In this comprehensive comparison, we delve into the world of blood glucose monitoring with a focus on One Drop vs Dario Glucose Meters, aiming to determine the superior blood glucose monitoring subscription service.

Living with diabetes can be overwhelming at early days following diagnosis, you might feel sad or even angry. Keeping up with the steps required to stay healthy and following your care plan over time can prove difficult. The fact is things get better as you get used to new ‘norm’, but that’s not all. Diabetes management has become much easier compared to the last decades, as several companies are now coming up with new and innovative all-in-one diabetes solution. One Drop vs Dario Glucose Meters are good examples.

In this comprehensive review, we will be comparing side by side One Drop vs Dario Glucose Meters to find out Which Blood Glucose Monitoring Subscription Service is Better.

As a team deeply involved in the healthcare industry, with extensive post-graduate education and practical experience in health technologies, medicines, and diabetes management, we bring a wealth of expertise to this evaluation. Through years of professional and personal experiences of our clients and research, we’ve gained insights into the importance of effective glucose monitoring and the impact of advanced technologies. The in-the-field experience uniquely positions us to provide valuable insights into the usability, benefits, and drawbacks of these units.

Let’s start this review by looking at One Drop first.

What is One Drop Chrome?

The CEO of the One Drop is a Type 1 Diabetic, and out of the need for better diabetes management and care, he developed One Drop Chrome.

It is a modern-day diabetes management platform brought to your home, with no stress and no hassles.

This wireless blood glucose meter was built with a beautiful aesthetic. It automatically sends glucose data to the One Drop mobile app on your device via Bluetooth.

One Drop mobile App analyzes and keeps track of your blood glucose data, activities’, medication and diet, estimates your A1C levels and sends all that data to your healthcare team with the click of the finger. What’s more, it comes with a coaching platform and a subscription service that can deliver unlimited test strips, all for an affordable price.

The coaching support is all Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE) experts, and these experts are healthcare professionals with extensive knowledge and experience of diabetes management, prediabetes and diabetes prevention. They provide support, encouragement, accountability and answers with any questions you may have 24/7 through the One Drop mobile App.

What are the One Drop Chrome Features?

Features of One Drop

One Drop Starter KitIncludes Bluetooth Glucose Meter, Test Strips, Lancing Device, Universal Lancets, Vegan leather case
One Drop Mobile AppTracks blood glucose, medication, diet, activity; connects to global community
Subscription ServiceDelivers test strips, provides coaching
One Drop Chrome Features

A one-time purchase of One Drop Starter Kit includes the following items.

  • One Bluetooth Glucose Meter
  • (25 ct) Test Strips
  • One Lancing Device
  • 10 Universal Lancets (33G)
  • Vegan leather carry case

It also comes with the following software and services.

  • Mobile SmartPhone App available for free on Apple Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices.
  • Subscription service for delivering test strips and lancets to your doorsteps. Receive a new glucose Meter every year for free as an added bonus.
  • Live coaching platform on the App, featuring Certified Diabetes Coaching Experts.

One Drop Product Description

1. One Drop Bluetooth Glucose Meter

One Drop Chrome is a modern-day glucose monitoring device that is sleek and portable. It is a 2.75 x 1.25 x 0.5 inches wireless meter with a test strip port.

The result of glucose testing is seen on the screen and wirelessly transmits the result to a nearby device that has the mobile App or online One Drop platform installed, via Bluetooth.

In the case where the devices with the App installed are not close by, the One drop chrome has an in-built memory where it stores the results and automatically transmits the result as soon as the devices are nearby.

One Drop glucose meter is durable and comes with two CR2032 Batteries included in the starter kit, so you no need to worry about running out of battery life, plus you get a new meter every year as a bonus.

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2. One Drop Mobile App

One Drop mobile app helps you to keep track of your blood glucose data, medication, diet and activity, and easily share that information with your healthcare team. And not just that, it connects you to a global community where experience and support is shared on how to better manage diabetes.

It has a user-friendly interface and available for free on Apple Store and Google Play Store for all devices.

One Drop mobile also features live coaching programs with certified diabetes coaches to answer your questions and concerns, no insurance or prescription required.

One Mobile and its thousands of integration help you to perform the following.

  • Keep track of blood glucose reading, and patterns by synchronizing with the One Drop blood glucose meter. You can also directly connect your Dexcom account to upload data or have your data uploaded through Apple Healthkit.
  • Schedule medications and get reminders, so you get to keep track of your medication and insulin pump basal rates.
  • One Mobile’s vast food and nutrition database credited as the largest provides diet support by calculating carbs for you. You can scan barcodes and save your favourites. What’s more, you can even take pictures of your meal and share.
  • Estimates your blood glucose levels up to 8 hours, calculates A1C levels with A1C Calculator to help you stay on track and achieve set goals.
  • Provides detailed analysis of blood glucose data, food, medication and activities’ for sharing with your healthcare team.
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Tip: A1CNow+ System is one of the best A1C monitoring devices.

3. One Drop Test Strips

The One Drop test strips are specially made using the renowned and highly accurate AgaMatrix technology. It requires a very small amount of blood for the test, and results show up within 5 seconds.

Remember, the glucose meter is only compatible with the One Drop test strips and other test strips will not produce an accurate reading.

How Does One Drop Work?

Checking your blood glucose is pretty easy to do with One Drop. Here are the steps.

  • First, you have to wash your hands with warm water and soap to remove possible interference from dirt or lotion.
  • Then carefully insert a test strip into the meter.
  • Prick the tip of your finger with the lancet using the Lancing device.
  • Touch the tip of your pricked finger to the tip of the inserted test strip to apply the blood. One Drop requires only a small amount of blood for the glucose test.
  • The reading will show on the meter after a few seconds. And if there’s a problem with the testing, the meter will show an error message.
  • The test reading will be wirelessly transmitted via Bluetooth to your nearby device with the One Drop mobile installed, automatically. You can then choose to send it to your healthcare team or not.

Why Should You Subscribe to Get One Drop Test Strips Delivered?

Diabetes is not the same for everyone and your individual situations may be different from the most too. Therefore, depending on your situation, your healthcare professional may suggest that you check your blood glucose several times in a day (early mornings, before and after meals and so on).

A person newly diagnosed with diabetes may not test so frequently but would eventually require to.

Similarly, compared to most of the Type 2 diabetes patients, some diabetics, especially with type 1 diabetics, may have to test as regular as 5 to 6 times a day and upwards.

On the average, popular test strips cost about $1.50; calculating for someone uses one strip per day, that sums up to almost $50 in a month. Even if you have to test a few times in a day, the cost of test strips will add up pretty quickly, not to mention when you have to test even more frequently. As such, you will have to consider subscribing to a test strip plan to save money and have it delivered to your doorstep.

If you do the math, in our experience, this service cost compared to its value proposition has a positive outlook.

Let’s dig into One Drop Subscription service more in detail.

One Drop Chrome Subscription Service Packages

One Drop offers a variety of subscription services for Test strip delivery and Coaching programs. The test strip subscription comes with access to a CDE via the One Mobile app.

One Drop PremiumUnlimited test strips, unlimited coaching
One Drop Plus 100100 test strips, unlimited coaching
One Drop Plus 5050 test strips, unlimited coaching
One Drop Chrome Subscription Service Packages

One Drop Test Strip and Couching Plans

1. One Drop Premium

This subscription service costs $39.95 per month and includes;

  • Unlimited test strips
  • Unlimited coaching with CDE support.

2. One Drop Plus 100

For $25.95 per month, you will get;

  • 100 test strips
  • Unlimited coaching with CDE support

3. One Drop Plus 50

For $16.95 per month, you get;

  • 50 test strips
  • Unlimited coaching with CDE support
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One Drop Glucose Meter + Test Strip Plans

This subscription plan includes the Bluetooth glucose meter, SugarRx membership and online coaching and education program.

But first, you have to purchase the One Drop starter kit for $69.95; subsequently, you can subscribe to a monthly plan or yearly plan if you want to commit and save more.

As an added bonus, you get a new glucose meter every year.

1. Monthly plan

  • 50 test strips cost $22.95
  • 100 test strips cost $42.95
  • Unlimited test strips cost $74.95

2. Yearly plan (ships every 3 months)

  • $159.95 a year will get you 100 test strips every 3 months.
  • 200 test strips shipped every 3 months will cost $274.95 a year.
  • 300 test strips (shipped every 3 months) cost $394.95
  • Unlimited test strips (shipped every 3 months) cost $569.95

You can choose to add lancet subscription to your plan too.

One Drop Test Strip Plan

The test strip plan is independent of the glucose meter and comes as a 3-month plan.

The 3-month plan (save 10%)

  • 100 strips cost $41.90 every 3 months
  • 200 strips cost $83.80
  • 300 strips cost $125.70

There’s also a pay-as-you-go option available for test strips that does not require any subscription but will cost you $24.95 for 50 strips per box.

One Drop Coaching program

The One Drop individual coaching program can be subscribed to, for a one-time price without any BGM (blood glucose monitoring) supplies.

  • Diabetes On-Track is a 9-weeks program that costs $12.95 a month
  • Overcoming Diabetes Burnout cost $49.95 (one-time payment) for the 10-weeks program.
  • Gestational Diabetes cost $119.95
  • Advanced Carb Counting cost $39.95 (one-time payment) for the 8-weeks program.

Now, let’s summaries the advantages and disadvantages of One Drop.

Pros and Cons of One Drop Blood Glucose Monitoring Device

Bluetooth-enabled meter with wireless data transmissionData sync issues with Apple Health may require app reinstall
Compact, portable design with long-lasting battery lifeMeter and lancing device can be slippery and easily misplaced
Small blood sample needed; 5-second resultCarrying case does not fully protect supplies
Mobile app for data tracking, orders, remindersAppearance of One Drop Chrome not like actual chrome
Access to Certified Diabetes Coaching Experts
Pros and Cons of One Drop Blood Glucose Monitoring


  • Bluetooth enabled One Drop meter wirelessly transmit blood glucose data including food, medication and activity data to the One Mobile app on your smart device.
  • The meter is portable, sleek and compact. Its battery life is long-lasting without recharging.
  • Only a tiny drop of blood is required for the test, and the result is displayed in 5 seconds.
  • Apart from tracking your blood glucose data and other activities’, the One Mobile app allows you to place orders for blood glucose monitoring supplies and subscription services. It also calculates the number of test strips you used in a month and sends you reminders for when you’re low.
  • The carrying case is portable and made of vegan leather.
  • Blood glucose meter and test strips are delivered to your doorsteps without prescription and appointments.
  • There’s no need for insurance to participate in One Drop subscriptions.
  • One Drop subscriptions come with Coaching Experts and a variety of options which makes it really flexible.
  • One Drop system is affordable and provides unlimited strip subscriptions


  • Some of the daily activities’ data from Apple health doesn’t show up in One Drop or may take a while to reflect.
  • Reinstalling the app brings those data back though it can be a little frustrating.
  • The One Drop Chrome isn’t made of chrome steel or any metal (appearance-wise), but plastic sprayed with chrome.
  • Carrying case doesn’t actually protect the blood glucose supplies since they’re sticking out of the case.
  • Both the meter and lancing device is shiny and slippery and can easily slip or roll away.

Now it’s time to make our comparison with the Dario Glucose Meter.

Dario Blood Glucose Monitoring Subscription Service

We have recently reviewed the Dario.

Like One Drop, Dario is also one of the new modern diabetes management platforms that also offers an App (available for free on Apple Store and Google Play Store), blood glucose supplies, and test strip subscriptions. Its glucose meter isn’t wireless, or Bluetooth enabled but connects to the app in your phone via the audio jack.

The starter kit for Dario costs $84.99 and includes an all-in-one pocket-sized glucose meter, 10 (30G) sterile lancets, 25 blood glucose test strips and 10 disposable covers.

The test strip subscription for Dario comes in different membership plans, both monthly, three-monthly and yearly. You get a free meter as a bonus for subscribing to the yearly plans.

Tip: Some blood glucose monitors allow measuring blood ketones. The Precision Xtra Blood Glucose & Ketone Monitoring System of those leading dual glucometers.

The coaching programs are also integrated into the pro and premium membership plans.

1. Regular Membership

 Three months plan ($90)

  • Unlimited test strips
  • 100 lancets

Yearly plan ($300)

  • Unlimited test strips
  • 100 lancets
  • Free meter

2. Pro membership

Three months plan ($120)

  • Unlimited test strips
  • 100 lancets
  • Coaching and follow up

Yearly plan ($396)

  • Unlimited test strips
  • 100 lancets
  • Coaching and follow-up
  • Free meter

3. Premium membership

Three months plan ($255)

  • Unlimited test strips
  • 100 lancets
  • Coaching and follow-up with CDE support

Yearly plan ($840)

  • Unlimited test strips
  • 100 lancets
  • Coaching and follow-up with CDE support
  • Free meter
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Review of One Drop vs Dario Blood Glucose Monitoring Subscription Services

These two products and their subscription services are exceptional, and each come with their benefits and limitations.

One Drop – Coaching

With One Drop, as long as you subscribe to any of their plans, you are entitled to coaching with a Certified Diabetes Expert (CDE approved) to guide you through the process of diabetes management. They will follow-up with you, and answer any questions you may have through the One Mobile App.

Dario – Coaching

Dario, on the other hand, gives you the option of choosing to be a part of the coaching program or not by providing membership plans that are without coaching.

One Drop – Advanced Methods

One Drop also has a separate coaching subscription service focused on keeping you abreast of advanced methods in diabetes management.


Both One Drop and Dario are affordable and provide unlimited test strips subscription, which is just awesome. If you need excellent CDE coaching expert, especially if you’re diagnosed type 2 diabetes, and unlimited test strips, One Drop is the product for you.

But, if you find it a bother to have a coach check up on you, but still want affordable unlimited test strips, then Dario is the product for you.


Monitoring and keeping track of your blood glucose-related data is now made easy and affordable with innovative blood glucose monitoring systems like One Drop and Dario.

Running out of test strips is no longer an issue when all you have to do is subscribe and have your blood glucose supplies delivered to your doorstep for a low affordable price.

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