What is HydroMassage? Why is HydroMassage for Pains, Stress and Muscle Tension daily becoming popular? Broadly speaking, if you have an excruciating experience of pains, stress, or muscle tension, Hydromassage is a perfect solution for you. But, would it help any type of pain?

The manufacturer also asks you to check out how hydro massage can provide you with every benefit that has to do with massage within 10 to 15 minutes a day without spending too much money or even getting wet at the process. But, would it really?

Those are some of the critical questions we will be addressing in this HydroMassage review.

What is HydroMassage Therapy?

Hydro massage is, by definition a spa therapy that makes use of high-pressure water set as tools for massage. As stated on the website of Good Spa Guide, the jets have greater power than those seen in a Jacuzzi or whirlpool tub, and the temperature of the water is usually warmer.

Generally, hydro massage therapy is an ‘old’ age treatment known to improve an array of staggering ailments and also promote general wellbeing.

It included immersion in water, but now, some massage units come with a waterproof membrane to help prevent the contact of the water on the skin.

Who Can Use a HydroMassage?

Almost everyone can use a Hydromassage, but it is very important to speak with your physician first to know if you have irregular heart rhythms, high blood pressure before considering it. You may also not consider the massage if you are just recovering from a surgery, if you are pregnant or have been injured recently.

It is also necessary to avoid a hydro massage session when you have just taken a heavy food or when you have just taken alcohol.

Patients who require spinal manipulation can use Hydromassage ahead of an adjustment. The session will help relax the muscles and also make the adjustment easy.

Hydromassage is an ideal therapy for those who have

Hydromassage can help significantly with any of the above-mentioned conditions and you will feel more relaxed and less pain when you receive regular hydro massage treatment.

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Benefits of Hydromassage

Here are some of the many benefits hydro massage can offer.

  • Improved skin

Only massage therapy can improve blood circulation, which can lead to healthy and glowing skin. Hydromassage, on itself, can assist people who have a more serious skin disease.

A Swiss study noticed that hydro massage reduces abnormal pigmentation, scarring, inflammation, and redness effectively in burn patients.

  • Better circulation

The warm water boosts the circulation of blood in muscles. Weight-lifters and athletes can enjoy better muscle recovery and warm-up through hydro massage.

An Italian study observed that hydro massage lessen improper leg circulation symptoms better than using compression stockings.

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  • Healthier Heart Function

Hydromassage can even provide relief for persons with serious health conditions.

One Russian study proved that immersed hydro massage helped 70% clinical condition of heart attack patients; reduced blood flow episodes become less frequent, reduced chest pain, and increased exercise tolerance. These results were not temporal, more than 60% of the participants retained these results for six months. Also, more than 53% retained these results for up to 12months.

  • Pain relief

Hydromassage can relieve many other kinds of pain by reducing joint pressure, squeezing away muscle tension, and supporting the whole body.

One French research investigated the effect of different types of spa therapy, which include Hydromassage, mineral bathing, and water exercise on a person with generalized Osteoarthritis. At the end of eight months, about 70% of participants experienced improvements that include lesser pain, improved quality of life, and better functioning of the body.

Besides, Hydromassage can help to relieve pain for persons that have sore on their muscles, fibromyalgia, or other types of chronic pain.

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  • Stress relief

Hydromassage has also proven to reduce mental stress and physical tension.

As stated in the Caldera Spas website, submerging the body in warm water can reduce cortisol secretion and any other hormone that connects with stress.

A research carried out by Dr Bruce Becker of Washington State University, showed that submerging in a 102 degree F tube can produce relaxation and reduce anxiety in 25 minutes.

  • Improved sleep

Hydromassage can assist lessen insomnia 
and encourage restful sleep.

Research shows that it is a result of the rising of the body’s internal temperature during Hydromassage sessions and the dropping afterwards. The drop in the body’s internal temperature makes the body to prepare for sleep.

Also, Hydromassage can help sleep by alleviating pressure on the muscles and joints, which reduced some levels of discomfort during sleep.

  • Toxin release

The soft heat of the water is capable enough to push out toxins from the soft tissues and muscles so that the body can discharge them. Hydromassage propels circulation of blood in the lymphatic system, which assists in eradicating wastes.

People with a high level of stress hormone (cortisol) or exposure to dangerous chemicals can immensely benefit from it.

  • All the massage benefits

People who use Hydromassage as a massage form can also enjoy all the standard dry massage benefits. Massage, as reported by Mayo clinic, can assist with; headaches, anxiety, digestive issues, injuries or soft tissue strain, sports injuries, stress-induced insomnia, and myofascial pain syndrome.

  • All the hot tubs benefits

Since Hydromassage therapy happens while immersed in warm water, it also provides the same benefits of hot tubs that include; lessening stress, pain relief, clearer skin, improved sleep, and relaxation.

  • Relive knots and spasms

Hydromassage can get deeper into tissues without causing any pain or discomfort. It allows you to adjust the direction and amount of pressure in each session to meet your desired needs of the day.

  • Provides significant massage in a short time

Hydromassage can give you these great and healthy benefits drawn within just 15 minutes of commencement. A long session can be impressive, but sometimes, people may not be able to save that kind of time and money.

Hydromassage beds are completely dried, to enable you to stay comfortable and fully clothed.

How Does a HydroMassage Chair Work?

Hydromassage chair provides chiropractic patients with massage benefits without getting undressed and the inconveniences of being touched by an unknown person. Just like a powerful shower massager without being wet.

Hydromassage chair utilizes waves of heated water to deliver a creative experience that alone is worth a superb compliment to chiropractic care.

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HydroMassage Chairs (lounges) Review (440/450)

Hydromassage chair lounge is a new product from the company Planet Fitness that produces the most quality water massage technology around the world. The first launch was in 2015.

HydroMassage Chairs

Since then, Hydromassage chair (lounge) models have risen quickly in popularly with hotels, spas, chiropractic offices, and clubs due to their unique, smaller footprint and more user-friendly design.

Tip: If you have foot pain, use a foot massage instead.

Features of HydroMassage Chair

  • Open seated design

It is designed for people who need the benefits of massage but has no desire or time to lie down on the Hydromassage bed and close their eyes.

  • Upright seated position

For maximum comfort and visibility. Generally, users engage themselves with the touch screen and smart apps during the massage
session, making the Hydromassage chair a more social experience.

  • Smaller size

Hydromassage (lounge) medals come with a 35% smaller footprint when compared to the usual beds.

  • Water through air technology

In the process of the massage, the user comfortably rests above the water level, giving stabilization and providing a maximum possible massage pressure.

  • Hydromassage touch screen

Will allow for the massage real-time adjustment and complete personalization.

  • Multimedia content library

During the massage, some users may prefer to relax and close their eyes, while others may boost the experience with sweet tone music, videos, games, wellness articles, internal access, or e-books as it will please them.

  • Preset massage programs

Will allow the users to select from among the pre-programmed massage or even create their ideal massage.

  • LED light panel package

This allows the users to adjust the LED lighting system anytime to match the color or décor of the room.

Hydromassage chair (lounge) is the most technologically advanced among the available water massage interfaces.

HydroMassage Beds Review (340/350)

Hydromassage bed or water massage bed is a device with a flat surface that uses water waves to reduce pain and relieve tension in the body. It moves water jets up and down the body to assist supply comfortable pressure to those areas that feel painful.

HydroMassage Beds

Features of HydroMassage Bed

  • Open Bed-style design

The design helps the user to achieve maximum comfort and flexibility while enjoying the massage experience.

  • A smooth wave travelling massage

The water jets move up and down the user’s body with streams of heated water like a wave, allowing the user to have control over where to channel the massage.

Is HydroMassge Good for Back Pain?

The answer is simply, Yes. Hydromassage treatment is good for pains and aches that may come after works or exercise.

Generally, this massage is a non-invasive treatment that has no serious risk when used to relieve back pain.

Again, Hydromassage beds can be specifically set to the pressure level you may want to feel. Therefore, Hydromassge can provide a soothing water massage to relieve back pain and muscles discomfort after a workout.

How Does It Help Pains?

Hydro massage relieves pain by alleviating joint and muscle tension, reducing muscle fatigue and soreness, and relaxing the muscles.

Hydromassage treatment soothes muscular elasticity, tightness, restriction, muscle spasms, and stiffness. It reduces joint and muscle fatigue by boosting blood circulation, which increases the amount of the nutrient and oxygen available to the muscle. It reduces pain and promotes flexibility by squeezing out muscle tension and promoting relaxation. It also promotes the general body wellbeing.

Is HydroMassage Good for Stress and Anxiety?

Hydromassage can reduce stress and anxiety. It is ideal for stress and anxiety management.

How Does It Help With Stress and Anxiety?

Hydromassage treatment has a positive effect on endocrine and nervous systems. It reduces stress and anxiety and boosts relaxation. Also, it increases serotonin and dopamine levels. Both assist in reducing stress and decreasing depression in people. The levels of cortisol (a hormone that increases stress and hinders immune functions) can also be minimized.

Hydromassage treatment has been proven also to reduce other hormones that promote stress in the body, which includes; epinephrine and norepinephrine hormones.

Hydromassage therapy assists to lessen pain, which on its own part assists in minimizing stress and anxiety, and providing general easing.

Hydromassage Chairs (lounges) vs Hydromassage Beds

Both the hydro massage chairs and hydro massage beds provide users with all the benefits of massage even without being undressed. They both share almost the same feature such as

  • smooth wave traveling massage,
  • water through air technology,
  • Hydromassage touch screen,
  • multimedia content library,
  • preset massage programs,
  • LED lighting panel,
  • Hydromassage desktop software, and
  • many more.

They have different designs, though. Hydromassage lounges come in an open seated design, and it is particularly designed for people who prefer not to lie down while enjoying the benefits of the massage. Hydromassage beds, on the other hand, come in open bed-style designs for individuals who want to achieve total comfort and flexibility during the massage session while lying down.

The Hydromassage lounge model is manageable smaller in size. The footprint is about 35% smaller when compared to the bed models, which makes it easy for lounge models to fit in even in a smaller place.

Hydromassage lounge can be installed in open places, but the bed models are generally installed in private areas. It has a more unique design with a smaller footprint and more users friendly.

Is HydroMassage Good for Muscle Fatigue and Tension?

The body’s muscles are not exempted from the benefits of Hydro Massage therapy. It alleviates muscle fatigue and soreness by softening the muscle fibers, which causes the reduction of muscle spasms. Finally, Hydromassage treatment improves the user’s range of motion as it palliates muscular tension.

Does HydroMassage Help Lose Weight?

A Hydromassage session is equivalent to nearly 3 kilometres of jogging, and it can burn up to 300 kilocalories. When calorie intake is properly managed, it will also help you to reduce weight.

Hydromassage system has the effects of exercise as the body is immersed in water (less gravity, buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, bubbles, and density), it also tones up the body, shaping and slimming it back to the natural body contours.

Also, Hydromassage helps to detox the body internally, allowing a free flow of oxygen which on its own reduces the body’s habitat ability to bacteria and viruses. It helps to eliminate toxicity and waste and provides enhanced vigor and alertness. The environmental condition modern lifestyle and closure of the skin pores may cause weight gain. Hydromassage helps users to release lots of such toxins and metabolic end products that accumulate in the body and flood the body with oxygen.

Some Possible Risks Associated with HydroMassage

People with different health conditions are advised to speak with their doctors or visit the nearest health care provider before the use Hydromassage of any kind.

People with the following conditions should consider that Hydro Massage is ‘risky’ for their wellbeing.

  • Some kind of blood disorder, particularly bleeding, weak or broken capillaries, bruising, or any related conditions.
  • Neurological disorder and symptoms which includes systemic disorder.
  • HIV and AIDs.
  • Any spreadable diseases or infections.
  • Skin disorders like severe acne, eczema, rashes, etc.
  • Any type of acute inflammatory response which includes symptoms like fever, redness, swellings of any form, loss of function, or excessive heat feelings at any body part.
  • Fractures or injuries.
  • Diseases (particularly unstable or acute) like blood pressure disorders (hypotension or hypertension), any neurological or heart conditions, pregnancy, or 2nd or 3rd-degree burns.
  • Any blood clotting condition such as ‘thrombosis’.
  • Any spinal diseases or conditions, especially ruptured, bulging disc, protruded disc or herniated discs.

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How Often Should You Receive HydroMassage?

Using Hydromassage once or two times in a week will certainly provide you with the benefits of water massage, which may include better circulation, alleviate stress and anxiety, soothe muscle tension, and others. You can begin to feel the benefits of Hydromassage treatment in 5 minutes. However, it is better to extend the massage session to about 10 minutes or even longer to ensure maximum benefits.

After your first experience of an Hydromassge session, you can decide to go for any length you prefer for your water massage. Usually, the time duration for a Hydromassage treatment is generally between 15 to 30 minutes. Not more than that!


Warm water can cause dehydration or low levels of blood sodium and electrolyte, and hydration must be maintained.

The temperature of the water should be monitored carefully, especially for people with temperature sensitivity diseases like neuropathy.

Individuals with implanted medical devices like pacemakers, liver infusion pumps, or defibrillators are advised to avoid Hydromassage or any treatments that have to do with electrical currents.

Content with additives or contaminants in water, such as chlorine or essential oil
may irritate the skin. If the water is not sterile, it may lead to skin infections mainly in people with open wounds. Several cases have been reported that bacteria and dermatitis skin infection occurred after whirlpool or hot tub use.

Hydromassage shouldn’t take the place of going to see a specialist or your health care provider for diagnosis and proper treatment with improved therapies and techniques.

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Hydromassage techniques may be useful for a wide range of health problems, but it should not be the only approach to illness. Before using Hydromassage, ensure you contact your health care provider.