Sitting on a chair for a very long time could be hurting and causes discomfort. Many people are wheelchair users for a long time because of illnesses, instability, difficult of walking or some degree of pain.

Star wheelchair cushion was built to help alleviate wheelchair user’s pain, increase their operation (range of movement), and mobility. Star wheelchair is designed to help the user’s backside and to prevent additional pain and prevent the progression of pain cause.

This particular brand of wheelchair cushion does not only help the user to achieve a high level of comfort, but it also heals and prevents any kind of skin problems (including pressure wounds and ulcers) and corrects body postures.

This Star wheelchair cushion review intent to explore everything a potential user should know before making the decision if the Star wheelchair cushion a correct choice for you (or your loved ones).

In this review, we will be reviewing the complete Star Cushion range, including the Star Standard Contour Air Cell Wheelchair Cushion, Star max-immerse wheelchair cushion, Star Galaxy Wheelchair Cushion, Star Stabil-Air Wheelchair Cushion, Star Star-lock Wheelchair Cushion, Star Mid Contour Cushion, Star Short Contour Cushion and Star CXR Contour Cushion.

Let’s start with what is a Star wheelchair cushion meant to be.

What is a Star Wheelchair Cushion?

Star wheelchair cushions are the products of Star Cushion Products Incorporation, which has been a predominant manufacturer of standard and quality mattress overlays and therapeutic wheelchair cushions for over 20 years.

Star is aimed at effecting positively to the quality of every individual life that makes use of star therapeutic wheelchair cushions and also support surfaces through product performance, exceptional quality, and continued innovation.

Each star wheelchair cushion is intended to support user lifestyles and promotes independence.

Star is working hard through innovative ideas and a higher standard designed to encourage a wide range of products that takes care of everyday needs.

History of the Star Cushion Products

In June 1995, star cushion product was incorporated, and it began the manufacturing its 4” Standard Contour Cushion, 2” Short Contour Cushion and Star Matt Mattresses in St. Louis area, Missouri.

Kevin and Janice Fraser founded the Star, and up till today, Star continues to be a business owned and operated by the family.

The early niche of the Star in the industry was producing custom mattresses and cushions in any size and shape with fast turnaround times. Star continues exertion and pride herself on the capability to create custom cushions and mattresses of a standard size for pediatric users (children), adult, and bariatric users (obese people) with a quick turnaround.

Star from the unset has concentrated on contending at the level of high quality. Each star cushions are produced from latex-free neoprene, consistently improving the neoprene quality and composition control processes.

In 2001, Star Cushion extended to a better and more effective production facility in Freeburg, Illinois (USA), because of the increasing demand for superior products and sensitive customer service.

Each Star Cushion is produced from neoprene in Freeburg – Illinois also produced and compounded in America.

Star Cushion, since inception, has dramatically expanded, and its unique products sell in over 50 countries of the world.

Now let’s review each of the Star Cushion range to identify their strengths and weaknesses so you can think through which would be your best fit.

Main Star Wheelchair Cushion Products

Star Standard Contour Air Cell Wheelchair Cushion Review

This product is designed to deliver deep immersion to maximally protect tissue to assist in managing and preventing pressure ulcers.

Personal air cell design advances adjustable immersion and comfort as encouraging the flow of air between the cells, which keeps the users comfortable and cool.

Star Standard Contour Air Cell Wheelchair Cushion

Star Standard Contour Air Cell Wheelchair Cushion has a cell that moves and shapes the contact area delivering a low shear and low friction surface ideal to heal and prevent ulcers.

The product comes in different sizes and settings to accommodate the diverse needs of ulcers.

Star Standard Contour Air Cell Wheelchair Cushion Benefits

Ø The 4” air cell provides deep immersion for better protection.

Ø Cells move and shape to the user’s body for perfect support and comfort.

Ø Low-shear, low friction surface is perfect for the heating and prevention of pressure ulcers.

Ø Dual and four-model promotes postural control and enhances function.

Ø Flame resistance, lightweight, latex-free neoprene rubber is durable.

Star Max-immerse Wheelchair Cushion Review

This 5-inch max immerses air cell wheelchair delivers the highest immersion level. Max immerse cushion is intended to accommodate people with skeletal body build-up or bony prominence.

Star Max-immerse Wheelchair Cushion

The specially raised cell contour allows more effective adjustment through the seating surface.

While the height of the previous cell was limited to 4inch, the 5inch max immerses permits positioning the user to a fresh, greater depth guaranteeing ultimate disbandment of the weight-bearing lead round the surface region. These flexible and soft air cells are perfect for the healing and prevention of up to and inclusive of stage 4 pressure ulcers.

Tip: If you are at risk of pressure sores, consider using a pressure relieving heel protector.

Features of Star Max-immerse Wheelchair Cushion

Ø 5” air adjustable cells provide maximum immersion values to help pressure reduction, tissue treatment and protection.

Ø It can be obtainable in dual and four compartments for a customized relief.

Ø It is approximately 1.3kg lightweight.

Ø Also obtainable in Pediatric (children) through Bariatric (overweight and obese) size range

Ø It has no weight limit.

Ø It comes with complete fitted cover, repair kits, and a hand pump.

Ø It has a very high-quality design, flame resistant, and ultimate free neoprene rubber.

Ø It has a warranty for 2 years.

Star Galaxy Wheelchair Cushion Review

This Star Galaxy Wheelchair Cushion is a fire-resistant neoprene cushion that has the combination of multi-cellular air technology and peculiar, contouring shape, suitable to various anatomical forms. This elaborated contouring quality provides many benefits to help in the patient’s posture and stability, while magnanimously improving a therapeutic advantage. This Galaxy Cushion is a system well-engineered, specially produced to handle the requirements and needs of the end-users.

Star Galaxy Wheelchair Cushion

Features of The Star Galaxy Wheelchair Cushion

Ø Relive supports. This is an area that tenderly adducts the trochanters generating a hydrostatic atmosphere around the tissues.

Ø Adductors. This tenderly pushes Femurs to the midline of the cushion.

Ø Coccyx/ perineum Relief. In this case, excess pressures are kept away by voided areas from problematic parts.

Ø Preischial ridge. Forward migrations are prevented by after sloped air cells.

Ø Abductors. Pommel in-built for knees abduction to work in agreement with the femur troughs.

Ø Femur Troughs. The thighs are positioned in a medial-talented placement with the help of a sculpted region.

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Star Stabil-Air Wheelchair Cushion Review

This product ‘Star Stabil-Air Wheelchair Cushion’ is an ideal combination of form and air; the form provides contoured stability and air allows pressure equalization. This is achieved by using form supports within the air cells, therefore improving the dynamic weight distribution advantages of a cellular air cushion. That means that selected air cells are being reinforced and shaped with internal support systems.

Star Stabil-Air Wheelchair Cushion

This Stabil-air Cushion can prevent and heal up to, and stage 4 pressure ulcers inclusive. This product also provides a creative support method different from every other product on the market. It is obtainable in all sizes, custom sizes, and even cell configurations.

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Tip: Here are our best wound dressing products recommendations, with tips on how to select the correct one for wound type and needs.

Star Star-lock Wheelchair Cushion Review

For years, physicians, therapists, and specialists have noticed that multi-celled air cushions are the ideal proven system for the treatments and prevention of pressure ulcers. Notwithstanding, many therapists in the past have felt the need to compromise stability and positioning options with multi-celled air cushions to gain better skin protection advantages. This is the reason behind the Star Star-lock Wheelchair Cushion.

Star Star-lock Wheelchair Cushion

There is no compromise with the Star-lock. The Star-lock achieved this through its Peculiar Cell Locking Technology. The technology allows the stop of airflow between the cells in the cushion instead of having only a dual-zone cushion. This signifies that star-lock is capable of being custom fit to the user’s shape by blocking the transmission of air between the cells in the cushion, rather than just controlling the quantity of air in a 2 or 4 zone cushions, or transferring from one end to the other to achieve some stability.

Star-lock keeps the user’s shape when immersed and locked, it also gives the custom-molded form cushion stability with a multi-celled air cushion skin protection and pressure balance benefits.

This product could be seen as the most intensive positioning cushion on sale because it permits the caregiver or therapist to accommodate or correct a pelvic ambiguity and other positioning challenges which helps to preserve the exact desired spot for the user by stopping the movement of air when the expected immersion and position is achieved.

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Also, the Star-lock permits the removal of air from the particular cells and keep them from re-inflating when locked, generating a voice zone where it is most needed.

Star Star-lock Wheelchair Cushion Features

Ø It is lightweight

Ø It has cell locked technology

Ø It also has an adjustable airflow control

Ø It comes with a repair kit, a hand pump, and completes fitted cover.

Ø It has a high quality, fire-resistant, latex-free neoprene rubber.

Ø The seating benefit for varieties of positioning and that which the seating requires is quite profitable.

Health Benefits of The Star Cushion Range

Here the unique benefits compared with any average wheelchair cushion product.

  • Effective treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers.

The Star cushion range delivers healthcare. Professional and solutions for the two significant challenges of wheelchair ulcers in one package.

  • Effective treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers.
  • Effective user positioning.

The Star cushions are made up of neoprene air cells. They deliver a high level of treatment and prevention of all categories of pressure ulcers when correctly set.

Depending on the user’s needs, each cushion renders peculiar benefits. The increasing popularity of the Star Cushion range amid proscribing occupational therapists shouldn’t be a surprise because the reliability of these cushions provides the therapist with the confidence that their patient is on the right product, delivering the best result.

  • Effective stability and positioning properties.

Also, the Star Cushions an admirable firmness and positioning properties, efficiently covering the structures of the body and providing controllable selective support to suit the needs of the user. This quality combination delivers a high comfort level for the user and boosts the sitting tolerance of the users, which is among the reasons the products of the Star cushions are the proscribing preference of the medical professional.

The Star Cushions Range Features

Here are the Star Cushion-specific features.

  • Unique air cells: All air cells are linked to one another and allow the flow of air across the entire cushion.
  • Unique hand pump: it has a double-action pump for inflating the cells.
  • Unique inflating valve technology: The technology assist the airflow into the cushion.
  • Bulb pump: the colored bulb pump at the bottom of the cushion fills the lock pockets, which blocks the movement of air from one air cell to another and permits the cushion to maintain the user shape.
  • Unique safety valves: when it is turned to the “X” form, it stops the release of air from the lock pockets.
  • Release bottom: this releases air from the lock pockets, allowing the flow of the air in the air cells.
  • Durable cover: they are made of spandex, a non-skid, nylon, and polyester material to help prevent the surface movement of the cushion.
  • Pocket: This is actually for keeping the bulb pump when not in use.
  • Repair kit: the repair kit contains 3 patches, 3 toothpicks, an instruction card, and sandpaper to enable an easy repair of any minor punctures on the cushions.
  • Owner’s manual.

Benefits of the Star Cushion Internal Form

Here are two wonderful benefits of the Star Cushion Internal Form.

  • The internal form is contoured with a longer form at the outer area, and the shorter ones for the leg troughs, the coccyx, and the buttocks. This contoured form layer gives a stabilized shell and helps relief on and off transfers of the cushion.
  • The form gives a secondary or backup layer of skin protection. This helps in preventing the cushion from bottoming out. With this, the user can be assured that even if the multicelled air cushion loses air, the backup layer of the skin protection will still safeguard the user.

Features of the Star Cushion Internal Form

Ø There is no weight limit.

Ø It has contoured support.

Ø It also has a creative design.

Ø It delivers exceptional individualized creative support.

Ø It possesses form stability with air cushion comfort.

Ø The height of the cushion determines how the internal form is contoured.

Ø It is possible to custom contour the internal foam to individual patient needs.

Ø It is also Design with flame-resistant, high-quality, latex-free neoprene rubber.

Tip: Negative-pressure wound therapy can help to heal pressure ulcers, venous ulcers and diabetic ulcers fast.

Other Star Cushion Products

Mid Contour Cushion Review

This 3” cell height cushion is recommended for people who need a cell height that delivers a high level of treatment and tissue protection and also offers huge relief in transfer in and out of the cushion.

Mid Contour Cushion

The height of this mid contour cell is proven to be perfect for pediatric users (children), offering deep immersion for great levels of treatment and tissue protection along with a cell of lower height for a pediatric frame.

The Mid Contour Cushion is available in 2 and 4 value compartments to efficiently handle seating challenges like sacral sitting and pelvic obliquities, to improve posture control, and also to enhance overall function.

Features of Star Mid Contour Cushion

Ø Approximately 3 pounds of lightweight.

Ø Available in both adult and pediatric sizes.

Ø 24 months (2 years) manufacturer’s warranty.

Ø Comes complete with a hand pump, fitted cover, and repair kit.

Ø High quality designed, fire-resistant, latex-free neoprene rubber.

Ø No weight limit.

Short Contour Cushion Review

The 2” cell height in the Short Contour Cushion is perfect for people with an active lifestyle, or for people with low risk of pressure ulcer. It is also an ideal cushion for sports addicts as well, creating a perfect seating surfacing for sports chairs, everyday chair, or other sports equipment.

Short Contour Cushion

Features of Mid Contour Cushion

Ø Approximately 3 pounds of lightweight.

Ø Available in both adult and pediatric sizes.

Ø 24 months (2 years) manufacturer’s warranty.

Ø Comes complete with the hand pump, fitted cover, and repair kit.

Ø High-quality design, fire-resistant, latex-free neoprene rubber.

Ø No weight limit.

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Star Matt Replacement System Mattress Review

This is the combination of the high-end advantages of multi-celled air technology and a custom foam mattress.

Star Matt Replacement System Mattress

This 4” air cell mattress has a 3.5” thick therapeutic foam layer to avoid bottoming out.

The overall thickness of the mattress system is 7”, and 4 adjustable sections.

The mattress allows easy transfer of patients and increased safety.

Features of Star Matt Mattress Replacement System

Ø It has 4 adjustable zone Star Matt section and connecting snaps.

Ø It has a fitted cover.

Ø It also contains 7” thick custom mattresses.

Ø It possesses 2nd incontinent fitted cover.

Ø It comes in 24 months (2 years) manufacturer’s warranty.

Ø It also has a hand pump, repair kit, and has no weight limit.

CXR Contour Cushion Review

This cushion is designed for a particular set of people who desire added treatment and protection under the coccyx who have or are at risk of pressure ulcers. The CXR is a 2-value cushion and allows both the 2” and 4” cells to be adjusted separately.

CXR Contour Cushion

Features of the Star CXR Contour Cushion

Ø It has approximately 3 pounds lightweight.

Ø Available in both adult and pediatric sizes.

Ø 24 months (2 years) manufacturer’s warranty.

Ø Comes complete with the hand pump, fitted cover, and repair kit.

Ø High-quality design, fire-resistant, latex-free neoprene rubber.

Ø No weight limit.

Star Cushion Warranty

Star cushion gives the periods of two years warranty for the cushion from the day of purchase. Star also provides the period with thirty days money-back warranty for the cushion exterior cover from the day of purchase, but the product must not have any defect in workmanship or material.

During the period of the warranty, the Star cushion will not be responsible for:

  • Necessary repair or replacement that is caused by abuse, improper usage, external punctures, and negligence.
  • Normal tear and wear, or damages as a result of neglecting specific instructions in the user’s manual.
  • The company also will not be responsible for any incidental damages or consequential damages.

To establish the warranty period, Star cushion may demand authentic proof of the day of purchase, such as the original sales receipt.


Being among the leading producers of wheelchair cushions, star cushion products inc. produces high-quality cushions that deliver maximum skin protection, proper positioning, and comfort for the wheelchair users.

There is always a perfect wheelchair from Star to fulfill every special and peculiar need. Star cushion innovative multi-cellular and adjustable air technology provides many benefits that promote good health and supports independence, as noted above.

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