We all know that pain is a highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by illness or injury. When we have pain, it reduces our efficacy to engage in daily routine activities and reduces the quality of life. It disturbs our sleep and makes us uncomfortable and irritated.

The pain can be broadly divided into two types.

  • Acute pain
  • Chronic pain

Acute pain, most of the time is a temporary condition after surgery or due to any other insult to the body.

Chronic pain can be caused by mainly due to nerve damage or as a result of ageing which affects bones and joints. It may be caused by so many other reasons and factors too.

We have discussed lower back pain causes, and upper back pain causes previously.

In many cases, it is challenging to figure out the source of chronic pain. It may begin with an injury or infection. With time, if not managed well, chronic pain can affect your psychological health.

Many diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and inflammation of the tendons and ligaments, can be the underline cause of chronic pain. Stomach ulcers, diseases in the internal organs, some cancers, and neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis can also cause chronic pain.

Not to forget that sometimes pain and numbness in the hands and feet is an early warning sign of diabetes.

Acute pain can be treated with medications, but analgesics are not a good option for managing chronic pain.

For example, pain due to kidney and urinary tract infections likely to be ‘acute’ and there are identifiable differences between chronic back pain and kidney pain.

What is Quell™ Wearable Pain Relief Technology?

Quell is a natural solution for chronic pain relief without medication. It has an advanced wearable technology which can stimulate nerves and provide relief from chronic pains. The manufacturer recommends it for chronic back, arthritis, nerve, and leg and foot pain.

This device does not contain drugs. It can be used during the day while you are active and night while you are sleeping.

The action of this device bit complex but the theory behind the technology is to stimulate specific nerves that can activate natural pain relief process.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States has cleared it.

According to the CEO of NeuroMatrix, this device stimulates pain centres within the brain and release endogenous opioids, which bind to receptors in the spinal cord and then reduce the pain signal transmission by blocking pain signals.

This device uses Bluetooth technology to connect with your smartphone through the manufacturer’s App. Over the phone, the user can control the intensity of the stimulation up and down.

Features of Quell™ Wearable Pain Relief Technology

The manufacturer boasts about the following elements of the technology within the device.

  • 100% of drugs free
  • FDA-cleared for day and night use
  • Lightweight and slim
  • Has patent for neurotechnology
  • The ability to calibrate the Quell through both iOS and Android Apps
  • Personalized the App and device with multiple stimulation patterns and sleep modes
  • Delivering prescription strength therapy – Quell provides very precise and controlled neurostimulation through the electrode.
  • The ability to control and customize through an App

The device control through the App offers you unprecedented personalisation and monitoring of therapy session.

Through the App you can calibrate Quell to:

Start and stop therapy

Intensity adjustment of therapy

Select therapy dosage

Select different stimulation patterns

Sleep mode to find the best pattern for you

Track weather changes that may impact pain and adjust therapy accordingly

Measure progress about treatment, sleep, activity and pain


There are a variety of therapy settings and sleep modes in Quell. So it allows you to select and deliver the desired therapy for you.

Quell is a slim and easy-to-wear device which gives all-day comfort. It is designed to live with you day and night to block your pain.

This product comes with…

  • One Quell device
  • One Quell band
  • Two standard electrodes
  • One charger cable
  • One charger adapter

How to use the Quell™ Wearable Pain Relief Technology?

Each Quell session is about 60 minutes.

Firstly, you need to snap the electrodes in place. Then strap the band just below the knee and activate the stimulation with a simple click of a bottom. Then the device will tap into the body‘s natural pain control system to block pain signals and provide widespread pain relief.

The manufacturer claims that its OptiTherapy™ technology has the ability to automatically adjust the intensity of your stimulation to ensure you get the optimum amount of pain relief you need. You have to do is perform a quick initial calibration, and then Quell will automatically deliver therapy sessions every other hour—including during sleep.

Remember, this device is not suitable to use in patients with

  • Pacemakers
  • Implanted defibrillators
  • Implanted metallic or electronic device
  • migraines or chronic headaches.

Why do people like to use Quell™ Wearable Pain Relief Technology?

Peoples experience of using this device suggests the following:

  • Pain relief – The main aim of using this device is for pain relief, and it does its function well
  • App-based control therapy – because of that, the device is easy to use, contemporary, and an excellent interface over smartphones too.
  • It has a battery life lasting for days, so no need to recharge the battery daily.
  • The unit is travel-friendly, and you can use it during your air travel
  • It has a comprehensive sleep tracking technology and provides useful information to improve your quality of life.

What are the negatives about Quell™ Wearable Pain Relief Technology?

  • There is only infancy of researches about this device, and to the date, most of the research has been conducted by the manufacturer. They are listed on the manufacturer’s website.
  • Sometimes you may need to replace electrodes frequently
  • No methods of downloading, exporting or analyzing the data collected through the device.
  • Leg bands may stretch out quickly needing frequent replacement
  • Seniors and people are not fond of technology may find it challenging to control this device through the App, and may find it not very user-friendly.
  • There were incidences that users complaining that electrode gel may be allergic to the skin and cause rashes. So you need to trial the gel before deciding to apply it long-term.

According to the information given above we can review the primary functions of this device as below.

Pain relief – 4/5

Durability – 4/5

User-friendliness – 4/5

Worth for money – 4/5

Battery life – 3/5

The manufacturer provides the money-back guarantee if you are not happy about this product. It is worth trying technology for chronic pains you have, potentially could be better than being on long term pain-relieving drugs.

From Where I Can Buy Quell?

You can purchase the Quell following the below links.





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  1. Charles

    Thanks so much. What an interesting product for pain relief. I am glad to see it doesn’t contain any drugs. I think it’s good to seek alternatives to drugs where possible. I like the idea of controlling it with the app but I could see how older folks (who might be more likely to need pain relief) might have trouble adjusting to the technology. 

    I will forward this around to anyone I know who might be interested. I wonder if they have heard of it. 

    That’s great that the battery lasts so long. That must be an important feature  because you are wearing it 24/7. I’m sure the bundle comes with backup batteries too though. It would probably be best to get the bundle so you have everything. 

    Thanks for the info and take care! Nice website. Your articles about back pain are very informative too. 

  2. Babsie Wagner

    I had never heard of Quell pain relief until I read this review on your site. This technology sounds absolutely amazing.  No pills!  Wow!  I’m surprised I haven’t heard of it.  

    I have somewhat chronic pain in my left knee as of late.  Do you think it would work for such pain as this?  I’m not exactly sure what’s causing it.  All of a sudden it started hurting me.  Mostly when I go up and down stairs or go from sitting to standing.

  3. DerrAd

    My laboratory work requires me to sit for long hours which sometimes causes pain in my back…would this be categorized as acute or chronic? I’m not really a fan of taking drugs and love to handle things by natural remedies for my system to recover normally.

    The fact that Quell wearable pain relief technology is drug-free has gotten my attention. In my case can I wear it during my laboratory work under my shirt? 

    • Shani

      Dear DerrAd,

      Thanks for stopping by and your note.

      There are many Causes for Lower Back Pain and Upper Back Pain. Generally, most of lower back pain cases are ‘chronic’ in nature, but some can be ‘acute’ too. It’s vital to distinguish chronic pain from acute. For example, Kidney diseases can causes back pain too, and that pain is acute, so need immediate medical attention. Difference Between Kidney Pain and Chronic Back Pain I covered previously.

      Besides, the medical practice considers any non-recurrent pain lasts for less than three months as ‘acute’, which in case you should seek medical advice.

      Although, none of my articles intended to provide medical advice, the above should guide you to decide if your pain is acute or chronic.

      We are glad that you found the article helpful.


      • MediChannel

        Hi DerrAd,

        Yes, you can wear Quell™ Wearable Pain Reliever while you are at work. Each treatment session is about 60 minutes, and the device automatically delivers treatment sessions every other hour.

        I have shared links to Shani’s articles about Back Pain Treatment Options and Natural Remedies For Chronic Back Pain here too.

        Please Contac Us, if you need further clarifications with anything.

  4. Anusuya

    Thank you for bringing up this drug free pain reliever.

    Many people are suffering from this undesired experience. It is unbearable and people use pain killers and drugs with many side effects to reduce their pain to get going.

    I like the theory behind this technology of using internal opioids  to bind to the receptor in spinal cord of the central nervous system through simulation of pain. These receptors block the pain signal to give relief. How wonderful is this!

    There is a money back guarantee so people can try to experience the benefits.

    I am curious to know if this technology just relieves pain when tied to you or eventually cures you. Does it work for Fibromyalgia (FM) pain? One of my family member is suffering from FM and it might help her.

    • MediChannel

      Dear Anusuya,

      Thanks for your comment.

      We do not have experience in using Quell Wearable Pain Reliever in the management of fibromyalgia (FM) pain, but we know HealthyLine Infrared Heating Mats and Human Touch Reflex SOL Foot and Calf Massager can help to reverse fibromyalgia pain.

      We are glad that you found the article helpful. Please Contac Us, if you need further clarifications with anything.



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