Anxiety, like panic attacks, can stick someone in a very uncomfortable state of mind, and it can be even challenging to get over it.

There is always a desperate need for relief when experiencing the nervousness, tension, worry, fear and several other symptoms that come with anxiety.

Anxiety bracelets believed to deliver helpful components that can assist in curtailing the anxiety. But, is that true or just a ‘hype’?

In this Guide to Anxiety Bracelets, we will be answering ‘Can a Bracelet help with Anxiety help to calm and relieve stress fast?’. We will also be identifying characteristics of a good anxiety bracelet and accordingly going to determine the Best Anxiety Bracelets.

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Stone and Crystal Bracelet for Anxiety

Certain crystals and stones are seen as anxiety antidote since ancient times. They believed to offer a calming effect which assists in alleviating emotional disorders.

Blue Agate is believed to be among the strongest crystal for stress and anxiety relief. It promotes calming and peaceful energies for the mind, spirit, and body.

Generally speaking, the blue color stones release soothing and calming vibrations that assist in the peaceful relaxation of the mind. Just like the soothing effect a clear sky can give to us.

Wearing or carrying a bracelet for anxiety made with Blue Agate in the pocket can help someone suffer from anxiety with little comfort during the day.

However, before jumping into color crystals and their effect, it would be best to start with a visit to the history of stone and crystal use for anxiety.

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History of Using Stones and Crystals for Calming Anxiety

The historic stone and crystal use will help us understand the healing strength of those natural stones. These stones were dated back +4000BC in Ancient Sumerian to the present Egypt, where the use of stones and crystals originated for protection and healing.

Ultimately, the practice spread into Greece, where gemstones were given several names.

E.g. “Crystal” is a Greek word used for “ice” this is because it is believed that the gemstone is to forever stay solid like frozen water.

Again, Amethyst in Greek means “not drunken” that is the reason the stone is used to forestall hangovers, etc.

And, eventually, China joined the ‘crystal healing’, and took jade gemstone to be very powerful.

The jade gemstone was used in healing kidney illnesses, and at the same time used mostly in cases where on desired good look.

Crystal healing was at this time introduced in the life energy of the Chinese theory, like Chi and when Buddhist and Hindu introduced the concept of the ‘chakras’ shortly after.

Presently, crystal healing is used for protection against sickness, scatter negative energy, and at the same time to enhance the positive ones.

Saying so, anxiety bracelets are not always based on the ‘power’ of a stone or crystal. Some tap into the powers of aromas and diffusers too.

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Diffuse Bracelets for Anxiety

Fighting anxiety can be tough, but the good news is you can use a natural solution like a diffuser bracelet having the correct oil blend.

These oils are natural, gotten from leaves, flowers, roots or bark of plants.

It is important to use pure and undiluted oil without additives or added chemicals to get the needed healing and relief for many diseases, including natural anxiety remedy.

Let’s look at popular diffuser blends for anxiety bracelets.

  • Lavender (Lavendula Angustifolia)

Lavender is considered to be the most commonly used oil and fragrance that has a relaxing calming effect.

It is considered to be restoring the nervous system and also assists with sleep, inner peace, irritability, restlessness, panic attacks, general nervous tension, and nervous stomach.

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  • Rose (Rose damascene)

This oil is seen as the second most common for relieving depression and anxiety, assisting with grieving shock and panic attacks.

It’s considered ‘essential’ by the most use of diffuser bracelets.

One of its major benefits is that it settles the emotional heart.

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  • Bergamot (citrus bergamia)

This oil is commonly seen in the Earl Grey tea. It has a unique floral aroma and taste.

It is believed to provide energy and is commonly used in treating depression. However, Bergamot can reduce agitation too, and it is considered ‘safe’ for most people, generally.

The danger of this Bergamot is that it may lead to an increase in rash and sunburn risk, so it is advisable not to use it within twelve hours after exposure to the sun.

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  • Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides)


This oil has a grounding, reassuring, and peaceful energy.

It is generally used in trauma, assisting with stabilization, self-awareness, and calmness.

Serves as a ‘tonic’ for the nervous system, vetiver reduces hypersensitivity with jitteriness.

It can also help with shock and panic attacks.


  • Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile)

With a calming, peaceful scent, this chamomile oil helps to reduce irritability, worry, anxiety and overthinking to provide you with inner peace.

Generally, chamomile oil is safe, unless for few cases of allergy, particularly with individuals who are allergic to ragweed.

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  • Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata)

This oil is popular and can treat depression and anxiety because of its uplifting and calming effects. Ylang Ylang also assists with courage, cheerfulness, optimism and relieves fearfulness.

Ylang Ylang calms the nervous palpitation and heart agitation, also it is a moderate sedative that assists with insomnia.

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  • Frankincense (Boswellia sacra or Boswellia carteri)

This oil is lovely in treating anxiety and depression because it gives peaceful and calming energy along with spiritual grounding.

Frankincense helps to quiet the mind and deepen meditation in aromatherapy.

When mixed with lavender and bergamot oil, frankincense can significantly reduce depression and physical pain.

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Now let’s look into one of the most important questions we try to answer in this article – does anxiety bracelets work?

Do Anxiety Bracelets Work?

Anxiety Bracelet delivers a natural method to relieve anxiety and can also be used to alternate anti-anxiety drugs or to compliment their use.

This works in many great ways, and it’s supported by science.

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How Does Anxiety Bracelet Work?

Some elements in a bracelet are put together to assist in anxiety.

Anxiety bracelets are a mixture of beads such as lava stones and gemstones. They also use the components of essential oils and gems for their potential in assisting with anxiety.

Most anxiety bracelets such as lava beads deliver their healing components, just as many other gemstones.

As materials from the mother earth, they all have certain qualities for treating panic attacks and anxiety, which are a result of chemical unbalance in your nerve system.

What Stones Help With Anxiety?

Now, let’s have a closer look at the types of stones which can help with anxiety.

  • Lepidolite

These stones are great for depression and anxiety.

Lithium, the common antidepressant contains lepidolite to provide soft and soothing energies.

This stone offers a calmness that assists with panic attacks and anxiety.

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  • Shungite

It helps to clear constant ‘negativity’ as it contains clarifying and purifying properties. As such, shungite stone is considered to assist with stress, insomnia, anxiety, and low energy level.

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  • Lava stone

This stone provides strength, positivity, and calmness.

Lava stone is generally used to channel intense and friendly energies and calm emotions.

Lava stone was believed to be used by soldiers in history to help keep themselves calm while on the battlefield.

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  • Black Tourmaline

This stone gives protection and repels negativity. It gives an aura that protects and grounds from harmful intentions, negative vibrations, and electromagnetic fields.

With these, Black Tourmaline is an ideal stone for anxiety as it believes to consume the surrounding negative energies and to provide positivity.

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What Crystal Helps With Anxiety? Which Crystal is The Most Powerful for Anxiety?

Now, let’s dig into the most powerful crystals for anxiety.

  • Blue lace Agate Crystals

This crystal helps with judgment and rejection.

It is an effective healing crystal for anxiety too as it resembles calmness of the ocean waves and provides resembling energy for the mind as well. This crystal scatters anxious feelings that come from past judgment or rejection. As such, Blue lace Agate is considered to be among the most potent calming crystals for anxiety.

The energies also can assist while approaching a stranger, speaking in public, going on a date, and many more.


  • Jet stone (Lignite)


This crystal scatters anxious thoughts, and it is effective for anxiety.

It is made of metamorphosed fossilized driftwood.

Jet stone provides calming energies that scatter anxious and fearful thoughts. Also, it protects from harmful energies.


  • Rhodochrosite

This crystal helps to overcome trauma, and it’s among the most powerful crystals.

It is generally used in treating anxiety, fear and panic attacks naturally too.

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  • Hematite

This healing crystal for anxiety is ideal for eliminating anxiety and stress from the body.

It contains several grounding properties that provide a balanced, free and relaxed feeling. As such, Hematite is among the powerful calming crystals generally used to fight anxiety.

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  • Smoky Quartz

This crystal is commonly used to soothe excessively busy minds.

Smoky quartz assists in eliminating fears and at the same time alleviating anxiety symptoms instantly.


  • Clear Quartz

Also known as “The Master Healer”, Clear Quartz is a fundamental crystal that can assist in everything and anything, mental, emotional and physical.

Clear quartz can be programmed to heal issues from the past or for anxiety, and it could also bring forth favor and good luck.

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  • Turquoise

This crystal is known for its abundance in calming properties. Also, it’s among the most affordable and common crystals for anxiety.

Turquoise is a great choice for individuals seeking assistance with anxiety as it prevents panic attacks and stabilizers emotions.

It also provides several grounding and protective energies, which in turn helps in fighting stress and anxiety.

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  • Amethyst

These type of crystals are ultimate for anxiety. They are considered to be having numerous healing properties.

Also, called “The All-purpose Stone”, Amethyst is among the most powerful calming crystals.

It is generally used to open the mind, soul, and body to higher consciousness and insight. This assists in providing clarity, relieve anxiety and stress and also regulates mood swings.

Amethyst also provides an extra level of protection and has many other types of benefits.

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  • Aquamarine

Aquamarine is another powerful crystal for anxiety.

It provides several calming and soothing energies and cleanses the mind of evil thoughts.

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  • Rose quartz

Rose Quartz is among the available calming crystals for anxiety.

It symbolizes harmony and love and helps to triumph over emotional trauma, and at the same time helping with anxiety.

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Which Aroma Diffuses Help with Anxiety?

Aromatherapy is making use of certain natural oils with pleasant smell to improve human wellbeing, not only by rubbing them on the skin, but also make those aromas a part of anxiety bracelet.

These essential oils include the below.

  • Valerian

This herb is considered to contain certain compounds that calm nerves and promote sleep.

Its sedative effect is mild on the body.

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How to use Valerian other than as an aroma of a bracelet:

Mix some drops of Valerian with aromatherapy diffuser then inhale. It makes the user relaxed and sleepy.

  • Jatamansi

This is used often in Ayurveda medicine to encourage sleep and calm the mind.

Jatamansi also can alleviate depression by reducing MAO receptors and GABA neurotransmitters in the brain.

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How to use Jatamansi other than as an aroma of a bracelet:

Rub diluted Jatamansi on the forehead or temples.

  • Jasmine

This oil has a pleasant floral aroma, inhaling it can increase a sense of romance and well-being. Jasmine oil is considered to soothe the nervous system even without inducing sleepiness, just unlike many other essential oils for anxiety.

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How to use Jasmine other than as an aroma of a bracelet:

Fill the room with the aroma or inhale directly from the bottle.

  • Holy basil

Also known as tulsi contains a compound called eugenol that makes the aroma spicy with a minty scent. It is an effective adaptogenic herb for treating both mental and physical stress.

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How to use Holy basil other than as an aroma of a bracelet:

The content of eugenol in this oil is compelling, so even a little drop can serve. Mix a few drops with an aromatherapy diffuser, then inhale as the aroma fill the room.

  • Sweet basil

This essential oil is derived from the very herb that is used to prepare the marinara sauce.

Sweet basil in aromatherapy is considered to help relieve stress and calm the mind.

This oil contains the phenol compounds which assist in relieving anxiety. Also, the mixture was considered less sedating when compared with diazepam
(anxiety medication)

How to use Sweet basil other than as an aroma of a bracelet:

Inhale from the bottle, or better still release some drops of sweet basil in a room.

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  • Clary sage

This oil has a herbal woody odor that is generally used as an aphrodisiac because of its calming components.

Clary sage can assist in controlling the level of cortisol, which can increase the risk of depression and anxiety.

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How to use other than as an aroma of a bracelet:

Rub diluted oil on the skin or inhale directly when feeling anxious.

  • Fennel

This oil is known as a spice for cooking.

It contains an anise scent, and it is used in treating several anxiety side effects like digestive problems.

Also, it can assist in relieving menopause-related anxiety and other diseases.

Fennel supplements assist in menopause side effects like hot flashes, anxiety, and depression and sleep problems.

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How to use Fennel other than as an aroma of a bracelet:

Take a warm bath with added drops of diluted fennel oil to help relax the mind and body.

  • Marjoram

Also, called oregano, marjoram is considered to calm anxiety and nervousness.

It is also used to soothe headaches, common anxiety symptom.

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Tip: Cefaly can help you fight with migraine headaches too.

How to use Marjoram other than as an aroma of a bracelet:

Rub diluted marjoram on the forehead or the wrist.

  • Lemon balm

This balm has an uplifting, fresh aroma. It is a restorative and soothing effect in aromatherapy.

Taking lemon balm supplements can help reduce anxiety disorders and improve sleep as well.

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How to use Lemon Balm other than as an aroma of a bracelet:

It can be directly inhaled or added to a diffuser to add fragrance to the room.

  • Patchouli

Musky patchouli is often used to relieve stress, depression, and anxiety in Ayurveda medicine.

Generally speaking, if it is mixed with other oils like Lavender, patchouli is considered to promote relaxation and calmness.

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How to use other Patchouli than as an aroma of a bracelet:

Add a few drops of diluted patchouli to a room diffuser or a warm bath or inhale directly.

5 Best Anxiety Bracelets

Here are our top 5 picks of the best anxiety bracelets.

1. Subherban Essential Oil Bracelets

This free spirit wrap is a colorful diffuser bracelet designed with original hand-dyed matte Agate.

Subherban Essential Oil Bracelets

A small size purple, turquoise and frosted pink stone with two strands make this beautiful bracelet an ideal summer accessory.

Wonderfully packaged, this bracelet is often used as a gift.

Made by a group of craft women, Subherban Essential Oil Bracelet is packaged in a reusable linen cover with inserted lovely instructions that points out the real meaning of each stone in the new wrap.

Users are advised to add some drops of their favorite essential oil into the small holes on the lava stone. It should be refreshed in a few days, or the aroma changed to match the desired effects or mode. The aroma lasts longer than when it is applied to the skin to slowly release the aroma and benefits.

The double wrap bracelet fits most wrists as it is laced on double elastic to last longer. It comes with a guarantee to resize or restring without charge.

The stone may slightly vary on each use. To ensure that this new wrap will continue to look beautiful, it is recommended to roll it gently over the head or hand to avoid excessive stretching. Also, for longevity, make sure to remove it before showering or swimming.

2. Addmluck Chakra Stones Bracelets

This ‘mala’ beads 108 necklace comes with meditation prayer bead ‘Tree of life’ chakra stones is a Tibetan Bracelet from Addmluck. It is 100% original traditional mala beads.

They are unique but may slightly vary in size and color because they come from lava rock naturally.

Addmluck Chakra Stones Bracelets

It is a symbol in relaxing the body and easing of the mind, also in removing 108 types of trouble.

Mala beads are beautiful jewellery and also used traditionally while meditating and when saying some prayers.

Known as “the Buddhist Rosary” these beads have been in use for thousands of years and are seen as sacred and seed of protection. These beads symbolize peace auspiciousness, health, good luck, and safety. They also are a good intention reminder.

In Buddhism, these beads are used to keep count while chanting, reciting or repeating mentally a mantra or a deity’s name.

Traditionally, 108 beads mala are used. Every bead represents a mantra recitation, so, the 108 bead mala serves as recitations of 100 mantras, and the extra repetition is to correct any pronunciation mistakes or other mistakes while reciting. This bead is seen as a spiritual practice goal to be achieved.

The small holes on the beads make it easy for them to absorb and diffuse essential oils. It is usually advised that users should add some drops of their choice essential oil to many of the lava beads and allow it to absorb. The excess of the oil should be wiped off. It serves as either an aromatherapy necklace or bracelet and meditation beads.

3. Aura by Osiris chakra Bracelets

This crystal bracelet calms fluctuating energies around and inside the user body.

As numerous energies are moving around but this bracelet makes sure that only the positives ones intermingle with the user’s system.

Aura by Osiris chakra Bracelets

When it comes to unconditional love, Rose Quartz bracelet healing is the most essential crystal for healing, self-love, love for others, and love for the earth.

Many people are comfortable with themselves, but this crystal jewelry enables the user to see his divinity and deeply love him/her.

Continuous usage of these stones expels tears and rips in the user’s aura.

This Bracelet energy the mind to think clearly and grow gently.

Amythest crystals are wonderful for empathy protection and emphatic healing.

Reiki bracelets and healing crystal bracelets for healing are a great way to properly condition the body for success. These stones combinations make perfect women fertility bracelets.

This is the main think positive bracelet and calming jewelry, rose quartz jewelry and Amythest is some kind of great match to give some protection from evil days and target and as well help to attain great goals.

4. Zaraluna Anxiety Relieving Bracelets

This group of healing stones was selected and arranged in a set of pieces of jewelry to help alleviate anxiety.

Anxiety can be caused by a short-term condition such as a doctor’s appointment or an important meeting. Also, it can be a long term and could be caused by stress or unhappiness. The feelings can be loss of interest, muscle tension, shortness of breath, restless feelings or feeling of hopelessness. Handling anxiety feelings can be stressful and scary. Using the following crystals can assist greatly in handling anxiety feelings.


i. Lepidolite

This relieves anxiousness and helps to calm emotions, stress, and pressure and dispel negatively. It stabilizes the nervous system and resists melancholy.

ii. Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla dispels negative energies and quite the spirit Amazobite assists in balancing and rejuvenates the throat chakras and the heart.

It also soothes the nervous system and boosts confidence and calms mental and emotional turmoil.

iii. Amethyst

This is comforting and calming. It has been a symbol of unification, peace, and purity and can assist in bringing calmness and serenity.

iv. Rose Quartz

Also, called love stone, it also has a calming and protecting nature for many conditions.

It balances, rejuvenates and heals the thought, dispels jealousies, guilt, and rage, it also calms temper.

v. Blue lace agate

This is quite popular for its calming and centering vibration frequencies. It reprogrammed the thought and restores calmness and positivity.

Wearing this crystal always believed to increase their healing effects.

5. World Wide Gems Stress & Anxiety Relieving Bracelets

World wild gems Ltd deals with rough gem materials and crystals such as the following.

i. Aquamarine crystal

This crystal may slightly vary in length and or thickness but similar overall. It comes in a hexagonal shape with a rough end.

ii. Beryl crystals

They are called floater crystals, meaning that they are generally formed without attachment points.

They are good-looking with lovely shinny crystal surfaces.

World Wide Gems Stress

iii. Large ruby crystal specimen

At the moment, this crystal is hard to get as it comes from Indian Karnataka mine and is 200grams.

Unpolished white rough moonstone crystal comes from Tanzania.

Approximately 30 pieces and weighs 5grams.

iv. Garnet crystal from Tanzania

It is dark red, also transparent when held up to the light. Approximately its pieces.

It is quite reflective and shiny on the surface.

v. Garnet comes from Burundi

This is a big crystal polished according to the faces of natural crystal. It is not transparent, and it’s dark brown but shows the shape of crystals.

vi. Natural sapphire crystals from Sri-Lankan

It has a good shape of crystal but is not transparent.

vii. Rough Garnet crystals

It is approximately 4 pieces and weighs 63 grams.

It displays the faces of crystal and shapes.

It is not transparent but dark brown and comes from Burundi.


Everyone may have experienced anxiety in one way or the other, but when it becomes overwhelming, anxiety bracelets is most likely the right option.

Unlike anti-anxiety drugs that treat only the symptom, these anxiety bracelets help to calm and heal the mind, spirit, and body.

Regardless, our recommendation is these bracelets should be worn in addition to medication (if you are on medication for anxiety), not instead of any medically prescribed drugs. As always, worth checking with your doctor, about the appropriateness of an anxiety bracelet for you and your individual circumstances.

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