After a stressful day, stressful week, or stressful month, sometimes you need to relax. If you just have some free time, or if it’s a special occasion, you might want to treat yourself. Well, one of the best things you can do for self-care, mental health care, physical health care, and just to do something nice for yourself, is to get a massage. But, you might be wondering what is the best time of day to get a massage?

Although some people out there don’t care for massages or anything similar to them, I think most of us can agree that massages are a great way to relax after some stress. They are also a great thing to do for yourself when you have some time to actually get one. But, did you know there are actually specific times during the day when massages are better to get?

I didn’t until recently either. But something that seems so simple to figure out (what time to getting a massage) actually has so many factors that go into it.

Today, we’re going to be talking about that, and what you should consider when scheduling a massage. We will also be discussing the specific time of day when getting a massage is the best for a person.

So, let’s get started.

Things To Consider When Deciding The Best Time To Receive a Massage

1. Consider your own schedule

Okay, so we’re starting off with a pretty self-explanatory, obvious one. Obviously, you should pick a time that works with your schedule.

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Take into account things such as work, school, errands, other appointments, family events/gatherings, friend events/gatherings, or other things involving family or friends, etc. You obviously want to make the appointment at a time that works for you, at a time that’s good for you. I just wanted to start this list by noting that that is very important, along with all these other tips.

Having an appointment time that fits your schedule is always good, so of course, take that into account when scheduling your massage. However, there are real tips and tricks we have for you today about scheduling your massage. Taking these tips and tricks into consideration, and using them open enhances the massage experience. It can make the massage more pleasurable, it can help you relax more, and it can even help you with your health, and how the massage makes you feel.

So, let’s get into those now.

2. Consider what time you eat

Getting a massage isn’t a particularly good idea. There are a handful of reasons for this, but in basic terms, getting a massage when you’re digesting food could potentially disrupt digestion. It could cause pain (e.g. after a back walking massage), nausea, and/or other symptoms related to digestion. Because of this, it is not a good idea to get a massage directly after you eat or while your stomach is still full.

So, after breakfast, after lunch, and after dinner, aren’t the best times to get massages. But don’t worry, because there is one time of day when getting a massage is better, and I will tell you it soon.

3. Consider the crowd at the massage parlor

Massage parlors are typically most crowded after 5pm, as that’s when most people are finally out of work.

For people who work 9-5 jobs, it’s harder to slip out during the day to get a massage. And since obviously, they’re out of work after 5pm, that is when people who do have 9-5 jobs typically go to the massage parlor to get a massage. Since that’s when you’re able, I don’t think anybody necessarily wants to go to a massage parlor while it’s crowded, but lots of people do because that’s when they’re able to go get a massage.

During the day, most people are at work, which is why it’s nowhere near as crowded. But after 5pm, that’s when most people are out of work, so it’s typically when massage parlors are the most crowded. Just something to keep in mind while scheduling your massage time.

4. Consider the time when you might need a massage the most/when a massage might benefit you the most

Typically, people get massages in order to relax. The time when most stress occurs is in the afternoon. This is due to the fact you’ve already been awake for a while and most likely have been working or been getting other stuff done. So, for most people, that is when stress levels are the highest, and most stress occurs. So, if the purpose of you receiving a massage is to relax, later in the day will probably be better for you to get your massage.

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5. Consider the time when you will be able to fully relax

Yes, it is true that later in the day, you are more likely to hold more stress, but it is also a time when you’re more likely to fully relax. This is because you probably have been doing stuff all day, as opposed to you have a full day of doing stuff ahead of you, after your massage.

So, when you get everything you need to get done in your day done before you receive your massage, you can finally relax, without your mind being preoccupied.

6. Consider how much time you have free beforehand

This one isn’t essential in the slightest, but it can be a good idea for some to shower beforehand. “Showering is a courtesy all therapists will appreciate, but it will also help create the ritual of slowing down and going into the treatment with intent” somebody named Lessard once explained.

So, although it’s a nice thing to do, shower before a massage, it is not something that is essential. So, if you’re able to, planning a massage after a period of free time when you are able to shower will always be appreciated by the massage therapist. However, if you cannot do this one, don’t feel bad. It’s alright.

7. Consider bringing a water bottle, even if you keep it in your car

This one isn’t necessarily a tip to help you schedule your massage. However, it is a tip to help you feel better after your massage, so I wanted to include it on this list. Although massages are advertised as relaxing, and that is true for most people, it can also put your body through a lot while getting a massage, and after getting a massage.

One way to make yourself feel a bit better after a massage is to drink lots of water and hydrate yourself. When you’re hydrated after a massage, you should feel a lot better than if you were not hydrated after one. So remember to bring a water bottle with you.

Even if you keep it in the car (as many massage parlors don’t allow outside food or drinks) and drink it after, it would still be a good idea.

Remember, many massage parlors actually offer you some water after you receive your massage. But in case they don’t, or you want/need extra water than what the give you, bringing your own water bottle is typically a smart idea.

This video will guide you through types of massages you could consider.

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8. Consider when you would possibly be in more pain, or when the pain hasn’t started yet

If you’re getting a massage to help you with pain, try to get a massage before you think the pain would start for you specifically. If you have chronic pain, and there’s a certain time or day when it’s worse, try to get your massage right before that, as it might help stop the pain, or at least contain it more when it starts.

Or, if you don’t have chronic pain, but tend to be in pain from moving around after you get lots done in one day, try to get a massage before your body begins to catch up to your movements, and becomes sore. It could really prevent the pain, or at least make it more tolerable once the pain kicks in.

Massages can help with pain relief in a very significant way. It can make things a lot more tolerable and can help you continue on with your life and get more done, and/or help you move around more easily, as you won’t be in as much pain. Keep that in mind if you’re every aware that you will be experiencing pain and you feel that a massage may help you manage your pain.

9. Consider when you will be sleeping

The next, and final, thing we will be discussing on this list will explain this more. However, when you get a massage, it typically tires you out. It does typically relax you, and when it does, it can really relax you. It can bring you to a state of total calmness.

Unfortunately, that state also often comes with low energy, and getting a massage is actually putting your body through quite a lot. So many people don’t have much energy after they receive one, if they have any energy at all.

Massages are typically best given right before a time when you know you’ll be able to sleep soon, and you don’t have a long day ahead, a day you have to be awake for, mainly for this reason. But it’s also to get a massage right before a time you know you will be able to sleep soon for another reason. That reason is that people are often sore after massages, as well as tired and/or low energy, or potentially feeling sick, and just not like their usual self. And although it doesn’t always work this way, typically after somebody receives a massage, and they fall asleep soon after, they end up feeling the positive effects of the massage after they wake up. So, they fall asleep, and when they wake up, that’s when they start feeling more refreshed, higher energy, and they just feel better overall.

So, for most, having the chance to sleep within the next few hours after receiving a massage, makes them feel a lot better when they wake up. It’s when the benefits of the massage really kick in, and people typically start feeling much better.

So, based on this, as well as many other tips and tricks we have already discussed, it is generally not a great idea to get a massage in the morning. But, as I promised, we will be revealing the ideal time to get a massage in just a few moments. For now, let’s discuss the final tip on this list.

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10. Finally, consider PMSM

PMSM (or DOMS) is an acronym that stands for Post Massage Soreness and Malaise.

Basically, after people get massages, most of the time they feel extremely relaxed. This relaxation also often comes with soreness, fatigue, drowsiness, etc. It can make it hard to move around too much, and really function normally at all.

So, getting a massage first thing in the morning might not be a smart move, as you might end up being so out of it the rest of the day that it’s too hard to function properly. And if you can’t function properly, it might be nearly impossible to get anything done, either at work, out and about, or just at home. So, keep this in mind when you are scheduling your massage, as PMSM can really take you out for the day.

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Conclusion – The Best Time To Receive A Massage

So, in conclusion, taking all of these tips into account, the best time of day to get a massage is: 4 pm. This has been determined by many people over the years, and all of these are tips that have been talked about time and time again.

They have been proved to be true facts that genuinely do help with your massage experience, in most cases. So, that means that 4pm is typically the best time of the day to get a massage, as it fits all of these “rules”.

Of course, this time isn’t always the best due to a lot of peoples schedules. However, it is the time of day when getting a massage is best for you and your health, and it’s the time of day when the massage will benefit you the most. You will truly get all the benefits of the massage, and not have nearly as many risks as you would other times of the day, so 4pm is the ideal time to go to a massage parlor and receive a massage.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy your next massage, knowing the tips you know now!

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