Sometimes we heed to the myths rather than the facts, that is why they are in tremendous existence in spite of spreading out awareness like clouds. There is no way back unless debating and trying to educate the innocents on these terms. There are no exceptions when it comes to myths about healthy eating for diabetes.

Okay, let us now break up the myths we have believed aimlessly since years.

Avert the fats to fight well with diabetes – This is a myth!

There is no point in this view; our body needs certain fats noticeably, and diabetes got to do little with body fats, but with blood sugar.

Fatty acid deprivation in our body ends up in a dry and lifeless skin causing pain.

Utilize polyunsaturated and monosaturated fatty acids in your diet, desisting bad cholesterol and trans fats. Olive oil rich in omega and salmon is nature’s fat resources, nuts like peanuts, butter not processed and heart-healthy fats that secures the pumping organs.

Bid farewell to the junk food – no it is not a must in winning your fight with diabetes!

Do not get me wrong, junk food is harmful to the body but giving up on all the favorites and yet little healthy foods cannot gain you great health anyways.

And as I said, diet is about moderate changes and not abolishing them completely.

The idea is to take the servings with a scoop of ice cream rather than a tub, a candy than a bunch of chocolates in hand; these ease your mental and dietary satisfaction.

Eat fibers and you must eat them abundantly – it depends!

The myth is rich fiber intake is harmless, yeah fiber intake is harmless as it does not add any glucose up levels, but anything is dangerous if not taken on a regime, excessive of fiber can cause constipation or diarrhea.

Hang on to one or two types of fiber yielding foods.

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Can take all sugar-free stuff to help with your craving – Think again!

It has no point of validation. The sugar-free foods are indeed got no or less in the sugar and calorie content, but the rapid and vigorous use of sugar-free supplements in your diet may substantially add excessive weight and triglycerides in the body.

Eat sugar-free, but ‘optimal’ is the rule of thumb.

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Ingredients you add into your food alone matters – no, it is not!

The ingredients traditionally designed as part of your diet alone does not make your balanced diet as well as your appetite. Eating them alone makes you lack certain minerals and makes you depressed with your food habits.

Eat a variety; I don’t stress to eat everything, eat variety amongst the foods apt for you.

Portion control: It is not only about portion size!

In spite of grumbling for the cheese and yogurts that transfers fats on to your body, give away the grazing habit of eating.

Eat in small portions, split into sizes and regiment every fat you take in. This keeps you hale.

Less sugar implies less diabetes – not at all!

People fantasize that less or no sugar inclusion in the diet before falling prey to diabetes can erode the total chances of becoming a diabetic.

No matter you eat only spices, the diabetes is not going to show mercy to you, it depends on your risk profile for diabetes, such as the overweight, your body insulin management and how active you are (e.g. amount of physical exercises you have).

Read more on risk factors for diabetes.

Stay on a strict diet every day – but you could mindfully eat the ‘junk’ from time to time!

We never take a cheat day in our diabetic diet. That is because of the fear of aggravating the blood sugars. But, it is not. We need not be on a menu for a lifetime.

You are eating all, maintaining healthy quotient benefits rather more.

Eat often – but stick to your metabolic needs!

The hell with it! We do feel the cravings and demanding appetite in diabetes but grazing on the food like a blender is a strict ruin.

Eat in a fashioned and designed pattern, eat as per the metabolism of your body.

Artificial sweeteners are essential if you avoid ‘sugars’ – That is not true!

They aren’t necessary to be there on the menu; they are just a substitute for the cut-down sugars from your diet.

There is no must of their usage; you can go utterly sugar-free if you can digest the tastes.

In fact, there is very less research about artificial sweeteners and we don’t know enough about their long-term effects on your body as a sugar substitute.

Snacks are a must – Well, snacks should be a part of your meal if only your metabolism needs it!

Even if your supposed and framed to a diet with three meals and three snacks, it is not needed to have a practice of it.

Eating sized measures every three to five hours does the work, depending on as per the need of your body metabolism.

Drink water before meals: It may help but the mindfulness is the better practice! 

Drinking water before taking in the food to lessen the intake is a complete crack sense.

We can voluntarily control our portions and quantity we take using common sense or else add some water retaining fruits or foods in the diet.

Hope you found the myths about diabetes food and eating interesting. Would you like to read on about other myths about diabetes too? Just follow the link.