Some health experts say Tupelo Honey is good for diabetics; however, the truth can be far from that in certain circumstances. This article will dig into exactly that!

Tuprelo honey is an old type of honey with an interesting history. It seems a missionary wanted to bring tupelo seeds from China, and then threw them overboard because of a thief. From there, you can of course imagine what happened next.

This honey does wonders for some people with diabetes because it contains fructose, a healthier sweetener that the body breaks down easier than glucose. Fructose tastes like sugar and is rare. Further, Tupelo Honey can be the best option for people with diabetes because it doesn’t rapidly affect their blood sugar levels.

If you want to find out more about what Tupelo Honey is, how it works, or what’s are the differences between it and other types of honey, give the following article a read. You will learn everything you need to know about Tupelo Honey as a diabetic, and what are the best Tupelo Honey products out there.

What Is Tupelo Honey?

Tupelo Honey is a special kind of honey, like Manuka Honery, made by honeybees from flowers of the Tupelo tree. It’s pricey, and not everyone can afford it, but luckily, there are a few companies that make it especially for people with diabetes. (We will talk about these companies and products later.)

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Aside from being very rare, Tupelo Honey is also aromatic and has a light color. The other words that could describe it are “fruity”, “floral”, and “spicy”. Tupelo Honey doesn’t crystallize easily because its ratio of sugars balances towards fructose.

Since it’s not prone to crystallization, Tupelo Honey remains liquid. It’s a type of raw honey that has high fructose content. Some health experts claim this honey is better than apples when it comes to keeping the body and mind healthy, but let’s see in this article what it can do to support as well as against diabetes.

Raw Honey vs Tupelo Honey – What’s The Difference?

Tupelo Honey is different from raw honey because, in raw honey, there’s only glucose and fructose. The ratio of these sugars determines how easily the honey crystallizes without any intervention. As mentioned, in the rare Tupelo Honey, you have more fructose.

This honey has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, so you should use it for many reasons. But the most important reason why we should consume it is that it addresses diabetes and its symptoms. When you have this illness, you can’t have raw honey because it contains too much sugar.

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Therefore, you could consider opting for Tupelo Honey because it’s a natural sweetener. You can use it in your coffee, or add it to your desserts.

Some people might say that its beneficial effects are overrated, but it’s not like this at all. On the contrary, this honey works.

Manuka Honey vs Tupelo Honey – What’s The Difference?

Even if some people say that Manuka Honey has more health benefits than Tupelo Honey, the latter is better for people with diabetes and doesn’t contain that many calories per serving too. At the same time, its flavor is milder, which means you can enjoy it with your coffee in the morning.

As far as the nutritional content goes, Tupelo Honey and Manuka Honey are almost similar. Both have antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. However, they contain different nutrients.

For example, Manuka Honey has 17g of carbohydrates, whereas Tupelo Honey has 12 g of carbohydrates. Something people with diabetes should pay attention to…

Both kinds of honey are perfect for baking, but Tupelo Honey is especially good for cakes. If you have diabetes and want your birthday cake to taste perfect and be healthy, don’t hesitate to stick with Tupelo honey.

The good news is that it costs less than Manuka Honey too…

Health Benefits of Tupelo Honey

As mentioned, Tupelo Honey has many health benefits. Among these benefits, the most notable are mentioned below. Have a look over them if you want to learn what you could use this honey for aside from addressing the symptoms of diabetes.

· Natural Source of Sugar

You should note once again that Tupelo Honey contains a high amount of fructose, which is like natural sugar. Moreover, fructose releases energy in the body sustainably, so it’s different from processed and synthetic sugars. This is beneficial for athletes who want to perform better.

Tip: if you are an athlete, you might be interested to learn about our concerns about Fairlife Core Power.

· Nutrient Dense

Tupelo Honey is also very rich in nutrients, as it contains all the minerals and vitamins the body needs to remain healthy. Some of these vitamins and minerals are Iron, vitamin C, Thiamine, Potassium, and Calcium. You could also use this type of honey to cleanse the toxins in your body.

· Immunity Booster

Different from unfiltered and raw honey, Tupelo Honey supports the immune system because it’s rich in Propolis and Bee Pollen. Propolis is filled with flavonoids and polyphenols. Both are antioxidants essential for the immune system. Some of its other ingredients and phytonutrients.

· Good for Digestion

Another benefit of Tupelo Honey is helping the digestive system. In other words, this special kind of honey contains antibacterials and is efficient for your gut. It also has many natural enzymes that support healthy digestion. Last, it is a natural carbohydrate and a powerful enzyme.

· Improves Skin Health

Tupelo Honey is also great for your skin because it’s rich in antioxidants such as Flavonoids, Vitamin C, and Phenolic Acid. At the same time, it protects the skin against hyperpigmentation, UV damage, and aging. Some health experts say it also works for wound healing.

· Cold Remedy

Some people use Tupelo Honey as a cold remedy because it’s a palliative for cough and sore throat. This old natural remedy is famous for treating common colds. While there aren’t too many studies to confirm this supposition, many people have used it for this reason.

· Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Regulating blood sugar levels is another health benefit of Tupelo Honey. You should use it, but not without also sticking with a healthy diet for diabetics and exercising from time to time.

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Keep in mind that without eating properly and moving your body, you can’t prevent diabetes symptoms.

What is the Glycemic Index of Tupelo Honey?

The Glycemic index of Tupelo Honey is about 74. Like with fruit, the glycemic index of different types of honey varies.

A 74 glycemic index is good, as it helps prevent the onset of diabetes. As a result, you can use Tupelo Honey when you have prediabetes.

What’s also interesting about Tupelo Honey is that it metabolizes differently than sugar in the body. Moreover, it also seems to address insulin resistance. If you can afford it and have diabetes, don’t hesitate to try it out. (We will see later which brands and products are ideal for diabetics).

Manuka honey is the honey with the lowest glycemic index, but you shouldn’t use it against diabetes because it doesn’t encourage weight loss due to its comparatively higher carbohydrate content. Besides, Tupelo Honey also increases energy levels, so it’s better than Manuka because it deals with fatigue and other diabetes symptoms.

Is Tupelo Honey Good for Diabetics?

First and foremost, Tupelo Honey is good for people with diabetes because it helps regulate blood sugar levels. People who have diabetes also have a sweet tooth like anyone else, so they can use it for their desserts, in their coffee, tea, and with other hot drinks.

People with mild diabetes can have coffee or tea with Tupelo Honey without any problem. They should consider using this type of honey if they want to prevent the symptoms of their illness in the long run. They can’t use sugar because sugar only worsens their disease.

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There are many other types of honey you could try as a diabetic, but Tupelo is the most appreciated by health experts and other people who use it. Moreover, as mentioned above, it also contains many other vitamins and minerals that improve your general health.

Let’s turn on to people with pre-diabetes now…

Can Prediabetics Use Tupelo Honey?

Since it’s good for people with diabetes, Tupelo Honey is good for people with prediabetes as well. Therefore, if your doctor told you that you don’t have diabetes yet, but you might get it in a short while due to your lifestyle, you should stop at Tupelo Honey and use it instead of sugar.

The good news is that prediabetes is a reversible condition, so if you take good care of yourself and no longer consume any sugar, and change your lifestyle, you can get cured of it in 2-6 years. It might sound easy, but it isn’t. There are many other preventive measures you should take.

One of these other preventive measures is dieting and exercising. You shouldn’t exercise like an athlete, but you should try to move your body as much as you can. For instance, take long walks in the park and rest when feeling too tired.

Tip: Support your active lifestyle with diabetes-friendly socks.

Best Tupelo Honey Brands and Products for Diabetics

Now that we have determined what Tupelo Honey is and how it works, let’s see which are the best Tupelo Honey brands and products out there.

1. Savannah Bee Tupelo Honey

Savannah Bee Tupelo Honey is made in the USA and provides this natural ingredient’s all health benefits. Even if expensive, you can try to order it via many platforms, including the manufacturer’s official website.

It has a golden-green hue and a buttery taste, so you will surely want to try it.

Savannah Bee is a company founded by Ten Dennard, who learned beekeeping among the Georgia-Florida tupelo trees. This Tupelo Honey works for people with diabetes who like baking cakes and enjoying smoothies. Use it if you have this type of sweet tooth.

One jar of this honey has a net weight of 12 oz. or 340 g. This is more than enough for one month of desserts. It wouldn’t be the best idea to use the Savannah Bee Tupelo Honey with your coffee, daily.

How Does Savannah Bee Tupelo Honey Work?

Savannah Bee Tupelo Honey never turns into sugar because it has a high fructose content. This means it’s ideal for lowering blood sugar levels. It’s made by bees that use the nectar of Tupelo trees in the inundated ponds, rivers, and swamps of Florida and Georgia.

If you want to know how Savannah Bee Tupelo works against diabetes, have a look at the diagram below. The product doesn’t mention its ingredients on the label, as it is 100% natural and thus doesn’t have any additional or artificial components.

Honey Diabetes Response

This Tupelo Honey produces lower glycemic responses when compared to any other of the available sweeteners and sugars. Therefore, it’s perfect as a sugar substitute for those who follow a diabetic diet. Moreover, it has antihyperlipidemic, anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic/antihyperglycemic, and antioxidant effects.


  • Savannah Bee Tupelo Honey lowers blood sugar levels faster than other Tupelo Honey products.
  • This type of Tupelo Honey is good for people who enjoy baked desserts.
  • Anyone can use Savannah Bee Tupelo Honey for its other health benefits.
  • Some people complain that Savannah Bee Tupelo Honey is too expensive.
  • This product is not always available for sale because people buy it fast.
  • Savannah Bee Tupelo Honey doesn’t go well with coffee or tea because it’s too consistent.


Now, let’s find another product that you could try out…

2. Smiley Honey Tupelo Honey

Smiley Honey Tupelo Honey is also an American product that prevents the symptoms of diabetes by decreasing blood sugar levels. It’s made in Wewahitchka, in the panhandle of Florida. If you drive East one hour from Panama City, you can find this little town.

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Donald Smiley started Smiley Honey here back in 1989. He began working from his garage and fell in love with beekeeping later. Ever since, he has had more than 1,000 beehives, producing Tupelo Honey of great quality.

In other words, Smiley Honey is a business with tradition.

Smiley Honey Tupelo Honey is unfiltered and raw, so a great gift from Mother Nature. It contains pollen, beneficial enzymes, minerals, and vitamins the company minimally processes. This all-natural honey can do you only good if you suffer from diabetes.

How Does Smiley Honey Tupelo Honey Work?

Smiley Honey Tupelo Honey is incredibly effective not only at dealing with diabetes but with other diseases as well. For example, it has antioxidative, antihypertensive, anti-inflammatory, and hypocholesteremia effects too.

Honey Properties

When it comes to its anti-diabetic effects, this Tupelo Honey increases cell viability and C-peptide levels, regulating insulin levels. Use it if you want to feel good in your own body and prevent the symptoms of your disease in the long run.

As opposed to the Savannah Bee Tupelo Honey, Smiley Honey Tupelo Honey is lighter and more liquid. In other words, you can use it in your coffee or other hot liquids such as tea. It’s not the best for baking, but if you want to make cookies with it, you can.


  • Smiley Honey Tupelo Honey lowers blood sugar levels because it’s a natural replacement for sugar.
  • This product has many other health benefits too, so it’s not only antidiabetic.
  • You can use Smiley Honey Tupelo Honey when you have low energy levels too.
  • This Tupelo Honey can be expensive for some pockets.
  • You can’t use Smiley Honey Tupelo Honey as a cure for diabetes.
  • Some people complained that Smiley Honey Tupelo Honey is not that sweet.


Now, let’s turn to our third product review…

3. Register Family Farm Tupelo Honey

As its name suggests, Register Family Farm is a family business that makes honey from the Tupelo trees growing in Florida. Here, around 1,500 honeybee colonies are producing Tupelo Honey. What’s also great about Register Family Farm is that it fights to save the bees.

To clarify, if you buy Register Family Farm Tupelo Honey, you also invest in campaigns to save our planet’s bees. Register Family Farm was launched by the Register family. Their mission is to sell only quality products and, in the meantime, save the bee population.

Tupelo Honey is one of the best products offered by Register Family Farm. It comes in various packaging and can make your life sweeter. You can buy it either in smaller portions or in bulk. What’s also great about it is that you can give it to someone whom you want to treat.

How Does Register Family Farm Tupelo Honey Work?

Just like all the other Tupelo Honey products mentioned above, Register Family Farm Tupelo Honey lowers blood sugar levels. Consequently, you can use it when not feeling well or want to increase your energy levels to go on with your day.

You can see in the graphic below how Register Family Farm Tupelo Honey works not only to combat the symptoms of diabetes but also to provide other health benefits. As you can see, it fights anti-oxidative stress and has anti-inflammatory properties due to its composition.

Honey health benifits

Register Family Farm Tupelo Honey is more like the Smiley Honey Tupelo Honey product, meaning it works better in coffee and tea, as it has a lighter consistency. If you want to bake using it, you can too. However, note that you need real talent at baking for this to be possible.


  • Register Family Farm Tupelo Honey has a very sweet taste and a lighter consistency.
  • Register Family Farm is a very popular honey-making company.
  • You can easily find this Tupelo Honey in shops across the States and online.
  • Some people complain that Register Family Farm Tupelo Honey is expensive.
  • This type of Tupelo Honey might not be the best for baking because it has a lighter consistency.
  • Register Family Farm Tupelo Honey stocks run out quickly.


With all the positive stories about Tupelo Honey and diabetes, we should now remind you that it is all not that sweet. Some people with diabetes, and under certain circumstances, you should not take this honey.

When Should You Not Have Tupelo Honey?

You shouldn’t have Tupelo Honey if it doesn’t make you feel good. For example, if you are sick after having it with your coffee in the morning, stop using it. Try it with your desserts instead and see how it goes. If you are still feeling sick, go and see a doctor. Most likely, this product is not for you!

The same goes for desserts. If you have some baking goods or cookies made with Tupelo Honey and don’t feel good, stop using this ingredient in your desserts. You might be allergic to it. Either way, ask a doctor what’s going on so that your condition doesn’t get worse.

Tupelo Honey shouldn’t do you any harm, especially if you have early-stage diabetes, which is well-controlled. However, if you don’t feel good after it, don’t have it at all. You could always opt for Manuka or other types of honey instead. There are many alternatives on the market, so don’t hesitate to give them a try. 

The story can be quite different if you have severe diabetes, which is hard to control. In this case, Tupelo Honey might stand against you and your blood sugar levels. You are warned!

Tupelo Honey Alternatives

Here is a list of Tupelo Honey alternatives for you. Click on each link to explore more.

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Tip: Honey Nut Cheerios got nothing to do with honey.


Because it has a high content of fructose, Tupelo Honey is one of the best honey options for people with diabetes.

Depending on its consistency and brand, you can either put it in your coffee or bake your cakes with it. Tupelo Honey with lighter consistency is good for making cookies and having it in your coffee or tea.

Either way, as a person with diabetes, you can’t consume any sugar. Use Tupelo or other types of honey instead if your doctor recommends you to do so.

Thanks for reading… Let us know if you have any comments or share your personal experience of using Tupelo Honey.