Laura Grajales

Hello, I am Laura

Welcome to my profile page and thank you for deciding to stop by.

I am a Registered Clinical Nurse based in Adelaide (Australia) with over ten years of experience working for hospitals and nursing homes. I am passionate about caring for others, so I decided to contribute to MediChannel and share my healthcare work experience with you.

A never-ending professional career

I completed my Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Antioquia. Upon graduating from the University, I was selected to participate in a Graduate Program of the Medellin CES Clinic, and consequently joined the General Hospital of Medellin.

Then, looking for a better position, I moved to the Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital, one of the busiest trauma hospitals in Medellin and one of the top ten hospitals in South America, where I worked as an integral part of the team at the Emergency Department.

My duties at the Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital included assisting the emergency procedures in handling life-threatening situations in adults and children. My role as an Emergency Nurse was for immediate care did not limit to resuscitation, CPR procedures, cardio versions, chest tube insertion, taking blood samples, ECG testing, inserting cannulas, indwelling catheters, urinary catheters, nasogastric tubes. While working at the emergency, I was promoted to be a Triage Nurse and part of the retrieval emergency team (MedSTART), the positions that I performed for few years until I decided to migrate to New Zealand and then to Australia.

Within Australia and New Zealand, I have completed the Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses (IRON) bridging course at the Rannerdale Veterans’ Hospital (New Zealand) where I had the opportunity to work as a Nurse in Charge. Then, consequently, I wanted to get some aged-care work experience, so I joined a leading nursing home in South Australia, where I am currently working as a Registered Clinical Nurse.

Above extensive work experience across a broad range of disciplines has allowed me to be an expert in clinical assessment, triage, and patient management, clinical treatment, health education and health promotion, both in acute hospital and aged-care settings.

Life support, infection control, pain management, wound care management, dementia care, prevention of complications, behavior management, the evolution of environmental hazards, tracheostomy and gastrostomy care, medication management, and emergency management are the areas I have significant experience and expertise.

To update my knowledge in the specialty areas, I have taken many training and certifications. Dementia training (Alzheimer’s Australia), Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training (Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital), Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Life Support (Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital), Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Epidemiology (University of Antioquia) and Diploma in Wound Care (Bolivarian University) are a few to name here.

Life beyond healthcare

Back Pain Treatment Options

I am a peoples’ person and enjoy listening to others. I am proficient in Spanish, and of course, English.

I am joyful about the fact that I live in Australia, which opens up opportunities to explore the rich cultures and traditions of this multicultural society.

My hobbies are listening to music, watching documentaries and tennis. I am a big fan of Rob Thomas and Roger Federer.

A little bit of help from me to you

Contribution to MediChannel widens my access to people whom I could potentially guide and help-out. However, given you are not under my immediate care, you must contact your treating doctor to confirm if my guidance is relevant to your individual circumstances. You should not consider my guidance here as ‘medical advice’.

I hope my contribution to MediChannel will help you to live a quality, healthier and happier life.

Thanks again for reading about me.

Kind regards,