Our legs and feet take a beating over the years, from long tiring hours at work. We often suffer from sore feet, calluses, corn and foot pain. Wearing ill-fitting shoes also contributes as a major cause of foot problems says the National Institute of Health.

A good home Foot and Leg Spa is a great way to unwind, de-stress and rejuvenate after a rough day’s work.

‘If you’re looking for a good pick look no further, Sharper Image Foot and Leg Spa comes with all the essential features that rubs the pain and discomfort away and for the right price.’ That’s what Sharper Image says. But, is that that simple?

Let’s find out more about their spa in this Sharper Image Foot and Leg Spa Review.

What is Sharper Image Foot and Leg Spa?

Spending a little time to pamper your feet not only makes you feel better about yourself, but improves your health. Sharper Image has made it possible to enjoy a spa-like experience from the comfort of your home with the versatile Foot and Leg Spa.

The massage bubbles cover from your feet up to your calves, to provide maximum comfort to your legs. It is simple to work around and use, just by pouring warm water to the maximum level and turning it on. Turn on the massage bubbles and attain ultimate comfort, especially around the aching area.

With temperature levels that can also be adjusted to satisfaction, and four motorized rolling massage function, sharper Image Foot and Leg Spa has earned a spot as the best high-end Spa.

But why do you need a Foot and Leg Spa? What are the benefits attached to it? We’ll be looking into some of those health benefits and facts about Sharper Image Foot and Leg Spa.

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Health Benefits of Foot and Leg Spa

In case you’re wondering how foot and leg spa contributes to your well-being, here are some answers to your question.

  • A relaxed feet is a happy soul

Sliding into a foot spa is a bliss that unknots tensed nerves and relieves pain.

Even with several therapeutic treatments and medications that help deal with depression and anxiety, having a foot and leg spa is still extensively believed in making all the difference in relieving anxiety, mental stress and reducing high blood pressure.

Sharper Image Foot and Leg Spa hydrotherapy massage improves circulation and blood flow after a long rough day.

  • General improvement in mood and well-being

The therapeutic and invigorating experience of foot and leg spa leaves you feeling energized, recharged and in a good mood.

A simple 15 – 20 minutes session a few times in a week brings a ton of benefits and does wonders to your mind and body with minimal effort.

  • Relieves headaches and migraines

With foot and leg spa massage therapy, headaches can be treated; stress which is the number one headache trigger can also be reduced with a good foot rub.

Basically, a Foot and Leg Spa helps to:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve blood flow and circulation
  • Reduce the effects of edema
  • Reduce headaches and migraines
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Prevent foot injuries and offer therapy for ankle
  • Reduce PMS symptoms
  • Improve sleep and relaxation

Product Description

Sharper Image Foot and Leg Spa is a 17.5 X 15 X 12.5, 9.5Lbs calf deep water sized product that soaks away your tension and stimulates the reflex zones of your feet with it’s two hydro jets massage function.

The automatic rollers underneath the water combine with rejuvenating air bubbles and adjustable temperature (95°F – 116°F) to soothe and pamper your legs and feet.

The digital display shows the current water temperature while “Temp Plus” and “Temp Minus” button adjust temperature levels.

You can turn on the rolling massage by pressing the “massage” button, and adjust the water jets timer with “timer set”, and then turn the “red light” therapy on.


  • Customized water temperature regulation (95°F – 116°F)
  • Automatic water temperature balancing system
  • 4 motorized massage rollers
  • Red light therapy and 2 water jets that stimulate the foot reflex zones
  • Provides a hot – tub spa for legs and feet with the calf-deep water container
  • Fits women feet up to size 12 and men’s feet up to size 13
  • Has static water drainage function
  • Protection cover keeps water from spilling out
  • Built-in mobile caster and portable handle allows for easy transport and storage
  • Timer (ranging between 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 minutes; default timer set at 30 minutes)

Getting Ready

Foot and leg spa is to be used while placed directly on the floor.

Use the spa indoors only and never outdoor, and ensure it is levelled on the floor at all times. The best place to use your spa is in a nice open area in your home, away from heat sources, pets and children. Then find a comfortable chair to sit on, and begin.

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How To Use It?

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Before you begin, go through the guidelines in the manual for more detailed information. Once you’re comfortably set up, then it’s time to start pampering your legs.

  • Fill the foot and leg spa to the maximum level indicated; it is recommended to use warm water to reduce the time it’ll take to heat up.
  • Plug the unit to a power source and turn it on before dipping your feet in.

(Note: Temperature is automatically initiated when turned on and regulates at a maximum of 108°F by default, but default temperature can be reset according to preference).

Using the temperature control, set your desired temperature level, and allow it to heat up to your desired setting.

  • Then turn on the rolling massage and set to the desired mode between slow to fast. (Default timer for rolling massage is set to 15 minutes). The water jet bubble spa is also set to a default spa massage time of 30 minutes, and can be adjusted to a preferred time.
  • There are many foot spas without the option of using a herbal bag or bath salts, but thankfully Sharper Image foot and leg spa accommodates the use of bath salts and herbal bags.

You can add a herbal bag inside the water container, but ensure it doesn’t break and clog the filter or water pump.

  • Once you’re finished with your session, remove your feet first before turning off the spa, and unplug.

Note: It is recommended not to use this spa for no longer than 60 minutes at a time.

Foot and Leg Spa Hygiene

Our feet and legs which are often overused carry germs and bacteria which are deposited into the spa during each pampering session. The California Department of Consumer Affairs (CDCA) encourages keeping the foot and leg spa clean and disinfected is also a part of taking care of your feet and preventing infections.

Common infections from foot and leg spa use is skin boils usually caused by a bacteria Mycobacterium fortuitum, which eventually develops into pus and leaves open wounds.

Without using strong abrasives or cleaning agents, pour clean water into the water container and turn on for a couple of extra minutes or more. Then drain the water from the drainage pipe to clean out its water pipe and filter.

In the end, using a soft dry towel, gently clean up the control panel and water container.

Caution/Safety Instruction

Sharper Image and The Environmental Protection Agency has warned that people with certain conditions shouldn’t just go for a foot and leg spa, as it can worsen their situation.

Seek advice from a healthcare professional first before opting for a Foot and Leg Spa with the following conditions.

There have been many reported benefits and improvements among the elderly who use this Spa, but they must seek a healthcare professional’s advice before opting for it too. They must also be used by the elderly under supervision.

This spa is not to be used by children under the age of 18. Another precaution to take is making sure you don’t fall asleep during your Spa session, or leaving the Spa plugged to a power source after use.

Pros and Cons of Sharper Image Foot and Leg Spa


Here are more reasons to go for this spa

  • Easy to use controls
  • Handle, wheels, and brakes allow for easy mobility
    and navigation.
  • Temperature adjustable up to 116°F.
  • Up to 60 minutes timer function.
  • Drainage hose makes cleaning and draining easy
  • Calf – deep water container accommodates feet up to legs and prevents water spilling.
  • One-year limited replacement warranty


  • Aesthetically difficult.


There are many foot Spas in the market, but not many Foot and Leg Spa, and definitely not many with high end features such as Sharper Image Foot and Leg Spa. It comes with a ton of benefits and features, retains heat and is quite easy to operate. But the water container is straight, and that makes it a little difficult to lean back and relax. Also, fitting the lid cover back into the tab is not so easy, but overall, it’s a great product and works really well.

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