James, one of our residents, spoke about his experience using the Heelbo protectors. James was suffering from two injuries, particularly on his elbow a torn tendon and a compressed ulnar nerve for three months. After James came in contact with the Heelbo protector, he calls it “my security blanket” reason being that it keeps him from bumping on painful points and makes him feel more secure.

Though he encounters such bumps, the Heelbo protector keeps him from the experience of the gut-wrenching pain that a casual bump can cause. James is so in love with this product.

James is not the only one raising their satisfaction about Heelbo, and ask questions related to the product. Therefore, we completed this complete review to address all your questions you ask before deciding to purchase the item.

Let’s start exploring by defining what Heelbo really is.

What is a Heelbo Protector?

The Heelbo heel and elbow protector is a quick, releasable protective gear that provides safety for the heel and elbow. However, customers love the use of these protectors, which is very comfortable and amazingly, it comes in diverse colors which represent their sizes.

With the use of Heelbo ankle and elbow protectors, treatment can be administered to those locations.

Tip: The function of Heelbo is different from Pressure Relieving Heel Protectors to protect your feet from pressure sores and ulcers.

When to Consider a Heelbo Protector?

The use of this product helps prevent skin ulcer on heels, elbows and knees as well.

It is a gentle cushion that can be placed over the heel or elbow for protection from little bumps and other contacts with the environment.

If you have a sore or you are experiencing pains on the elbows or heels, this easy to use sock-like protection can help by reducing abrasion, pains and injury.

The Heelbo protector can be worn in a shoe for bone boosts and genital plantar wart outgrowth.

It can also be placed over the elbow to avoid pain from minor elbow pains or other elbow ailments.

In the case of James, he bought the color black medium size of the Heelbo.

In his words,

when I opened the package, I was impressed with the weight of the material the elbow guards are made of. The gel is a good idea also because of gels last versus foam with other fillings. My problem is I am Seventy 76 of age, very active with dry skin. I am constantly bumping elbows on doors when getting in and out of my car and the skin tares, bleeds, bruises, which make my skin look nasty. The Heelbo has already helped to prevent that annoying problem, and I am thankful for the good product.

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What Does the Heelbo Protector Look Like?

The Heelbo heel and elbow protectors are made with a medium density of about 3-8 inches thick, polyurethane pad with a lining placed on the side of the skin of the protector.

The six-inch diameter cup-shaped protector pad is held in place by a magnified, girth, soft acrylic terry loop material, which can be used in making different product inside, with a flat knit on the outside.

The Heelbo protector prices vary depending on the size, location of use and location of purchase.

The protector foam pad inside the Heelbo is tacked to the material at two points to prevent damage, or worse condition yet allows that you move the joint without a shearing effect on the skin.

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Heelbo Sizes

Heelbo protectors are color-coded for easy size recognition.

  • Yellow – small size – 16
  • Blue – regular size – 17
  • White – large size – 19
  • Green – extra-large – 23
  • Beige – 2X-Large – Over 23

The Heelbo has a unique design that is highly versatile, which perfectly fits both the left and right elbows and heels.

It also provides low-level protuberance resistance to help mollify pain.

Amazingly, the Heelbo, heel and elbow protector is a shock absorber. Particularly this protector is common amongst those in the military and athletes.

In recent times, because of the vast benefits of using the protector, it can be worn by anybody because of its advantages.

The Heelbo protectors allow the skin to breathe and do not restrict blood flow while been positioned in a place.

If you have fuss walking without shoes due to heel pain, have minor elbow pain when resting your elbows, or some other injury or condition of the elbows or heels, then the Heelbo protector is seamless for you.

This product comes in very comfortable models.

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Who Manufacturers the Heelbo?

The Briggs Healthcare and HealthSmart International (Formerly Mabis DMI Healthcare & Duro-Med Industries, Inc.) manufacture the Heelbo range.

Heelbo Product Range The 2 Models

Basically, we identify 2 Heelbo models, as noted below.

1. The Standard Model

The standard model of the Heelbo protectors features a double layer of foam padding which derogate or reduce pressure on either the heel or elbow.

The padding of the gel bow pads is 3/8 inch at the thickest part, but since it is a gel pad, it provides lots of protection.

The slender malleability of these pads allows you to cozily fit the protector under a long sleeve shirt without anyone knowing you are wearing protection.

The protector is being sewn with a much comfortable terry cloth lining on the elbow, you will forget you have them on.

The elbow sleeve is constructed of a nylon compression sleeve for extra support and comfort.

Even when the protector is worn with short sleeves, the attractive knit sleeve is exceptionally durable and will look pretty nice worn on your bare arm.

Heelbo Models

2. The Premium Model

The premium model uses a viscoelastic gel pad to reduce shear at the same time, promoting healthy skin.

The proprietorial viscoelastic technology is proven to reduce pressure on the body up to 38%. The gel elbow pad is designed with a silicone gel padding not with EVA foam (the closed-cell ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer foam used as an effective substitute for a variety of materials used in production) to protect the elbows against hard impacts.

It does not become flat, and these elbow pads are created with a soft, sleek and thick gel to protect the elbow from bumps and hits that may occur.

The silicone gel is dense and disperses impacts throughout its materials.

Foam pads initially protective, but they become flat, and when the foam goes flat, you feel the pain.

The gel retains its thickness and protection capability for the life of the product to prevent the fear of your pads not working.

The gelled pad casts around your elbow to create a gentle sheath cocoon, protecting your elbows from the bruises and bumps that may occur.

Amazing Features of the Heelbo Protectors

  • Easy slip-on design
  • Breathable fabrics
  • Sizes are colour-coded for convenience
  • It helps protect elbows and heels from shear and friction
  • The pads of the protector will not roll or bind
  • Reduces pressure on targeted areas by 38%
  • Maintains shape even after multiple times of use.

Tip: Foot massaging can have an amazing effect on your heel pain too.

Disadvantages of the Heelbo Protectors

Notwithstanding the exceptional benefits of the Heelbo, heel and elbows protectors have some disadvantages too.

One of the drawbacks is after washing for a couple of times; you may notice some pilling which is most times Stuyvesant.

The customers have also raised concerns as some lots of these ‘socks’ are manufactured in China and mostly goes by the Chinese sizes; the XL sizes are too small for someone with an EU, US or AU size 10. It becomes really tight and hard to pass through the feet.

How Heelbo Different from The Fla Orthopedics Arm Sling?

YouTube video

Another similar product to the Heelbo protector is the FLA orthopedics arm sling. It is ideal for use on infants and children after injury or surgery in the arm, hand, or shoulder.

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This Fla Orthopedics child arm sling distributes the weight of the arm and can be worn with or without a cast.

This all-around arm sling for kids has an acclimatized shoulder fastening and closure fits the right or left arm perfectly.

The FLA Orthopedics gives a full collection of orthopedic support and braces, skeletal deformity, disorder or injury specifically designed for medical care or illnesses of children.

The FLA orthopedics medical products have been analytically designed using a wide range of facts collected from studies and accommodates a large percentage of children, providing a more detailed, fit and better overall support.

FLA Orthopedics high quality soft but durable materials used in the medical care line, provides the most desirable comfort, support, staying strong and in good condition over a long period of time that both kids and parents can rely on.

All FLA infant and pediatric products are amicable, synthetic rubber free; metal buckles free, harsh closures and reducing the chances of aggravation.

The FLA infant size fits children of 0-24 months old, the pediatric size typically fits children of 2-7 years old, and the youth size is fit for kids of 8-12 years old. Ages are comparative and should be used as a guide only.

Ideally, compare measurements before purchasing to ensure the correct fit for children.

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It is equally sensible to wash hands in warm water with gentle soap before and after use and not to use bleach on the FLA Orthopedics or Heelbo products.

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The Heelbo heel and elbow protectors are indeed a remarkable product.

The outer socks of the Heelbo are portable, and the pads, on the other hand, stay in the place of the heel or elbow to guard against wounds and prevent friction.

The Heelbo protector is machine washable while it retains its shape after repeated use.

Importantly, the protector keeps you off the pains of medications.

Arguably the Heelbo heel and elbow protector is one out of the numerous products such as the Fla Orthopedics Pediatric Arm Sling is super-efficient.

For your heel and elbow pain, it’s worth considering one of these protectors and we are confident you would just love their amazing benefits.

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