Aside from food and physical activities, stress and emotions can affect the blood sugar level. You must check and pay attention to your blood sugar level, especially if you are diagnosed with diabetes. And, having an accurate glucometer for blood sugar level testing regularly and whenever you prefer to do that is very important.

Dario glucose meter is portable device cleared by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) with 96.6% of its test results are within ±15% of the medical laboratory values.

Dario glucose meter can fit easily into your pocket, purse or wallet, so, is easy to take to anywhere without the need for any bulky meter or batteries since it uses your smartphone as the core of the meter. Users think it is simple and convenient for checking your blood sugars at any place or time.

This device makes managing diabetes easier, and since it is connected directly to your smartphone, all the data collected are automatically saved on the Dario app on the smartphone for easy referral.

Let’s dig further to understand what this innovative Dario Glucose Meter really is.

What is Dario Glucose Meter?


Dario glucose meter is a unique, compact, glucose meter that is paired with the Dario mobile app for effective management of blood sugar level. So, it’s quite different from traditional glucometers.

The device comes with an in-built lancing device, test strip holder, and a component that is plugged into the audio jack of your phone. This turns your smartphone into a blood glucose meter by actually letting you test your blood sugar levels on your smartphone and automatically recording the result on the Dario app, which also serves as the data management system as it saves the data collected.

The phone’s display serves as the glucometer’s interface, which makes the meter the most prominent and most visible display.

Some believe it is one of the best glucose meters in the market, and it meets the 2013 ISO standards for blood glucose meter accuracy which is very important for ensuring that the blood glucose meter readings are accurate and very reliable.

The Dario app also records your carbs intake, insulin medication, and physical activity.

If required, the results can be shared with your doctors and your loved ones.

The meter does not require any particular battery since it is to be connected directly to your smartphone and the good news is it doesn’t drain the phone battery either.

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Also, not to forget, the strips are affordable, although not that cheapest but with insurance, it is less costly and is available for now only on amazon and from Dario website.

The manufacturer company also offers a subscription plan to its users to deliver an unlimited number of strips to them per month at a flat rate, to ensure that its users don’t run out of strips.

Step by Step Application of Dario

  • Read the Dario user guide for safety and how-to instructions.
  • Download and install the Dario app from the Apple App or Google play store or through
  • Open the app on your phone to start the test.
  • Cover your phone with a disposable cover to prevent the transmission of blood borne pathogen and infections.
  • Release the tiny meter from the kit casing by pressing the slide button, connect it to the phone’s headphone jack, then put a test strip into the meter.
  • Use the lancet to pierce your finger and drop a little blood on the test strip, and the app takes the reading

Which Phones Are Compatible With Dario Meter?


As of 2019, the Dario meter is compatible with:

  • iPhone: OS 6.1 or higher:
  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to the latest models
  • iPod touch 3rd generation and after
  • iPad 3 and after and with comparable iPad minis, and iPads with Retina display
  • Android (OS 4.1.2 or higher)

This device is not compatible with phones not based on iOS or Android platforms. If your phone is a smartphone, you are most likely safe though.

Membership Benefits the Dario Glucose Monitor Offers

Apart from the device and the app, the manufacturer company offers the product users three different membership plans to provide tools and support that will help them manage diabetes.

They are:

Regular membership

The subscribers get unlimited test strips, 100 Lancets. The app gives you access to weekly progress reports with a personalized diabetes program that will help the user to improve lifestyle and introduce healthy eating habits.

Pro Membership

In addition to all features of the regular membership, the Pro membership subscribers will get access to live coaching webinars and also to a personal specialist if you need one too, who will follow you up on your progress in controlling diabetes.

Premium membership

The subscriber enjoys all the benefits of pro membership plus expert guidance by a Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE) with monthly coaching and check-up call.


Obviously, subscribers of all the memberships get a free Dario blood meter.

The Advantages of Dario Glucose Meter Over Other Glucometers

  • Dario is not bulky, and only a few tiny contents are all you need for the test (the meter, test strip and lancing device).
  • The Dario app automatically records the result of your blood sugar test immediately.

It analyses your data and charts every blood sugar test you take with the meter including carb intake, Insulin doses and any other medication you have taken, calories consumed, comprehensive tags and your own notes. This recording keeping platform makes it easier for you to view your log and charts of your results thereby serving as a glucometer and as well as a digital logbook.

  • The real-time in-built GPS locator is standby for emergency ‘hypo’ events to alert 24/7.

If you or your loved ones with diabetes happened to suffer from hypoglycemic events, this app would be of much use in constantly checking your blood sugar level.

Once you connect the Dario meter to your smartphone and test your blood sugar, if it records a dangerously low glucose reading in one drop of blood, the Dario app will compose a text message, stating the current blood sugar level and GPS location and send to 4 emergency contacts. This can be a lifesaver!

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· The Dario app also allows you to effortlessly share your blood sugar results with your doctor or anyone you choose.

· The Dario App also helps to keep track of your activities, carb and calorie intake and to know how it affects your blood sugar levels. Besides, stress and mood can also affect blood glucose levels, and you can use the Dario meter and app to tag your blood sugar reading to track your mood and stress levels as well. This can help you to develop healthy habits to achieve better results and view all the data inside your logbook-like app.

· The Dario app also keeps tracks of how many highs and lows you’re getting and even provides the estimate of your glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) from your blood sugar readings. And this is very important for anyone with diabetes because the higher the HbA1c means the higher the chance of developing diabetes-related complications.

Summary of Reasons Why the Dario Meter is Unique

The Dario glucose meter is unique in many ways, smart, all-in-one glucose monitor.

  • As noted before, it creates a connection or links with the Dario Smart Diabetes management app. Together, they record, measure and track blood sugar levels. The app also records the intake of carbohydrates, the insulin medications you take and the level of physical activity you engage in. Both the meter and the app are known for easy usage and accuracy.
  • Dario is a portable, pocket-sized, all-in-one, smart glucose meter.
  • It can be used in sync with the diabetes management app.
  • It takes automatic measurement of each blood sugar measurement with an (almost)100% accurate real-time data capture.
  • You can easily share your results with your loved ones, caregiver or health provider.
  • It tracks your activities and monitors your carbohydrate intake.
  • It comes with an in-built GPS location for emergency alerts.

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Let’s look into Dario’s product specifications.

Dario Product Specifications

Product Type: Glucose meter

Manufacturer: Dario (New York, USA)

Warranty: 1 year on all product parts

Test strips: Dario test strips

Blood sample size: 0.3 microlitres.

Memory required: limited to the smartphone device memory

Averages: 7, 14 and 30 days

Measurement range: 0.6-33.3 mmol/L

Hematocrit range: 20 – 60%

Batteries: None required

Cable: None required

Weight: 40g

Dimensions: 104 x 21 x 11 mm

Storage temperature: 2° – 32°C (36° – 90°F)

Operating temperature: 10° – 45°C (50° – 113°F)

Tips for Using Dario Glucose Meter


Here some valuable tips to improve your user experience with Dario.

  • Wipe the unit with a clean, dry cloth to keep it clean, and especially if it gets wet since it is not water-resistant.
  • The testing should only be done in temperatures between 50°F-95°F (10°C-35°C) and relative humidity between 10-90%.
  • Testing should not be done in altitudes higher than 10,000 feet (3,048 meters).
  • Do not leave the Dario monitor in very hot or cold places or near a heat source.
  • Do not store the Dario monitor or test strips in a place where the humidity is below 10% and above 90%

Customer Reviews

Some of the product users agree that the quality and design of this product is overall good, but some complained about the plastic casing as being ‘childish’.

Users were also satisfied with the quality and size of the lancet and cost of the test strip, while some consumers found frustrating because of the unavailability of the strip in pharmacies.

Some users who gave an overall 3-star rating out of 5 to this product were in the opinion that the device is good and easy to use and provides accurate result but with issues like the fact that the device has only a single lancet makes it poor at lancing.

Some reviewers even complained that the device is unreliable and has to use four strips to get one reading right. However, this could be simply because of not following the above tips and user instruction correctly.

Several users new to Dario meter that was diagnosed with diabetes for over 10 years gave the product 5-star ratings recognized that the product is accurate, provides easy logging, and offer the best price on strips.

Users who were happy (and gave 4 stars out of 5) about the product after using it for over 6 months noted that the product as a great product with minor issue. Collectively, their opinion was that the size of the meter is great, a complete unit with everything you need for the test, accurate and easy to use but the dongle does not hold the strip correctly without the phone disposable cover.

Overall, our users are in the opinion that Dario is a ‘GOOD’ product based on good reviews from its numerous users.

Dario Glucose Meter – Pros

  • The mobile app is free
  • No need for any cables, or batteries
  • No need to keep a separate logbook
  • The app is simple to use with graphs, room for notes and data sharing
  • It is portable and contains all you need for the test makes Dario great to take on while you are Traveling with Diabetes because it fits easily into a pocket
  • Dario produces results in a few seconds.
  • One can subscribe for an unlimited number of strips per month through Dario membership packages.

Dario Glucose Meter – Cons

  • If your smartphone ever runs out of battery, you would not be able to use your Dario Smart Meter.
  • Dario cannot work without a phone
  • The test strips are not readily available in pharmacies.
  • Not comparable with all the smartphones, but only those noted above based on iOS and Android platforms.
  • Dario allows taking a blood sample only from the fingers.


Diabetes can result in life-threatening complications, like Alzheimer’s disease, nerve and kidney damage, depression, cardiovascular diseases, and loss of sight if not properly managed.

Since most diabetes cases can be prevented with a healthy diet and regular exercise, and severe complications avoided with proper diabetes management, Dario blood meter is a good medical device for people with both diabetes and pre-diabetes.

One can easily carry the Dario anywhere to take a test whenever it is convenient; to check blood sugar level, keep track of carb and calorie intake and track of activities which will also encourage you to change your lifestyle.

While Dario is one of the ‘trending’ glucometers in the market primarily due to its innovation, there are some limitations of it as noted above. In our opinion, it’s not suitable for everyone, but for those whose needs, technology savviness fits the innovation. Ideally, you should not have late-stage diabetes if you consider using Dario, but pre-diabetes or early-stage diabetes.

Overall, our score is 4 stars out of 5 to Dario.

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  1. Juma John Jongu

    Great material here, I can see that you are offering a lot of solutions to problems here on your site. Conditions like diabetes, chronic pain, and mental illness aren’t just simple conditions to handle without proper care and medication. Nutrition also weighs in with greater influence. I am glad for people like you that are trying their best to find solution to these kinds of problems in our societies. 

    I have three questions for you, though.

    Is Dario compatible with any smartphone?What are the costs and how insurance may affect the costShould I choose Dario?

    Keep up with the great work and take care.

    • MediChannel

      Dear Juma,

      Thanks for stopping by. Let us answer your questions.

      Is Dario compatible with any smartphone?

      Dario is compatible with any iPhone after iPhone 4s running on iOS 8.1 or later version. These iPhones include iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6 S, 6 S Plus and beyond.

      When it’s come to Android phones, Dario works with any Android phone runs on Android 4.2 or later version. For example, Samsung phones after Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 3.

      2. What are the costs and how insurance may affect the cost?

      The Dario meter starter kit itself is currently on sale for $84.90. This comes with 10 lancets, 25 test strips, 10 disposable covers and the glucometer itself.

      However, it appears Dario diabetic success plans are most popular. There are 3 plans called; Basic, Pro and Premium.

      The Basic plan comes with the Glucometer and unlimited test strips and 100 lancets. The personalized program to manage your diabetes is included in this plan too. This plan cost $25 monthly on a yearly subscription.

      The Pro plan is the most popular and includes everything in the Basic plan in addition to the personal coach. This plan cost $33/m on a yearly subscription.

      The Premium plan comes with everything in the Pro plan and a CDE to personally to call you to follow up your progress. This plan is the most expensive and sold at $70/m on a yearly subscription.

      Dario is still working on plans for private insurance policies, but they are not yet covered as a popular purchase option through insurance due to out of pocket cost. That is also a reason why some people do not use this meter as their everyday meter, but only as a backup or travel meter.

      3. Should I choose Dario?

      Based on our review and experience by our user-base, this is a good (if not excellent) blood glucose management system. The Dario set the benchmark for the future with GPS tracking and stand out from all blood glucose monitoring subscription services.

      Saying so, we would encourage comparing Dario with One Drop and other smartphone-based glucose meters, such as Livongo.

      After all, it is your decision to select the best meter for your needs with the consultation of the health care team and your lifestyle need. We are here to answer any specific question about glucose meters you may have.

      Please let us know should you have any specific questions about any of the above.

      Take care.


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