Generally speaking, people with diabetes can eat baked beans, as this type of food is good for their health. Some may even say if you are experiencing the symptoms of diabetes, try some baked beans because they will do you good. This type of food can be canned, or you can prepare it at home. However, like with anything, baked beans may not be ideal for everyone with diabetes, which is exactly what we are going to look into in this article.

To clarify, baked beans are good for you because they may help you manage blood glucose levels better. However, you should note that baked beans contain high carbohydrates, and these components might lead to weight gain and a rapid increase in sugar levels in some people. This is something we will help you understand in this article.

If you want to learn more about baked beans, what they are, how they can help people with diabetes get better in the long run, and how they can affect some people in a negative way, give this article a read. You will get to know all there is to know about these baked beans and the most popular baked beans brands and products you could try out too.

Let’s start by defining baked beans…

What Are Baked Beans?

Baked beans are white beans like cannellini or haricot. You can serve them in tomato sauce, with seasoning and spices such as onion powder, sugar, salt, and paprika. As a person with diabetes, you should consider eating baked beans because they contain plenty of fiber, protein, and other nutrients. But, without any added sugar!

Some of the most important and beneficial nutrients in baked beans are plant compounds. These can improve cholesterol levels and gut health. You can eat canned beans without any problem because they don’t contain too many salts, sugars, BPA contaminants, or additives.

If you want something delicious, you could try British baked beans because you can find navy beans in them. Navy beans are small white beans called haricot in Great Britain. Some people might know them as white pea beans.

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Canned Baked Beans vs Homemade Baked Beans

If you experience diabetes symptoms, you might think that if you eat only homemade baked beans, you will get better. This is not at all true. While it’s beneficial to have baked beans as a person with diabetes, it’s not necessarily for these to be homemade.

You can consume canned baked beans without any problem when having diabetes. And it’s guaranteed that you will also enjoy it. Canned food is usually more delicious than homemade food. Of course, it all depends on your tastes and how much you like cooking your food.

The point here is that there’s nothing wrong with canned food and canned baked beans. Health agencies regularly check baked bean manufacturers, so you shouldn’t worry that what you are eating might contain harmful ingredients or contaminants. However, checking their nutrition content is important to ensure they don’t have added sugar or carbohydrates to avoid symptom spikes.

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Best to explain by exploring the nutritional content of baked beans…

What’s In Baked Beans? The Nutritional Content

There are two types of popular baked beans. For instance, you can have American baked beans or British baked beans.

American Baked Beans

American baked beans, also called Boston baked beans, contain molasses, bacon, pork, and salt. They are slowly cooked in the oven, so their taste is incredible.

English Baked Beans

English baked beans have a tomato sauce
base and are very savory. They’re the perfect option for vegetarians, as they don’t contain any meat. On the other hand, you might not want to have English baked beans because there’s no animal protein in them.

Some baked beans have onion and other ingredients. If you don’t want to eat them straight from the can because you don’t think they are tasty this way, you can cook them however you want. For example, you can turn them into mushy baked beans and then serve them with something fresh.

Nutrition And Ingredients

Before buying your baked beans, make sure you know everything about what’s in this type of food. Have a look over the nutritional table below to find out:


Amount per Serving

Total Fat

0.3 g


0 mg


518 mg

Total Carbohydrates

25.3 g

Dietary Fiber

6.5 g


5 g


8.3 g

Of course, the table of ingredients varies depending on the brand of baked beans you buy, but more about this later.

For now, you should know that baked beans are an important source of protein and contain sugar too. You can also get your carbohydrates
from them, which you should be mindful of. If you want a healthy digestive system, don’t hesitate to consume them because they’re high in fiber too.

Since they don’t have too much sugar, baked beans are the perfect option for most people with diabetes. If you have diabetes and experience your disease’s symptoms after eating baked beans for your breakfast and at lunch or dinner, you should reconsider eating them. (Circumstances where you shouldn’t eat baked beans will be discussed a little later in this article.)

Do Baked Beans Contain Added Sugar Or Sweeteners?

Both canned and homemade baked beans may contain sugar or sweeteners. Some have maple syrup instead of sugar. If you have diabetes, it is better to opt for recipes with less sugar and salt. Try only your favourite added flavors if you want to enjoy your meal.

If you don’t like the sweet taste of your baked beans, you can always add some Worcestershire sauce or Dijon mustard when cooking your dishes. Another option would be to put in some “like” beans as well but don’t forget to drain and rinse them before.

Baked beans with sweeteners might be more expensive than baked beans with sugar.

American baked beans are sweeter because they contain molasses. British baked beans don’t have such a sweet taste, but this doesn’t mean their sugar or sweetener content is necessarily lower.

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Do Baked Beans Increase the Blood Sugar Level?

While they contain carbohydrates, baked beans have a low glycemic index (GI), so they don’t raise blood sugar levels quickly. The carbohydrates in them are complex, so the body digests them slower. When this happens, blood sugar levels remain at a low point for longer.

Since they balance blood sugar levels, baked beans also help keep the cardiovascular system healthy. To sum up, you should eat them not only because they are good for regulating blood glucose, but also because they are good for your general health.

In conclusion, if you are a diabetic or have higher blood sugars, don’t hesitate to try baked beans. You will enjoy their taste, depending on how you cook them. The best news is that if you don’t have time for cooking, you can eat them straight from the can. In that case, read the nutrition label and stick with a low-sugar and carbohydrate product.

Can Diabetics Eat Baked Beans?

Analyzing the information above, it’s easy to conclude that people with diabetes can eat baked beans without any problem. They can consume them raw or cooked, how they prefer. Even more, your dietitian may even recommend you to include baked beans in the diet if you want to remain healthy.

You should note that baked beans can’t cure diabetes. They’re only a dietary option for those who want to reduce the symptoms of their disease. Diabetes doesn’t have a cure, especially at a later stage of the disease. You can only manage its symptoms through dieting, exercising, and medication.

Baked beans are a great source of protein for diabetics, who can’t have animal protein such as veal, lamb, pork, or beef meat. Instead of cooking a steak for dinner, they can have a can of baked beans cooked nicely and without too much salt.

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Tip: Low-sodium salt options, such as Chinen Salt and Celtic Sea Salt, are ‘healthier’ than traditional table salt.

Are Baked Beans Good For Prediabetics?

Some people don’t have diabetes yet, but they are in a pre-diabetes state. People with pre-diabetes can reverse their condition if they try hard to remain healthy. What they should do is pay attention to their diet and exercise regularly. For them, baked beans are an ideal option.

Since they are good in the fight against diabetes, baked beans are also a healthy option for prediabetics. Having pre-diabetes is easier than having diabetes, as the health condition is better manageable. The good news is that there are many baked bean recipes online and in cookbooks that fits people with pre-diabetes.

If you have pre-diabetes, you should start dieting and eating more baked beans. If you don’t like one specific brand of this type of canned food, there are always other brands you can choose from. Moreover, you can make your own baked beans at home, as it’s very easy too.

Can Non-Diabetics Eat Baked Beans?

Seeing that they don’t have any health problems, non-diabetics can eat almost anything (but, healthy), including baked beans. There are many people out there who like this food a lot, and because they do, they are also very healthy. After all, baked beans are one of the healthiest food choices out there.

Non-diabetics who eat baked beans are often less likely to develop pre-diabetes. And this means they are unlikely to get diabetes at all, at least in the near future. Besides, they stay in shape because their diet is rich in quality vegetal protein that helps them lose weight.

People who don’t have diabetes and consume baked beans often are healthy in general too. They’re not only at low risk of getting diabetes, but they also have a healthy brain, strong muscles, and a good disposition. At the same time, they’re not necessarily vegetarian or vegan.

Best Ways To Eat Baked Beans

You may come across many ways of eating baked beans when you surf the web or read a cookbook with recipes containing this special ingredient. However, cooking with canned baked beans is easier because you only empty the container into your pan, cooking pot, or plate.

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For example, you can have baked beans at breakfast without cooking them and with eggs. Beans con carne is a delicious recipe for dinner. Mexican with a twist will make a great lunch if you like spicy foods and want to tickle your palate a bit.

Baked beans also go well with salads. Further, you can add them to your plate of vegetables. If you are a diabetic, vegetables with baked beans should be your dinner as often as possible. Last, baked beans also make a great addition to French fries and coleslaw.

Are Baked Beans Tasty Eaten Straight From The Can?

There’s nothing wrong with eating baked beans straight from the can. Companies that make this food usually ensure they come up with the tastiest recipes you can enjoy without having to add anything to what you already got in the can.

Don’t be surprised if you find baked beans with meat at the shop. Many brands adopt such recipes, especially for those people who don’t have enough time to cook. Therefore, you can buy your lunch or dinner as baked beans and eat one can when it’s time for your meal.

It’s perfectly safe to eat only baked beans, but not recommended. With time, you might become bored having the same food repeatedly, so you’d better opt for something else from time to time. Even if they are delicious, you can get bored with baked beans.

2 Best Baked Beans Brands And Products For Diabetics

If you have diabetes and don’t know what brands of baked beans to stop at when trying to come up with the most efficient diet, have a look at the baked beans brands and products below.

1. Heinz Baked Beans

Heinz Baked Beans are not only delicious but also nutritious. They are high in fiber, but low in calories and fat. What also makes them a great addition to your diet is the fact that they contain Zinc, Iron, and B vitamins like folate. Besides, they’re pure plant-based proteins.

Heinz is famous in Australia and Great Britain for making baked beans, condiments, and tinned soups. This business became incredibly popular because it focused only on a few product lines, was dedicated to quality, and had the most interesting marketing campaigns.

It doesn’t matter if you have diabetes or not; when trying to have a balanced diet, consider Heinz Baked Beans. But don’t forget that this brand still adds sugar and salt to its recipes, so carefully measure your daily intake of these ingredients.

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How Do Heinz Beans Work for Diabetics?

Because they don’t contain too much sugar and are a good source of plant-based protein, Heinz Baked Beans are a good choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. A diabetic could greatly benefit from the tasty baked beans recipes that Heinz makes.

Besides, the nutritional content of Heinz Baked Beans is complete and helps you remain in good health for a long time. To better understand the ingredients in these canned baked beans, have a look over the table below:


Amount per ½ Can


0.7 g


32.1 g


8.0 g


10.0 g


1.3 g

Half a can of Heinz Beans has 168 kcal. This is not much, so if you want to lose weight while keeping your diabetes symptoms in check, you can rely on these canned baked beans without worrying. You will be sure to remain fit and feel at your best.


  • Heinz Baked beans are very tasty, and Heinz has secret recipes that other brands can’t copy.
  • Heinz is a very popular brand of canned baked beans in the entire world.
  • These beans are of high quality and are made with fresh ingredients.


  • Watch for the amount of carbohydrates and salt, which can be considered ‘too high’ in some circumstances.
  • Some people complain that Heinz Baked Beans are too expensive.
  • There are a few Heinz Baked Beans recipes that contain too much tomato sauce.
  • A few Heinz Baked Beans recipes are too salty.

2. Amy’s Vegetarian Organic Baked Beans

Amy’s Vegetarian Organic Baked Beans are famous because there are usually many beans in one can. Usually, when you open your baked beans can, you only see a few beans and a lot of sauce. But with Amy’s, things are different, as there’s only one layer of sauce separates the beans.

When it comes to flavor, Amy’s vegetarian and organic baked beans are between the tomato-rich Heinz Baked Beans and sugary Boston baked beans. You might think that the tomato taste is given by ketchup, but there are some molasses in them.

Amy’s makes only vegetarian and organic baked beans. On the other hand, their products are not the tastiest. They wouldn’t be your first choice if you’d compare them with other baked beans made with pork or sausage. Luckily, Amy’s is a great option for vegetarians.

How Do Amy’s Vegetarian Organic Baked Beans Work For Diabetics?

Amy’s Vegetarian Organic Baked Beans are a great option for people with diabetes because they don’t have many ingredients to raise blood sugar levels. To better understand how this is possible, have a look over their nutritional content table here:

Total Fat

0.5 g


0 mg


480 mg

Total Carbohydrates

28 g

Dietary Fiber

6 g


9 g


7 g

There are some other ingredients in Amy’s Vegetarian Organic Baked Beans too. These ingredients are essential for a healthy body and support the immune system. For example, you have vitamin A, Calcium, and Iron, as you can see in the video below:

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Add Amy’s Baked Vegetarian Organic Baked Beans to your diet if you want your diabetes symptoms to no longer manifest themselves so intensely. Pay attention to what you’re eating all the time if you don’t want your blood sugar levels to go up and down all the time.


  • Amy’s Vegetarian Organic Baked Beans are 100% natural.
  • You can opt for this brand of canned baked beans if you are a vegetarian and diabetic.
  • Amy’s is a famous brand of baked beans.


  • Watch for the amount of carbohydrates, which can be considered ‘too high’ in some circumstances.
  • Stocks go out very fast because many prefer this canned baked beans brand.
  • Not everyone might enjoy the taste of Amy’s Vegetarian Organic Baked Beans.
  • These baked beans don’t taste that good when not added to a recipe for your meals.

Tips For Buying Baked Beans for Diabetics

If you have diabetes and want to include baked beans in your diet, make sure to buy only the best brands and products on the market. We have mentioned two of them here, but there are many others you can choose from when you visit the store or surf the web.

Before purchasing your cans of baked beans, make sure you have checked the product’s ingredients. Go for those beans that have low carbohydrates, including sugar, and salt content. As a person with diabetes, you can’t have too many of these two ingredients because they can make you feel sick.

Look for information on the brand of baked beans you have decided to buy. Make sure they use only fresh produce like Heinz and Amy’s do. You wouldn’t want to open your can of baked beans and see that the beans are shrunk or smell bad.

When Should You Not Eat Baked Beans?

As a person with diabetes, you shouldn’t eat baked beans if your doctor or dietitian tells you not to. Also, if you feel sick after you have had baked beans either straight from the can or in a recipe, stop eating them immediately. After that, visit your doctor or dietitian to follow the reaction you experience after eating baked beans.

You might be one of those people who’s allergic to baked beans. Moreover, some baked bean brands may add gluten to their recipes, and some diabetics are allergic to gluten. For this reason, check out the product’s label before buying it.


Either canned or homemade, baked beans are a good addition to your diet if you are with diabetes symptoms. The best news is that they’re delicious and a great source of plant-based protein for those who need more energy to go on with their day.

As a result, it’s better to have them in the morning for breakfast or at lunch. Eat them straight from the can or add them to your recipes, how you feel like. Either way, they are likely to help keep your blood sugar levels in balance.