Coming on to the next topic of discussion, which is the inflicted pain across the back of the legs, which is quite common in our day to day lives.

We are often faced with a number of conditions that end up causing leg pain and even injury that we are often not even aware of could cause them.

Causes of Back Leg Pain

In order to understand the causes for the back side of the leg pain better, we are going to familiarize with the causes even more so – both in terms of acute and chronic pain symptoms.

As previously noted, we could call that acute pains are the ones ‘sharp’ and ‘sudden’. You at least need a pain killer to tolerate acute pain. However, in contrast, ‘chronic’ pains are ‘dull’ and long-lasting pains.

Acute back leg pain causes

  • Muscle strain
  • Injuries inflicted during exercises
  • Obesity
  • Tendon stretch and strain

Chronic back leg pain causes

  • Tendinitis
  • Varicose veins
  • Peripheral artery disease
  • Spine problems
  • Shin splints
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Chronic venous inefficiency
  • Peripheral artery disease

Red flag symptoms

With the causes aside, it is of high importance to ensure that if you have been experiencing sharp shooting pain around the back of your thigh region and such, it is best suggested ensuring that you do consult a doctor for the condition without thinking any further. That can be a medical emergency, especially if such pain associated with any other symptoms.

But, what are the other red signals that should alert you that it is time to take the problem into consideration, visit your doctor or hospital, and try and get everything in check?

If any of the symptoms below that we are about to mention is something that you have been experiencing all along, it is high time that you do reach out to a doctor about it before it gets too late.

Some of the red flag symptoms include:

  • Steadily rising and dissipating pain that travels to the back from the leg.
  • Inability to sit for more extended periods because of extreme pain.
  • Difficulty in walking for longer distances.
  • Lack of improvement in the condition over time.
  • Pain associated with chest pain, shortness of breath, headaches or vomiting.
  • Any bulging out parts from the leg or leg swelling.
  • High blood pressure or low blood pressure.

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Given the kind of consequences that leg pains bring along with itself, it is quite important to ensure that you do take them into consideration and avoid taking any kind of severe pain for granted.

If you are finding your pain getting worse and not healing, it is best to not self-diagnose. Instead, ensure to consult a doctor and get the problem checked out to ensure that it doesn’t get worse over time.

Not to forget, if the back of the leg pain is due to a cause noted under ‘chronic’ above there are multiple options you have to soothe the pain.

Out of them, heating mats and massagers and nerve stimulation techniques could drastically reduce the pain and improve your lifestyle.


  1. Jessa Pausanos

    Dear Shani,

    This article is very informative and helpful. 

    I would like to know more the effects of Turmeric Cucumin in relieving pain and how does it work, and is it really effective? Also, within how many days I will see the effect? Is it safe for pregnant to take this medicine? Can you please help me with more details. 

    Thank you!

    • Shani

      Dear Jessa,

      Thanks for stopping by, and I am glad that you found the article resourceful.

      Turmeric and curcumin have been used for the treatment of ‘chronic’ pain since the ancient days. Our articles on Natural Remedies For Chronic Back Pain and Knee Joint Pain Remedies go into more details about their possible effects. Saying so, we have not independently reviewed their effectiveness and do not know within how many days you would see the effect.

      A manufacturer of ‘Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine 1500mg’ suggests that the combination promotes the body’s strength to flight with inflammation, and therefore their supplement would provide pain relief and joint support.

      Our recommendation is you to talk to your doctor to clarify the appropriateness of the supplement for you and possible interactions with any other medicines you are on based on your overall health. And, especially if you are pregnant.

      Feel free to write to us
      if you think we can help you more with anything.

      Best wishes.

  2. smac

    Thank you for your informative post about the back of the leg pain causes.  You have provided some great information regarding the different causes of leg pain and some good suggestions for when to seek help.  

    I like your suggestions to use heating mats, massagers and nerve stimulation techniques.  I am sure there are lots of people that have back of the leg pain that will benefit from your post.  

    Thank you for sharing.  

    • MediChannel

      Hi there,

      Thanks for for your comment and we are glad that you found the article resourceful. The comments like the one from yours in return, remind us of our contribution and how important it is to write more for all our beautiful regular readers.

      Links to some of the heating mats, massagers and nerve stimulation techniques we have reviewed are below.

      HealthyLine™ Infrared Heating Mats with different treatment options including FIR therapy (Far Inferred Rays Therapy), Negative ion therapy, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy, Photon light therapy and Hot stone therapy.

      Thumper™ Maxi Pro Electric Massager for back, shoulders, feet or neck pains.

      Quell™ Wearable Pain Reliever with nerve stimulation technology.

      Feel free to contact us if you think we can help you more with anything.

      Best wishes.

  3. Todd Matthews

    Back of the leg pain is no joke and has several causes, which can be either acute or chronic. I’ve dealt with acute pains like simple muscle strains that stemmed from exercise, but nothing chronic, nor do I ever wish I have to experience such pain. 

    My goal in life is to steer clear of chronic leg pain, so taking steps in the prevention of causes of the issues you listed like diabetic neuropathy or shin splints will be the first steps in ensuring I don’t suffer such a pain that is known to curtail the quality of life. 

    Thank you.


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