Lying in bed for a longer period can cause skin irritation, particularly on the heels. To avoid complications such as pressure ulcers, doctors recommend heel protection and elevation. Heelbo Lifter Foot Elevator is designed to assist individuals with exactly that to support people with health conditions that require them to spend a longer time in bed.

Not only that, it can also help the bedridden to protect their feet from skin damage. And, help people with diabetes to prevent diabetic ulcers.

In this Heelbo Lifter Foot Elevator Review, we will be digging deeper into its unique design and how the product stands out from the competitors in managing a few specific leg conditions.

Let’s start exploring…

What is Heelbo Lifter Foot Elevator? 

Heelbo lifter foot elevator helps to position the foot and to create space between the bed and the heel. It assists in minimizing skin breakdown as it reduces pressure, and makes prolonged periods of rest safer and more comfortable.

The Heelbo lifter foot elevator is made for both in a medical environment (e.g. hospital and nursing home) and at home use. It is ideal for individuals that need extended bed rest because it will ensure that the heels are not subject to skin damage.

Heelbo lifter foot elevator is also proper for individuals who suffered an injury and require spending some time on bed and people who are bedridden. It helps the foot to remain elevated and reduces the pressure on the heel which is beneficial for both individuals spending a longer time in the hospital, or at home where they spend a lot of their time in the bed.

Tip: Don’t get confused with Heelbo Heel and Elbow Protectors, which are different from their foot elevator range.

How the Foot Elevator Made Of?

Heelbo lifter foot elevator is made with dense polyurethane foam to provide a very comfortable approach in positioning the foot.

It resists bottoming out, and ensure it can provide reliable support.

It comes with a plantar strap that can be adjusted to match with the user’s foot, securing it in place to receive the benefits of bed rest without worrying about some sores, or skin breakdown.

Heelbo lifter foot elevator is a foot elevator that is designed to assist individuals who are lying in bed for a longer period to prevent skin damage on their heels.

Models of Heelbo Lifter Foot Elevator

Heelbo lifter foot elevator comes in three different models to meet users specific needs

1. Heelbo Lifter Foot Elevator Anti-Rotation (model 12056)

Heelbo Anti-Rotation

This Heelbo lifter foot elevator model is designed to help avert pressure sores on the heel of individuals who are lying on the bed for a prolonged time.

This model is designed with polyurethane foam. It encloses the foot and delivers a base that supports the calf, and it has a side extension which helps to prevent the base from rotating.

It also features an adjustable strap to assist prevent foot drop. Its hook and loop straps help to deliver a secure, custom fit.

It comes in boxes of 4, and all are for a single patient.

2. Heelbo Lifter Foot Elevator Extended Calf Base (model 12055)

Heelbo extended calf base

This 12055 model of Heelbo lifter foot elevator supports the foot as well as the calf, with its adjustable straps to the  foot drop.

This unit is designed with polyurethane as well as other models with its hook and loops straps that support a secure, custom fit.

It also comes in boxes of 4, and all are for a single user.


3. Heelbo lifter foot elevator octagon base (model 12054)

Heelbo octagon base

This octagon base model 12054 of the Heelbo lifter foot elevator is also made with polyurethane foam.

This model holds the individual’s foot while the octagon base helps to keep the foot in a straight position.

It also comes with an Heelbo adjustable strap to help avert foot drop. Also, the hook and loop straps support a secure custom fit. As it is with other models, this unit also comes in boxes of 4 and all are for a single user.

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Feature of Heelbo Lifter Foot Elevator

Now let’s turn into key features of this foot elevator.

  • Position the foot to create a space between the bed and the heel.
  • Relieves pressure
    and assist in averting skin irritation and breakdown.
  • Designed with dense polyurethane foam that resists bottoming out.
  • An adjustable plantar strap that helps the foot in position.
  • One-year (12 months) warranty.
  • Available expert advice.
  • Secure online shopping.
  • Made of breathable foam. Hook and loop strap to deliver a secure, custom fit. Keeps the heel from contact with any surface.
  • Simple and easy to use.

Other Health Benefits of Using Heelbo Lifter Foot Elevator 

While by now, we covered the primary role of this foot elevator, the beauty is it comes with some additional secondary benefits to the user and his/her health.

Let’s find out what are they.

  • Better blood circulation

To achieve a better blood circulation to the feet and legs, one should lift the legs while sleeping or relaxing. Especially, if you are having issues with blood pressure, any leg swelling or diabetic neuropathy.

Heelbo lifter foot elevator positions the feet in a level that enables the blood to freely flow from the heart down to the lower half of the leg. This helps the heart not to work too hard while pumping the blood to the whole body, allowing the heart to rest and have smooth blood flow.

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  • It reduces sciatica and chronic back pain symptoms

The sciatica nerve is the longest in the body that can cause serious pain when it is inflamed. We have previously covered about sciatica in detail.

When this nerve that follows the spinal cord to the back and down to the legs is irritated by inflammation or compression, it can lead to leg pain, lower back pain, or even numbness in the feet and legs.

Using the Heelbo lifter foot elevator can help to reduce the chronic pains such as sciatica by allowing the user to lie on the back with the feet elevated.

  • Minimizes edema in the feet and legs

There are many causes of edema which result in the fluid build-up that happens when one is forced to sit or stand in the same position for a longer period, insufficient venous conditions which come as a result of weakened valves in the leg veins, and other conditions.

Using Heelbo lifter foot elevator along with eating a low-sodium food and minimizing fluid intake can reduce swelling.

  • Prevents DVT

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a disease that comes as a result of blood clotting in the large vein that is located in the lower extremities of the body. It is a life-threatening disease that can make a clot to move through the vein to the lungs or heart (thromboembolism). DVT can be fatal and require a medical professional to treat it.

When using the Heelbo Lifter Foot Elevator together with pain relief, it will help to reduce swelling and increase circulation of blood.

  • Reduces the risk of tired leg and swollen feet pain

When the feet are elevated, it helps to drain tension from the feet and legs. This happens as the veins are relieved of pressure and allow free flow of blood to all the parts of the body.

Heelbo Lifter Foot Elevator helps in pain relief from tired legs and reduces the risk that would come as a result of holding up the body.

  • Reduces inflammation

Using the Heelbo lifter foot elevator helps to keep the veins healthy. It helps the veins so they do not work too hard and become ‘over-worked’, which may cause so many vein diseases.

Who Should Use the Heelbo Lifter Foot Elevator?

Anyone with the following circumstances should consider a foot elevator.

  • The bedridden. Individuals with issues that require them to spend a longer time in bed.
  • Individuals with circulation problems.
  • Pregnant women.

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Heelbo lifter foot elevator is primarily designed to help individuals lying in bed for an extended period to raise their feet, creating a space between the bed and their feet to prevent skin damages, but it has other unspoken health benefits. Heelbo elevator is also designed in such a way to help provide the user with maximum comfort.


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