In this SLS3 compression socks review, we are going to address one of the main questions asked by people with diabetes. That is; are SLS3 compression socks good for diabetics?

Peoples quest and love for clothing and fashion have always been a big factor and most especially the fashion industry. Meanwhile, clothing, in general, can be referred to as any item worn to cover the body. Funny enough clothing also plays some vital roles in the health of man (talking about the SLS3 Compression Socks).

Most clothing is made from textiles or fabrics and some times from animal skin. There are also factors that influence the type and amount of clothing worn by man and women, and these factors may include sex, geographical location, body structure and events. But, all those preferences become secondary, when you search for a good sock for diabetes neuropathy.

Let’s start digging by understanding socks and compression socks better.

What are Socks?

Socks is also a part of and type of clothing, known as footwear, which is worn around the foot region of the body.

Socks were usually made from animal skin way back before the late 16th century. The production of socks was initially done by hand knitting before the knitting machine evolved. The knitting machine became the most predominant method of knitting socks after 1800.

What are Compression Socks?

Compression socks are a type of footwear knitted to be very elastic and snug-fitting, thereby applying gentle pressure on the leg.

Most times, people who travel to long distances
mostly by flight do complain of ‘thrombosis’, foot ache or swollen foot. That is one of the main reasons why many travelers putting on snug-fitting socks [the compression socks] in order to improve blood flow rate in the veins, therefore increasing the rate of blood flow returning to the heart.

Sometimes patients do notice swollen foot, aches and heavy feelings on their legs, most times it’s the pregnant women who do complain of such and also the diabetics too. Normally after sporting activities and workouts, most people do experience muscle cramps, foot aches and slow recovery from the effects of these exercises.

The compression socks, however, play a role by regulating and causing an external pressure on the leg, which in turn contracts the vein which is known for harboring blood fluid which is transported to the heart.

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What are the SLS3 Compression Socks?

The SLS3 compression sock wear is a good brand of compression socks wear which was launched to address the health and fitness as regards to the leg. The SLS3 compression socks are knitted to form-fitting and elastic wears which are worn on the leg.

The SLS3 compression socks wear is highly sort after in so many countries around the world, because of its high performance, comfort and design.

The SLS3 compression socks were produced in order to meet the consistent need of sports athletes to counter the anatomical problems and complications around the extremities [the leg] of the body, ranging from muscle pains, muscle cramps, swollen foot and slow recovery during and after their usual exercise.

During exercises and various sports activities like skipping, running, cycling, football, volleyball etc. the venous valves inside the veins and play a crucial role in rapid intervals to push the blood towards the heart. Their primary duty is to prevent backflow of blood towards the leg region, and this action happens within every heartbeat.

While these actions take place, there is a more effective contraction of the muscle as a result of the pressure from the SLS3 compression socks, thereby transporting blood through venous valves towards the direction of the heart effectively.

At situations where one is overworked, stressed or tensed as a result of physical activities and exercise, the veins tend to stretch or enlarge, and this causes low functionality of the venous valves. This situation causes the feeling of heavy legs and swollen legs.

Moreover, when there is increased venous backflow of blood towards the heart, it is a large boost to the athletes or individual because there is a high supply of blood and oxygen in the body system.

Wonderful Features of the SLS3 Compression Socks

The SLS3 compression socks come with wonderful and recommendable features to suit your diabetes-related requirements;

  • The sock of ideal for people in early-stage type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes.
  • The SLS3 compression sports socks are specially designed to give you a soothing and comfortable feeling.
  • The fabric used for the SLS3 compression socks keeps you cool when it’s soaked either as a result of sweat or applied water. This cooling effect actually helps to keep and regulate your body temperature at hot weather conditions, thereby improving your performance.
  • The SLS3 compression socks come in the best and safest materials which give you comfort and also protect your body from the harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • The SLS3 compression socks have a variety of designs which gives you the option of making choices as regards the kind of design which tickles your fancy. (eg. The SLS3 Women’s Butterfly Compression Socks).
  • All SLS3 compression socks types come in varying shades which allows you to pick and flex the color of your choice.
  • It also comes in varying size charts to allow you to choose what suits your desires in compression socks.

N.B.; the sizes and materials used determines the amount of compression or pressure the compression socks offers. Therefore, choosing the correct sock size with optimum compression level for your health needs is utmost important.

Types of SLS3 Compression Socks

The SLS3 company bearing your interest at the heart, made sure they provided several types of the SLS3 compression socks and sleeves.

These different types of compression socks perform primarily the same function or purpose as the name “Compression” implied. Nevertheless, the different types of SLS3 compression socks have their different unique qualities and features.

1. The SLS3 FXC 2.0 compression socks

This particular type of SLS3 compression socks is the new and highly improved compression socks designed for athletes. The product has passed through tests and developed by the health care and medical personnel, thereby making sure your compression socks need is taken care of.

SLS3 Compression Socks

The FXC 2.0 compression socks come with an innovative feature which is the micro-nylon. The micro-nylon makes it easier for you to put on the FXC 2.0 compression socks because of its soft nature.

Regardless of the micro-nylon feature, the FXC 2.0 compression socks still give you the desired and regulated compression pressure which usually applies a greater amount of pressure on the ankle region and then reduces along the calf region of the leg.

The FXC 2.0 compression socks give about 20-30mmhg compression, which is considered to be the moderate compression suitable for sports, flying, prolonged sitting and standing. It gives your feet a good comfort while working out.

The FXC 2.0 compression socks are made with high-performance materials like spandex
(24%), eliminating odor and micro-nylon (76%), which gives you a soft and cooling sensation.

The FXC 2.0 Compression Socks Size Chart;

XS/S fits’ calf 11.5 – 13.5

S/M fits’ calf 12.5 – 15

M/L fits’ calf 13.5 – 16.5

L/XL fits’ calf 15 – 18

The FXC 2.0 compression socks also come in various colors like Blue, Black and Pink.

2. The SLS3 Women’s Butterfly Compression Socks

The women’s butterfly compression socks offer high-performance compression by increasing oxygen and blood supply to the active muscles.

Interestingly the SLS3 women’s butterfly compression socks are not all about the scientific performance alone. Most people (especially the female gender) would love to have compression socks which offer them high-performance compression and fashionable at the same time. The SLS3 women’s butterfly compression socks were produced to sort out these needs.

This particular product comes in varying stylish designs and colors in order to spice your fashion regardless of what and where you decide to wear these compression socks.

The SLS3 Women’s Butterfly Compression Socks Size Charts

XS/S fits’ calf 11.5 – 13.5

S/M fits’ calf 12.5 – 15

M/L fits’ calf 13.5 – 16.5

The women’s SLS3 butterfly compression socks come in special colourations like; Back, Pink, Diva Pink, Black Purple, Violet, Lemon Lime and the Caribbean.

3. The SLS3 All-rounder Compression Socks

This type of SLS3 compression socks was designed by the health care professionals and also has its own special qualities. It has the micro-nylon which helps in making it easy to put on and also gives the soft and cooling feeling.

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The SLS3 All-rounder compression socks has been very effective as regards support to the ankles, tibias, Achilles tendons and calves.

The Size Chart;

XS/S fits’ calf 11.5 – 13.5

S/M fits’ calf 12.5 – 15

M/L fits’ calf 13.5 – 16.5

L/XL fits’ calf 15 – 18

Some other special features of the all-rounder compression sock include protection from ultraviolet rays, prevention of blisters and fibers for odor control.

The colors include; Black, Blue, Pink, Red, Lime Green, Orange, White and Green Apple.

Pros of the SLS3 Compression Socks

Here are the benefits and advantages of the SLS3 compression socks, and more reasons as to why you should have SLS3 compression socks either as an athlete, diabetic patient, a traveler and also for your indoor workouts.

  • It promotes high performance during your sporting activities.
  • It helps in giving you a longer-lasting session during workouts.
  • Gives you a graduated compression for proper blood circulation and oxygenation of the active muscles.
  • The SLS3 compression socks give you a cooling effect when wet.
  • It protects the covered region from UV rays.
  • It promotes quick recovery after long runs or hard workouts.
  • The SLS3 compression socks come in varying designs to suit your fashion taste.
  • It comes in different sizes as regards the difference in the elasticity and size of the human leg.
  • The SLS3 compression socks reduce cramps around the calf.
  • It comes with the micro-nylon which makes it softer and easy to wear.
  • They are produced in varying colors, which gives you the option of making choices.

Cons of SLS3 Compression Socks

  • The compression socks might not be advisable for patients who have certain muscle complications. Bearing that in mind, it is advisable that you seek instructions from a medical professional.
  • The SLS3 compression socks might not be of good impact on diabetic patients who experience low blood flow to their feet region, because it will only worsen the diabetic foot injuries and cause slow healing of the injuries.
  • The SLS3 compression socks may result to slow healing of injuries or sores on the covered part of the feet.

Diabetes and Your Feet

Diabetes is one of the worlds deadliest chronic disease, and it mostly requires lifelong treatment and clinical care.

The diabetes mellitus also called diabetes in short, is a chronic ailment which causes excessive production and discharge of sugar into the bloodstream, which is usually as a result of abnormalities in the pancreas.

However, there are many complications which tag along with these diseases, and many of them affect the feet. Patients with diabetes have a high risk of developing foot infections. These infections require consistent medical attention and care, otherwise might lead to amputation of a part if not all the entire leg.

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One of the complications encountered by diabetic patients is what is called neuropathy, which is an ailment caused by damage to the nerve. Its Symptoms include;

  • Feeling of numbness in the feet.
  • Deformation of the feet.
  • Ulcers on the feet.
  • Muscle inactivity.
  • Very painful foot aches which get worse at night.

Neuropathy might lead to very low sensitivity in your feet, which makes it possible that you can get injured on the feet and never feel it. Taking good care of your diabetic foot involves regular checking of the foot for infections, blisters and sores. Some footwear help in preventing these injuries.

Are SLS3 Compression Socks Good for Diabetics?

Yes and No. that is confusing, right? The SLS3 compression socks can be of great importance to diabetics and also harmful at the same time. This is because some diabetics, mostly those who experience neuropathy, tends to feel numbness on their feet and it would be advisable that such patients should seek advice from a good diabetic foot care professional or a podiatrist on how to make choices on compression socks.

Those with sores and certain injuries as a result of diabetes are advised not to use SLS3 compression socks because this would cause slow healing and might also worsen the injuries.

The SLS3 compression socks also come in soft materials which goes a long way in assisting the (early stage) diabetics who experience milder swollen feet by making it easier for them to put on and also gives the desired amount of compression.


The SLS3 compression socks is a highly recommendable sock for your sporting activities, both indoor and outdoor workouts and also suites the welfare of patients who experience mild swollen foot or poor blood flow in the leg region. The SLS3 compression socks offer you improved performance, quick recovery after workouts, and good designs to spice your fashion life.