Heat therapy is a well-established method for promoting health and wellness. It’s widely recognized for its potential to alleviate pain, enhance circulation, and aid in rehabilitation. In this Comprehensive Review, we delve into the world of infrared heat therapy and specifically explore the offerings of HealthyLine™ Infrared Heating Mats to provide our experts’ opinion and experience with the product line. These mats not only provide heat therapy but also incorporate innovative technologies and gemstone-based therapies for a more holistic approach to well-being.

Heat therapy has many therapeutic effects, and some of them are below.

  • Reduce joint stiffness
  • Reduce pain in joints and muscles
  • Relive muscle spasms, numbness and tingling
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce edema (or oedema), water retention and bloating
  • Improve the extensibility of collagen tissues
  • Help to heal by increasing blood flow
  • Increases blood flow, enhances tissue nutrition and oxygenation, providing proteins, nutrients and oxygen to tissues.

Inferred heat therapy is a heat delivered by infrared light which is used for the purpose of treating the human body.

Inferred light is located at the end of the light spectrum, which is just below the visible colour red. It has longer wavelengths. The therapeutic effects mentioned above can be achieved by using inferred heat therapy in a more effective way than usual heat therapy.

HealthyLine™ has produced a range of inferred heating mats with advanced technology. The intention of this article is to find out more details about that heating mat range.

What is HealthyLine™ Infrared Heating Mat Range?

HealthyLine mat range is different from traditional heating mats and pads because they use Hot Stone Therapy using gemstones in their products line. So, the treatment delivers from HealthyLine Mat Range is a natural but advanced and comprehensive experience to the consumer.

This is mainly because that the gemstones in these mats help to channel heat penetration 4-6 inches deeper into the muscles and tissues compared with traditional infrared mats.

HealthyLine Mat Range also use Amethyst, Tourmaline, Jade, Obsidian, and Clay in their mats, which used in alternative medicines due to their ability to facilitate recovery and strength when gemstones combine with heat they release far inferred rays and negative ions.

Not only these, but there are some other types of enhancements to heat therapies are added such as Far Inferred Rays (FIR) Therapy, Negative ion therapy, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, photon light therapy, etc.

So let’s dig out more details about these therapies.

FIR therapy (Far Inferred Rays Therapy)

Inferred rays are the invisible light on the opposite side of the spectrum of ultraviolet rays. These rays are a very powerful energy source.

Science believes that infrared rays are emitting from our bodies and that these rays have healing power. Unlike visible light, these longer wavelengths penetrate the body’s tissues, promoting a range of positive effects.

Effects of FIR Therapy

Temporary pain relief in muscles and jointsIdeal for arthritis, lower back pain, aches
Detoxification processAssists in reducing water retention, heavy metals
Improved joint flexibilityHelps alleviate stiffness in conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis
Enhanced local circulationIncreases blood flow for improved healing
Energy boost and stress reductionAids in reducing fatigue and improving mood
Effects of FIR Therapy

1. Temporarily pain relief in minor muscles and joints

FIR increases the temperature of the skin, and that will help to deliver more oxygen to those areas which need more attention. Specifically, this provides benefits for the patients with,

2. FIR is involved in the detoxifying process of the body

FIE may help to reduce water retention inside the body to eliminate heavy metals combine with other natural detoxification procedures.

3. FIR helps to reduce the stiffness of joints.

FIR reduces joint pains and stiffness in patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

4. Effect of FIR used to increase local circulation.

5. FIR helps to reduce back pain symptoms.

FIR therapy is good for chronic lower back pains. It is scientifically proven, and people love this therapy because it is drug-free, surgery-free option for the people with chronic back pains.

6. FIR may help people with symptoms of chronic fatigue.

FIR therapy helps to improve energy levels, maximize comfort and minimize minor aches and pains associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

7. FIR is beneficial for people who want to improve overall health and wellness.

FIR helps boost mood, reduces stress and reduces non-specific chronic pain (psychological) that ultimately leads to living comfortably.

Negative Iron therapy

Negative irons mean an ion that gained or lost a charge.

They are necessarily important for our health, and it could make you feel so great.

If there are no negative irons in your surrounding that is believed to encourage illnesses like headaches, mood changes and lack of energy. So, even though these negative irons are not visible, they influence our health significantly.

Importance of Negative Irons Therapy

1. Clean the air around

Air born toxins and allergens are saturated with positive irons. When they expose to negative irons, positive and negative irons attract to each other and neutralized.

2. Get away from Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

SAD is a common wintertime form of depression. Negative ion therapy helps to reduce the symptoms related to SAD.

3. Clean the airway

Negative ion therapy helps to clear the airway combine with cilia in the trachea. It helps to remove air-born toxins and allergens and improve health conditions like asthma.

4. Enhance the function of serotonin

Serotonin is a hormone secretes from your brain, which helps you to be happy. Normal level of serotonin will help to decrease the stress level and better sleep. Negative irons combat the effects of positive irons and enhance the function of serotonin.

5. Nature’s Advil

People who work in the office environment are frequently exposed to electromagnetic frequencies and air born toxins. They trigger headache and loss of focus.

According to research conduct at the University of Surrey, after installing a negative ion eliminating machine, the occurrence of headache inside the office environments reduced by 78%.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

This is a powerful natural therapy because it acts at the cellular level. When it combines with gemstone heat therapy that gives the maximum effectivity of wellness.

Remember, PEMF cannot be used in patients with pacemakers. Other than those people, all others can use this therapy without any harm. PEMF therapy has no side effects but also not recommended for women who are pregnant and planning to become pregnant.

The process of action of PEMF is sending energy waves towards troubles areas of the body. The waves pass entirely through the area and increase the spin of electrons.

YouTube video

Effects of PEMF

1. Pain relief of muscles and joints

2. Increase local circulation where applied

3. Helps to reduce arthritis pain and stiffness

4. Helps to improve symptoms of depression

5. Reduce the migraine attacks

6. Support and stimulate bone recovery

7. Helps to decrease diabetic factor

8. Help to trigger nerve repair

9. Reduce the pain and increase the range of movements of joints in osteoarthritis patients.

PEMF therapy operates at the cellular level, synergizing effectively with gemstone heat therapy for maximum wellness benefits.

Effects of PEMF TherapyApplication
Pain relief in muscles and jointsSuitable for arthritis, depression, bone recovery
Improved local circulationEnhances blood flow and tissue repair
Support for nerve repairAids in reducing pain and joint movement issues
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy Effects And Applications

Photon Light Therapy

Our body tissues can absorb energy from different wavelengths of light energy, photon light energy.

Photon light has a shorter wavelength. So, it does not go deep to the tissues.

In photon therapy, the wavelength of 660nm red light is used on the surface of the skin. When photons touch the skin, the body cells absorb that energy, which is beneficial for the wellness of the body.

Benefits of photon light therapy include,

1. Improve symptoms of depression

2. Improve minor motor functions and nerve regeneration

3. Promote wound recovery by stimulating the cells to produce collagen (protein help to regenerate skin)

4. Assist in improve skin and manage acne

Photon Light Therapy BenefitsApplication
Enhanced mood and depression reliefBeneficial for depression, minor motor functions
Skin regeneration and wound healingPromotes collagen production, manages acne
Relief from headaches and migrainesAlleviates migraine symptoms, reduces attacks
Photon Light Therapy Benefits And Applications

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stone therapy is the usual form of treatment used in a spa setting.

Gemstones are natural conductors of far inferred rays and negative irons when they are activated by heat. (So Inferred pro has more advanced and effective from traditional hot stone therapy.) That will help to relax tight muscles of the body and improve the blood circulation of where they applied.

Main functions of gemstones are enhancing the action of heat therapy, FIR therapy & negative ion therapy and boast the wellness of the body.

Let’s see the health benefits of Gemstones


It is a gemstone which used for healing since ancient time. It is a natural conductor of FIR and irons.

Health benefits of Amethyst include:

  • · Improve localized blood circulation
  • · Natural ability to relax and balance the body and mind
  • · Tension relief and reduce stress

Jade and Tourmaline

Jade is an FIR and negative irons based natural conductor. Also, Jade is a gemstone that could amplify their effects.

Tourmaline protects those who cover its power. It also helps to detoxify tissues and body systems. Also, tourmaline emits inferred and negative irons.

Health benefits of Jade and Tourmaline

  • · Restore balance and help remain calm
  • · Release tension and induce life energy
  • · Used to cleansing as a way to clear the body of harmful heavy metals, cancer-causing materials and toxins
  • · Has unbelievable healing abilities


This gemstone more frequently uses to cleanse the body by itself. It has metaphysical properties that shield against internal and external negativity.

Obsidian does not produce FIR or negative irons through but amplify the effects of other stones. Therefore, no mat in Infrared mat range solely comprised of obsidian.

Health benefits of Obsidian includes when it combines with another stone.

Obsidian+ Amethyst combination energizes the body.

Obsidian+ Amethyst combination helps to relax and loosen of tense muscles.

Gemstone-Powered Heat Therapy with HealthyLine

HealthyLine™ Infrared Heating Mats stand out due to their incorporation of gemstone-based therapy alongside traditional infrared heat. Gemstones like Amethyst, Tourmaline, Jade, Obsidian, and Clay are utilized, known for their ability to amplify healing properties when combined with heat. These gemstones release Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and negative ions, intensifying the benefits of the therapy.

GemstoneHealth Benefits
AmethystEnhances localized circulation, reduces stress
TourmalineDetoxifies, balances, supports nerve health
JadePromotes calmness, balance, and relaxation
ObsidianShields against negativity, promotes healing
Gemstone Benefits

How To Select A Good Mat According To Your Needs?

There are many varieties of mats in the HealthyLine Inferred Heating Mat range.

Your choice of the mat should depend on the benefits you expect.

A description of each mat range mentioned below for your references to help with your decision.

1. TAJ series

  • Best-selling model
  • Include Heated gemstone technology (tourmaline, amethyst, Jade), PEMF therapy, Photon light therapy


  • o Stiffness and rigidity
  • o The heaviness of the device (depend on the module though)
  • o Less flexibility
Heated gemstone technology, PEMF, Photon LightExcellent for stiffness, muscle relaxationHeavy, limited flexibility
TAJ Series
YouTube video

2. TAO series

  • Popular than TAJ for whole family use
  • Include gemstone therapy (tourmaline, amethyst, obsidian) and PEMF therapy


  • o Stiffness and rigidity
  • o No photon light therapy
  • o Heaviness of device


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3. TAO – PP series

  • Newest models including all the good features of TAO and TAJ series in one
  • Include gemstone therapy (tourmaline, Amethyst, Obsidian and Jade), photon light therapy and PEMF therapy.
  • Left and right control units.
  • More than one person can use at the same time
  • Comes in King and Queen sizes with can be used on a mattress


  • o Stiffness and rigidity
  • o Heavier than other mat types
  • o Need an ample space to store
  • o Have to use on beds or floor

4. TAO soft series

  • Include gemstone therapy with all four gems Tourmaline, amethyst, obsidian and Jade.
  • Flexible and soft than other types of mats
  • Has queen and king sizes
  • More than one person can use at the same time


  • o No PEMF therapy or photon light therapy
  • o Need an ample space to store
  • o Can be used only in beds or floor


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5. Soft series

  • Include gemstone therapy with Tourmaline, Amethyst and Jade. (80% Amethyst)
  • Most comfortable and flexible model up to date
  • Can be rolled up and store
  • Can be used on non-flat surfaces


  • o No PEMF or photon light therapy

6. Rainbow series

  • This is a unique product of HealthyLine which contains seven different types of healing crystals (Amethyst, sodalite, blue lace agate, red jasper, green aventurine, carnelian, yellow aventurine)
  • This can be used as balancing and cleansing therapy
  • Recommended for people who wish to improve health physically, mentally and spiritually
  • These mats come in three sizes


  • o No photon light therapy
  • o Low levels of FIR and negative irons
  • o Can only be used in flat surfaces


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7. JT mat series

  • It is one of the oldest mats with the basic model
  • Also, it is one of the bestselling models without photon light therapy and PEMF therapy
  • Contain tourmaline and jade
  • Recommended for the people who are seeking healing experience with low cost
  • Light weighted and foldable


  • o No PEMF therapy or photon light therapy
  • o No amethyst or obsidian gems
  • o Firm surface due to larger stones

8. JT series

  • Same benefits as in JT mesh series with different intensity
  • Ideal for the people who are looking for hot stone therapy in their homes
  • More concentrated exposure to infrared rays and negative irons
  • Long lasting and durable


  • o No PEMF or photon light therapy
  • o Firm surface due to larger stones
  • o Heavy device


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9. J series

  • Has only jade
  • This is for the people who are looking for benefits of jade gemstones and enjoy the firm surface created by larger hot stones
  • Durable
  • Feel larger hot stones against the skin


  • o No amethyst, tourmaline or Obsidian
  • o No PEMF therapy or photon light therapy
  • o Heavy and bigger

10. T series

  • This is a tourmaline only series
  • Tourmaline gems crush, mix and bake to make tourmaline ceramic
  • Tourmaline has the highest amount of negative irons
  • Recommended for the people want benefits of tourmaline and negative irons
  • This is very durable


  • o No amethyst, jade or obsidian
  • o No PEMF or photon light therapy
  • o Heavy

As discussed above, you can select a mat type and size according to your requirements. There are so many health benefits for the users of these mats, and this is a summary of instances that you can use these mats;

  • Local blood circulatory problems
  • Insomnia or difficulties in sleeping
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Headaches, including migraines
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Breathing ailments such as COPD
  • Hypertension
  • Arthritis conditions

When we consider the HealthyLine™ Infrared Heating Mats in generally, we can review them as follows;

Usability – 3/5

Efficacy – 4/5

Worth for money – 5/5

Durability – 4/5

So, I hope everyone will enjoy the experience of improved your life quality if you ever decide to own one.

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Incorporating gemstone therapy, PEMF, and photon light therapy, HealthyLine™ Infrared Heating Mats offer a comprehensive approach to enhancing well-being. While each series has its strengths, selecting the right mat boils down to your individual needs and preferences. With the ability to address a range of conditions from joint stiffness to chronic fatigue, these mats provide a unique and innovative solution to better health.

By blending the power of infrared heat therapy with advanced technologies and the energy of gemstones, HealthyLine™ mats deliver an experience that transcends traditional methods. Experience the potential for improved quality of life by exploring the diverse range of HealthyLine™ Infrared Heating Mats.

N.B. This is not a sponsored review. This review is based on researched information and is not sponsored by HealthyLine™. We aim to provide objective insights to help readers make informed decisions about their wellness journey.