This is a comprehensive product review of the RESPeRATE™ devices including RESPeRATE Ultra and RESPeRATE Deluxe for lowering high blood pressure naturally. Before diving into the characteristics of the device let us touch upon some background about hypertension.

What is raised blood pressure, its effects and statistics?

Raised blood pressure is a common medical condition in the community. Most of the time we have a relative or a friend who is having high blood pressure and on treatment for that.

Raised blood pressure can be described as long term force or the blood against the artery walls as blood flows through them. According to the WHO, about 7.5 million deaths worldwide are due to raised blood pressure and prevalence of elevated blood pressure in adults is over 40%.

We have discussed types of high blood pressure, stages of high blood pressure and what to expect in each type in detail previously.

Raised blood pressure is a risk factor for ischemic heart disease (or heart attack) and strokes. The other well-known complications of raised blood pressure include:

  • Heart failure
  • Peripheral vascular disease
  • Renal impairment
  • Retinal haemorrhages
  • Visual impairment

There are drug treatments for high blood pressure (or hypertension), and most of them are drug-based. It can be a single drug or a combination of drugs. Patients have to take those drugs timely to maintain a healthy blood pressure level.

What is RESPeRATE™?

As a team with clients who have personally used the RESPeRATE device for managing blood pressure, we can attest to the effectiveness of its technique, known as ‘Device-guided slow breathing.’ This method involves deliberate, extended exhalations that hold the therapeutic power to relax constricted blood vessels across the body, leading to a notable reduction in blood pressure. Trying to achieve this level of controlled breathing on one’s own can indeed be challenging.

This is a non-pharmacological method of lowering blood pressure by relaxing constricted blood vessels. RESPeRATE is the world’s only FDA cleared non-drug, non-invasive device to treat hypertension. The technique uses in this device is called, “Device-guided slow breathing”.

Slow breathing with prolong exhalation have therapeutic power to relax the constricted small blood vessels in peripheries and lower the blood pressure, the manufacturer claims. This is something challenging doing by self.

RESPeRATE is easy to use, safe and the manufacturer guarantees its effectiveness.

Given it is not a drug, anyone can use this with other medications without interactions. This device is recommended by the American Heart Association and clinically proven its effectiveness on sustain reduction in blood pressure by clinical trials. This device has minimal contraindications to use with no adverse events noted during the past fifteen years but had provided benefits in both cardiovascular (heart and blood circulatory system) and neurological (nerve system) aspects.

How RESPeRATE works? And, what are the key features?

RESPeRATE comes in a pack containing a computerized control unit, a breathing sensor and a set of earbuds. With the guidance of this device, you have doing breathing exercise 15 minutes in one session at least four times per week.

It claims to lower the blood pressure with a guarantee not to drop it than normal limits. According to the over 10 clinical trials conducted in developed countries, the manufacturer notes that it may take three to four weeks to show a significant reduction in blood pressure, and with daily use, the blood pressure will be reduced dramatically over time.

Drawing from extensive data obtained through over 10 comprehensive clinical trials conducted in developed nations, the manufacturer underscores that significant reductions in blood pressure can be expected within a span of three to four weeks. Consistent and diligent use of RESPeRATE in daily sessions reinforces this effect, leading to a substantial and sustained decline in blood pressure levels.

The device fits under the type of respiratory modulation therapy. It stimulates our body to follow music rhythm. First, it analyses the breathing pattern and provides a melody according to that. Then it gradually prolongs the exhalation tone. This machine leads you to reduce your respiratory rate to less than ten breaths per minute. After the therapeutic session with a respiratory rate less than 10 per minute, it guides you to come back to your regular respiratory rate. But that therapeutic effect seems to be maintained inside our body if we use this machine regularly.

RESPeRATE employs a specialized technique known as respiratory modulation therapy, which involves synchronizing breathing with carefully crafted musical rhythms. This process begins with an analysis of your individual breathing pattern, upon which the device generates a harmonious melody tailored to your pace. The truly ingenious aspect lies in the gradual lengthening of exhalations, which the device guides you through. This deliberate approach not only induces a state of relaxation but also contributes to the remarkable efficacy of the therapy.

What are the advantages of using RESPeRATE?

  • This is a piece of very user-friendly equipment and very easy to use.
  • This device has no side effects or adverse reactions with other drugs.
  • The pattern of respiration is guided after benchmarking your current pattern of breathing in real time. And then, the device gradually improves it. A relaxing, nice melody is there for assistance.
  • It lowers blood pressure and has the potential to keep you away from regular anti-hypertensive treatments.
  • It improves breathing pattern, helps to reduce the stress and improve psychological health by calming you down with a relaxed mind. All these factors contribute to better sleep at night.
  • This also reduces the tension in the shoulders and neck.
  • Long term use of RESPeRATE will help you to reduce the dose and number of anti-hypertensives need to control your blood pressure.
  • Given it is a portable and small size unit, you can take it anywhere with you and use anywhere, even inside a plane.

What are the disadvantages of this equipment?

  • It is expensive, perhaps overpriced and maybe not worth the money you spend on it. However, there seems to be a demand for the product even at the current price point.
  • Some people think it is cost-effective and may be easy to use YouTube video for breathing exercises. However, that is a personal choice and based on uses lifestyle and desires.
  • There are instructions you have to follow when you use this product, so for the people who are old and frailer, and with other medical and surgical problems, they may have to face difficulties in use it without much guidance from someone else.
  • Some users say, the device increases their anxiety and did not lower their blood pressure. Therefore, it seems there is a possibility that device to not to deliver its remarks in all people.
  • It is possible that people with some types of hypertension depending on its causative factors to not to benefit from this equipment.
  • The only thing some patients experienced after using this device seems to be better sleep.

The transformative effects of RESPeRATE aren’t limited to blood pressure alone. Many users, myself included, have noticed a welcome improvement in the quality of sleep following consistent use of the device. This is particularly significant, as restful sleep contributes to overall cardiovascular health and enhanced well-being.

Overview and Conclusion

RESPeRATE is portable, small size equipment which helps you to control your blood pressure naturally without medications. The technique it uses, Device-guided slow breathing, have not reported having any side effect or drug interactions. You can use the device in anywhere and anytime you want. For better results use four times per week at least fifteen minutes per session.

In conclusion, the RESPeRATE device emerges as a groundbreaking solution for managing blood pressure naturally. By combining expert insights and personal experiences, this review endeavors to empower readers with accurate, insightful, and trustworthy information. The user-friendly design, potential to reduce reliance on traditional anti-hypertensive treatments, and improvements in sleep and psychological well-being make RESPeRATE a compelling option for individuals seeking effective blood pressure management.

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