In this Sharper Image Total Hand Compression Massager Review, we will be looking into all the strengths and gaps in the Hand Compression Massager, helping you to decide, if it is a suitable massager for you.

One of the most used parts of your body is your hands, we use them virtually for all our daily activities. So, it is not a surprise that our hands are prone to fatigue, sometimes pain due to sore and stiff hand muscle or joint pain. They are uncomfortable and can slow down or prevent us from working efficiently.

Very few people are aware of how important it is to relax their hands at the end of their daily activities. While we pamper and take care of other parts of our body with a body massager, we don’t have to forget to pamper our hands as well.

Without taking proper care and pampering our hands, the hands can sustain recurring injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome or experience a reduced range of motion.

And, one way of doing to take care of your tired hands is to give our hand a massage. This will hit all the trigger points on the hands, restore the hands and help us to relax. However, because most of us have a busy schedule and don’t have time to visit a professional massage therapist, so if you wish to use a device, there is a need to get a hand massager of good quality. This will not only save us time, and we can massage our hands whenever we want.

Sharper Image air compression hand massager is a quality massager with the right features to pamper your hands, calm and give you a relaxing experience.

Before jumping into the massager itself, let’s look at benefits of massaging hands, more in detail.

Massaging the Hands – What are the Benefits?

According to Chinese traditional medicine, the hands have reflexology points for all the important parts of the body. It is believed that massaging your hands has many benefits aside from relieving and restoring the hands.

The following are some of those benefits of massaging the hands.

  • Hand massage can help your whole body to relax

When the hands are massaged, it is believed that these points release stress and restore balance in the entire body. That helps your whole body to relax just like when you massage your foot.

  • Having a relaxed body and mind will help you to enjoy a sound sleep.
  • Helps to boost blood circulation

With all the work we use our hands for, our hands are most likely to get stiff, sore and painful. Massaging those hands will help oxygen to flow easily to your hands which will not only ease pain, get rid of any knot and stiffness, but can also help avert or relieve symptoms related to many hand conditions.

For example, symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and tennis elbow.

  • It boosts your immunity

Massaging the hands stimulates the lymphatic system which boosts the production of white cells that fight against diseases, thereby, boosting your immunity as well.

  • Restores strength and balance in your hands.
  • Can ease numbness due to diabetic neuropathy.
  • Helps loosen and straighten trigger fingers, that is fingers with tendon issues that are lock up and stuck in a bent position.
  • Quick Pain Relief and recovery

Hand massage can help to hasten the healing and recovery from a hand injury or sprain.

Hand Massagers

Hand massagers are designed specially to pamper your whole hand to relieve our hands of any pain, sore and numbness.

They restore your hands, help you to relax, ease stress in your hands and reduce muscle pain by gently squeezing away the muscle knots.

They help to prevent or relieve inflammation on the hands. While hand massagers do not only target the reflexology trigger points, it can also help to relieve ‘chronic’ conditions that affect the hands like symptoms associated with arthritis and carpal tunnel.

These Hand massagers designed for home-use are usually portable for easy carriage and are easy to use. All you will have to do is to switch ii On and place your hand in the chamber for a few minutes.

They provide a spa-like massage that is easily accessible, it saves you money because they are less expensive compared to regular visits to a professional massage parlor.

Top of that you can use them to massage your hands at the comfort of your home, helping you to relax more.

Most of them feature variables, from different heat, pressure and intensity levels, so that you can choose the setting you prefer.

What To Look For In a Quality Hand Massager?

An effective have massager should have the following features.

  • Heat option

Heat promotes blood circulation and relieves stiff connective tissues in your joints. This can help in relieving pain, swelling and edema, making you more comfortable and range of motion in your hands.

  • Compression

Hand massagers that feature air compression work in a similar way as the air compression massager.

They are designed with air pressure bags that inflate and deflate to create compression effect which squeezes your hands to boost blood circulation and ease pain, inflammation and fatigue.

  • Vibrating option

Vibration can help restore energy to your hands and help them to feel light instead of feeling tired and heavy. Vibration also helps loosen tight muscles in the hands.

  • Power source

Does the massager use electricity or battery? And, if it is a battery, how long does it last? Can you easily take it along with you anywhere without worrying about how long it will last before running out the battery of power supply? Go for a massager with a long-lasting battery.

  • The intensity level and modes

Look for a massager with variable intensities and different massage modes.

Sharper Image Total Hand Compression Massager Review


This is an easy to operate top-quality air compression hand massager. It helps to restore the hands and gives a relaxing experience.

All you have to do for a massage is to place your entire hand in the chamber covered with soft cloth lining and switch it on.

On the top is an easy to use control panel.

The air pressure bags inflate and deflate to knead the aches and stress away. It features two massage modes with adjustable intensity, automatic shutoff timer and optional heat to help boost blood circulation.

Available in 2 colours – black and white.

Fits hands measuring up to 8.5 inches length from the tip of the middle finger to the wrist.

It is powered by plugging the massager into an AC outlet or for inserting 4 AA batteries for cordless use.

The massager comes with a limited 1-year warranty from Sharper Image.

This device is returnable only if it is unused and still in its original unopened package because it is a personal care item.

Features of the Sharper Image Total Hand Compressor

  • The simple Sharper Image design makes it easy to use.
  • Uses air compression to massage the whole hand.
  • You can take it along when traveling because it is portable and lightweight.
  • The soft cloth-lined chamber makes it comfortable to use.
  • Comes with variable intensity —

-High intensity

-low intensity

  • Optional heat of high and low heat
  • Automatic shutoff timer (automatically shuts off in 5, 10 or 15 minutes)

• Two massage modes:

– Basic massage mode: all the air pressure bags inflate at the same time with the options for high, medium and low pressure.

– Wave massage: air pressure bags inflate and deflate alternately to create a rolling/kneading effect with the options for high, medium and low pressure.

  • Quick-release button which is a back-up safety switch you can use in case if your hand hurts during a massage.
  • 2 ways of powering it. You can either use an AC adapter to power or 4 AA batteries for cordless use.
  • Accommodates hand measuring up to 8.5” in length
  • Comes with it own AC adapter


  • Consult a doctor before using any massager. That’s our general recommendation.
  • Do not use this hand massager while wearing sharp jewellery
    or with sharp fingernails.

Pros – Highlights of Sharper Image Total Hand Compressor

  • Simple and easy to use control.
  • Inside the chamber is covered with soft cloth lining to give more comfort.
  • The quick-release button is very ‘handy’.
  • Automatic timer

Cons – Gaps of Sharper Image Total Hand Compressor

  • Small and tight for large hands
  • Doesn’t have a vibration option.


Dimension 11 x 7.8 x 4.8 inches
Weight 1.83 Lbs
Modes 2
Variable intensity Yes
Heat therapy High/low
Type Cordless
Coverage From fingertips to wrist


No doubt that massaging your hand can help to get rid of stiff joints and improve circulation. It can also help you to sleep, and relieve you of headaches. It will help alleviate pain, inflammation and ease muscle cramps that may make your hands stiff and prevent you from being efficient.

Given most of us are too busy to go to a spa to get a hand massage, getting a personal hand massager is a very good idea.

Sharper Image air compression hand massager is an ideal choice with the right feature to pamper those hands with tender loving care. Go ahead and spoil those precious hands.

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