Managing diabetes well has become an increasingly important requirement with more and more people falling prey to this ‘sugary sweet illness’. Thanks to technology, there have been many devices flooding the market offering you accurate and more precise results on blood glucose levels and other parameters with a simple prick on the finger. One of that is A1C Now Self Check and A1C Now+ Professional Systems, which we will be digging into in this A1CNow System Review.

Having personally navigated patients with the challenges of diabetes management, we understand the importance of accurate and timely information about blood glucose levels. Our journey led us to explore the A1C Now systems, a valuable tool in the fight against diabetes and this review provides our expertise opinion about the technology.

Rest assured, the information provided in this review is meticulously researched and aligned with established medical knowledge. Our goal is to ensure accuracy in every aspect as we shed light on the A1C Now system’s performance, benefits, and limitations.

If you hear about the point of care A1C test systems, then you are probably curious about how it works and how well it works. Here we will look in detail at one of the most popular A1C tests, the A1C Now + system manufactured by PTS Diagnostics.

Let us first understand what A1C is all about and why this is a crucial factor for diabetic patients.

What is A1C?

HbA1c; in medical terms, it is called as the Glycated hemoglobin or the hemoglobin that is directly bound to the glucose in our blood. As the glucose surges higher, so will the A1C presence in our blood, which is a clear indicator of the rise in blood sugar. Monitoring the levels of the A1C will help us to have a better check on the sugar levels in our blood. A1C below 5.7 % is considered ‘normal’, and anything above 6.5% has to be handled based on the severity of the reading.

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The A1C Now+ System

Now that we know that A1C is a clear indicator of the blood sugar levels, we need means to know its level at any given time. However, lab tests from yesteryears took days for results by which time it could probably be too late. Yet, thanks to technological advancement in medicine, we now have systems that offer instantaneous results.

OverviewThe A1C Now®+ system offers both professionals and home users a quick way to assess A1C levels.
Professional and Home Use“A1CNow+ Professional” for healthcare professionals. “A1CNow Self Check” for home use.
Purchase InformationAvailable on Amazon, with a link for US, UK, Canada, and other countries.
Overview OF A1CNow Systems

The A1C now + system offer the professionals and the amateurs an easy and quick way to assess the levels of A1C in blood with a mere finger stick. The doctors and physicians can now have a quick check on the instant A1C levels and provide immediate medical assistance as required for their patients. And it is not just something for the professionals either. Anyone, who has never had a clash with medical books, can use this at home to know the current A1C levels.

How Does It Work?

Let’s embark on a comprehensive exploration of the A1C Now system. We’ll dive into its functionality, share practical usage tips, analyze its accuracy against lab results, and examine the convenience it offers to both healthcare practitioners and individuals managing diabetes.

The A1C Now+ system helps in understanding the glucose level of a person instantly, whether you want to do at home or office. All that you need is a drop of blood from your finger to gauge the A1C levels in your blood. And it is quite simple to use by following the manufacturers guidelines.

Here is what the instructions look like.

  • Lance the finger and collect the blood into the blood collector device. You have to make sure that the collector device is full before moving the blood to the sampler.
  • Now plug in the collector device to the sampler and ensure that it is capped tightly without any gaps.
  • Shake the sampler well for about 6-7 times and keep it aside.
  • It is now time to open the test cartridge pack. Remember this should not be opened until this time.
  • You should make sure that the number on the test cartridge matches with that of the same on your monitor to ensure accurate results.
  • Now fix the test cartridge into the monitor and wait until the monitor says “SMPL.”
  • Now remove the cap on the sampler and place the end on the area in the test cartridge provided for the same. Just insert it and remove it immediately.
  • The monitor will now display “RUN” which means that the calculation is underway.
  • It will take about 5 minutes for the result to be displayed until which time you should not disturb the cartridge or the monitor.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve further into the mechanics of the A1C Now system, explore its applications, and weigh its pros and cons. This insightful analysis aims to equip both healthcare professionals and individuals managing diabetes with the information they need to make informed decisions.

Few Points To Remember

  • Always check if the lot numbers on the monitor, the test cartridge and the blood dilution kit matches.
  • The collector has to be filled in full but neither in excess nor in shortage as it will end up in a failed test.
  • The sampler and the collector should be attached tightly to avoid any gaps or inaccurate testing.
  • When you press the sampler onto the test cartridge, make sure that it is pressed only for a second before removing and waiting for the test results.

Benefits of A1C Now+ system

Scientific SupportStrong research base since 2010, with examples provided.
Instant ResultsResults available in about 5 minutes, requiring minimal blood input.
Ease of UseNo professional training needed, suitable for anyone.
Recommended FrequencySuggested testing frequency every 2-3 months.
Maintenance and PortabilityNo maintenance charges, easy to carry while traveling.
CertificationsCleared by FDA, with international certifications.
Accuracy and StudiesHighly accurate results that correlate with lab outcomes.
Benefits of A1C Now Systems

Apart from being convenient to use anywhere the A1C Now+ also have other benefits which make it a better choice in the point of care A1C test devices.

  • The results are available instantly in a matter of five minutes with only very minimal blood input.
  • There is no need for professional training and can be used by anyone.
  • There is no maintenance charges or servicing to be done
  • Easy to take it along when traveling.
  • Comes with international certifications including clearance from FDA.
  • Highly accurate results that correlate with the lab results based on many studies.
  • Available in different test count configurations.

With our meticulous research and a passion for improving diabetes care, we delved into the intricacies of the A1C Now®+ system. This comprehensive assessment aims to provide you with not only a thorough understanding but also practical insights into the system’s benefits and usage. However, it is not complete without discussing the limitations…

On the flip side,

  • The strips or the blood sampler will fail if the blood drop doesn’t fill it properly. This can mean that every time, the blood drop is not enough, you are wasting a test.
  • The test cartridges or the strips are available only based on the count configuration you opt for, the ten or the twenty pack. There are no separate test strips or cartridges offered to you as you have to buy it along with the monitor for quality purposes.
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Blood Sampler LimitationsBlood sampler may fail if blood drop is insufficient, leading to wasted tests.
Test Cartridge AvailabilityTest cartridges available based on count configuration (e.g., ten or twenty packs).
Refrigeration RequirementSystem requires refrigeration for optimal use.
Purchase RecommendationsRecommended to purchase from manufacturer or Amazon for proper storage.

Patient Perspectives

This is what one of our patient’s got to say…

‘From the moment I encountered the A1C Now system, it became more than just a diagnostic tool. It symbolized empowerment in diabetes management, offering instant insights that bridge the gap between medical appointments. I loved the opportunity to join the nuances of this game-changing technology.


As we wrap up this exploration of the A1C Now system, it’s clear that advancements in health technology continue to reshape the landscape of diabetes care. The A1C Now system emerges as a valuable ally, enabling prompt interventions and informed decisions. Whether you’re a healthcare professional or an individual managing diabetes, the A1C Now®+ system stands as a testament to the ongoing progress in personalized healthcare.

It is not just about convenience, but it is also a cost-efficient method when it comes to using A1C Now+ system. You should also remember that this system eliminates the need for venous blood drawn for HbA1C purposes only. In cases of other tests and procedures, you may have to have still your blood drawn in the labs.

The A1CNow+ system comes in quite handy to keep a tab on your blood sugar levels and help you wake up to your body’s call on time.