We all want to find a way to get rid of warts, whether it is painful or not. And, there have been speculations on what works and what doesn’t. One of them, being colloidal silver for warts.

Many questions still remain about colloidal silver to this day. For example, does colloidal silver kill warts? If so, is colloidal silver effective for warts or not? Is it safe? And many more…

The intention of this article is to address them all to help you decide if to consider colloidal silver as a remedy for warts.

Let’s start the journey by defining colloidal silver.

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is a term used to refer to small quantities of silver suspended in a liquid. It is an ancient remedy used for treating various diseases and illnesses.

Today, colloidal silver is commercially sold. Recently, it has been claimed to have more health benefits than previously believed.

The sizes of colloidal silver vary greatly. Those who use it, either apply it directly on their skin, or use it as oral therapy.

But, what are the actual users of colloidal silver in healthcare practices?

Let’s find out…

Colloidal Silver Users in the Healthcare

Although modern medicine has taken over treatment of various illnesses, so many persons still use colloidal silver.

Users believe that it takes care of major diseases and wounds.

It has also been promoted as a supplement that can be taken to boost the immune system. Before the introduction of modern medicine, colloidal silver was recommended.

But with an increase in research, it was discovered, that silver has no known effect on the body, and that it could be a threat. So colloidal silver is no longer recommended medically.

So, remember, getting colloidal silver means you are joining the group of people who believe in the healing properties, and that is also at your own risk.

In our opinion, those healing properties can not be anything more than a ‘placebo’ effect.

How Colloidal Silver Works?

It is not yet certain how colloidal silver works, research is still ongoing to find the exact mechanism. However, it has been noted to function by attaching to the protein wall of the bacteria, thereby damaging the cell membrane.

Once the cell membrane is damaged, silver now passes easily into the cell. Once inside in the cell, it can now affect the bacteria’s metabolic process, and damage the DNA, leading to cell death.

Again, there are speculations stating that the effectiveness of the colloidal silver particles varies greatly on the size of the silver. While a large number of small-sized particles have a greater surface area, a small number of large particles has smaller particles. So, the smaller particles might release more ions.

Moreover, those silver ions can only be released from silver particles, when it comes in contact with body fluid or any other moisture. What this implies is that the silver ions are the biologically active part of colloidal silver that gives its medicinal properties.

Therefore, it can be understood, that the antibacterial and antiseptic effects it has on wounds are most likely due to the silver ions.

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Now, let’s turn on to warts.

What are Warts?

It can be a very disturbing sight to see some outgrowths from the skin in the form of blisters, on some parts of your skin, that of your child or even a friend’s skin. Those outgrowths in the formation of blisters are what is known as warts.

We have other outgrowths that usually appear, but warts are generally recognized because of their rough texture. Warts have actually plagued humans for years, with its characteristic appearance at odd places.

Warts, as said, can appear in different discrete parts of the body. The ones that appear on the palm is known as palmer warts, whereas the ones on the foot are known as plantar warts. It could as well appear in other areas.

Research has shown that 3 out of 5 children have warts, while only about 5% of adults have warts. This is due to the variations in the immune system. Adults have a stronger immune system which prevents this outgrowth, whereas children have a weaker immune system.

In some children, it can disappear on its own, within weeks or even years. While some last longer.

Warts are usually caused by viral infections. It can be contagious, meaning you can get it from infected persons. The virus can also get into the body through open wounds, and can spread when it treated.

Types of Warts

We have to be mindful, however of the fact that warts can take different forms and shapes. Knowing this will help us know exactly how to tackle it, and what to look out for.

  • Common warts

These warts usually occur in the fingers and toes. Mostly rough and appear more grayish.

  • Plantar warts

This is a bit more uncomfortable. Unlike other warts that grow out of the skin, it grows inside the skin. It is found on the sole of the feet.

You will know that you have plantar warts when you notice something like a hole on the sole of the feet, that is usually surrounded by hardened skin. It really makes walking very difficult.

  • Flat warts

This usually appears on the face or thighs. As the name implies, it is not easily noticeable. These warts can be pink, brownish or slightly yellow.

  • Filiform warts

Usually grow on the nose, mouth, neck or even under the chin. They usually have the same color as the skin.

  • Periungal warts

They grow underneath and around the toenails.

  • Genital warts

This can be found in the private part area, and should not be taken lightly.

My advice is for you to report to your doctor once you notice the appearance of a genital wart.

Tip: Warts are different from Thrush or Yeast Infections.

Does Colloidal Silver Kill Warts? Or Does It Just Suppress Warts?

The antiviral properties of the colloidal silver are what kills warts. When you take this, you might be free from the wart. But sadly, in most of the cases, the virus lives inside, so it can still appear again.

What this means is that colloidal silver kills warts but not permanently in some cases. According to research, 90% of wart cases have been reported to have been successfully killed by colloidal silver.

How to Remove Warts with Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver particles are usually suspended in water that is demineralized. It can only be seen with the use of a microscope.

You can use colloidal silver either by drinking it (we do not recommend this!), or by using it in lotions and sprays. You can take colloidal silver internally, by taking one in the morning, and the other at night. You can take it with other supplements to help boost your immune system.

When you take at least 15ml of colloidal silver twice a day, and also apply colloidal silver cream. People say that you can be sure of getting it killed especially when it is combined with eating healthy food.

You can also add colloidal silver to your bathwater, douches, colon irrigation, nasal spray etc.

Is colloidal Silver Safe?

In as much as colloidal silver has proved effective over the years, the first thing that comes to my mind each time is, what happens to those tiny particles of silver once inside the body?

First and foremost, there is no known health benefit of silver-based on science. The harmful effect greatly varies with different individuals and the way it is consumed. That’s why is it important you talk to your doctor before considering colloidal silver.

1: When swallowed

When the colloidal silver gets into the body, the silver gets deposited into so many organs, like the skin, kidney, muscle, spleen, brain etc. The implication is that it can give the skin a bluish or grayish color as well as increasing melanin production. This discoloration is referred to as agyria. This is a condition where you are medically ‘benign’.

2: Colloidal silver most times affect drug absorption

When antibiotics are prescribed for you in the case of bacterial infection, colloidal silver in your system might be a hindrance. This means that taking colloidal silver when sick might prolong the duration of the sickness.

3: Most pregnant and lactating women are very much used to taking colloidal silver as a treatment for cold and flu.

This is highly unsafe because it can pose a threat to the baby.

We are all exposed to tiny quantities of silver every day. We have them in our drinking water, in the food we eat, and even in the air, we breathe. This is quite safe, but however, intentionally ingesting it might pose a big challenge to our health.

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Now let’s look at the other options you have in killing warts.

Alternative to Colloidal Silver When Wart Treatment Fails

Asides colloidal silver, there are other alternative treatments, that are medically recommended for warts. Remember, some warts found on the skin can disappear even without treatment. Some others, after being treated can appear again, in which case multiple treatment strategies will be required.

You can attempt home treatment in case of other types of warts, except for genital warts, which must be evaluated by a doctor.

These treatments include below.

  • Cryotherapy(freezing)

With temperature as low as -100 degree, which is quite negative, you can use spray products over warts. This might not freeze the wart deep enough, in order to get the most effective result. It is also a very painful method, because you have to continually spray on the mole in order to get it killed.

When you have sprayed enough, blisters forms around the wart and it will die off in two or three weeks.

Another alternative to this can be done by a doctor. This is very much effective, as the doctor will use liquid nitrogen to freeze warts. It is also a faster method.

  • Cantharidin

It is a substance extracted from a blister beetle. When applied to the skin, it forms blisters around the skin. Now once you are done applying Cantharidin, you have to cover the wart with a bandage. Then the blister will lift the wart off the skin after some time.

  • Electro-surgery and curettage

Electrosurgery is a very good treatment for common warts, filiform and foot warts. This means burning the wart.

Curettage on its own is a process of scraping off (curetting) the wart with a sharp knife or spoon-shaped tool. They are both used interchangeably.

  • Salicylic acid

Most over the counter treatment can come in various forms. It can come in the form of gel, ointments or pads.

They commonly contain salicylic acid as the active ingredient. If you want a faster result, the salicylic acid can be applied on a regular basis, in this way, the wart tissue will dissolve quickly and gradually. This can take several weeks though but more effective than colloidal silver.

Tip: Did you know CBD Oil can help you remove warts?

Other Advanced Treatment for Warts

  • Bleomycin

These can be injected into a wart directly to kill the virus. So, once you are OK with injections, this could be a great option for treating warts.

  • Immiquimod

This is a drug that when taken, works on your immune system by stimulating it to fight off the wart virus.

This Immiquimod is also an immunotherapy drug.

Immiquimod comes in the form of a prescription cream, so you should ask for it from your doctor.

It is highly recommended for genital warts, but it has been noted to be also effective for other types of moles and warts.

There are other immunotherapy treatments like making use of diphencyprone. Note that immunotherapy is used when other treatments have failed. It is never the first-line treatment.

  • Minor surgery

Warts as insignificant as it seems, can actually put you through the stress of undergoing surgery.

Surgery becomes the next option when other treatments have failed.

Here the base of the wart will be destroyed with the use of an electric needle. Depending on the doctor carrying out the surgery, he might also opt for cryosurgery, which is deep freezing.

  • Laser surgery

This is a process of getting the wart burnt and destroyed, by using an intense beam of light.

How Can You Prevent Warts?

It is very much safer not to get warts at all by preventing it than treating them once get warts. In this way, you don’t need to worry about what works on the wart and what doesn’t.

Here are some useful tips on preventing a wart infection.

o Do not touch someone’s wart

No matter the drive to show that you care for someone having a wart, you have to do that, without touching the person’s wart.

o Mind your personal belonging

Since wart is contagious, ensure that everyone has their own personal belonging. In this way, it will help combat the spread of wart from one person to another, even within the members of the same family.

o All cuts and sprays should be cleaned and covered

The HPV virus is very common, and is basically present everywhere. What this means is that you don’t know the things contaminated with it. So, you have to be careful of the things you touch, because it can easily get into your body through cuts and scrapes.

o Frequent washing of hands

This is very necessary since the wart is very common. This washing of hand, will help remove the virus from the skin.

o Make sure your skin is not always dry or cracked

This is because, warts can easily get into your skin through cracks.

o Avoid nail-biting or cuticle chewing

This might look like a very insignificant thing, but when you bite your nails, or when you chew your cuticles, it leaves a tiny opening that is visible to the eyes. In this way, HPV can easily get in and cause a wart.

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When to See Your Doctor?

In as much as home treatment can be effective, you shouldn’t hesitate to visit your doctor when you notice any of the following.

o When wart appears on your face, or on any other sensitive part of your body, like genitals, mouth or nostrils.

o When there is scabbing or pus around your wart. This can be a sign of (secondary) infection.

o When the wart is very painful.

o When you start noticing a color change on your wart.

o If you are suffering from diabetes of any immune deficiency disease. Then, you should visit your doctor once any type of wart appears.


Having pointed out the relationship between warts and colloidal silver, I hope now you have been made clear that colloidal silver is not medically recommended for warts because of it’s underlying side effects.

So, it is our advice you opt for other treatments for warts available when you notice a wart on your skin. Some people will always be a temptation of going for colloidal silver because it seems ‘fast and effective’, but since it is not recommended, you should try and go for other healthier options.

You can always visit your doctor, once you are not sure of anything.


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