People with diabetes deserve a much comfortable life as they can get. This is why different brands and companies are out to produce things that will help us live a comfortable life. One of these products is from MediPeds Diabetic Socks. This article focuses on reviewing MediPeds Compression Socks. But, are MediPeds compression socks good for diabetics?

Let’s find out…

MediPeds is definitely concerned about the foot health of diabetics, men and women alike. While it is very important to note that diabetics need good socks, this article also explains why MediPeds ensure that they always produce the best socks for them.

Let’s start by explaining why people with diabetes need diabetic socks.

Do Diabetics Need Socks?

We have come to realize over time that foot care is a very important part of managing diabetes. This is why it is very important to wear shoes and socks all the time whether you have foot problems or not.

Diabetics socks help you to:

  • Improve the blood flow to your feet.
  • Always maintain dry feet.
  • Keep fungal infections away from your feet.
  • Provide cushion to your feet.

Although not all diabetics should wear special socks, it is very important to note that most of them are very prone to a foot injury. This is due to poor circulation and a condition called peripheral neuropathy which causes you to have a loss of feeling in the feet.

For diabetics, any small cut or bruise can lead to a foot ulcer, because diabetes causes poor circulation thereby making it difficult for the wounds to heal. Therefore, wearing socks can help save your toes, feet and legs from amputation.

Features of a Good Diabetic Socks

  • Diabetic socks are usually seamless or completely flat in other to prevent rubbing or blisters on the foot.
  • They usually have cuffs that are stretchy in other not to constrict blood flow.
  • Diabetic socks usually have moisture-wicking materials in other to keep your feet dry.
  • The material in the heel and ball of the feet is usually soft with an extra thickness.
  • They should be made with a light color in other to be able to detect blood or other fluids which might signal injury or infection.
  • They usually have a foot conforming fit devoid of wrinkles or bunches.

One of the good diabetic socks is from MediPeds.

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What is MediPeds?

This is a brand whose sole aim is to make products for good foot health. The socks they produce are made with branded fibers with great tech features. This is to ensure maximum comfort and also reduce symptoms like swollen legs, tiredness, dry skin and other symptoms caused by diabetes. They have been noted to be great in the wellness market as they continuously produce great styles for both sexes ranging from athletic to casual dress.

The main goal of MediPeds is to produce quality clothes with the high style and comfort you can ever get. They have produced different types of diabetic socks that protect and provide comfort to the feet.

How Do MediPeds Socks Provide Comfort and Protect Your Feet?

  • Mediped socks have a non-binding top and also an extra-wide stretch. This makes it fit perfectly over swollen areas, thereby reducing pressure on sensitive legs and ankles.
  • The socks have a cushioned sole whose inside provides comfortable padding that protects the foot. It also delivers an adequate level of cushioning, in other for the socks not to be too thick.
  • It has a soft, smooth toe that does not irritate toes.
  • MediPeds has a cotton blended fiber/Coolmax which makes the foot dry, and a Lycra fiber that fits perfectly to the foot.

Features of Medipeds Socks

MediPeds has been top rated because they know the importance of having a healthy foot, whether you are diabetic or not. This is why they channel their resources into producing socks that are made to help with swelling, fatigue, and other health conditions that might affect your feet.

They make their socks with different technical advanced yarns which provide different styles that enable you to fit your lifestyle.

  • Great moisture control

The Coolmax fiber of MediPeds socks helps in keeping the feet dry as well as soaking up moisture from the feet. This is very important because the moisture can lead to bacterial infections if not soaked away. This infection can cause damage to the feet.

  • Contoured Y-heel

MediPeds has a Y-heel pocket. This Y heel pocket is formed in a way that it fits in the actual shape of your heel. This allows for great comfortability because it fits just well.

NB: All Mediped socks do not have a Y-heel.

  • MediPeds has cushioned soles

Because of the extra padding in MediPed socks, foot ulcers are reduced greatly when combined with proper shoes.

  • Mediped has nonbinding comfort top

The non-binding comfort top allows for adequate circulation in the feet and legs.

For diabetics, MediPeds aims to provide fitting, moisture-wicking, and comfortable socks to reduce and prevent foot problems. This is very possible because of the spandex fiber with which they are made.

  • MediPeds has a seamless toe

This seamless design allows for a snug fit. This will give a small chance of wrinkling.

  • MediPeds socks are durable

MediPeds uses nylon and polyester materials. This is to enable them to resist the wear and tear the feet experience every day.

Tip: We already noted you about copper socks, bamboo socks and nano socks in the previous article. They are also an excellent choice for people with diabetes.

  • MediPeds make use of good materials

The comfort, durability, and reliability that MediPeds provides are due to the quality of the materials they are made with.

The nylon component in it makes it strong and versatile. Sometimes nylon can be mixed with other materials to enhance its stretch and durability.

Its polyester component is very good as a water repellent.

The Coolmax fiber mixed with cotton makes it soft and highly absorbent. It takes moisture away from your skin keeping it dry and cool.

The Lycra spandex makes it superior. It helps your socks maintain their shape.

It’s an acrylic component which is a man-made fiber makes it durable and keeps it soft and light-weighted.

Disadvantages of MediPeds Socks

MediPeds socks are not so ideal for people who already have issues with their feet or for those who are at the risk of diabetic neuropathy or peripheral arterial diseases. These conditions reduce blood flow and sensation to legs and feet, respectively. MediPeds may not fit these people because it’s non-binding top-funnel has been reported to leave marks on the legs and feet of those wearing it after a short period. These marks indicate that the socks are cutting off circulation to the feet and lower legs and therefore should be avoided.

Some others even go ahead to complain that even after getting a bigger size of the socks, it still leaves mark on them. Moreover, wearing socks bigger than your feet is very unhealthy, as it can cause more foot complications like rubbing and blistering. So always go for socks that are your size not minding the situation.

So, it is safe to say that MediPeds socks are not the best fit for those who already have severe diabetes-related foot complications.

MediPeds Compression Socks Review

Now let’s review the main categories of MediPeds socks applicable to people with diabetes.

MediPeds Women’s Diabetic Socks With Non-binding Funnel


  • For those with swelling problems (e.g. edema), these socks are very good as it does not bind or leave an impression on the feet.
  • It is very good for those who always feel like they are walking on rocks when their feet touch any extra material. This is because it fits well to the feet.
  • The majority testifies that the socks are very comfortable and soft.
  • They do not irritate the feet.
  • Unlike other socks, MediPeds diabetic socks with a non-binding funnel do not squeeze the ankle and slide into shoes.
  • The socks keep the feet very warm.
  • They can stretch without losing elasticity.
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  • So many people with foot problems do not want to draw extra attention to their feet. The big brand name that is very visible on the socks, makes it somehow uncomfortable.
  • The funnel top anklet in the upper area sometimes appear short and makes it somehow uncomfortable for some people.
  • So many people complain that the foot part of the socks is not good enough. To those people, the socks do not have a good cushioning as they appear and feel baggy.
  • It is very hard to get the ones that are exactly your size. You might end up having a bigger or smaller one for your foot.

MediPeds Diabetic Socks with Nonbinding Top

These MediPeds socks with nonbinding tops are designed specifically for people with diabetes. It has a cool-max polyester blend which pulls the moisture away from your skin and also keeps your skin dry due to its cutting edge. It is further made with polyester blend with cool max and Lycra spandex.

Its nonbinding top is less constrictive, thereby offering you more comfort. The spandex keeps the top comfortably in place, thereby providing extra stretch.


  • This sock is comfortable and cool.
  • They are very breathable and do not slide down in shoes.
  • You can wear them with tennis shoes as they don’t feel bulky.
  • They are very good for the ankle as they do not cause them to swell. This means that you can wear it all day, unlike other socks that might cause your feet to swell.
  • They are not completely seamless, as they have small knits. Nevertheless, they do not irritate.
  • They are very stretchy, and they don’t dry out the feet.
  • They are flat and do not have a feel on the toe. A customer with a lymphatic condition that usually has a tenderfoot as a result of fluid retention in her lower leg testified that the MediPeds socks are very good for her.
  • There are machine washable.
  • They have Lycra spandex fibers.


Some complaint of overcharge when purchasing the socks.

It can be tight in the toes

MediPeds Ladies Diabetic Socks

This is usually extra wide and is specifically designed for women with diabetes.


  • They are nonbinding and can stay up in your leg for a long time, thereby making them comfortable.
  • They are breathable, as such your feet don’t feel suffocated.
  • The soles are lightly padded which prevents your feet from sweating too bad.
  • They consist of strong and soft yarns that cling to your leg.
  • If your ankles are already swollen, they can fit in perfectly. The acrylic fiber, which is over 41% keeps moisture away from your feet and doesn’t stretch easily.


The sizes can sometimes be small compared to what is being marketed.

MediPeds Diabetics NanoGlide Socks


  • They are a mid-lower calf-length but not compression socks. They are very free and loose-fitting, and they do not sag even after washing.
  • They are very flexible at the top, and they don’t leave a ring mark on the leg compared to normal elastic socks.
  • They are very soft and without toe, seams to rub your feet.
  • It soaks up water, so it is good for people that have water retention and swelling problems.
  • They do not slide or bind into shoes as they are made with reinforced areas on the toes and heels.
  • They keep the feet warm.
  • Due to the socks having tubes, they fit well into the shape of the foot like a glove.
  • They are very affordable and also come in a multi-pack.
  • It is very good for people who have pain and seeking on their feet.


  • Some big and tall persons complain that MediPeds diabetic NanoGlide socks are too skinny for the foot and doesn’t give enough room.

MediPeds Diabetics Cool Max Socks

Cool max fibers generally work to get moisture away from your skin to enable your feet to stay cool and dry. Cool max features a smooth toe seam which helps in reducing pressure points around your toes.

Cool max socks are specially made with polyester. The Coolmax polyester blend serves to keep your feet dry and comfortable.


  • They are padded socks, thereby making them very comfortable to wear both for the old and young.
  • They are so good when it comes to keeping the feet cool and dry.
  • It is very stretchy, thereby making it fit comfortably.
  • If you have pain in your leg, you don’t need to worry because the socks are very easy to put on and remove as well.
  • The socks do not live lines in your calf’s ankles, so it doesn’t cut off circulation.


It has been noted to peel when washed. This means that you should only wash them with soft material clothes.

Some persons don’t get their desired size, thereby making it very uncomfortable for them.


MediPeds is one of the best brands that produce the best socks for diabetics. They are not entirely perfect but they serve a whole number of people and have more good reviews than bad. If you are diabetic, want to get a good pair of socks, MediPeds will go a long way in saving you from bacterial infections.