Ever experienced muscle pain? Or you’re in rehabilitation due to your muscles degeneration because of an illness or accident? Or maybe you’re an athlete who in addition to your exercise, needs to strengthen your muscle the more for enhanced performance? Then the Electric Muscle Stimulator XFT-320A TENS Machine with Acupuncture Pen will be the right device to choose.

In this review, we will look at the science behind this device and other details.

Before jumping on to the review, let’s find out more about electric muscle stimulation, also called EMS, and transcutaneous nerve stimulation, which also called TENS.

What is Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS)?

You may have seen a commercial where a small digital device is attached to a person by way of wires that end in pads (or electrodes). EMS is a technique whereby muscles are elicited to contract by using electric current or impulses. This is done with a specific goal in mind, either to build up muscles or to relax the muscle.

Another name for electric muscle stimulation is neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) or electro-myo-stimulation.

An Example of an electronic muscle stimulator is the XFT-320A muscle stimulator.

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How Does Electric Muscle Stimulators Work?

EMS devices such as XFT-320A muscle stimulator come with electric generators, which is a device that generates electrical impulses or stimuli, and transmits them through wires to the electrodes connected at the ends. These electrodes-pads that contain wires that stick to your skin are then placed on your skin around the specific muscles you want to treat. They stimulate the muscles by delivering short electric impulses, causing them to contract and relax at alternating time.

However, electric muscle stimulators don’t burn fats away on their own, like some fields of thought are touting. So what do they do?

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Benefits of Electric Muscle Stimulators

Electric muscle stimulators are of immense benefits in therapy, training etc. They do the following.

➢ They boost local blood circulation

➢ They reduce inflammation

➢ They relieve muscle pain and tension

➢ They used in cosmetic reasons like muscle toning

➢ Athletes use it in addition to workouts to build up muscle

➢ They are used in rehabilitation to strengthen and prevent muscle degeneration or atrophy for partial and fully immobilized persons.

➢ They boost muscle recovery and healing.

➢ They are sometimes used as a testing tool to evaluate the neural and muscular function within the body.

What is Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation (TENS)?

TENS is a technique that stimulates the nerves with an electric current produced by a device with the sole aim of relieving pain or for other therapeutic purposes.

It involves sending short electric impulses to specific nerves through electrodes so as to relieve pain. It does these by modifying the nerves that send signals to the brain, thereby preventing them from reaching the brain.

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Example of a TENS machine is electric acupuncture devices such as XFT 320A TENS Machine with Acupuncture Pen.

TENS machines are of varied types and shapes. They may be used for these reasons:

  • relieving of labour pain,
  • for migraines,
  • in dentistry.

Nevertheless, it is reasonable to say that they require further studies to determine if they actually work and so as not to be harmful.

They are also used for pain relief at various areas of the body like arthritis, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

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Electric muscle stimulation can be said to be a modified form of TENS. The main difference between EMS and TENS is that the former involves stimulating the muscle for the main purpose of strengthening and building them up. On the contrary, the latter (i.e. TENS) involves stimulating the nerve for the purpose of pain relief.

But, what about electroacupuncture.

What is Electroacupuncture?

It is similar to acupuncture which originated from traditional Chinese medicine.

It is a relief of pain or the healing of ailment by using needles. The needles (usually two) are placed at various acupoints, and then a mild electric current is applied through it.

They are used in the relief of acute pain chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting, arthritis and other ailments.

So What is an Electric Acupuncture Pen?

Electric acupuncture pen is a small mobile device used to relieve muscle pain.

It functions the same way as an “electroacupuncture” except that it is needless, so, therefore, it involves no skin piercing. It is shaped like a pen, and so you operate it by pressing its start button point the tip at the affected areas.

With activation, it releases electric pulses which will stimulate the meridian and acupuncture points in your body.

What is XFT-320A Muscle Stimulator?

This muscle stimulator employs a dual-channel TENS massager for the treatment, relief of various muscle pain in the body.

The product brand is XFT muscle stimulator, and the model number is XFT-320A.

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What’s in the Box?


● It comes with 2 pieces of the electrode wire

● It comes with 2 pairs of electrodes or massage pads

● One piece of massage gel

● One electric acupuncture pen

● A pair of battery

● Two pairs of the electrode housing

● A manual on how to operate it

● The XFT 320A Stimulator machine

Unbox XFT 320A TENS Machine

What the Features of XFT-320A?


● This product’s usage mode, speed, body components and time control are in synchronization for a better experience.

● It doesn’t shock, sting or cause any uncomfortable feeling, which is because it makes use of a digital control system.

● For safety measures, it automatically shuts off every 15 mins after usage or if the adhesive massage pads were not appropriately attached.

● It incorporates four different kinds of an automatic program which can be applied to the parts of the body to be treated.

● The pads can be used up to 30-50 times, and the battery can last up to 2-3 months

● Output frequency and temperature tolerance is between 1-100Hz and 0-40, respectively.

● It enables the user to select 7 different types of speeds and modes and even allows you to make changes while in use.

Functions of the XFT-320A Electric Muscle Stimulator

● It has electric acupuncture function, which is used in the treatment of small body parts.

● It relaxes the muscle and is used to relieve tension and fatigue.

● It is used in the exercising of muscle because it stimulates the contraction of the muscles.

● It can be used for cosmetic purposes, examples to tone the muscles, to beautify the skin and also to restore skin flexibility.

● It can be used in rehabilitation.


In conclusion, XFT-320A is a quality product which should be recommended to be used by both athletes, patients in rehabilitation or for use at home to relieve back, neck, waist and other body pains.

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