Suffering from physical discomfort around any part of the body is never pleasurable. We are either stuck with the constant pain radiating all through our body or are technically seeking out medical help for the condition.

What we fail to realize is the fact that we don’t technically know what the root cause of the pain is, be it anywhere, in the hands or even the legs. Knowing the causes helps make the treatment procedure accurate and precise and targets better recovery.

If you have been feeling a sharp shooting pain around your leg and the area adjoining it, chances are that you might be suffering from an underlying health condition or have been injured without you knowing it. Happens to us quite often, doesn’t it?

Whatever the consequences are, it is important that one knows and assesses the causes and symptoms very closely and consult a doctor, if required.

What is Leg Pain?

Now, when we are talking about leg pain, it comes down to the general categorization of the same.

Leg pain isn’t technically localized around just one area of the leg. Often times it is either referred pain or spread around the adjoining areas around the legs, thus making the condition even worse.

To simply place it on the table, leg pain is the phenomenon characterized by the discomfort and sharp stinging pain around the leg region and the areas associated around.

Often times, the pain is either because of a caused injury or an underlying health condition.

For the most part, the same is caused because of the wear and tear of the muscles or the overworking of the leg muscles that we unknowingly indulge in.

Additionally, some diseases and health conditions that cause obstruction to the blood flow and circulation can also be a contributing factor to the condition even more so.

General Overview of Leg Pain Causes

Before we jump right into discussing the salient causes of the leg pain based on the location or association of the pain, we are going to touch bases with some of the general causes and reasons behind the condition that not many of us are even aware of.

Some generalized causes behind the leg pain include:

Let’s get into detail now.

Now that we have walked you through some of the very common and general causes behind the leg pain, it is now time to delve deeper into this topic.

There are quite a few categories and such that do play a crucial role in this prospect. Leg pain could very well be associated with a number of factors, depending on where you are feeling the pain and with what the pain associated with. In other words, the factors aggravate your leg pain.

In order to classify it better and to provide with even more specific information, I have sorted out the possibilities into further options for you to take a peek into.

Leg Pain Causes based on Location of the Pain


Groin Area Pain Causes

Upper Leg, Thigh or Hip to Knee Pain Causes

Knee Joint Pain Causes

Behind the Knee Pain Causes

Lower Leg or Calf Pain Causes

Foot Pain Causes

Back of the leg pain causes

Left or Right Leg Pain Causes

Sometimes, leg pain associated with a specific time of the day or a specific activity. The below articles will tell you more about the possible causes for such pain symptoms.

Leg Pain Causes based on Its Association


Leg Pain at Night Causes

Leg Pain in the Morning Causes

Leg Pain when and after Walking Causes

Leg Pain After Exercise Causes

Knowing much more about causes for your leg pain, now let’s look into some options in smoothing leg pain and its effect on your quality of living.

Preventive Measures and Leg Pain Remedies

While we have walked you through the causes concerning the leg pain and the associated types, it is time we conclude this article with some of the best preventive measures.

Knee Joint Pain Remedies

Back Pain Remedies and Back Pain Treatment Options

Apart from an inflicted injury, if the leg pain is caused because of an underlying health condition, there are actually a number of ways in which one can effectively prevent it from happening. In case there is an underlying medical condition, my advice is to consult your doctor about treatment for that condition, in addition to considering the below remedies.

Maintain an active lifestyle

The very first and most important factor is to lead an active lifestyle.

You’d be surprised to know that your lack of activity in your life can make the muscles inactive, thus causing pain when you put a strain on it all of a sudden. The best way to prevent that is by ensuring that you do indulge in keeping your lifestyle healthy and active.

Go out for a morning jog every day or even just spend 30 minutes in the gym.

Eat healthily

You must be thinking what has the diet got to do with one’s leg pain, right?

Well, given the fact that there are some health conditions which root from the condition of an unhealthy diet.

Try to include more Vitamins and minerals in your diet instead of depending on just junk food.

Whatever the underlying condition for your leg pain is, it is quite important to ensure that you do stick to a diet that provides all the necessary nutrition.

Stretch well

Leg pain because of or following exercise is quite common. The best way to avoid that is by ensuring that you stretch well before the exercise.

Instead of just jumping on the treadmill, try to ensure that you warm up the muscles to prevent any kind of further issues with the pain, muscle fatigue or the issues concerning the unknown injury.


When it comes to the leg pain, as you must have seen from the above, the possibilities, reasons, and causes are quite abundant. All of it comes down to the muscles, bones and the external factors affecting their functionality in the long run. In order to avoid the pain and take good care for better recovery, it is best suggested ensuring that you take the necessary medical help and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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