The reality of having asthma living in an urban environment, is the nagging worry about the air you breathe. Am I getting enough ventilation? Is my inhaler with me? How do I avoid crowded areas? What is the pollen count today? And most importantly, if having a crisis, do I have people around me that could help? However, the good news is you can keep some of these concerns away with the use of Xiaomi AirPOP mask.

With the Covid-19 pandemic happening around the world, the anxiety hit a new high as people with asthma were listed among those at high risk for contracting the virus. Using a mask such as N95 is being advisable in most of the countries and in some it has been even compulsory.

In this Xiaomi AirPOP Mask Review, we cover how a Xiaomi AirPOP can help you with asthma as well as to keep viruses away.

Let’s dig further how a mask can help you…

How To Protect Yourself From Air Pollution and Pathogens?

Listed among preventive measures of COVID-19 is the wearing of a face mask.

Face masks are devices which serves as protective barriers used in infection control to prevent the transmission of airborne diseases from person to person through inhalation, coughing, sneezing and sputum.

Face masks, when used properly and with other infection control practices such as hand-washing, using alcohol-based hand sanitizes, and covering coughs and sneezes by folding the elbows, minimizing the spread of infection from one person to another.

However, as a person living with asthma, wearing a face mask raised a lot of questions in my mind. What kind of face mask will afford me the most protection while also ensuring my comfortability?

With so many options in the market, we decided to look for the most comfortable using the trial and error method. One product we found more comfortable than others is the Xiaomi AirpOp face mask.

What is Xiaomi AirPOP Face Mask?

Xiaomi AirpOp masks are highly efficient respiratory masks made for everyday use in a polluted environment and offering the most protection and comfort.

The tiny pores on the mask help to combat particulate matters entering the nostril and mouth of the user.

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The Xiaomi AirpOp mask is suitable for everyday uses and sporting activities. It is ideal for extended use during exercises, for bikers who travel polluted areas and for people with respiratory problems such as asthma by preventing air leakages.

It provides an airtight seal around your face while offering maximum respiration.

Getting a face mask for kids can be really tiresome since most face masks are not designed for children. However, with Xiaomi AirPOP face masks, your children can get a mask that is the right fit for their cute little faces.

Design of Xiaomi AirpOp Face Mask

Xiaomi AirpOp face mask is designed using a special non- woven microfiltration material that is soft, comfortable and light.

The AirpOp face mask comes with four layers of filtration.

  1. The primary layer on the mask, which blocks out large particles.
  2. The support mesh layer.
  3. The electrostatic micro-filtration layer to block out particles smaller than 0.3um.
  4. Lastly, there is a water-permeable layer to reduce vapour buildup during use.

Using this four-layer filtration system, the Xiaomi AirPOP face mask filters 99% of impurities, protecting the lungs from inhalation of microscopic particles found in everyday environment including dust, smoke, pollen, airborne bacteria and 2.5mm of microscopic particles in the air.

The design also includes an advanced one-way air circulation vent and adjustable ear straps for a better fit.

Features of Xiaomi AirPOP Face Mask

Here are the features of the AirPOP.

  • Designed with non-woven microfiltration material.
  • The outer shell of the mask has a nice leather texture, is water-resistant, and easy to clean.
  • One-way exhalation disk valve on the side is functional and stylish.
  • The special spiral design of the disk valve helps quickly remove hot air and moisture, keeping the inside of the mask dry and comfortable.
  • The 3D sponge seal is specially designed to conform to the contour of the user’s face.
  • Ear straps that can be adjusted to the comfort of the user.
  • Positioning holes on the left and right sides for easy filter replacement.
  • Integrated four-layer filtration protection that filters 99% of microparticles, including dust, pollen, polluted air, and airborne bacteria and viruses.
  • Comes with two replaceable filters.
  • Comes with a manual and a carry case.
  • Beautiful package.
  • Recommended for 8 hours of use.
  • Readily available on Amazon.

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Pros of Using the Xiaomi AirPOP Face Mask

  • 100% Breathable.
  • Suitable for cycling, running, biking, hiking, skiing and any other sporting activity.
  • Filters 99% microparticles to deliver 100% unpolluted air to your lungs.
  • Does not cause mask fatigue (hypoxia), which is a condition where the body is deprived of oxygen due to breathing in of exhaled air over and over again.
  • Does not cause fogging of glasses.

Glass fogging happens as a result of exhaled air escaping from a face mask with no tight fit.

  • Xioami AirPOP mask is comfortable to wear at all times.
  • It is also flexible enough to be folded.
  • Portable to be carried anywhere in its carry-on bag.
  • Available for children from 3-12years of age.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Filters can be used 8-10hrs.
  • Mask can last 6-12 months producing less waste.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Available in different colors.

Cons of Using the Xiaomi Airpop Face Mask

  • Too big and bulky.
  • Takes a whole lot of facial area.
  • Replaceable filter not easy to buy, in some countries.

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4.5 out of 5 stars.


The Xiaomi AirPOP face mask rated 4.5 by most customers is primarily designed to help individuals living in a highly polluted environment to help prevent long term effect of air pollution on the lungs. It is designed to help provide the user with maximum comfort.

The Xiaomi AirPOP face mask is of the highest quality with its four-layer filtration protection offering 99% of filtered and clean air to the lungs of the user. Although it is bulky, the pros of the Xiaomi AirPOP face mask far outweigh the cons making it one of the best product you can buy.

AirPOP is very user-friendly and comfortable for use. It produces less waste as opposed to other face mask and thus very environmentally friendly. It is suitable for use in all kind of weather.

It is also children friendly and provides a perfect fit for their faces.


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