Wheelchair cushions have evolved over the years. Asides serving just the purpose of raised seating for the physically disabled, they are now specifically designed to provide comfort to wheelchair users and prevent cases of pressure ulcers and other related health issues. Here we provide our expert’s view on 8 Best Roho Cushions For Wheelchairs.

The foundation of our insights stems from extensive research, in-depth knowledge, and direct interactions with users and experts in the field of wheelchair cushions. Our team boasts a collective experience of over decades, encompassing both clinical understanding and practical engagement with individuals seeking the best cushioning solutions. Our commitment to delivering comprehensive information is evident in the substantial effort invested in compiling detailed reviews of various Roho cushion models such as this one. Each section below showcases not only the specifications but also the practical implications of using these cushions.

Available in different materials, shapes and thickness, Roho offers a large range of cushions and picking the right one might prove challenging. Roho Wheelchair Cushions make for the proper body positioning while reducing the risk of pressure ulcers.

Remember, there are many types of wheelchair cushions as we discussed in the article How to Choose a Cushion for a Wheelchair.

In case, you are yet to make up your mind, or you are confused about which to go for, here are our views of some of the best wheelchair cushions by Roho®.

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Our Methodology For This Review

We’ve not only collated technical details but have also delved into real-world scenarios, user feedback, and expert opinions to provide you with a holistic view of the below Roho cushion lineup. Our aim is to equip you with not just information but insights that empower you to make informed decisions.

Our approach to accuracy involves meticulous cross-referencing of manufacturer specifications, clinical research, and user testimonials. By providing accurate and reliable information, we ensure that your understanding of Roho cushions is both thorough and trustworthy.

We believe in delivering more than just surface-level information. Our intention is to delve into the nuances of each cushion model, exploring their benefits, ideal users, and any limitations they might have. We aim to provide you with a profound understanding that goes beyond the obvious.

The reviews of each of the best Roho cushions are below.

1. Roho Mosaic Cushion Review

This product is one of the top in the list of the standard air-cell wheelchair cushion technology. The cushion combines both cost-effectiveness and quality and is a suitable option for those in search of premium quality air cushions.

Just like other Roho air cushions, Mosaic cushion consists of air cells that are interconnected, thus providing a uniformly distributed lift and support to the patient.

The issue of ‘bottoming out’ which is a typical case amongst wheelchair users is hardly seen amongst Roho Mosaic cushion users.

What causes bottoming out? 

It usually occurs when a cushion loses the qualities that make it supportive and of course, its form inclusive and this can make one uncomfortable and predispose one to injury. However, with Roho Mosaic cushion’s uniform air distribution, this is sorted out.

Roho’s Mosaic Cushion comes with a lightweight shell well-built with a DEHP-free PVC and duly accounts for a user’s weight, shape and positioning.

Benefits and Features of Roho’s Mosaic Cushion

Air cells:About 25 interconnected air cells
Weight:Lightweight (less than 1 pound or 0.5 kg)
Skin protection:Low risk
Additional:Free inflation pump and repair kit
Warranty:1 year for cushion, 6 months for cover
Sizes:16 in x 16 in, 18 in x 16 in, 18 in x 18 in
Suitable for:Low risk, some sensation, basic support
Roho Mosaic Cushion
  • The Mosaic Cushion has about 25 inter-connected air cells
  • It is easy to use and handle due to lightweight.
  • Serves well for low risk-skin protection
  • Suitable for wheelchair users that want to try out affordable but quality air cushions
  • Once you purchase one, you get a free inflation pump and repair kit
  • It is highly versatile as it comes with an adjustable and high level of support
  • An easy to clean PVC shell
  • One-year warranty for the cushion and 6 months for its cover

Sizes: Comes in three sizes (16 in x 16 in, 18 in x 16 in, 18 in x 18 in)

Lightweight (weighs less than 1 pound or 0.5kg)

Bearing Capacity:

Roho’s Mosaic Product Tips

Roho Mosaic is quite affordable yet; it may not be the best choice for every wheelchair user.

The cushion is ideal for users who have at least some sensation in their lower extremities, require a low-risk level of skin protection and those who do not seek relief from balance-related health issues.

Users’ Reviews and Comments of Roho Mosaic

Most reviewers consider Roho Mosaic as ‘nice’ cushion while giving it a five-star rating for features, quality, ease of use and meeting of expectation.

Users generally find The Roho cushion is as an excellent product.

The users rarely noted about any gaps in manufacturing and left a bad comment.

However, our experience with Roho Mosaic cushion suggests if you have overall body weakness or muscular dystrophy you may find little more difficult to move around on this product compared to a regular wheelchair cushion or no cushion.

Overall, we must note that Roho Mosaic cushion is a good product and does help redistribute the pressure areas appropriately.

2. Roho AirLite Cushion Review

Amongst the Roho cushion collections, the Roho AirLite cushion is amongst the most effective air wheelchair cushions and is also very cost-effective.

The Roho AirLite comes in different designs with each design conferring an advantage to each. This wheelchair cushion makes use of both air cells and foam to improve comfort, alignment and durability. Of course, foam cushioning has proven to form a great support for the Roho cushions.

It conforms to the user’s body, thus making for optimal comfort and support for basic seating and positioning needs. It is also excellent for professional use as it makes it possible for users to seat comfortably for a long period.

For Whom is the Roho AirLite cushion designed for?

Roho cushions are designed in such a way as to meet the specific need of users. You could choose to go for any of them depending on the requirement and your prioritize.

Roho AirLite cushion has an advantage over other air cell cushions in that it is designed for users with a low risk of pressure sores, skin ulcers and those with tactile sensation. It is also ideal for those who are able to perform independent weight shifts and those that require basic posture support and comfort.

Benefits and Features of Roho AirLite Cushion

Cover:Breathable, fluid-resistant, washable
Foam and air cells:Combines foam and air cells for comfort
Sizes:Available in 17 sizes
Weight:Depends on size (about 2 lbs or 1 kg)
Suitable for:Low risk, independent weight shifts
Roho AirLite Cushion
  • It comes with a breathable, 100% PVC free, fluid-resistant cover that offers protection from fluid and odors.
  • Its removable spandex/nylon cover protects the interior of the soft foam from daily wear and tear.
  • It features a neoprene rubber bottom.
  • It lasts much longer than other standard wheelchair cushions.
  • With the Roho AirLite cushion, you do not need to replace old worn-out cushions.
  • It is more secure since it comes with a non-skid bottom.
  • Roho AirLite cushion enables its users to seat comfortably for prolonged intervals.
  • Roho AirLite cushion is made of a preset sealed air cell and a contoured foam base.
  • The AirLite cushion features a cover and an instruction booklet.
  • It comes with a 24-month warranty.

Available in different 17 sizes ranging from 13in x 15in to 20in x 18in.

Depending on the size the cushion weight about 2 lbs (1kg).

Bearing Capacity:

Roho AirLite Cushion Product Tips

The Roho AirLite wheelchair cushion is recommended based on scientific, clinical and engineering evidence for users at high risk of soft tissue/skin breakdown, those with normal sensation, those that require lower extremity alignment and increased stability and those that require non-adjustable, lightweight seating system. It supports the shifts and movements its users make throughout the day.

User Reviews and Comments of Roho AirLite

In general, users confined to the use of a wheelchair for months to years who tried Roho AirLite cushion is pleased about the comfort and support and note it as ‘an excellent cushion’. They find the Roho AirLite to provide with the needed support for each leg with a deeper cut out for his butt and tailbone.

Many aged care facilities and acclaimed international organizations consider this product as ‘top-notch’ and have rated it as one of the most comfortable wheelchairs they have used for above noted specific needs and criteria.

3. Roho Low-Profile Cushions Review

Air cushions offer inflatable seat padding for greater comfort and remedy to certain medical conditions. A high-end example of this is the Roho Low-Profile cushion constructed from aggregations of small, rubber, air cells that are usually arranged in tight rows.

Rated four-stars in effectiveness and ease of usage in the top 5 reviewed wheelchair cushions, this Low-Profile wheelchair cushion does offer comfort and is of high quality.

It is a slim wheelchair cushion with an air-adjustable cellular support surface.

For Whom is the Roho low-profile cushions meant for?

Although any wheelchair user could go for Roho’s Low-Profile Cushion, they are majorly meant for users with a history or case of skin breakdowns such as sores and pressure ulcers.

Its cellular design and the soft, pliable material it is made of, allows users to be immersed into the cushion, thus offering maximum pressure redistribution while at the same time decreasing shear and friction.

Benefits and Features of Roho’s Low-Profile Cushions

Cells:Adjustable air cells
Cover:Machine washable, flame-resistant
Sizes:Available in over 20 sizes
Weight:4.25 lbs (less than 2 kg)
Suitable for:History of skin breakdown, no sensation
Roho Low-Profile Cushions
  • Roho’s Low-Profile Cushions are adjustable to the user’s weight, shape and changes in the user’s position as well.
  • Roho’s Low-Profile Cushion is lightweight, easy to carry and handle.
  • The cushion is easily cleaned with water and soap while its cushion is machine washable.
  • The cushion is flame- resistant and made of neoprene.
  • To extend its lifespan, the cushion can be patched or repaired.
  • It is a great option if you self- propel.
  • Roho’s Low-Profile Cushion comes with a cushion cover, hand inflation pump and repair kit.
  • It is recommended for those with no sensation to partial sensation.
  • The cushion features 2” (5 cm) interconnected air cells.
  • It comes with a counter-pressure surface and a two-way stretch cover.
  • 24- month warranty

Varies by size (available in over 20 stocked sizes).

The cushion weight is 4.25 lbs (less than 2kg).

Bearing Capacity: Weight capacity of 500 lbs (approx. 225 kg).

Roho’s Low-Profile Cushion Product Tips

The Roho low-profile provides active user protection against skin breakdown. It is easily adjustable and conforms to the user’s body.

It is also recommended for those who require pelvic asymmetry (approximately 1.75 inches for the low profile).

User Reviews and Comments about Roho’s Low-Profile Cushion

Some users of this product agree that its design is of high quality; however, some commented that it is quite expensive.

Reviewers are of the opinion that it is quite comfortable and can be easily mended. Some reviewers recommended it as the best option for those in need of the best cushions for pressure sores.

A 48-year old female that has been using the product for decades noted it as ‘the best cushion out there’. She gave it a five-star rating while saying it is a comfortable cushion. However, she noted that at some point, it would inevitably have a punch or hole in it, leading to the need for a repair or buying a new one.

In line with the above lady’s comment, some other users have also complained that the product is not durable and they end up having to repair it often.

4. Roho Mid-Profile Cushions Review

Just like other Roho cushion products, the Roho Mid-profile Cushion provides an optimal environment for users with skin/soft tissue integrity issues.

Its 3 inches tall cells are suitable for people with a moderate risk of pressure ulcers and skin breakdowns. It also provides stability and makes for a proper flow of air.

The cushion can be easily adjusted, thus enabling the cushion to fit the shape of the individual, reducing tissue deformation. Interestingly, all adjustments can be made while the user is seated, thus, eliminating any need to transfer the individual for maintenance of comfort.

We have also reviewed a Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat.

Who is the Roho Mid-profile Cushion for?

While Roho Mid-profile Cushion is ideal for those with skin integrity issues who are prone to cases of pressure ulcers and skin breakdowns, it is also helpful for those with poor balance as it offers significant postural support and stability. It is suitable as well for people with a history of skin grafts or myocutaneous flap surgery and any stage pressure injury. Those with normal or impaired sensation as well could go for it.

Benefits and Features of Roho’s Mid-profile Cushion

Cells:3 inches tall air cells
Weight:3 lbs (1.4 kg)
Suitable for:Moderate risk, skin integrity issues
Roho Mid-Profile Cushions
  • It is adjustable to the user’s shape and weight.
  • It easily adjusts to changes in an individual’s position over a period of time.
  • Roho’s Mid-profile Cushion is easy to handle and quite portable.
  • Heavy-duty covers for Roho’s Mid-profile Cushion are available.
  • Height: 3.25”/8.5 cm.
  • It is lightweight at just 3 lbs/1.4 kg.
  • The cushion, unlike some wheelchair cushions, is not made of natural rubber latex; rather, it is made of a flame-resistant, black neoprene.
  • Its surface utilizes the Roho Dry Floatation
    technology which facilitates blood flow by fitting, tracking and matching the shape of an individual.
  • While its cover is machine washable, the cushion itself can be easily cleaned with soap and water.
  • It can be easily repaired as the cushion can be patched to extend its use
  • It is convenient as all postural adjustments are made while the user is seated.
  • 24-month limited warranty for the cushion and 6-month limited warranty for the protection.

varies by size

3 lbs (1.4 kg)

Bearing Capacity:

Roho Mid-profile Cushion Product Tips

With its adjustable, air-filled, cellular- design, this wheelchair’s support surface incorporates the ‘Dry Floatation Technology’, which enables the cushion to conform to its user’s seated shape thus, providing protection to the soft tissue and creating a conducive environment that facilitates wound healing.

Evidence shows that it is suitable for individual’s that require accommodation of pelvic asymmetry (up to approximately 2.75”/7cm).

User Review of varies Roho’s Mid-profile Cushion

Unlike other Roho cushion products, this is a less commonly purchased amongst our clients; hence, had fewer reviews and comments.

One client used this cushion for a month gave this product a 5-star rating saying, “It is the best.”

5. Roho High-profile Cushion Review

Available in both single and dual compartment, this air-filled wheelchair cushion is of premium quality.

The unique cellular design of this high-profile cushion product enables the cushion to continually track the movements of the body and conform to the shape of its user.

The pliable material it is made of allows the user to be immersed into the cushion for maximum distribution of pressure.

The 4” Roho High-profile cushion is the original Dry Floatation cushion recognized globally for its effectiveness in managing pressures.

For those with history of skin injury or those who are prone to it, they can either choose the single valve compartment to inflate the cushion completely at once or the dual valve compartment to enable adjustment of air to either side of the cushion.

Roho’s dynamic, adjustable, low-shear high-profile cushion not only prevents skin injury but also promotes healing of pressure sores.

Who are the recommended users of the Roho High-Profile cushion?

It is a choice for individuals who have a history of tissue breakdown or who suffer from pressure sores.

It is also recommended for those with currently impaired skin, high risk of skin breakdown and those who have no sensation. It is appropriate for high-risk patients to get pressure imageries or other lack of mobility-related health conditions.

Benefits and Features of Roho’s High-Profile Cushion

Cells:4 inches tall air cells
Weight:Approx. 4.4 lbs (< 2 kg)
Suitable for:History of tissue breakdown, high risk
Roho High-Profile Cushion
  • It is sensory check ready.
  • It allows for about 3.5 inches of immersion with the higher cells making for enhanced pressure reduction and increased blood flow to areas at risk.
  • Its package includes a two-way stretch washable nylon cover (with non-skid bottom), repair kit and inflation kit.
  • It is the original Dry Flotation cushion recognized worldwide.
  • Easy to adjust to fit into the shape of an individual
  • It is available in over 25 stocked sizes and custom sizes as well
  • The cushion has a 24-month limited warranty.

Sizes: It is available in over 25 stocked sizes and custom sizes as well.

Weight: Approx.
4.4 lbs (< 2kg)

Bearing Capacity: Weight capacity of 500 lbs (up to 225 kg)

Roho’s High-Profile Cushion Product Tips

Roho’s High-Profile therapeutic cushion provides a low deformation environment that aids the healing of ischemic ulcers.

For its Single Compartment cushion, the whole cushion is a single compartment which is adjusted via a single air valve.

For the Dual Compartment cushion; however, there is provision for the dual compartments to be adjusted independently for increased positioning and stability for either side-to-side or front-to-back control.

It is recommended for those that require pelvic asymmetry up to approximately 3 inches high; however, because of its height; users may have trouble self-propelling their wheelchairs.

User Reviews and Comments of Roho’s High-Profile Cushion

A 36-year old reviewer said he has used only Roho High-profile cushions and using the product has made for very few skin problems while another reviewer said it is a perfect fit. In his words, “With the Roho cushion, you can’t go wrong for pressure relief; the ultimate cushion.”

6. Roho Contour Select Cushion Review

The contoured design of this cushion coupled with the integration of the ISOFLO® Memory Control unit provides a completely new level of postural control, support and stability that has never been achieved with air cushions. Its unique design positions the pelvis back into the wheelchair while ensuring that the individual is positioned comfortably in the middle of the cushion.

It is quite adjustable to body shape and weight and can be adjusted anytime and anywhere.

Who should use the Roho Contour Select wheelchair cushion?

It is ideal for those with fair to poor seated balance, those with symmetrical or slightly asymmetrical postures and those either currently suffering from skin problems like ulcers or those at risk of developing such skin problems.

Benefits and Features Roho’s Contour Select Cushion

Adjustability:ISOFLO Memory Control unit
Suitable for:Fair to poor seated balance, skin issues
Roho Contour Select Cushion
  • It is both immersive and stabilizing hence, can improve the daily lives of people suffering from skin conditions, obesity, paralysis, diabetes and other health conditions that can limit movement. (We covered Diabetic Wound Care and Treatment before)
  • Adjustable support can be modified anytime to suit the need of the user.
  • It is available in several different sizes.
  • It has no gel or foam components; hence, it is lightweight.
  • Can easily be cleaned with soap and water.
  • The durable neoprene cover can be easily repaired.
  • Included with its purchase is an inflation pump, repair kit and user instructions.
  • Includes an easy-to-operate ISOFLO Memory Control unit which inflates each of the four cushion quadrants.
  • 36-month manufacturer warranty.

several different sizes


Bearing Capacity: Weight capacity of 500 lbs (up to 225 kg)

Roho Contour Select Cushion Product Tips

This high-end cushion comes with the ISOFLO Memory Control unit that locks air into each of the four compartments, thus making for stability by reducing front-to-back and side-to-side motion.

Known for its air-filled cellular designs, the Roho Contour Select takes technology to another height as it is divided into four quadrants that can each be inflated to varying levels of tensioning depending on the peculiar needs of the user.

User Reviews and Comments about Roho Contour Select Cushion

A user in his review of this product said, “No fighting pressure sores anymore. It does what it claims it will do.”

Jennifer, another reviewer whose mother was recuperating from TIA’s gave, is 4.5 stars saying, “It obviously works.”

Another reviewer said the product is great and the comfort great as well. However, she added that it was a little high to drive her auto and sit at work. Also, ‘it needs a washable cover’.

7. Roho Quadtro Select Cushion Review

This Select high-profile cushion sure does set the standard for performance in wheelchair seating.

With just the push of a button, Roho Quadtro Select Cushion has the ability to customize the user’s fit. The incorporation of the revolutionary ISOFLO® Memory Control provides shape-fitting abilities while one is seated.

Roho Quadtro Select Cushion easily conforms to the body shape allowing immersion, minimizing tissue deformation and maintaining blood flow. With its separated air cells, it offers superior ventilation to the skin surface hence, providing a cooling environment.

Who should use the Roho Quadtro Select wheelchair cushion?

This cushion is great for individuals who require a great deal of postural support.

It is for those who suffer from low to poor balance, those who have a diagnosis that will change over time and those who demand a high level of skin protection.

Benefits and Features of Roho Quadtro Select Cushion

Adjustability:ISOFLO Memory Control unit
Weight:About 3.8 lbs (1.75 kg)
Suitable for:Need for postural support, stability
Roho Quadtro Select Cushion
  • Roho Quadtro Select Cushion offers a high level of immersion and skin protection.
  • It features a specially designed knob for quick and easy adjustments.
  • It utilizes the ISOFLO Memory Control Unit which offers shape fitting capabilities while seated.
  • Available in as much as 20 different sizes.
  • Roho Quadtro Select Cushion comes in high, medium and low profiles. (See above for their characteristics)
  • It is lightweight and washable
  • Cushion order includes an inflation pump, a cover, product manual and repair kit


Weight: About 3.8 lbs (1.75 kg)

Bearing Capacity: Weight capacity of 500 lbs (up to 225 kg)

Roho Quadtro Select Cushion Product Tips

With the Roho Quadtro Select Cushion, you no longer have to sacrifice skin/soft tissue protection to obtain positioning, stability or convenience.

Just like the Contour Select, it features the ISOFLO Memory control unit that makes for easy and quick adjustments.

Roho Quadtro Select Cushion also comes with a knob that can be pushed open to adjust the level of inflation and closed back to lock in and maintain the desired level.

User Reviews and Comments of Roho Quadtro Select Cushion

A user said, “I had a high profile Roho before now and loved it. However, I ordered a new one, and it was a Quad. I have a problem leaning to my right; however, by making the right adjustments in the cushion, I can sit up straighter!”

Another user said, “I purchased this cushion last month for my mom, and she does love it. It offers the best relief from the pressure!”

8. Roho Hybrid Elite Cushion Review

The Roho Hybrid Elite Cushion offers a full blend of soft tissue protection and shape-fitting technology (Roho Dry Flotation®) with stability from a contoured base. The contoured foam base makes for lower extremity and pelvic alignment and control, thus achieving greater positioning.

It helps prevent pressure injuries and minimizes friction and shear

Who should use the Roho Hybrid Elite Cushion?

It is best suited for those with an obliquity as the shape-fitting air insert offers optimal redistribution of pressure around the pelvis area.

It is a cushion of choice for those that require accommodation or correction of pelvic asymmetry (up to approximately 2 inches/5 cm). Those at moderate to high risk of skin breakdown could go for it too.

Benefits and Features of Roho Hybrid Elite Cushion

Foam and air cells:Combines foam and air cells for stability
Sizes:Available in over 20 sizes
Weight:Depends on size
Suitable for:Obliquity, pelvic alignment, skin protection
Roho Hybrid Elite Cushion
  • It combines soft tissue protection and shape-fitting ability with the stability of a Jay 3 contoured foam base.
  • It is highly adjustable as the cushion insert matches the user’s shape by adjusting the amount of air.
  • While its cover is machine washable, the cushion insert can be easy with soap and water.
  • Customized Jay foam base and air insert are both fluid-resistant.
  • The neoprene rubber can be patched or repaired.
  • Roho Hybrid Elite Cushion facilitates wound healing and decreases friction and shear.
  • It is available in over 20 sizes.
  • Cushion height of the cells is approximately 3.25 inch.
  • 2-year limited warranty.

over 20 sizes.


Bearing Capacity: Weight capacity of 500 lbs (up to 225 kg)

Roho Hybrid Elite Product Tips

Unrivalled in performance, the Hybrid Elite allows for immersion and envelopment of the user’s shape.

Asides the single valve, it comes with a dual valve option that enables additional customization to match the unique shape and asymmetry of the individual.

User Review and Comments about Roho Hybrid Elite Cushion

Alison, a user said the cushion does precisely what is needed as the cushion chambers absorb weight and pressure thus preventing skin breakdown. However, he said it is expensive and can break down, thus requiring puncture repairs.

Another reviewer, Diana, with bone injury attested that the air pocket system offers excellent protection and have not discovered any weakness since she has been using the product for over a month.


Drawing from our firsthand experience of working closely with wheelchair users and healthcare professionals, we’ve gained insights into the practical challenges individuals face. These insights have directly influenced our assessment of each cushion’s suitability for various needs and conditions. Our perspective is grounded in a user-centric approach, encompassing the needs, preferences, and challenges faced by those who depend on wheelchair cushions. Our goal is to make this information useful and relevant to your decision-making process, ultimately improving your quality of life.

When it comes to minimizing pressure injuries, wound healing and other skin related disorders, Roho wheelchair cushions set the pace. They are constructed and customized to meet the unique needs of each user and comes in various sizes, shapes and makes.

Let’s us know your questions about Roho cushions. And, share your experience with the cushion, which may help other readers too.