How would you feel if when you drink water and it not only satisfies your thirst and keeps you hydrated, but it also regenerates your body systems, solves your health issues, and does so much more for you with just a glass of it? Shungite water seems to be one of those… but, is Shungite Water Safe to Drink? And how would Shungite water effect on diabetes?

It’s quite possible that Shungite water to be ‘miracle water’, but is it really the case? Let’s find out, shall we?

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Before jumping into Shungite water, let’s explore about Shungite first.

What is Shungite?

Shungite is a very rare black non-crystalline mineraloid that has been in existence since the 1700s. It was first discovered in the Shunga area of the Karelia Region of Russia. More specifically; a large deposit was found (and still exists) in a field called Zazhoginskoye, approximately 2 kilometers away from Lake Onega.

Over the years it has been found in little amounts in other countries of the world like; Austria, the Republic of Congo, India, and in few other…

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Why is the Shungite Stone Peculiar?

The Shungite stone is special because it contains FULLERENE in trace amounts.

Fullerene is an allotrope of Carbon that has amazing properties that benefits us to a great extent healthwise.

Research has shown that fullerene contains strong antimicrobial, antibacterial, antioxidative and antiviral properties amongst other medically important properties. It has been used in the treatment of various illnesses and diseases like the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

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What is Shungite Made Of? Components and Properties of Shungite

Aside from its high level of carbon content, Shungite stone also contains;

  • sodium,
  • oxygen,, and
  • hydrogen.

The Shungite stone has been said to contain all the elements of the periodic table.

Types and Classes of Shungite Stone

Three class of Shungite stone have been discovered so far, namely;

1. Elite|Silver| shungite

This is the rarest and purest form of the Shungite stone and it has been said to contain even more healing properties than the others due to its high Fullerene content (it has the highest fullerene content among the three types).

It contains up to 98% of carbon and is predominantly found in Russia. It is quite expensive.

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2. Black Shungite

This is the most common form of the Shungite stone and it contains 50-70% of carbon. It is used in Jewellery making and sometimes in water purification, but it is commonly used for industrial purposes.

3. Gray Shungite

Contains about 30-50% of carbon, gray Shungite is not as common as the black Shungite. It is also commonly used for industrial purposes.

The Russians have found out the health benefits of the shungite stone and have since been using it as a water purifier and detoxifier since as early as the 1700s.

Uses of Shungite Stone

Purification of water

Due to the presence of fullerene which is a very essential. I dare say extraordinary molecule, Shungite is used for the purification of water.

The fullerene present in the shungite attracts, absorbs, and neutralizes water contaminants like pesticides, heavy metal, bacteria, pharmaceutical, chlorine, fluorine, nitrates, and microorganisms that could have been dangerous to health.

Shungite stone is good electrical conductors

It can protect the body from excessive electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and radiation. This is because the fullerenes in them help them absorb the high amounts of EMFs in the atmosphere and our body thereby reducing the destructive effect it could have caused to our cells. It also aids the repair of cellular damage caused by any initial exposure.

Therefore, it is advised to always keep a shungite around electronic devices to absorb these frequencies and radiation.

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Pigmentation of paint

Shungite has been used and is still being used in the pigmentation of paint; it is sold with the name ‘carbon black’ and it’s used as a paint pigment.

It is also used to a large extent in jewelry making.

This video shows how to catch a fake Shungite.

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Now, with the above knowlage about Shungite, let’s find out what we mean by Shungite water.

What is Shungite Water?

This is a compound name for any water that has the presence of the shungite stone in it or has had any contact with the shungite stone either by filtering with a shungite water purifier or drawn from the Onega Lake which is the world’s largest shungite deposit.

Is Shungite Water Acidic or Alkaline?

Yes, it is acidic!

The presence of shungite in water makes it Acidic (pH 3 to 5.5) and so there is a need to balance the Acidity with Alkalinity so that the pH will be that of normal water (7.2 to 7.3).

The Russians did this balancing using Dolomite and Quartz sand. The Acidic water dissolves the alkaline dolomite which now alkalizes the water and enriches it with magnesium, calcium, and many other minerals. The quartz sand then traps heavy metals and radionuclides, then restores the structure of water molecules (this is the reason why shungite is used as a water purifier).

Is Shungite Water Safe To Drink?

Yes, as long as it has been treated, it is safe to drink.

Untreated shungite water has been proven to be dangerous to health if consumed in large quantities. In other words, when it is untreated, it is not safe to drink.

Note that though the acidic or untreated shungite water is very useful in the treatment of respiratory illnesses, skin sores,, and some other illnesses, it is not advised to drink the acidic Shungite water regularly.

Uses of Shungite Water

It can be used for various purposes;

● Drinking

For both humans and animals, lots of research has shown that animals react positively to Shungite. It tastes sweet to them, so they drink lots of it at a time thereby improving their hydration.

● Bathing

It has been seen to show good improvement on the skin as it improves skin tone and elasticity, accelerates skin’s regenerative process; treats skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne. It is also used in the treatment of sores and burns.

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● For sustainable farming

Due to its high content of microelements and bioactive components, Shungite water is successfully utilized in sustainable modern farming.

As long as it has been treated, Shungite water is useful for the things listed above and more.

Research has shown that drinking 1-2 glasses a day is great for optimum health benefits and helps the body function at its best.

Health Benefits of Shungite Water

Here is the list…

● It contains antioxidants that promote cell rejuvenation and cleanses the body of carcinogens.

● It heightens enzyme activity and boosts cell metabolism, which can aid in weight loss.

● It boosts the regenerative ability and strength of the human tissue

● It influences the exchange of neurotransmitters which improves one’s resistance to stress

● It relieves pain and suppresses allergy symptoms; this is due to to to the anti-inflammatory and antihistamine property that is present in it.

● The antioxidant property that is contained in it helps to suppress free radicals.

It is said that (and many believe it) its antioxidative property exceeds that of vitamin E!

● Shungite is believed to heal the skin of psoriasis

● Due to its high purity level, it detoxifies without irritation.

● It helps in the treatment of fatigued muscles and chronic fatigue.

● It improves the overall immune system.

● Drinking of Shungite water has been seen to be beneficial in the treatment of several diseased conditions which include but is not limited to; cardiovascular disease, pancreatic disease, cholecystitis, gastritis, and dyspepsia, kidney disease,, etc.

All these amazing health benefits of the Shungite water is made possible by the presence of the fullerene in shungite stones, so technically more fullerene more health improvements. This is to say that the elite type of the Shungite stone is more beneficial to health.

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Shungite water science shows that the Fullerenes are effective in very small doses, and the benefits can last for months.

Who Can Use Shungite Water?

Anybody! The layman, athlete, student, male, female, healthy, or sick individuals.

You don’t need to wait till you are sick to use Shungite water as it doesn’t just treat health issues, but it also hydrates, maintains, and rejuvenates the body.

Side Effects of Shungite Water

Just like how some of the things we use in our daily life affect some people negatively and some others positively. These things depend on one’s body system anyway; Shungite water is not an exception.

Here are the possible side effects of Shungite water.

* Your mind power and emotional sensitivity

People with very sensitive body systems, specifically the mentally and emotionally sensitive people, need to take into consideration the amount of Shungite water they take in.

For the mentally sensitive people, an example is the light sleepers, Shungite water has been found to cause insomnia and nightmare for such people.

An example of the emotionally sensitive people is the people with depression issues and wild mood swings. However, the Shungite water has been found to have a soothing effect on one’s mental state, it has been found to escalate the issue for people with an actual underlying mental condition.

* Overdose and addiction

Too much of everything is bad just like the saying goes, too much consumption of Shungite water is not good. Then your body becomes dependent on it .

We don’t want that because it nulls the extraordinary effect of the Shungite water and your body becomes too reliant on it so much that it won’t be able to live without it.

Experts suggest that it be used at a 2-week interval with a 1-week break in between
so that the body doesn’t develop a tolerance for it.

* Overusing Shungite stones

Clean the stones regularly; when you use the shungite stone for long without cleaning it, it becomes harmful to your health rather than beneficial (most especially the black stones).

This is because Shungite stones absorb the impurities and contaminants present in the water and it has to be cleaned free from these contaminants, so it doesn’t start releasing them back into the water!

Experts advise that the Shungite stones be cleaned at least once a month or changed yearly to avoid these negative effects.

* Poor balancing of its acidity

Negative effects as a result of a poor balancing of its acidity can arise.  

pH levels of the human body differ, but it typically ranges from 7.2-7.3, so you have to be careful when filtering it, so it matches your body pH level. The last thing we want is to over drink acidic water and hurting yourself.

Though drinking acidic Shungite water has been found to treat chronic respiratory diseases, aches in joints and muscles, and digestive system issues, but it should be taken with express instruction from your doctor.

Now let’s look how Shungite effects the diabetics…

Shungite Water and Diabetics

What is diabetes? It is a disease condition whereby the level of glucose or sugar in your blood is very high. This high level of sugar is usually because insulin is insufficient, or it is not produced at all or even that it is not even utilized. 

There are three main types of Diabetics which are:

● Type 1 diabetes or Juvenile diabetes

● Type 2 diabetes or non-insulin-dependent diabetes

● Gestational diabetes

This disease can lead to serious health conditions among which is a heart problem, foot ulcers, high blood pressure, etc.

Is Shungite Water Good for Diabetics?

In a research conducted by Nina Kolesnikova and her team in a sanatorium near Moscow, shungite water was administered to diabetics, and it was found that the water.

  • stabilized the rate of carbohydrate metabolism,
  • decreased the degree of trophic disorders, and
  • improved the overall well-being of the patients.

Does Shungite Water Lower High Blood Pressure?

In a research conducted by the same Nina Kolesnikova and her team it was discovered that after using the Shungite water to bathe for 10 to 15 minute daily, the Shungite water

  • stabilized the blood pressure of hypertensive patients,
  • improved their well-being generally, and
  • gave them the urge to want to resume life activities.

Other research results also support these findings of Nina Kolesnikova and her team.

How to Make Shungite Water?

Despite its high health benefits, one would think that the shungite water is very difficult to acquire or even make. But surprisingly….it is relatively very easy to make, funny right?

The ingredients and the process is listed below.

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Materials needed

  1. A large glass or container; one that can contain a large quantity of water that can last several days for you
  2. Shungite stones; 12 small elite stones per gallon.
  3. Montmorillonite clay/dolomite/quartz sand


● Place the Shungite in the empty container after rinsing it to remove dirt and dust.

● Add in water as much as you want

● Cover and allow to stay for a minimum of 4-6hrs or a maximum of 3 days before drinking This is to allow the shungite stone to purify the water and for the water to absorb the healthy properties of the shungite stone.

The longer it stays before drinking the more beneficial.

The shungite stone has an acidity level of 5.5 pH, and while this may be good for treating some disease conditions, not everyone should drink water with such level of acidic content.

To balance this acidity, one can use the montmorillonite clay/dolomite /quartz sand which contains alkaline.

The addition of the montmorillonite clay will raise the pH level of the water from 5.5 to 8.5. This clay has its contraindication and should be followed by express instruction from a doctor or professional.

P.S: It is advisable and highly recommended to use the elite shungite stone because of its high carbon content and high amount of fullerene present in it. The higher the fullerenes the more the benefits!

It is also advisable to use the Shungite water with caution if it’s being used for the first time, so that your body is not overwhelmed by the new substance.

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Cleaning the Shungite Stone – How is It Cleaned?

Recall that it was mentioned earlier that the stones should be cleaned at least once a month. This cleaning is done in acidic water; mix one liter of warm water and one tablespoon of baking soda, place the stones inside and let it rest for a few hours (3-4 hours) before rinsing it out.

The stones can also be ‘recharged’ back to their full potential by giving them a sunbath for 3 hours before reusing.

There are beliefs and notions that the Shungite stone does not need cleaning as it is a self-cleansing material, but such notions always end with “the shungite stone should be cleaned or changed after a few years…” so I guess it needs cleaning after all. It depends on you; you can choose to clean it monthly or change it yearly.

How Long Can Shungite Water Last?

According to Martino, the purified water can stay indefinitely without becoming dangerous negatively. But, if the water is heavily polluted, she advises that the stones be cleaned every four to six months.

Remember to clean the stones carefully with the appropriate cleaning materials.

Spiritual Beliefs Surrounding the Shungite Stones – The Possible Myths

Aside from the tremendous medical benefit of the Shungite stone (noted above), some believe that the shungite stone is also beneficial for spiritual purposes.

The key beliefs are as below…

● It carries the yin energy which powers strong stimulation for the lower parts of the body.

● It absorbs negative energy from the environment

It protects the user from the influence of negative energy.

● The Shungite stone is a powerful tool for transformation as it has been called a catalyst for positive change and growth.

● Shungite assists with spiritual evolution.

It is believed that Shungite evolved with the planet and because it has ‘supposedly’ gone through the process of evolution. Some believe that the Shungite stone knows this process and can teach it to the user.

● Shungite enhances the user’s metaphysical abilities

This is due to the notion that Shungite purifies the aura and protects the user from all negative energy. It then enables the person to become a channel that can connect to another realm as well as to one’s highest potential.

● Regina Martino, a renowned scientist who has worked on the human energy fields to a large extent, has said from her discoveries that the Shungite stone more than any other rock, can realign the 3 chakras and optimize vital fields. In particular, Shungite greatly increases the vital field of the first chakra.

Is the Health Benefits of Shungite Water a Scam?

Why do people believe the Shungite water benefit is a scam? There are 2 main reasons.

● At a first glance, it is easy to term all the claims of Shungite water a scam because it’s simply too good to be true. But, unlike the spiritual claims, there is a lot of research that has been carried out to authenticate these health claims, and they can’t all be fake right?

● Because it didn’t work for them

Some people call its benefit a scam because it simply did not benefit them personally. This could have been due to poor balancing of the acidity, or their body system did not just accept it.

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In a nutshell here is what you need to know about Shugnite water.

● The substance used to filter Shugnite water is called Shungite, which is a carbon filled stone.

● This stone has a chemical compound called fullerene.

● The Elite Shungite stone is used in water purification.

● The Shungite water has tremendous health benefits, and a glass or two of it should be taken daily.

● The purified water can stay indefinitely, it doesn’t accumulate negative attributes.

● It has been found that the Shungite purified water or the Shungite stone has physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional benefits to the human body.


Shungite water as seen in this article is of tremendous health benefit and while it might not have benefitted some parts of the population (which may be why some call it a scam), it has benefitted a greater part of the population. This has been supported from a many research that it does possess those extraordinary abilities.

From my perspective, it is worth the try. However, use with caution if you are trying it out for the first time.