Today we will discuss all about Puffed Wheat and Diabetes. Is puffed Wheat good for diabetics? and when Puffed Wheat is bad for people with diabetes? are some of the key questions we will address here.

• Here we are going to explain puffed Wheat and its nutritional value. Advantages of puffed Wheat and its preparation.

• We will also discuss why we may need puffed Wheat as diabetics.

• We will explain puffed Wheat uses for diabetics.

• At the end, we will answer – is puffed Wheat good for diabetics?

Wheat and Puffed Wheat

Before we dive into our topic, let’s have an idea about what is puffed Wheat?

Puffed Wheat is commonly a breakfast that is prepared by heating wheat grain under pressure and then releasing the pressure very fast.

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When the superheated steam in the grain suddenly expands, it puffs the grain.

Many snacks’ and breakfast are prepared from the puffed Wheat. It is a very delicious healthy diet.

Selection for Puffed Wheat

• Puffed Wheat is easily available in most grocery shops because it is the purest product.

• They are eaten in almost every country of the whole world.

• Puffed Wheat rousted with salt or turmeric powder or sweat as you desire to make it according to your taste or to fulfill your need for the meal.

• It is necessary to store the puffed Wheat with care.

An air-tight container can store puffed Wheat for 3 or 4 weeks. Remember, the lid of the container should be tight; otherwise, air and moisturizing make the puffed Wheat soggy, and it loses its spiciness.

• Puffed Wheat must be kept at room temperature in a tightly-closed container.

• Its best way storage gives us a good taste for a required time.

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Is Puffed Wheat Good For Diabetics?

There is a long list of food items that we think we must avoid for the achievement of our target blood sugar level in diabetics. With this long list, making the right food choice is difficult and confusing because the option for diet items is limited.

Some food items need to avoid for the control the diabetics. In this case, one thing that is used for diabetics is puffed Wheat. It is light and dry. It is a flexible snacks’ food for any time if you know the right quantity.

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It is an ideal food for diabetics in some cases, but it is not advisable in others.

Generally speaking, Wheat is commonly used for diabetics, and it’s not harmful full for diabetics.

Here we are going to discuss all types of Wheat that are very useful for diabetics too. Before that, let’s look at the nutritional content of Puffed Wheat.

Tip – Puffed Wheat with honey is very different to Honey Nut Cheerios.

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Puffed Wheat and Its Nutritional Value

Puffed Wheat has the main ingredient of our meal. It is used on a regular basis in most of the households.

We find multiply types of Wheat. It used to make vermicelli, refined flour, pasts, macaroni, biscuits, bread, chapatti, and many more things. Some food items
are on a list that may be used to control the diabetic blood sugar level.

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Here we explain the nutritional value of Puffed Wheat.

Health Benefits of Puffed Wheat

  • Can control obesity
  • Can prevent type 2 diabetes
  • Can improve body metabolism
  • Can reduce chronic inflammation
  • Can prevent gallstones
  • Can prevent breast cancer
  • Can promote GI health in women
  • Can prevent childhood asthma
  • Can protect against coronary disease
  • Can relieve postmenopausal symptoms

• Energy is found in puffed wheat 96 Kcal.

• Puffed Wheat is a resource to provide:

Carbohydrates: 19.2 Grams

Fiber: 3.39 Grams

Fat: 045 Grams

Protein: 3.17 Grams

From the given nutritional value of puffed, it seems that it is good for diabetics; however, whole Wheat might be a better option than puffed Wheat.

This is what top critiques says about puffed grains.

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Why Is Whole Wheat Good For Diabetics?

Whole flour is preferred for people with diabetes because it has some reasons.

  • It’s fibre-rich
  • It’s a good energy source
  • It medium
  • It’s protein content
  • It can reduce the risk of chronic diseases
  • It can control body weight
  • It contains a large number of Vitamins and minerals

Let’s explain the reasons a bit more.

Fiber Rich

To fulfill the daily requirement and manage constipation, Wheat has a good amount of fiber because its outer layer is intact.

Good energy source

The chapatti (Indian food) made of Wheat gives us good energy resources in our regular daily routine of a meal.

It’s medium

In Wheat, the medium found will help us to prevent blood sugar spikes.


When we used 2 or 3 slices of wheat bread in our meal, it adds more protein to our body.

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Reduce the risk of chronic diseases

Puffed Wheat has high fiber content, so it helps to improve heart health when it controls cholesterol levels.

Control body weight

Puffed Wheat helps us to manage the body weight because its fiber slows down stomach emptying. This leads to less appetite.

A large amount of vitamins and minerals

Puffed Wheat provides a large number of vitamins and minerals, like B-vitamins, copper, phosphorus, selenium, manganese, and folate.

When we use wheat food, we may consider that protein and carb sizes are adequate. Because the more adding of protein cause the increase the calories and carbohydrates that can lead to weight gain.

Now I hope you can understand that wheat-based food can provide us with a balanced diet, especially if you have diabetes.

We can make our wheat food more nutritional and tasty by adding some more other flours which can add more taste and more nutritions.

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Flours Used With Puffed Wheat Flour

Some flour can be added with wheat flour

Here we go to discuss some other flour that can be mixed with Wheat four to enhance nutrition and taste for managing the blood sugar level.

  • Basan
  • Bajra
  • Soy flour
  • Oats brand flour


Besan is used almost in every house, and it’s availed easily.

It has some benefits that are given below.

• Some calories are found in besan, and it is an excellent source of protein.

• It’s filling due to its fiber and protein content.

• It is the resource of other nutrients like iron, phosphorus, vitamins B12, magnesium, and folate.


Bajra is used in the winter season in various forms.

Some benefits are included here below.

• Bajra is considered very useful to manage weight because it has fewer calories.

• It has fiber that can lead us in preventing constipation and improving digestion.

• Our body is well absorbed in its iron and zinc because it is high in antioxidants.

• It also contains magnesium, phosphorus, Vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B6.

Soy Flour

We can prepare soy flour after rousting and grinding soybeans which turn into powder.

  • You can get iron, phosphorus, folate, vitamins B1 and vitamin K from the soy flour.
  • It contains both saturated and unsaturated fats.

Remember, people with hypothyroidism and high uric acid levels must be avoided.

Oats Brand Flour

Oats bran flour is popular due to its use for managing high blood sugar levels.

• Iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins B1 & B2 are found in it.

• It reduces the weight in obese patients

  • It can prevent constipation due to its fiber content.

• Can prevent some chronic diseases like cancer and hypertension because it has antioxidant content.

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Which Flours Should Diabetics Avoid?

People with diabetes must avoid some flours as they could raise their blood sugar levels immediately.

1. Maida (refined flour)

2. Ragi (finger millet)

3. Jowar (sorghum)


Maida is prepared from wheat flour, but in production, its fiber content is removed and only left the white starchy part of Wheat.

Some health issues like constipation, acidity, and weight gain, occur due to lakes fiber content in it.

People with diabetes may experience high blood sugar levels and can increase the risk of heart diseases due to too much of Maida.

Ragi (finger millet)

• Ragi has a high glycemic index so that it can cause blood sugar level fluctuations in diabetic patients.

• People with no diabetes can add Ragi to their diet without any worries because it is a rich source of calcium.

• Ragi is harmful to people with diabetes.

Jowar (sorghum)

Jowar raises the blood sugar level of people with diabetes fastly due to its high glycemic index.

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From the above explanation, we can conclude that people with diabetes can eat safely whole wheat food, and also Puffed Wheat gives it rich energy content, which could help in the management the blood sugar levels.

By adding other flours like Oats, Soy flour, Bajram, Millet, and Besan gram flour, you can improve the taste, nutrition wheat, and its effect on blood sugar levels.

Nowadays, Puffed Wheat plays a vital role in diabetics. For high- Nutrition and high taste, Puffed Wheat is consumed quite a lot.

That’s all for today’s article. I hope you have made a grip on all the ideas. Provide us with your feedback to improve the quality of our work.