Cefaly Technology is a company based in Belgium that specializes in electronic medical applications, which has built a preventive and acute migraine treatment device called Cefaly®.

This device is an external cranial neurostimulation machine. The stimulation is applied on the forehead with the use of a soft-adhesive electrode bilaterally positioned over trigeminal nerve upper branches, which are a part in the migraine mechanism.

The Cafaly device generates very accurate electrical impulses that allow the stimulation of the trigeminal nerve.

The safety and efficacy profile of this technology is wonderfully surpassing that of much anti-migraine medication. It also gives a user satisfaction migraine medication is not able to give, and it can also be administered to persons in whom anti-migraine drugs are not tolerated. Of course, it can work together with any medication the patient takes in the management of migraine headache.

Although there are many positive things about this device, something our readers regularly ask us is whether Cefely an Effective Treatment for Migraine in all migraine victims. Whether Cefaley is really safe? Could it result in long-term psychological or psychiatric diseases? And more.

The intention of our Cefaly Anti-migraine Device Review is to address all those burning questions.

Before all, let’s explore the Cefaly Device more in detail.

Models of Cefaly Device

Cefaly has 3 different models, and they are called ‘acute’, ‘prevent’ and ‘dual’. We are going to look at them one after the other.


The Acute model is a model that has only one set, as the name goes, it is used to handle an acute or severe migraine attack in order to relieve or stop the headache pain.

The duration for the acute session is usually set for an hour with a frequency of high impulse that must be utilized during a migraine attack.


The prevent model has the same setting as that of the acute, a single setting, which is meant for the prevention of migraines.

The setting for this model session is usually 20 minutes with a frequency of low impulse to be practiced every day more suitably in the evenings.


The Dual model comes with two settings; the acute setting by one hour with a frequency of high impulse that must be used during a migraine attack, and the prevent the setting of the frequency of low impulse to be utilized every day.

Who Needs a Cefaly Device?

Cefaly is meant for people who are suffering from migraines with or without aura, especially when consumption of drugs needs to be minimized.

The 3 models of Cefaly also have different purposes in patients with varying stages of migraine.

Acute Cefaly

Cefaly Acute is for individuals who need only treatment for acute migraine, but do not need migraine prophylaxis. Cefaly acute is intended for patients without regular migraine attacks and patients that already have a good working migraine preventive treatment.

Prevent Cefaly

Cefaly Prevent is intended for individuals who are being affected with migraine attacks 3 times or more within a month and would require only migraine prophylaxis.

Dual Cefaly

Cefaly Dual is for patients that need the treatments for acute migraine and at the same time migraine prophylaxis because of the encounter more than 3 migraine attacks in a month.

How Cefaly Should Be Used?

Cefaly is not difficult to use. The majority of users find it easy to make use of the Cefaly session, which automatically starts with a press of a single button.

A Cefaly session includes six stages in practice.

1. Cleansing the skin

It is advisable to use soap and water to cleanse the forehead carefully first before using the device. This step is crucial as it helps to remove the oil on the skin surface to enable the electrode stick properly and effectively to your skin.

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2. Positioning the electrode

It is necessary to use a mirror to help position the electrode correctly on the forehead. The electrode’s narrowest part should be pointing towards the nose and the curved lower edge placed above the eyebrows.

3. Placing Cefaly

The device should be held, and the backside of the device brought with the two magnets against the electrode’s central part.

The electrodes 2 contact zones attract the device and automatically positions it.

4. Starting

The starting process differ depending on the Cefaly model.

Dual Model (Acute and Prevent setting) for Program 1:

The button should be pressed once. As soon as program one is selected, the device will beep once. Program one is for migraine attack treatment.

For Program 2:

The button should be pressed twice. The moment program two is selected, the device will beep twice. This particular program is for migraine prevention.

Acute Model (Acute: 1 setting).

The session starts with the press of a button and the device beeps once.

5. Intensity Adjustment

The intensity increases gradually in 14 minutes during the session. When the intensity becomes too high, it should be stabilized by pressing on the button once. This will normalize the sensation and it will not increase again on its own throughout the session.

Again, the intensity can be increased by pressing and holding the button. The intensity increases when the button is pressed and stabilizes when the button is released.

6. Duration and ending session

At the end of each session, the device switches off automatically (Acute setting is one hour and Prevent setting is 20 minutes) the device is removed by pulling it forward out of the electrode.

The Cefaly Electrode (Forehead Electrode)

Cefaly functions with an electrode that is placed on the forehead.

The electrode is standard quality, and each electrode can be used for up to twenty times.

It is essential to cleanse and remove skin oil from the forehead so that the electrode will stick effectively to the skin. Soap and water is recommended for cleansing the skin.

After using the electrode, it should be put back to its plastic clear backing strip and kept in its pouch to keep it from drying.

Cefaly Indication – When You Should Use the Cafaly Device?

Migraine without aura (common migraine)

This particular type of migraine attack comes without any pre-existing warning, and it can last from 4 to 72hours. There are no symptoms between attacks. The pain is violent and often on the side of the head and usually been associated with vomiting or nausea.

Patients who experience migraine without aura usually find it challenging to tolerate noise and light.

The effectiveness of Cefaly will, first of all, be used as a preventive measure so that it will have to reduce the level of the migraine attacks significantly. Cefaly also reduces pain during the attack.

Migraine with aura

In this case, the attack usually comes before neurological symptoms like tingling sensation in a part of the body and sometimes, a blind spot in a visual field.

The main attack can last for periods of 4 to 72 hours. It also has no symptoms between the attack.

Its pairs are violent, often on the side of the head usually been associated with vomiting and nausea. Patients who are suffering from migraine with aura finds it challenging to tolerate noise and light.

The effectiveness of Cefaly will, first of all, be used as a preventive control so that it will reduce the level of the migraine attacks significantly. Cefaly also reduces pain during the attack.

Ocular migraine (migraine with visual aura)

The attack usually goes before the visual aura that always looks like a blind spot (scotoma) in the vision field, frequently with flashing outlines.

People suffering from such attacks also mention as the ophthalmic migraine the moment the steady attack pain is felt around the eye.

The effectiveness of Cefaly will, first of all, be used as a preventive measure so that it will reduce the level of the migraine attacks significantly. Cefaly also reduces pain during the attack.

Episodic migraine

These migraines (with aura or common) are characterized by their varying lengths of attacks (4 to 72hours).

They have no symptoms between attacks. The attack frequency varies, from once a month (or even less) to as many times a week.

The effectiveness of Cefaly will, first of all, be used as a preventive measure so that it will reduce the level of the migraine attacks significantly. Cefaly also reduces pain during the attack.

Chronic migraine

This migraine has been going on for some time, and its attack is quite frequent. The headache lasts at a minimum of half of the time. These patients suffer from migraine headaches for more than 14 days in 30 days.

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The effectiveness of Cefaly has been proven in episode migraines. In chronic migraines, it is not entirely certain about Cefaly effectiveness, but still, many patients show satisfaction with Cefaly effectiveness. Most notably about its assistance in reducing drug consumption.

Tension-type headaches

Tight or pressure-type pain, always pictures as a bar on the right and left of the inner part of the head.

Front tension headache type is not associated with visual disturbances or vomiting.

Migraine is the major indication for Cefaly, but the record shows that Cefaly can be very beneficial for many patients that suffer anterior tension headaches too.

Cervicogenic occipital neuralgia

Occipital neuralgia is an inflammation or irritation of the occipital nerve.

The pain is sharp like an electric shock or a burn, going through the neck to the top of the head. It often takes off from the cervical spine and it is commonly caused by arthrosis, injuries and many more.

This neuralgia type is not too common and is always indistinguishable with migraine whenever the pain begins at the occipital region.

Cefaly comes with an occipital electrode that is meant to work specifically at the level of the key occipital nerve.

Key Features of the Cefaly Device

The new Cefaly Electromagnetic Unit has a few new features

  • • The spectacle hand is replaced with magnetic contacts.
  • • Instead of battery-powered, it is now USB cable rechargeable.
  • • Considering the comfort of the user, the device’s sound has been toned down.
  • • For better comfort of the user, the intensity of the sensation from the device is now minimal.
  • • The size is now smaller (compact).

What’s in the Cafaly Box?

The Cefaly set contains the following items.

Ø Details of Cefaly device instruction manual

Ø Skin-cleansing wipe

Ø Cefaly electrode

Ø Storage case

Ø Power adapter plus cable.

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The Safety of Cefaly – Is It Safe Enough?

A survey indicates that Cefaly is safe. The research suggests that only about 4 % of the users experienced adverse reactions but none was critical.

Among the most common adverse reactions were paraesthesia
on the side of stimulation and fatigue. Local skin reaction was the most serious reaction assumed to be a reaction to the acrylate in adhesive and it was noticed in two subjects. After the trial of the 40 days, about 55 % of users expressed their satisfaction and were willing to get the device for continual usage.

The Cefaly device in clinical practice can be regarded as a low-risk preventive device that reduces the frequency of headache in about half of people who suffers episodic migraine.

• Notably, Observed side effects of Cefaly in about 4% of patients.

• The side effects were gentle and completely reversible.

• Most common: the impact of the electrode on allergic skin-related side effects were common.

The Most Common Side Effects of Cefaly

The research suggested below as the most common side effects.

• Intolerance to the Cefaly sensation on the forehead: 1:25% of patients who received treatment

• Going through stress or fatigue while in session and out of the session:0.65% of patients who received treatment

• Having a headache after the session. 0.52% of patients who received treatment

• Experiencing irritation of the skin: 0.22% of patients who received treatment

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Cefaly User Restriction – When You Should Not Use Cefaly?

The Cefaly Company has stated that this particular device shouldn’t be used under any of the following circumstances.

• While driving.

• During the space of 3 months of trauma to the face or skull.

• When having a skin condition or a rash on the forehead where the electrode should be placed.

• If allergic to acrylate.

• If having a pacemaker.

• When you are under the age of 18.

Remember, Cefaly is meant for adults only. The FDA warned that a person under the age of 18 should not attempt using this device.

Cefaly Device Vs. TENS device – How Different Cefaly from TENS?

Cefaly is categorized by the FDA as the TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) unit, but it is specifically more of an ETNs (external trigeminal nerve stimulation) unit.

The Cefaly premise is similar to other neurostimulation that is being tested for the treatment of migraine. As the trigeminal nerve is included in the migraine pathway, it is suggested that its stimulation will be of help to migraine prevention.

The regular TENS unit is not to be used in the position of Cefaly.

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The result of Cefaly gives varies from person to person. Some users begin to notice relief in about four weeks, while others already have had relief by the two-month work.

Tip: TENS is different form IFC, Alpha-Stim and EMS. We have previously covered the uses of those technologies. Just follow the links to learn more…

Benefits of Cefaly

• Cefaly helps in reducing the frequency of migraines.

A person that suffers four attacks in a month may only experience it once in a month as far as Cefaly is involved. Research studies further reveal that migraine patients responded to Cefaly treatment reduced the consumption of their anti-migraine drugs by up to 75%.

Patients, in many cases, were able to stop taking drugs entirely for their migraines. That also means that many Cefaly users usually have some leftover of their drugs because certainly there wasn’t any need to take them.

• Cefaly also helps to reduce tension in the head and necks, which is very important as the pains start from the back of the neck before reaching the head axis.

• Cefaly helps to return normal metabolic activities in the brain of the user, which indicates that Cefaly assists in restoring the brain areas that are involved in emotional behavior and decision-making.

• In a recent study, Cefaly was found to reduce the headache pain intensity significantly during a migraine attack.

Cutting out on Cefaly Device While on Session – Caution!

Here are a few things that could cause a Cefaly device to cut out while on a session.

• The most common thing is the battery door.

The battery door has to shut up the property. The door must be closed and the flap completely pushed up until it clicks door locking in place.

• The metal electrode that is sticking out of the Cefaly device should look triangular. And if it’s not, that could be the reason for the cutting out because the contact of the electrode and the skin will be poor.

• It is advisable to replace the battery with new AAA alkaline batteries (rechargeable batteries are not advisable).

• Sometimes the electrodes need to be changed because after multiple using it may not be securely sticking on.

Cefaly Warranty

The Cefaly device is fully protected against defective components and faulty workmanship for a good 3 years beginning from the date of purchase of the device.

So, it is recommended to keep the sales receipt or invoice safe because that could be the only proof that the device was purchased from an authorized distributor.

Damages caused by nips falls, knocks are not covered by the warranty. Also, the warranty does not include devices that show signs of poor handling.

The device will be either replaced or be repaired without any charge by an authorized service provider during the 3 years warranty period depending on the level of the fault.

User Review

Here are the comments we received from two of Ceflay users.

  • A user who has recommended the use of Cefaly said that her migraine started after her child was 28 had headache centered above her eyebrow and over to the back of the head.

She has equally tried everything on and off-market even resulted in an unknown medication with extreme side effects that were unpleasant and yet yielded no result. Still, the moment she laid her hands on Cefaly, she got back to her normal life.

  • Another user who also confirms the effectiveness of this product admits that though she been busy as a lawyer yet, she carefully followed all the steps she was given by using Prog. 1 of Cefaly for 5 minutes at weekends, and after that she never experienced a migraine for over five weeks.


Cefaly device, which was approved by the FDA is one of a kind device that handles and prevents chronic migraine headaches.

It has a reliable 3-year warranty period, but be sure to attend to any faults if anything goes wrong within the period.

It is a lightweight, innovative device that effectively relieves migraine pain. It is a highly recommended product.

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