In this article, we are going to look at slipper socks’, how slipper socks affects people with diabetes and most importantly the best slipper socks for diabetics.

Socks have become very popular and important for people with diabetes because of their positive effect on the feet. Socks help to soak-up moisture from the feet so as to prevent odor. It also keeps the feet warm, which is especially important at night and during cold seasons.

The socks provide protection to the feet, acting as a soft padding to the feet, thereby preventing abrasion to the feet from shoes or bare surfaces. This cushioning effects of socks is especially important for individuals with sensitive feet, like those with foot ulcers or people with diabetes.

The condition of diabetes leads to the loss of feelings in different parts of the body due to the destruction of nerves. With the loss of feeling to the feet, injury is prone. So thus, with diabetics being subject to slow wound healing, for them has been provided with a special type of socks which has added advantages over regular socks.

Now, let’s look at what are these special type of socks we are about to talk about here; the diabetic slipper socks.

What Are Diabetic Slipper Socks?

The slipper socks, suitable for diabetics, is a hybrid of two different but very important footwear; the socks and the slippers. Here, the characteristics of both foot wears have been combined to generate a new and extra comfy foot wear called slipper socks.

One of the most important characteristics of regular socks is its ability to keep the feet warm and dry, together with its soft pad-like protection on the feet. These properties are well appreciated due to the added comfort that a regular sock provides to the feet, both while wearing shoes or without.

More so, care providers have often recommended foot wears that are well-fitted and comfortable for diabetics, and the regular socks proving quite fit for this recommendation.

The slippers, another footwear from which the slipper socks was originated have special characteristics, which include their slip-proof soles. Slippers are made with rough soles that allow for friction, thereby preventing falls and severe wounds.

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The soft, comfy and well-fitted nature of socks with the slip-proof nature of the slippers together makes up the slipper socks.

How Slipper Socks Differs from Regular Socks?

The slipper sock combines the characteristics of the regular sock and the regular slippers. Now, although the slipper socks are similar to regular socks, there are a few differences between them.

The slipper sock is long enough to stretch over the feet, above the ankle and up the legs, partly covering the trousers and allowing for maximum warmth to the whole feet and the lower legs. However, some regular socks only get to the ankle and provide warmth to only some regions of the legs.

More so, just like regular socks, a slipper sock is well-fitting for any size. But the slipper socks have a texture and quality that are usually thicker than regular socks, and thus gives additional warmth as compared to regular socks.

The slipper socks, unlike many regular socks, have no tight grip band on them. It is well-fitted and yet lose enough to allow for easy blood circulation in the feet, which is well needed for diabetics.

Furthermore, the slipper socks, unlike the regular sock, have grips in the sole that prevents the wearer from slipping on a wet or slippery floor. These grips are the most obvious difference between the regular socks and the slipper sock, which will help one recognize it anywhere.

How Slipper Socks Differs from Regular Slippers?

The slipper sock is more similar to regular socks than to regular slippers. A slipper is footwear that allows its wearer to easily slip in and out of it, which is in contrast to the slipper socks, which has to be put over the feet just like regular socks.

Slipper socks provide more coverage and, therefore, more warmth than regular slippers. The slippers, being an easy-on shoe, covers only the soles and sometimes the forefeet, but the slipper sock covers the whole feet and, most times, the lower legs. So thus, for warmth and protection, the slipper sock is most appropriate for people with diabetes than the regular slippers.

More so, a slipper sock is lighter than regular slippers. With the characteristics of the slipper socks being like regular socks, the slipper socks are light and can be worn comfortably at night to bed. The slippers, however, could be heavy and too weight-bearing for the feet at night, making it uncomfortable.

Another characteristic of the slipper socks that makes them so comfortable is its pad-like nature of the wool or cotton materials used to make them. The comfort provided by the slipper sock cannot be provided by most sippers, and this makes the slippers less comfortable.

This pad-like nature also prevents abrasion to the feet as opposed to regular slippers.

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When Should Diabetics Consider Slipper Socks?

Neuropathy is one of the effects of excess blood sugar, the condition of diabetes. When the body can no longer process its sugar into energy, these sugar get stored in the blood.

Excess blood sugar has destructive effects on major body organs like the retina, kidney and nerves. Destruction of the nerves is termed neuropathy.

Its effects include loss of feeling and sensation around the destroyed nerves. Once a diabetic start experiencing neuropathy, then the slipper socks should be considered.

Diabetics with neuropathy are advised to always wear protective clothing, as they are prone to injury due to loss of feeling. Injuries of which the diabetic requires long and careful treatment.

A neuropathic diabetic thus needs to wear coverings like slipper socks to protect far-reaching sites like the feet, which when injured might not be seen for quick medical attention, thus leading to delayed wound or loss of limbs.

Neuropathy is suspected in a diabetic when he starts experiencing loss of feeling to the feet, numbness and tingling sensations, and a loss of the feeling of pains.

9 Best Diabetics Slipper Socks for Women

When considering the best of slipper socks suitable for anyone, there are few points to take to note.

The first is to consider the type of material used in making such slippers. The material can contribute to how soft and warm a slipper sock is.

For the best slipper socks which are soft and warm, always come as wool, fleece or Sherpa fabrics. Polyester, spandex or a combination of both also makes nice and soft materials for slipper socks.

Another point to note is the nature of the slipper socks. For diabetics, the best slipper socks are those that are closer to the likes of the warm regular socks and far from the slippers. These will bring us to the best slipper socks to consider for women.

They include:

1. Daventry ultra-thick fluffy grip sock review

Daventry ultra-thick fluffy grip sock

This pair of slipper socks offer a soft, and cozy feeling to the feet, in addition to the warmth and protection it provides.

It is made from a blend of spandex and polyester, which gives it that fluffy nature.

This slipper sock is one size for all pair, that is, it has the ability to stretch to fit any and many sizes. Its grips on the soles are powerful and lasting anti-skid grips.

2. Dosini women winter snowflakes fleece slipper socks review

This slipper sock is made from micro-fiber fleece fabric.

It is a very high slipper sock, which is sometimes knee-leveled. The fabric for this pair of socks added to the length of this slipper socks provides maximal warmth.

Dosini women winter snowflakes fleece slipper socks

This slipper sock comes with a double layer, as it is lined inside with soft stretchable fabrics. It has high quality and long-lasting sole grips as well.

3. DYW women’s Sherpa winter fuzzy slipper socks review

This slipper sock is made from Sherpa fleece. It has a double layer, making it extra thick. It comes in different colours and styles, which is highly appreciated by women.

4. Plush slipper socks review

The material used in this is coral fleece.

Plush slipper socks

It is one size for all pair of slipper socks, which stretches over any feet size. It is extra cozy, soft and warm around the feet, which is even stylish to wear.

5. The Mamia cozy slipper socks review

They are made from blending polyester and spandex to produce a soft, and fuzzy pair of slipper socks.

The Mamia cozy slipper socks

They have an elastic band in the socks that is just as easily lose as it is well-fitting, hence allowing easy blood circulation.

6. VERO MONTE Women slipper socks with grippers review

This pair of slipper socks are more of the slippers mature than the socks nature.

VERO MONTE Women slipper socks with grippers

It is ankle-length, and one can easily slip into it, just like the regular slippers. It is as soft, fluffy and comfortable as the socks. It can provide warmth due to its soft interior, and it is as well light-weighted.

7. Ballerina style slipper socks review

The ballerina style slippers made by Muk Luks is made from nylon, cotton and spandex. It is a soft and cozy slipper sock suitable for walking after wearing tight shoes. It comes in various sizes and styles.

Ballerina style slipper socks

8. Acorn unisex slipper socks review

This type of slipper socks is especially important for women diabetics who usually take long walks. This slipper socks, is a light weighted, soft and durable footwear that is suitable for all wearers.

Its sole is made up of a multilayer of foam, rag wool and the added toe and heel guard. These layers make it perfect for a diabetic.

Acorn unisex slipper socks

9. JoyNote slipper socks review

The JoyNote slipper socks is a soft and cozy slipper sock, made from cotton and polyester. It comes in good deigns and has a button attached to it to adjust the length of the slipper sock. Its sole had slid-resistant dots that are durable.

JoyNote slipper socks

Best Men’s Diabetics’ Slipper Socks

Among slipper socks for men with diabetes, the following are the best to consider.

1. Unacreations slipper socks review

The unacreations slipper sock is amongst the best slipper socks without sole grips.

These slipper socks are usually knitted into a snug and easy-slip footwear.

Its knitted nature allows it to be well-fitted and slid proof, thereby preventing falls. Its colour is well suited and accommodating to males.

2. CozyLT review

The cozyLT slipper socks’ is a knitted bootie-styled slipper socks.

It is as cozy and soft and well- fitted for an ankle sock. Its knitted nature makes it very breathable and still provides maximum warmth to the feet. It lacks sole grips but has a nature to prevent falls.

3. Wener review

This is made from polyester and acrylic fabrics. They could be considered as unisex slipper socks as their stylish designs are well suited for both genders.

These slipper socks’ have an inner layer lined with fleece that gives it the extra warm and soothing nature. Its sole have grips that allow for friction and prevent falls.

4. Pembrook review

This is a multi-layered slipper sock.

It has a microfiber sole with gripers that allows friction, it is endowed with a memory foam as well, which gives support to the feet and prevent pains or injuries.


Its added value is that despite its layers, it is light-weight, soft and hand washable.

When Should Diabetics Not Consider Slipper Socks?

It is important to remember that not all diabetics need diabetic slipper socks. The main aim of the diabetes slipper socks’ is to protect those with a sensitive foot, which is the neuropathic diabetics.

Diabetics are to consider slipper socks only when the following symptoms are frequent.

  • Changes in the coloration of the feet due to temperature change or blisters. This is a sign of the destruction of nerve ending around the feet and requires a doctor’s attention and measures to protect oneself.
  • Moist or sweaty feet is quite normal if not frequent and not experienced by a diabetic patient.

Slipper socks should also be considered by diabetics experiencing decreased pedal blood circulation due to fitted socks that reduce blood flow to the feet.


The best slipper socks are those that give maximum warmth, protection and comfort to their wearers, and these are the above are the best for diabetics experiencing neuropathy.