blood vessels, which promotes blood circulation. In turn, it helps to improve health conditions like pains and swollen foot.

What is Heated Slipper?

Heated slippers’ are booties, slip-on’s, slipper socks and socks designed to keep the feet comfortably warm and relax the feet.

They are slippers’ worn when you are cold or during the cold season to warm your feet while in indoors, but some of them can be worn outside too.

The materials used for designing these slippers’ are materials that can keep your feet warm. In some cases, those materials are heated up using electricity, battery or microwaving to provide the heat therapy needed to boost blood circulation. This help relieves pain and other health conditions, which noted earlier, such as diabetes, arthritis and even rheumatism.

Types of Heated Slippers

Although there are different types of heated slippers’, they all designed for the same purpose. Heated slipper comes in various designs and different heating methods.

Heated slipper designs

Different types of heated slippers’ designs are here.

  • Full booties

They cover the whole feet up to the lower half of the leg.

  • The slippers’

They cover the toes, foot, heel and stops at the ankle.

  • The archetypical slipper

They cover the toes and front of the foot but leaves the heel open. Therefore, it is advisable to wear socks with this type of slippers’.

  • The heat massager

This type designed to look like a foot massager, but they do a better job at warming your feet and even in some cases massage your feet. However, you cannot walk around with them.

  • Heated slipper socks

These socks come with a warmer that fit over your toes. These sock warmers work in the same way as the hand warmers, you don’t need a microwave for this. The warmth usually lasts for a few hours.

Types of heated slipper by heating source

Types of heated slippers’ based on their source of heat are below.

  • Microwaveable heated slippers’

When you use microwavable heated slippers’, all you have to do is heat the slippers’ or the warming element in a microwave for the stated period of time according to the setting specified for the slipper or the warming element of the slippers’.

This type of slippers’ will provide a lot of residual heat that will last for a period of time. This type of heated slippers’ comes with the following characteristics.

  • They do not require batteries or an A/C power source.
  • Has long-lasting residual heat.
  • Heating elements are often removable from insole or packet of grain, that can be also heated independently.
  • The ones with Non-removable heating elements provides more heat but are difficult to wash.
  • Comes as one size fits all.
  • Some may have aromatherapy scents, released when heated.
  • USB or AC powered heated slippers’

To use these heated slippers’, the power adapter is connected to the slippers’ and plugged into a power point. Those ones powered using a USB cord can be connected to a laptop or to a charger which is plugged to a socket, then switched on and set to the desired heat temperature.

They may come as slippers’, one pocket for both feet, or as heat vibration massager.

One of the disadvantages of these slippers’ is, it can be used only when plugged to a power source, and thus restricts movement.

  • Wireless heated slippers’

In this case, the slippers’ are powered by rechargeable batteries or power bank designed with a pouch outside the slippers’ for holding the charged power bank it securely.

Many Love the wireless slippers’ because it allows them to move freely in and around the house and still enjoy the heated slippers’.

How are Heated Slippers Different from Slippers and Sandals?

The best we can answer this question by identifying what are slippers’, sandals and heated slippers’.

What are slippers’?

Slippers are generally light footwear that is easy to put on or pull off designed to be worn at home.


They are soft, warm and more comfortable than shoes. They can come as an open heel, booties, sandal slippers’, closed slippers’, or evening slippers’; while some are shaped like animals, vehicles or even as cartoon characters.

Slippers can be made of different materials like soft rubber, fabrics, wool, sheepskin suede, cotton, leather etc.

They are otherwise known as house shoes, slip shoes, clogs, mule or sandals. They are comfortable and can be worn at any time of the day.

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What are sandals?

Sandals are light shoes with an upper part, that features either an interlacing design or bands to hold the sole of the sandals to the feet.


They allow your feet to breath, they do not trap any moisture or heat, and are fanciful but not as comfortable as slippers’.

Sandals do not have good support, and the bands can cause abrasion and bruises, which is risky for the diabetic.

The soles of sandals can be made from wood, rubber, leather or rope.

Types of sandals are:

  • Wedge,
  • Gladiator,
  • Flip-Flop,
  • Evening sandals,
  • Sport sandal, and
  • T-Strap.




What are heated slippers’?

Heated slippers’ are slippers’ designed to be used when it is cold or when the feet are cold or achy to help you warm up and relax your feet.

Heated slippers

They are more expensive than regular slippers’.

Most heated slippers’ are also not meant for walking around except for few of them with good soles designed to enable you to go out around your block for a walk or to get something when it is cold outside.



What to Consider When Selecting a Heated Slipper for the Elderly?

Each of the designs and heating options in a heated slipper, has their benefits and drawbacks, which has to be considered before buying heated slippers’. So before choosing heated slippers’ as/for an elderly woman/ man, or for your elderly mum/dad, grand mum/dad or aunt/uncle, you need to consider the following.

  • The heating option

Does it use a rechargeable battery (wireless), a USB or AC adapter, or is it a microwaveable-heated slipper?

For example, if you want to choose a heated slipper with a USB or an AC adapter option, you need have it in mind that you won’t be able to walk around freely while using it. And also, you won’t be able to wash this type of slippers’, so you can only spot clean.

If you decide to choose the microwaveable option, then you should have it in mind that you will have to reheat it every 30 minutes or so to continue using it for a long time and you cannot go out with it.

  • How comfortable is the slipper?

Is it well-padded slipper to cushion your feet? Does the padding adequately cover with a soft and comfy material?

  • The structure of the slippers’

Choosing a slipper for foot pain is more about the structure of the slippers’ than the design. If you suffer from moderate foot pain, go for slippers’ with good support.

Most heated slippers’ use different types of foam materials, insoles or memory foam insoles and they have a different level of firmness.

A good insole helps to prevent sliding as you move around and can also contour your feet and help promote alignment.

Choose a slipper with soft insole if you suffer plantar fasciitis and slippers’ with a firmer material if you do experience pains at the ball of your feet or for stimulation of pressure points and circulation.

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  • How flexible is the slipper?

Most slippers’ are flexible, roomy and airy, so that they can accommodate your swollen feet.

Slippers help you to relax and give your feet a break.

A slipper with grip provides warmth, good support, and comfort, and are usually the way to go for the elderly who often suffer from swollen foot and ankle and looking for relief.

  • Size of the slippers’

Next, pay attention to the size of the slippers’.

The size of your slippers’ is the same size as that of your normal shoes, although sometimes the can be a little larger because they are meant to be loose and relaxed so that even if your feet are swollen, you can easily wear them.

So, go for your normal size and if they are quite bigger, go down a size.

Also, you have to consider the size of your feet if you are going for slippers’ that are available as one-size-fits-all and if you intend to walk around in these slippers’ or to just put on the slippers’ and relax on the couch. This is because if your feet are small, you may find it difficult to walk around safely in a one-size-fits-all heated slipper.

  • Design

The appearance and design of each option you choose. Do you like the design of the slippers’? Do you like it as a booties, slippers’, socks, open heel slippers’, animal-shaped or as a heat massager type of heated slippers’? Do you want to be able to wear it and go outside or just stay indoors?

The best design of your heated slipper is depending on answers to all the above questions.

  • The cost

Finally, you will need to consider the cost of the design and option that you choose. Is the price reasonable and will it offer you all or most of the features you’re looking for in a heated slipper? is an important question to answer.

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7 Best Heated Slippers for the Elderly

Here are some of the best heated slippers’ for the elderly

1. Sharper Image Warming Foot Massager


Sharper Image Warming Foot Massager

This is an AC operated foot massager with the foot pockets lined with fleece which makes it warm and comfortable. It provides a gentle and rejuvenating massage and improves blood circulation.

It is a unisex foot massager and fits foot up to men’s size 12 or women’s size 14.

Sharper Image Warming Foot Massager comes with 2 levels of vibration massage to soothe and relax your tired feet with an optional heat button for gentle warmth.

It is available in only two colors – Dark Tan and Gray.

  • Warm and comfortable foot massager
  • foot pockets lined with fleece.
  • Unisex, for both male and female.
  • Fit feet up to men’s size 12 and women’s size 14.
  • Two levels vibration massage – low and high
  • Optional heat button for gentle warmth. This should be turned on and allowed for about 10 minutes to reach the optimal heating temperature.
  • An AC adapter is included in the package.
  • Comes in Dark Tan or Gray colour.
  • It can also massage your feet.
  • Comes with a 1-year limited replacement warranty.
  • You cannot walk around with it.
  • You can only clean any spot or dirt on it but cannot machine wash it.
  • Can only be returned, if it is still in its original state, unopened packaging and unused condition.

2. The Smoko Narwhal Slippers


Designed to be very ‘cute’ and adorable, this soft heated slipper is made with a blend of cotton and polyester, stuffed with soft fillings which cushion your feet and making more comfortable.

YouTube video

It comes in two different power options — as a wireless heated slipper or as USB powered heated slippers’.

The wireless slippers’ are powered by an internal, rechargeable battery, while the USB powered heated slippers’ is powered by connecting the extra-long USB cable which is about 57 inches. The cable can be connected to the USB port of your laptop, power bank or to a power outlet using a USB adapter. As such, you can choose your preferred source of power depending on your needs.

  • The slippers’ are designed as one Size Fits most
  • The slippers’ are detachable which means you can put them on and walk around in your house
  • For the USB power option, you can only use a laptop or desktop USB port or USB power source of 5 volts.
  • The slippers’ are very cute and adorable
  • You have the option of choosing either the one powered with a rechargeable battery or a USB charger.
  • The slippers’ are soft and comfortable.
  • Big for smaller foot size
  • Doesn’t have different color options

3. Sharper Image Heated Indoor/Outdoor Slippers


The Heated Indoor/Outdoor Slippers designed for both male and female and can be worn in and outside the house to keep the feet warm.

Sharper Image Heated Indoor Outdoor Slippers

When fully charged, it can provide 7 hours of heat.

Made with suede and polyester, a memory form insole for lasting comfort. The upper shell and rubber sole is made of rip stop nylon so that they can be worn outside as well.

Sharper Image Heated Indoor Outdoor Slippers are available in the only black and comes in XXL, XL, L, M and S sizes.

The color code button indicates when the heat is low (95 oF) medium (110oF) and high (130 oF).

  • Made with polyester and suede
  • Available in black only
  • Available in 5 sizes – S, M, L, XL, and XXL.
  • Ideal for both female and male.
  • Velcro enclosed pockets on the sides of the slippers’ to hold the batteries securely.
  • Designed with a LED charge indicator light on the charger. The red light indicates that it is charging. The green light means that the slipper is fully charged.
  • With adjustable Color-coded temperature control button for the 3 heat level:

ü Green for low heat (95°F) that last for approximately 7 hours.

ü Blue for medium heat (110°F) last for approximately 4.5 hours.

ü Red for high heat (130°F) runs for approximately 3 hours.

  • Micro USB cable and a 5V power bank, 2 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and charger are included in the package.
Size chart
Small (s)



Large (L) XLarge (XL) XXLarge (XXL)
Women 5-6 6.5-8 8.5-10 10.5-12 13-14
Men 5-5.5 6-7.5 8-9.5 10-11.5 12-13
  • The charger can charge the two batteries at the same time.
  • Comes with a thick rubber out sole so that you can walk around with it.
  • Does not come with remote control.
  • Not machine washable can only spot clean.

4. Snookiz Microwaveable Heated Booties


The Snookiz Heated Booties are microwaveable heated slippers’, good for easing cold, tired and sore feet after a long day.

Snookiz Microwaveable Heated Booties

It comes with a removable insole that you have to remove and heat up in the microwave for about 30 to 60 seconds, then insert it into the booties before using it.

The fabric used for the booties is 100% polyester and the removable insole are made of a combination of silicon and other minerals.

This insole is odorless, so you don’t have to worry about the scent it might emit.

This insole will keep your feet warm for about 30 minutes before the heat will start fading away gradually. So, you have to reheat the insole after 30 minutes if you want to keep your feet warm for longer.

  • These heated slippers’ do not have a battery, USB or option for using AC adapter so you don’t need to worry about waiting for long for the battery to be charged before warming and relaxing your cold and tired feet.
  • Also, you can wear your slippers’ and walk around your house freely without being tied down to a spot because you have to plug the slippers’ to a power outlet while using them.
  • The removable insoles are made with special minerals that heat up quickly as within a minute when you put it in a microwave and gradually release the heat for about 30 minutes.
  • The insole is neatly trimmed to fit the booties, is odorless, and it is reusable
  • The product comes in four different colors.
  • It can be kept clean by washing and air drying.
  • The sole of the booties are soft, so no squeaky sound.
  • It doesn’t require batteries or chargers.
  • The instruction on how to use it is on the back of the product bag.
  • Comes in women sizes – small, medium and large, and men size – medium and large.
Size chart

For women

Small Medium Large
US 6/7 8/9 9.5/10
EU 37-38 39-40 40-41

For men

Medium Large
US 9/10 10/11
EU 43-44 45-46

• The product is washable.

• The insoles are odorless.

• Snookiz heated slippers’ come in more than one color.


• You have to re-heat the insole every 30 minutes to continue using it for a long time.

5. Sharper Image Circulation Enhancing Thermal Slippers


The Circulation Enhancing Thermal Slippers uses compression, support and generates heat which helps to warm up your body and relieve pain. It promotes blood circulation, healing and provides relief for pain from sports injuries, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, arch pain, Raynaud’s syndrome, Achilles tendinitis, heel pain, diabetes and cold or sensitive feet.

Sharper Image Circulation Enhancing Thermal Slippers

These thermal slippers’ provide light compression which prevents the swelling of the feet. It can also increase the elasticity of the foot muscle.

It is unisex and comes in 4 sizes – S, M, L and XL.

  • Hi-tech pain relief slippers’ designed to provide heat therapy which promotes blood circulation with excellent support & protection for healthier feet.
  • It comes with an exclusive 3-dimensional Trioxon lining that is soft and comfortable to help trap the body heat for heat therapy and pain relief.
  • The seams of the lining are flat, which helps to relieve pressure points and protect sensitive feet.
  • The anti-slip sole is coated with rubber.
  • Pull up tabs which makes it easier to put on.
  • The heated sandals are made of nylon rubber, spandex, polyester and foam.
  • The top of the foot is designed with soft and breathable strip to encourage airflow and still retain heat.
  • Unisex and comes in pairs.
Sizing chart
Small (S) Medium (M) Large (L)

X Large


Female 5.5-7 7.5-10 10.5-12.5 13-15
Male 4.5-6 6.5-9 9.5-11.5 12-14
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-slip rubberize sole
  • Doesn’t have other colour options.

6. Terra-Warm Toes and Feet Warmers


These lavender-scented booties are handmade and come with soft and cozy superior materials to help keep the top and bottom of your feet warm. Simply put this booties in a microwave and warm it for a minute before wearing.

Terra-Warm Toes and Feet Warmers

Designed with natural seeds that provided a rolling pressure which gently massages the feet when you walk to boost circulation.

This booties can relieve the symptoms associated with arthritis, stiff muscles and Raynaud’s disease.

  • Lavender scented and handcrafted from a soft and cozy premium material. The lavender scent has a calming effect which helps one to feel relaxed.
  • Designed with bi-directional heating to heat both the top and under of foot.
  • When you walk, the rolling pressure from the natural seeds gently massage the feet, and this promotes circulation.
  • Unisex.
  • Comes in a medium-size (Women US size 10 and smaller, and Men US size 8.5 and smaller)
  • The slipper is soft and cozy.
  • It uses bi-directional heating for even distribution of heat.
  • As you walk around in your house, the rolling pressure massages your feet.
  • Comes in only one size, so it is not for people with foot size bigger than women’s US size 10 or a men’s size 8.5.

7. Snookiz Mary Jane Style Slippers

Product description

These odorless and cordless heated slippers’ are made of soft and comfortable Polyester fabrics and a non-slip out sole.

Snookiz Mary Jane Style Slippers

It comes with a microwaveable insert that you have to pop in the microwave for 30 seconds for warm and cozy feet that will last for about 20-30 minutes. Depending on the preferred length of use you will have to reheat the Snookiz Mary Jane Slippers as many times as you want.

The insert inside is coated with LavaTech material – a special earth minerals mixture that quickly warms up when you put them in a microwave.

These slippers’ come in women size 6/7, 8.9, 9.5/10, and men size 9.5/10 and 10/11.

  • Enjoy up to 30 minutes of warm and cozy feet.
  • The removable heated insole is lightweight and coated with a LavaTech material, a natural substance that heats up quickly.
  • It is machine washable. So you can keep them clean and wear as much as you want.
  • Made of polyester fabrics that are soft, warm and comfortable.
  • Comes with a non-slip out sole.
  • It is portable, odorless and cordless. So, you can take it along while traveling.
  • It is machine washable, so it can always be kept clean.
  • It is portable.
  • Has a non-slip out sole.
  • Comes in only one colour – grey.
  • Not available for men with feet size bigger than size 11.


Having cold feet is one thing that can make you uncomfortable and deprive you of good night sleep. It can worsen your existing health problems such as arthritis, diabetes neuropathy, foot ulcers, painful and swollen feet.

With the help of heated slippers’ which provides warmth and coziness, you can now be more relaxed and comfortable. All you need to do is to choose the one that meets your needs and circumstances.

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