Living with diabetes is undoubtedly a big challenge. You will need to monitor your blood glucose well, keep active, and have to watch your diet and lifestyle. You also have to pierce your finger many times a day when you need insulin, if you have a latter stage type 2 diabetes or Type 1. In this regard, one company suggest there is a solution called Sumifun Nature Pro Diabetic Patch. They suggest you can easily and conveniently live with diabetes, thanks to technology.

In this SumiFun NaturePro Diabetic Patch Review, we will cover how true are those claims and will check out how NaturePro product can help you manage diabetes.

What is the Sumifun NaturePro Diabetic Patch?

Sumifun Nature Pro diabetic patch is one of the most convenient and effective solutions for high blood sugar levels and diabetes that is available today, according to the manufacturer.

The company says that it contains Rehmannia root, with many other natures, ‘wonder ingredients’ that are effective in treating diabetes and reducing the levels of blood sugar.

About Sumifun NaturePro Diabetic Patch

This smart diabetes patch contains several ingredients such as extracted from

  • Rehmannia,
  • Trihosonthin,
  • rhizome,
  • arrowroot,
  • berberine,
  • astragalus.

Yam herbal diabetic treatment focuses on controlling the circulation of blood and Q1 and helps to balance organ systems to boost pancreatic function.

They say it contains insulin (pre-loaded) in each tiny microneedles that send medicine into the body quickly whenever the levels of blood glucose get to a particular level. The patch also slows down the delivery of insulin when the levels of the blood sugar normalized.

The researchers stated that one of the advantages is that it helps to avoid insulin overdose, which may lead to seizures, coma, hypoglycemia, or even death.

Sumifun Nature Pro Diabetic Patch promise to reduce the need for constantly checking on the patient’s blood glucose, and insulin injection when needed.

How Diabetic Patches Work?

The diabetic patch microneedles are designed with a glucose-sensing polymer, covered with insulin when it is applied to the skin, they (the microneedles) penetrate the skin and they can sense the levels of your blood sugar.

Each micro needle (smaller than 1 millimeter long) does not go too deep into the body that makes it less painful when compared to a pinprick. The microneedles move about a half millimeter into the skin, and that is good enough to transfer into the body.

Extracted from Rehmanniae, Sumifun nature Pro diabetic patch claim it can help to reduce the levels of blood sugar using natural healing ingredients. It contains popular ancient Chinese traditional herbs that were used to control diabetes.

Rehmanniae is a natural product used to lower blood glucose levels for a very long time, combined with other natural ingredients, can treat deep pain, poor memory, numbness, pain in the limbs, frequent urination, and shortness of breath.

Sumifun Nature Pro diabetic patch comes in 6 pieces in a pouch.

What are the Benefits of Sumifun Nature Pro Diabetic Patch?

  • It assists in controlling diabetes

This diabetic patch has a noticeable effect on hypoglycemia in some people. The anti-diabetic properties assist in controlling blood glucose levels more effectively. Also, it claims to boost the levels of blood insulin to reduce blood sugar levels.

  • It assists in regulating blood pressure

The patch helps to regulate blood pressure which is clinically proven based on low-quality research.

The research was carried out with about 60 persons, with a diabetic patch for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, it showed that the people had a noticeable drop in serum cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

  • It helps to relieve fatigue

The contents of the patch contain adrenal properties. These herbal properties mimic adrenal tonic and work wonders to promote the function of adrenal in the body giving great energy in some people.

  • It promotes hair growth

The patch’s natural healing ingredients help to balance and regulate hormone levels, which, on the other hand, help to boost hair growth.

  • It helps to reduce Osteoporosis

The Sumifun nature Pro diabetic patch encourages the activities and growth of the bone-forming cells known as Osteoblasts. It suppresses the activities and growth of bone tissue reabsorbing cells called Osteoclasts.

  • It is a non-invasive therapy

This diabetic patch from Sumifun provides the user with the option of managing cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, and hormones without injecting insulin or taking drugs. The manufacturer claims!

  • It is a very discreet treatment

In your busy schedule, you can conveniently use the Sumifun Nature Pro Diabetic Patch and still enjoy all its benefits. You can also use your cloth to cover this product and easily and freely move around without being detected.

Note. Sumifun nature Pro diabetic patch does not permanently cure diabetes but may help you to reduce the levels of blood glucose using natural healing ingredients. The manufacturer says it is also good for individuals with both type 1 and types 2 diabetes.

Who Cannot Use This Diabetic Patch?

This diabetic patch may not be safe for nursing mothers and pregnant women. Therefore, they must stay away from this product as it could be harmful to their infant.

It is also instructed to people with any kind of skin damage or skin allergies not to make use of these patches as it could cause more harm than good.

How to Use These Diabetic Patches

While we do not recommend these patches, if you wish to use the SumiFun patch, follows the below instructions.

  • Clean your navel area with clean, warm water and then place the patch on it.
  • You can use one patch for 3 to 4 days. After the few days of use, remove the patch and clean the skin.
  • You can also apply these patches on the biceps, though the most preferred place is the navel area.

Thousands of patients with type 2 diabetes were able to minimize their intake of diabetic patch treatment (one treatment of six patches).

You can even bath and shower while putting on the patch. It resists sweat, and also allows users to do rigorous activities or sports.

Does the Sumifun Nature Pro Diabetic Patch Have Any Side Effects?

This diabetic patch has proven to be efficient and safe without any record of possible side effects, according to the manufacturer.

The content of it meant to safely penetrate through the body and deliver its health benefits but, if you experience any negative effect, you can then stop making use of the product.

Legal disclaimer

Due to biological and individual differences, specific results from this diabetic patch product may vary from person to person. Most people claim it only comes with a placebo effect. We do not encourage you to use this product.

Below is Sumifun’s marketing video.

YouTube video

Tip: ActiPatch works for Back pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, Sciatica, Leg Pain, and Muscles and Joint Pain. And, it is approved by the FDA too.


Don’t forget the following.

  • This product can only be used for external purposes.
  • Users are instructed to continue with chemical medicine even as they may use this diabetic patches.
  • It is also necessary to constantly examine your blood sugar level and note them down as usual.
  • Always talk to your doctor before using a patch such as this one together with any other medication you may take.
  • It is also required to continue with other pharmaceutical drugs even after using the diabetic patches, and keep assessing and taking a record of the blood sugar levels. After two to three weeks, about 80% of the user’s blood sugar will lessen, and then you begin to curtail the use of these chemical drugs from time to time, and gradually. Then finally, you consult your health care provider to ascertain when you can completely stop using other drugs.

Features of Sumifun Nature Pro Diabetic Patch

  • This diabetic patch from Sumifun nature Pro uses natural properties to lower blood sugar levels.
  • It is effective, saves costs, and safe, but that’s largely according to the company.
  • The patches are natural and have no negative effect or damage to the internal organs.
  • It lowers blood glucose levels. This patch is ‘proven clinically’ to be a natural formula in normalizing blood sugar levels and regulating the circulation of blood.
  • Delivers a fast result. The patches work faster penetrating through the skin and deliver the necessary ingredients into the blood vessels. This introduces the natural ingredients in the circulatory system and minimizes the sugar levels. The natural ingredients also permeate through all the body parts, getting to those areas that need healing.
  • Easy to use. It doesn’t require extra help to use, quite simple, and very easy to use.
  • Higher positive effects. This diabetic patch has shown to have up to 92% of the positive effect on all kinds of people and ages. But, this may be possibly a placebo effect.


Sumifun nature Pro diabetic patch is applicable and effective to both type1 and type 2 diabetes.

It is also used to control some conditions such as weakness around the muscles, fatigue, thirst, polyuria, blurred vision, polyphagia, enough intakes of liquid, swelling, constipation, and itching on the skin that comes as a result of poor regulation of blood sugar caused by diabetes. Furthermore, it is used to treat cold, difficulty in urinating, forgetfulness, feet and hands numbness, and limb pain symptoms.

Our Verdict

2 star out of 5 stars


Sumifun Nature Pro diabetic patch could improve the levels of your blood glucose to reduce any chronic complications that come with diabetes in some people. You can add this diabetic patch product together with your medication to experience the efficacy of its natural properties, after consulting your doctor.


  1. Heike

    I’m not having diabetes but I decided to use it to enhance health.
    However I had a terrible skin rush around my naval.
    The area is very delicate, so is there another part of the body were you can use it ?

  2. Bernard Hudon

    I am using it for the first time and I hope it will help me with my type 2 diabete.

  3. Jane

    After using these patches and sugar levels are normal what then happens?
    Are you healed or you will again go back to drugs and insulin or go back again and start the process of using the patches?


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