According to users and some health practitioners, Ensure Max Protein is good for diabetics. Some say it is not the best. But, none of these advices’ means you should take the product without your doctor’s advice.

One thing is for sure. Talking with your health practitioner before taking any health supplement, including Ensure Max Protein, is always a good idea.

However, to guide you in the correct direction, we made this guide to address when is Ensure Max Protein good for diabetics and when it is bad…

People who have diabetes could try to use Ensure Max Protein and see if this product works for them as well. Diabetes is not something to ‘joke’ about, as it requires those who suffer from it to consume special foods and rely on diets that are difficult to follow.

If you want to learn more about Ensure Max Protein and how it works, don’t hesitate to read this article. You will learn about what it is, how it works, and when you can take it to avoid experiencing any diabetes symptoms.

Let’s start by defining Ensure Max Protein…

What is Ensure Max Protein?

Ensure Max Protein is a health supplement for people with diabetes.

If you have diabetes and don’t know how to satisfy your hunger, you can try it without worrying. It can replace your meals or be a tasty snack when you feel hungry between breakfast and dinner. But, you just need to be mindful of what we discuss in this article.

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The manufacturer and health practitioners don’t recommend using only Ensure Max Protein as your main source of food. Therefore, you still need to remember to eat when consuming this supplement. Remember, your diet is an important part of diabetes management, so must eat healthy and use natural ingredients as much too.

Without products like Ensure Max Protein, some people with diabetes would not have a place to turn to when trying to balance their diet. They would have to rely only on meals that are difficult to prepare. Moreover, they wouldn’t have an alternative to delicious desserts for their sweet tooth.

Best to explain by understanding how Ensure Max Protein works…

How Does Ensure Max Protein Work?

A ready-to-drink Ensure Max Protein shake contains 30g of high-quality protein that keeps the muscles strong and helps you no longer feel hungry. The product has 150 calories and 25 vitamins and minerals, and vitamins A, and D…etc. For immune health, Ensure Max Protein contains the vitamins C and vitamin E too.

All these ingredients work in synergy to ensure you are healthy when consuming the supplement, even if you have other challenges due to diabetes. Moreover, they provide the necessary apport of nutritional content to energise you throughout the day.

When relying on Ensure Max Protein for a meal such as lunch or breakfast, make sure to cook a dinner that contains natural ingredients and is healthy.

Remember, this product is not a replacement for food. It only works to balance the intake of vitamins and minerals you need to remain in good health while effectively managing diabetes.

Don’t get confused between Ensure and Ensure Max. They are two different products!

How Is Ensure Max Protein Different from Ensure?

Ensure Max Protein is not the same product as Ensure. While Ensure Max Protein contains only 1 g of sugar and sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener, Ensure contains 14 g of sugar.

Product prices also vary, so you may want to check them out too before you decide to go with either.

Similarly, the products don’t have the same number of calories and provide different quantities of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

Ensure Max Protein also contains more fiber than Ensure. Subsequently, it helps the user have a healthy digestive system and intestinal transit.

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The sugar content in Ensure Max Protein is lower because the manufacturer wanted the supplement to help with weight loss. Therefore, diabetics who decide to consume Ensure Max Protein instead of Ensure are also helping their bodies become slimmer in the long run. Therefore, Ensure Max Protein is a better choice for people with diabetes who are also overweight or obese.

On the other hand, they shouldn’t rely solely on the supplement, as sticking to a low-calorie diet is the key to weight loss. Living only on supplements is unlikely a healthy routine unless your doctor wants you to do that.

We have already covered Ensure and diabetes; and you are welcome to read that as well.

Is Ensure Max Protein Good for Diabetics Like Ensure Is?

Ensure Max Protein is as good for people who have diabetes as Ensure is. The same manufacturer makes both products, which are tasty and easy to use. If you want something delicious and rich in vitamins and minerals to consume after your meal, you can always try to use Ensure or Ensure Max Protein.

If you want to see how Ensure Max Protein or the Ensure products influence your blood sugar, you could measure your glycemic index at least two hours after taking them. The human body reacts differently to different products, so you may want to see if Ensure Max Protein works better for you than Ensure.

Don’t forget that both Ensure Max Protein and Ensure have been developed to meet your nutritional needs. This means they’re not high in calories and, thus, don’t cause you to gain any extra weight. You will put on more weight only if you eat too much and take supplements

Let’s dig deeper to see what sort of options you have if you stick with Ensure Max Protein…

The Ensure Max Range

Ensure Max Protein is one of the best sources of protein for diabetics. If you determine that you don’t have enough protein in your diet, you can consume it every day, if your doctor recommends that. You will not only improve your health but also prevent the symptoms of your disease.

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Luckily, the product is available in 7 flavors. Therefore, it can satisfy the tastes of many people with diabetes and need to improve their diet. You can learn more about these flavors in the following sections of this article.

For now, you should know that it doesn’t matter what your buds prefer. You have 7 taste options from Ensure Max Protein.

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The Ingredients and Nutrition

To better you understand what Ensure Max Protein is so efficient at addressing diabetes. Let’s see the complete list of ingredients for this product:


Amount per Serving

Total Fat

1.5 g


20 mg


240 mg

Total Carbohydrates

6 g

Dietary Fiber

2 g

Total Sugars

1 g


13 g

Some of the other ingredients in this supplement are Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Manganese, Selenium Copper, and others.

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If you want to use Ensure Max Protein in the long run, you should check the product’s label to see if you’re not allergic to one of the ingredients. Nevertheless, this supplement is gluten-free, so you won’t have any problems if your body is allergic to gluten.

In addition, Ensure Max Protein doesn’t contain any milk products either. As a result, it is perfect for those who have diabetes and are also lactose intolerant.

Under any circumstances, don’t use this product if your doctor has advised you not to.

Ensure Max Protein Ingredients and Their Benefits

The antioxidants in Ensure Max Protein are Vitamins C, E, and Selenium. These will ensure your heart is healthy and you build new, healthy muscle tissue. Antioxidants are also important in the fight against cancer because they fight free radicals and toxins.

For heart health only, Ensure Max Protein contains the Omega-3 Fatty Acid ALA. The content of fiber in this supplement ensures that you will have a healthy digestive system, even when your diet is not that nutritious. Therefore, Ensure Max Protein contains the necessary ingredients for you to have a healthy life when struggling with diabetes and having to follow a diabetes-friendly diet every day.

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How Much Is Ensure Max Protein Recommended for Diabetics?

Ensure Max Protein is a health supplement developed especially for diabetics. To clarify, people who have diabetes could use it if they want to add something tasty to their diet or replace one of their meals.

Note that this product doesn’t cure diabetes. It only addresses its symptoms.

Your doctor may recommend another supplement that works, like Ensure Max Protein. (Some are listed below under Alternatives).

Your body could be intolerant to one of the ingredients in this product. Hence, you would have to take something else to fulfill your need for something sweet or improve your health.

Ensure Max Protein is available in many flavors. People with diabetes can enjoy its different sweet tastes without worrying they will experience spikes in their blood sugar levels afterwards. Therefore, the product works wonders for people with diabetes who need a health boost.

Now let’s turn into one of the popular questions – Does Ensure Max Proteins come with artificial sweeteners?

Let’s find out…

Does Ensure Max Contain Artificial Sweeteners?

The short answer is, Yes. The artificial sweetener in Ensure Max Protein is sucralose. This special ingredient doesn’t have any calories and replaces sugar in many low-calorie foods or beverages.

Sucralose provides the sweet taste of Ensure Max Protein. The other good news is that it’s 100% safe to consume, based on current research.

This product would not be complete without sucralose. If it had contained any sugar or other natural or artificial ingredients, it would not have been efficient at addressing the symptoms of diabetes. In other words, sucralose gives Ensure Max Protein a sweet taste without sacrificing efficiency.

Since sucralose is 600 times sweeter than regular sugar, Ensure Max Protein gives you the sweet ride you usually dream of in the afternoon or after eating something salty.

This special ingredient doesn’t negatively influence your metabolism and improves your overall health simply because it’s not sugar or another type of sweetener.

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Now, let’s discuss when you should consider having Ensure Max Protein. In the morning as your breakfast, for lunch or dinner?

Let’s find out…

Is Ensure Max Good for Breakfast?

Ensure Max Protein can not only replace your breakfast, but it can also be a nice ingredient for your smoothies. For instance, you can add some fruits such as blueberries, put them in a blender, and have a drink that helps you feel fresh in no time.

Try not to replace your breakfast every day with this supplement. For instance, use it in the morning for a couple of days and have food on the third day instead. You aren’t supposed to experience any health problems if you have it for breakfast every day, but you may get bored of its taste with time.

Ensure Max Protein is a good breakfast replacement if you are on every morning on the run too. You no longer have time to cook breakfast when you must prepare for work or be there very early. Therefore, you can always take this supplement and continue your day without feeling hungry until lunch.

Can People Take Ensure Max for Lunch or Dinner?

You can use Ensure Max Protein to replace other meals too.

For example, if you are at work and there’s no time to go out for your lunch break, take the supplement instead. You will no longer feel hungry until dinner, when the manufacturer recommends you have some food.

The product can replace dinner, or you can take it after this meal as a dessert. What’s important to know here is that eating food is very important, so don’t rely on supplements to replace all your meals. Ensure Max Protein may be indeed very tasty and easy to use, but you should also pay attention to your overall diet.

How Does Ensure Max Taste Like?

As mentioned, Ensure Max Protein is available in 7 flavors;

French Vanilla,

Milk Chocolate,

Café Mocha,

Milk Chocolate with Caffeine,

Creamy Peach,

Cherry Cheesecake, and

Creamy Strawberry.

Such tastes are all delicious and make your buds happy, as they have strong aromas for the palatine.

You can buy one flavor of Ensure Max Protein and not enjoy that taste that much. In this situation, you can always contact the manufacturer to ask for your money back or choose another flavor for your remaining bottles. However, this is unlikely to happen because all the product’s versions are very tasty.

When ordering the product, you have the option to select the flavors you want. All Ensure Max Protein flavors contains the same ingredients regardless of their flavor. Therefore, the product’s health benefits remain the same no matter what flavor you may be ordering.

The story about Ensure Max Protein and its health benefits are not that all beautiful. In some cases, you should rethink if the product is suitable for you. And, in some cases, it is not a good option for some people at all.

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Let’s turn on to that now…

When Should You Not Drink Ensure Max Protein?

Don’t take Ensure Max Protein if you have noticed the product doesn’t make you feel good. The same goes if your doctor has told you not to use it. It’s also advisable not to drink it if you haven’t consumed a whole meal for days.

Ensure Max Protein can provide the nutritional content diabetics need on an empty stomach. However, if you don’t give importance to your diet and don’t consume whole, healthy meals in the long run, it won’t help you feel better.

Please note that this supplement should function only as an addition to your diet. It’s not supposed to be your main source of food. While its health benefits are many and varied, the body still needs nutritional content from fresh, healthy foods to function properly and fight the symptoms of diabetes.


  • People can opt for many flavors and enjoy the product’s delicious tastes.
  • Ensure Max Protein helps combat the symptoms of diabetes.
  • The supplement has many other health benefits to offer because it contains plenty of vitamins and minerals.


  • Some people say the amount per shake bottle is not that much at only 330 ml.
  • The Creamy Strawberry flavor is too sweet for some tastes.
  • Ensure Max Protein can also cause side effects such as constipation, nausea, or diarrhea.
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Alternate Products

You could also consider the products below instead of Ensure Max Protein to try out which fits your taste buds best.

Each in the list will take you to a separate page that will explain details specific to each supplement. Make sure to read them, as some products may not be ideal for people with diabetes.

  1. Ensure
  2. Boost
  3. Enterex
  4. Glucerna
  5. Sustagen Hospital Formula
  6. Nutren Diabetes
  7. Nestle Nutren Optimum
  8. Whey Protein Powder


Ensure Max Protein is a great supplement to consider achieving your diabetes goal and shed some weight at the same time. Nevertheless, you should check with your doctor if they recommend you try this supplement, considering the diabetes-related health challenges you may have.

Thanks for reading. Let’s us know if you have any questions.