This Livongo Glucometer Review aims to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the Livongo Diabetes Program, Diabetes Meter, and App, ensuring a clear understanding of its efficacy in diabetes management.

Research shows that diabetes self-management education (DSME) and blood glucose monitoring can better the health outcomes of individuals living with diabetes. Livongo® is a health coaching data-based program that allows diabetic individuals to share the records of their blood glucose with the help of Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs). But, many questions remain about how good the Livongo Program, Livongo Diabetes Meter and the App in the journey of better-managing diabetes. And, this Livongo Glucose Meter Review will confirm exactly that.

Having spent years working closely with patients dealing with diabetes, we’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges they face on a daily basis and the differences people make using technologies such as Livongo. Through our experience in both clinical practice and research, we’ve gained valuable insights into the multifaceted nature of use of innovative technologies and their impact on individuals’ lives. This article aims to not only provide comprehensive information about real people’s experience in using the Livongo Diabetes Program but also share a perspective that stems from real-world interactions with those who use it.

You may have already heard that Livongo assists individuals with diabetes in several ways to reduce their burden of controlling diabetes. But, what is Livongo really?

What Is Livongo?

Livongo Health is a foremost digital health company that enables individuals with chronic health conditions to have a better life. Livongo has designed an entirely different approach to managing diabetes with a combination of the ultimate technology and coaching.

The brains behind Livongo provide its members with the actual support and personalized insight to easily manage their diabetes by giving the right tools, support, and information at the proper time. This approach is aimed at better clinical and financial outcomes and also to create a good experience for individuals living with diabetes, their family, care team, medical professionals, and friends.

How Livongo Works?

The main purpose of Livongo is to reduce the burden while trying to manage diabetes. They are in a relationship with sponsors like the health system, self-insured employers or health plans to enable diabetic patients to adequately manage their blood sugar.

The over-the-air capability meter enables the system to send feedback to people living with diabetes, allowing for immediate practical changes in controlling their diabetes. In other words, it’s not necessary for you to wait to see the doctor before any changes can be made.

Livongo comes with a smart glucose meter, which allows diabetic patients to exchange their numbers with the team of health care so that they will always be receiving feedback. Whenever the level of their blood sugar goes either too low or too high, they receive a text or a call from Livongo to ensure they are fine. Somehow, Livongo serves as a personal assistant while managing diabetes.

The result of the Livongo system, when it is applied in a health care setting, can be incorporated into electronic medical records to provide your physician with enough data and to assist them in upgrading treatment plans.

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The Livongo Coaching Network

At the heart of Livongo’s success are its dedicated coaches. These Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) serve as patient liaisons, educators, and sources of support, comprehensively addressing diabetes-related aspects.

They provide:

  • Holistic Guidance: Covering medication management, exercise routines, meal planning, and lifestyle adjustments.
  • Round-the-Clock Support: Offering advice on diabetes, nutrition, high blood pressure, weight loss, and more.
  • Personalized Care: Responding promptly to individual queries and concerns.

The research underscores the substantial benefits of the Livongo system, leading to reduced hospital visits, better medication adherence, and improved blood sugar control.

The Livongo couches are the professionals who interact with diabetic patients. They are well-educated on everything related to diabetes. They serve as the patient’s liaison between them and their doctors as well as their educator and cheerleader. They are the CDE’s and their work is to;

  • Discuss medicine management, exercise, and meal plans and also provide support.
  • They provide 24hrs support coverage, giving bits of advice on lifestyle, diabetes, nutrition, high blood pressure, and weight loss.
  • Upon request, these Livongo teams of professionals will text or call patients when there is a need.

Research reveals that people who are using the Livongo system have experienced several improvements in controlling their diabetes as well as the quality of their life. The research reports;

  • A reduced rate in hospital visits and emergency room admissions.
  • A better medicine adherence greatly improves blood sugar management.
  • Reduced costs of diabetes medications for Livongo users.
  • A decrease in hemoglobin A1C and blood sugar.
  • A lower blood sugar excursion, particularly episodes of hyperglycemia.
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Livongo Program

Livongo offers diabetes management programs to users and covers family members. When you register in the diabetes program of Livongo, you will get the following services;

  • An Advanced Livongo Glucose Meter

This glucose meter uploads the readings of blood glucose automatically to the user’s private account.

Also, the user gets personalized messages to assist him in making the right decisions in controlling diabetes. Users can also see the trend of previous results at any time.

  • Unlimited Test Strips

Users receive several lancets and strips as needed without co-payment. Livongo sends out extra strips automatically when they notice that a user’s supply is getting low. The user can also send on his record through the advanced meter.

  • The Livango Record-keeping

Livongo also provides online records that enable the user to access his or her blood sugar readings online, along with the trends and graphs, to share with doctors.

Livongo transmits data instantly and would not require a handwritten logbook. It doesn’t even require upload cables and mobile phones.

Livongo shares information instantly, and users chose persons or groups of persons they share information with such as doctors, family members, care teams, or coaches.

Livongo Glucose Meter Review

Livongo glucose meter is the only available blood glucose meter that enables the user to download and update software with the ultimate features just as it is with smart tablets and mobile phones, which was never available before in glucose meters.

This glucose meter uploads blood glucose data automatically and can also download or update the software to enhance features.

How Livongo Blood Glucose Meter Works?

Just like every other blood glucose meter, the colored smart touch Livongo meter works perfectly well, but it comes with some significant enhancements.

It is a device very easy to operate and easy enough to read. There is a cellular chip in the inside that enables the meter to upload reading automatically, securely, and safely.

The users get immediate feedback anytime their blood glucose is processed, especially when the readings are out of range. Also, while awaiting the upload of the blood sugar, users get health promotion messages. Immediately when the blood glucose testing is completed, data will be transferred to the Livongo team with your permission.

What is the Meaning of ‘AADE Certified’?

Livongo is the first virtual diabetes control program that was certified by the American Association of Diabetes Educators, so-referred to as A.A.D.E certified.

Livongo meets the standard of diabetes self-control education and support.

Livongo meter does not only allow the users to track their blood glucose, but it also gives them the ability to set up reminders for their important self-care measures such as eye exam, A1c, and many others.

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Tip: Remember testing your A1c is equally important as blood sugar monitoring.

Pros and Cons of Livongo Glucose Meter

Livongo glucose meter provides several benefits for individuals living with type1 and type2
diabetes, which enables them to live a healthy life. But, that doesn’t mean the system comes with no limitations.

Let’s look at the advantages and limitations now.


  • Actionable data

Livongo glucose meter delivers daily and continuous snapshots of blood sugar information which will enable the user to decide on how to procure a better treatment.

  • Free testing strips

Livongo diabetes program gives unlimited and free blood sugar test strips and upgraded version cellular-enabled meter, which costs about $64.99/m (for individuals with no employer support or insurance). This bonus can be very economical.

The meter and strips are mailed to the user directly to reduce the amount it will cost to reach the pharmacy before getting the supplies.

  • A personal or virtual support network

Livongo coaching network provides the users with the needed supports and encouragement through digital communication, which the majority of the primary care physicians and endocrinologists cannot offer.

  • Individualized goal setting

The coaching network provides users with more regular and personalized feedback. Users are also allowed to continuously refine their goals.


  • Expense

Subscribing for a coaching network might be a little costly. For few who are lucky employers or insurance may pick up the costs.

Apart from subscription, there is also technology support cost such as Apple Watch or smartphone might be an additional cost to some lifestyles.

  • Lack of privacy

Livongo coaching network allows the coaches to daily analyze your blood sugar and decisions which many users are not comfortable with. Livongo coaches are disciplined to be supportive and not judgmental, but some people are not feeling free in revealing their recommendations.

  • Time-consuming

Livongo users may need to spend enough time logging data like blood glucose information, physical activities, and nutritional intake. It also takes time to communicate with coaches.

Who Can Use The Livongo Diabetes Program?

Livongo program is designed for an individual with both type1 and type 2 diabetes, and it comes in two separate methods for enrollment.

  • Livongo for Diabetes

This program is free and available through the partnership of Livongo with specific employers, benefit programs, or for health workers.

  • Livongo family care plan

This is a monthly subscription plan that is available to everybody. In this particular program,

  1. You will receive a Livongo smart blood glucose meter.
  2. You will have access to the Livongo coaching network.
  3. You will also enjoy unlimited lancets and test strips for monthly charges ($64.99 for a month with 3 months commitment at least)

What’s In The Box?

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How To Sign Up To Livongo?

In order to start benefiting from Livongo services, you must be diagnosed with type1 or type2 diabetes.

Inquire from your health plan, employer, or health care team if they are in partnership with Livongo. If actually, they are, you will have to enjoy Livongo services free of charge without any out-of-pocket pay because those entities partner with Livongo.

Note, some health systems may demand that you meet certain requirements for enrollment. For instance, some institutions may demand that you have a particular insurance and A1C level before concluding your acceptance.

Family members such as husband/wife and dependants always qualify as well. However, Livongo offers you these services at $49.99 for a month if you are not eligible due to relocation or changes with your insurance provider. This program may have almost everything that one may or may not want. According to applicants to the program, “some users find the communication to be too invasive or too much”.

Also, some users may find it hard to stay connected when they enrol. Our user experience further suggests that some users can stick to a particular communication, for example, text message or email, so that they are not flooded with messages. This can help users to organize their information and stop them from becoming overwhelmed.


Using Livongo for diabetes programs can greatly reduce medical costs. Livongo is in partnership with over 650 organizations which include key Fortune 500 companies, most plans, standard health systems, and pharmacies with thousands of people enrolling daily.

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