Here we discuss Black Seed Oil and its health benefits. In particular, the trendy product Health Logics Black Seed Oil. The ultimate goal of this Health Logics Black Seed Oil Review is to confirm if black seed oil can really promote your immunity, digestion and respiratory health.

From ancient times all up till now the lack seed has been considered as a ‘super food’. Back then, a variety of food, mostly herbs and seeds, was placed under the superfood series.

Things like blueberries, kale, salmon, and the famous black seed, was considered ‘Super’.

Food is considered ‘super’ if it provides several health benefits to its consumers as well as improve beauty. Some ancient cultures consider herbs in this series as ‘cure all’ herbs; thus, they were used as healing aids.

Black seed is still in use, and is popularly found in its extracted form, black seed oil, where it can be properly packaged and well incorporated in other foods. With its increasing use, the black seed oil is found in bottles and capsules in different health stores and online, packaged by different brands.

What is Black Seed And Black Seed Oil?

Black seed is more of the common name used to refer to the seeds of the plant called Nigella sativa. Its common name, being literal, as this seed is black.

This plant is also called Nigella, Roman coriander, black caraway, black cumin or fennel flower. The plant is found to grow in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East regions.

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Black seeds are very tiny edible seeds. They have a slightly bitter and spicy taste, yet, still heavily consumed in the world today.

And, why is this? Because of its healing abilities…

Black seeds are popular for their healing and beauty properties, making them widely sought after around the world.

They are rich in oil, which is usually also extracted and consumed. This oil is called black seed oil. Black seed oil is the pressed and extracted oil from the black seed. The oil contains all the nutrients and benefits embedded within the black seed.

A few consumed black seed may not produce substantial effects on health because of the size of the seed, and its limited use in meals. But the black seed oil, which is made from the extract of a few dozen seeds, and has a concentration of the nutrients of the seeds, will suffice. Thus, the need to concentrate the nutrients of plenty in a bottle or capsule of black seed oil.

What Are Nutrient Contents Of Black Seed Oil?

Why is black seed oil so healthy? According to research, the benefits of any naturally occurring plant are as a result of the chemical elements within the plants.

These elements make up the nutrient content of a plant, and they confer benefits to one’s health and/or appearance. The nutrients in black seed are contained in the extracted oil, as the oil is pressed from the seed.

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The black seed oil contains the following common nutrients;

1. Fat and oils

Black seed is known to be rich in fat and oil. Thus, its extract is in the oil form. Of its fat content, fatty acid makes up a solid 85% of it.

These black, small seeds are a good source of essential fatty acid to man, a class of fatty acids that cannot be produced by the body, and cannot be easily gotten in sufficient quantities except in fish oil, and seeds like black seeds.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids, and Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which are found richly in the black seed oil, are essential for life processes. They are needed in sufficient amount for health. And are needed for forming important enzymes for important body processes.

2. Vitamins and minerals

Very importantly, the black seed oil is rich in many vitamins and minerals.

Some of the minerals contained in black seed and oil are;

Calcium, which is good for the bones and teeth.

Iron, which the body needs for the production of blood cells.

Potassium and sodium, which is needed for muscular contraction and maintenance of normal body functioning.

Some of the vitamins found in black seed and extract are: oil-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, E and D. These vitamins, according to researches, account for some major healing benefits attributed to the black seed oil.

3. Antioxidants

The black seed oil contains thymoquinone, which is a very powerful and potent antioxidant found in plants. It confers most of the health and beauty benefits of black seed oils, by its anti-inflammatory properties.

Other antioxidants found in it includes;


Di thymoquinone,




Alpha-pinene, to name a few.

4. Calories

A measure of 45 calories is found in only a teaspoon of black seed oil. The low-calorie content of black seed oil is provided by only its oil and fat content, without the addition of carbs or fibers to the content. Thus, being effective in reducing body weight and obesity.

Benefits of Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil, which is gotten from black seed, contains the nutrients of black seed. It also provides the same benefits as black seed. Black seeds can be eaten raw or a little roasted. Its oil can also be taken raw or added to other meals to gain their benefits.

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There are over a hundred benefits of black seed oil. And these are broadly classified into both health benefits and skin/beauty benefits.

Health benefits of Black Sleed Oil

Black seed and black seed oil are linked to the following health benefits, based on scientific research.

1. Reduced blood sugar level and anti-diabetic functions

The World Health Organization recently, has endorsed the use of black seed oil as a remedy for people with diabetes, and others with unstable blood sugar levels. Its anti-diabetic functions owing to the fact that it is a strong antioxidant.

Several researches have shown that black seed oil, used by diabetics, has helped reduce blood sugar levels, improves insulin resistance, enhances insulin production and reduce pancreatic inflammation.

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2. Protection against inflammation

Black seed oil also prevents inflammation within and outside the body. This function is due to its rich antioxidant content.

3. Good for respiratory health

Two very important respiratory antioxidants are found in black seeds.

provides both anti-spasmodic and broncho-dilating functions.

is also a respiratory health antioxidant, both helping in the fight against respiratory breathing disorders.

4. Weight-loss support

Weight loss management is important for the maintenance of health, as obesity is the leading cause of several heart diseases and other diseases like diabetics. The use of black seed oil also proves to be effective in the fight against obesity.

A research published by the Diabetes And Metabolic Disorders Journal, says that black seed oil is effective for weight loss management and the fight against obesity.

5. Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels

A little research has shown that taking black seed oil reduces mild high blood pressure. It also lowers and maintains cholesterol levels, as compared with many oils.

6. Anticancer effects

The rich antioxidants present in the oil, according to research, is effective in building the body’s immune and detoxifying carcinogens that enter the body.

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Black seed oil, being able to improve the above-listed conditions, merits the name ‘cure all’. Added to these, there are some other additional health benefits associated with the oil:

Protection to the brain cells,

Reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, and

Improved fertility.

Now, let’s turn on to the skin benefits of black seed oil…

Skin Benefits Of Black Seeds Oil

The skin also benefits from the use of black seed oil. It enhances the beauty and glows in the skin by;

  • Preventing inflammation and reducing swelling on the skin surface,
  • Conferring Antifungal and Anti-microbial activities,

Thus preventing ache, eczema and psoriasis, which are common reactions to the skin.

It also works by preventing dry skin, softening hair follicles and hair over the skin.

Added to these, black seed oil, also aids good sleep and rest. Thus, revealing ones beauty in the wake of the day.

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It suffices to say that black skin oil is beneficial to the old, the young and children. It is important to the sick and injured, as well as the healthy.

Due to its benefits and uses of the black seed oil is many too…

Uses Of Black Seed And Black Seed Oil

Black seed and its use date back to the early days when food sources served as healing aids. The seed was first discovered in the tomb of an Egyptian, King Tut.

Its healing properties based on research are numerous, classifying it as a ‘super food’. And other than its healing functions, black seed oil is also sought for other benefits.

The following are the uses of black seed and black seed oil based on their benefits.

1. Incorporated into meals

Black seed, in delicacies, presents a slightly bitter but spicy taste; thus, it is often used as a food spice. This taste and flavor are also present when the extracted oil is used in food. Therefore, to be incorporated into meals, the black seed oil is sourced.

2. Taken as supplements

Capsules of black seed oil is sold by online vendors, and pharmaceutical stores, to be taken as health supplements that boost one’s immunity.

3. Applied to skin and hair

A good number of persons purchase the black sed oil to clear face reaction, as well as cut down on break-outs.

Black seed oil can be easily gotten from any drugs store or online stores, branded and packaged in capsules or bottles by different health companies.

With the above general knowledge of Black Seed Oil, now it’s time to review the Health Logics Black Seed Oil.

Review of Health Logics Black Seed Oil

What does Health Logics black seed oil have to give? What makes it a known and popularly marketed black seed oil?

Let’s take a quick review.


The Health Logic pharmacy brands the Health Logics black seed oil. A large US-based pharmacy, registered and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Health Logic pharmacy is a pharmacy of choice, as it provides the best services, and produces the best products.

With several years of experience in the act of service rendering, the Health Logics pharmacy only keeps producing new health formula, only to keep its consumers in health.

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Health Logic black seed oil bottled their product under 2 different names, varying by the amount of ingredients placed in the.

The bottled products and their major nutrient gains, their, ingredients and their quantity are described in the table below.

Health Logics Products

Black Seed Oil Soft Gels

Black Seed Oil Liquid

Active ingredient

Black seed oil

Black seed oil


100 soft gel/ 100ml


Serving size

2 soft gels

1 teaspoon


Health Logic pharmacy, has preserved a majority of the natural physiological and chemical properties of the black seed oil but cold press extraction.

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This form of extraction, disallows the use of heat or any solvent during extraction. Thus, preserving the nutrients needed for health.

It also preserves the natural taste of the black seed, retaining that spicy flavor, enjoyed by some.

The production process, adopted by the health pharmacy for the extraction, also adds to its content, as the oil, is hexane-free.

Nutrients Content

The nutritional value of Health Logic black seed oil is contained in the table below.

Serving size


Servings per container


Amount per serving





Daily value (%)

Total fat

5g (6%)

Saturated fat

1g (5%)


0mg (0%)

Black Cumin Oil (Nigella Sativa)






Additional Value Of The Health Logics Black Seed Oil

We come across various packed black seed oils today, both locally and online, produced by different extraction methods. Health Logic has positively defined its brand of black seed oil by making it extra valued from the simple black seed oil.

What makes the brand valued by its users? What is noteworthy in the Health Logics black seed oil?

1. Lab-tested and quality verified

2. Manufactured in an FDA registered facility

3. Gluten-free

4. Vegan-free

5. Hexane-free

Also, the black seed oil produced by Health Logic pharmacy is sufficiently concentrated. They give a 35% increase in the concentration of the extract, more than that in the raw black seed.

Pros And Cons

One of many online stores, Health Logics black seed oil products is rated a 4.5 star out of 5, implying the quality of the product and satisfaction of the customer.

And, like any product, Health Logics black seed oil, has both pros and cons.


The use of Health Logic black seed oil has benefits. These benefits are what is referred to as the pros. Other than the health benefits of black seed oil, Health Logics product renders the following, based on the testimonies of others.

They include;

1. Better immunity and increased energy levels of taking

2. Improved mood

3. Prevents occasional skin breakouts

4. Gives a natural skin glow

5. Reduces joint pains


When is the Health Logic black seed oil healthy? Cons refer to any unwanted effect of black seed oil, caused by its use, overdose, or misuse. Some of these effects include:

1. Allergic reactions

Black seed oil is usually applied lightly applied over the skin for short term use. But some persons get allergy rashes after its use.

Some persons complain of stomach upsets, vomiting or constipation after the use of black seed oil.

2. Too much of the oil could cause harm to one’s kidney

Though this effect is not based on studies, but based on a reported case of a woman with type 2 diabetes, hospitalized for acute kidney failure after a daily dosage of 2.5grams of black seed capsule consecutively for 6 days.

The taste of the Health Logics black seed oil is also a major con. The best way to cope with the taste, is the consumption of capsular black seed oil.


Our level of satisfaction with using this product and that of many others reveals the effectiveness of the Health Logics black seed oil. If you have any sick relatives or friends with any of the ailments listed above, you could consider Health Logics black seed oil to begin to see improvement.

You have any skin issues, order Health Logics black seed oil from any local or online stores, following health advice from your doctor.